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Mother Says Hospital Security Discharged Her Dead Son For Being Unresponsive

Discussion in 'General News' started by Dakota, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

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  2. brandi

    brandi christ on a cracker

    fucking DUH! :facepalm:

    omg really!? Double DUH! :banghead:
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  3. Gaucha

    Gaucha Really? Bold Member!

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  4. WannaBeMaybe

    WannaBeMaybe Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    For real? The hospital didn't even look into WHY he wasn't cooperating and wasn't moving/talking? Brutal. And un-fucking believable!!
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  5. TokioFreak

    TokioFreak Active Member

    My question is why the hell isn't she suing the hospital for malpractice? He was clearly not ready to be discharged and perhaps could've been saved.
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  6. BlueLover

    BlueLover Vaginas beat penises every time.

    Wait hold up he must have been uninsured or had Medicaid that's why the treatment. It is times like this that it is brutally visible that our health care system has lost it's humanity and is too fucking much like corporate America dead on the inside just like the young man they sent home because they needed the bed for an insured patient.
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  7. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member Bold Member!

    Well, what's the problem exactly. The hospital says he was unresponsive which he clearly was, dead folks tend to not talk much.
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  8. reneelvsbrian

    reneelvsbrian Trusted Member Bold Member!

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  9. Reficul

    Reficul Member

    I knew a girl who was kicked out of a reform school when they didn't believe she contracted TB and she flatlined, then came back and they didn't accept her for being a "liability"
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  10. Dutchesse

    Dutchesse Well-Known Member

    It's insane. Makes me appreciate my country's medical system a little bit more. (Just a little bit).
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  11. BlueLover

    BlueLover Vaginas beat penises every time.

    Great then I am retiring there lol......wait where first if there is harsh winters I might not considerate it. :)
  12. Dutchesse

    Dutchesse Well-Known Member

    The winters aren't that bad, but expect dreary weather 70%-80% of the year.
  13. rebl1128

    rebl1128 Honored Guest

    That was my first thought. How much more unresponsive can someone be?
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