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FRONT PAGE Man Beat 4-month-old Daughter To Death Because She Was Crying

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Morbid, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Morbid

    Morbid Big Daddy Yum Yum Staff Member

    MT LEBANON, PA — Police have arrested a man after he was accused of beating his 4-month-old daughter to death because she would not stop crying.

    On Sunday, 30-year-old George Gazzam called 911 to report he was watching his 4-month-old daughter while her mother was at work, and that the child wasn’t breathing.

    Emergency crew members arrived at the home and found the Victoria Gazzam unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead an hour later.

    Gazzam initially told police that he was watching Victoria after the girl’s mother left for work that morning. A few hours later he changed the girl’s diaper and fed her baby formula before taking a nap together.

    When he woke up, he found the baby had fallen off the bed and was face down on the floor and unresponsive. An autopsy would reveal the girl had suffered injuries inconsistent with a two foot fall on to a carpeted floor.

    Victoria had bleeding of the brain, a lacerated heart vessel, a lacerated left kidney, a liver contusion, three fractured ribs, multiple bruises to the back and head and a hemorrhage behind the eyes.

    When police confronted Gazzam with the autopsy results, he changed his story. He admitted he had gotten angry when the girl would not stop crying, so he punched her several times with a closed fist to make her stop.

    Gazzam’s method worked, and he’s now in jail facing homicide and child endangerment charges.

    This article was written by Morbid for The Dreamin Demon - the Internet's self-appointed buzzkill.

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  2. Just Rose

    Just Rose Active Member Bold Member!

    Please please don't let this sorry prick live
    Please give him death
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  3. lithiumgirl

    lithiumgirl Pretty Nice Troll Bold Member!

    Well of course it was the crying ... she's too little to drink the last beer or cheat at cards.
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  4. roadsidehorror

    roadsidehorror Slippy like the Manson Family Bold Member!

    Hehehe...That right there is a tough guy..He won't be so tough with his pinky in a belt loop following his new dad around..
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  5. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Deglove his face.
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  6. starry1

    starry1 Well-Known Member

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  7. Exodus

    Exodus Active Member

    Unfortunately this is all too common of a story here. I think there needs to be more awareness directed at this narrative, while its normal to get extremely frustrated with a baby that won't stop crying, its not acceptable to harm or endanger an infants life.

    My mother had me & My siblings at a young age, she confessed to us that she would get frustrated & upset when we would refuse to stop crying, and to avoid doing anything stupid she would strap us in a car seat and let us be alone on the back porch till she could calm her nerves. Though her actions may have been debatable, we all lived to see adulthood without injury.

    Parenting isn't for everyone, but the fact is children are born into homes with parents that aren't equipped mentally or with the patience to raise them constructively. If this guy were to stop, put the baby down, walk away, calm down, and collect his thoughts, he may have handled this situation in more rational manor. In return the child would most likely been given another day of life.

    Instead we have a dead baby, and a 30 year old facing life in prison. Nothing good came from any of this, had someone just told him, hey if she starts crying and you think your going to break, set her in her crib, close the door and cool down, maybe this would have all been avoided..... :( just sad.
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  8. chupamela

    chupamela Active Member

    There is always a better option to dealing with a crying baby, like put the baby somewhere safe walk outside call someone for help. Personally I would prefer the phone call, and I'm sure it's easier to make then the call to tell the mother her baby was murdered. I'd rather be the person that couldn't take care of a baby and not the person who killed a baby.
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  9. Victoria

    Victoria Intrepid Sojourner Bold Member!

    [​IMG] Now isn't this Fuck Wad exactly what the Bubba's have at the top of their Christmas wish list? He even comes with rings in his ears, all the better for Bubba's to hold onto when applying the crop and giving the command of, "Hi Ho Silver".
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    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  10. robin299

    robin299 Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    They can rip his earrings out of his ears and use it to castrate each ball
    They obviously arent big at all!! this fucker can die now
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