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Lalier Dillon Arrested For Throwing 1yo In Oven, Neighbor Then Finds Baby In The Trash & Removes Her

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Whisper, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Lalier M. Dillon​

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  2. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!

    @Whisper you have a typo in your title, Over for Oven....

    That bitch put a baby in the oven, I don't care if it was off, if it was a gas oven the baby still could have died form inhaling gas or burned from the pilot light. The pilot in my oven is huge and will burn you. Hopefully the Dad will get rid of this bitch for good!
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  3. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    lol ty Im half asleep
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  4. Valasca

    Valasca closed account

    Good gods. she's pregnant again. unless that Facebook photo is old, which I doubt.
  5. TeeJay

    TeeJay Well-Known Member

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  6. Robynne

    Robynne The Evil Queen Bold Member!

    I say that I am sick of dealing with my kids and want to duct tape them and shove them in the closet so I can get some peace and quiet. The thing is... I wouldn't actually do it.
    Putting my child in the oven was never something I thought of doing.
    Of course there was a picture circulating on the internet where a man put his grandchild in one to take the pic and send it to the child's parent as a joke. I wonder if this chick saw that photo.
  7. Tundratot

    Tundratot Muttering crone

    I duct taped my kids once. They weren't babies. But it was good for some laughs. Turns out, it's actually a bit hard to effectively tape them in such a way they can't escape--even with duct tape. I taped them both up twice and they both got away--little eels.
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  8. Robynne

    Robynne The Evil Queen Bold Member!

    I duct taped my daughter and her friends a couple years ago. Pink and lime green duct tape. We were having so much fun. I even have pics. They were laughing the whole time. Of course they were all 12/13 at the time.
    But to do it maliciously like that Hamm chick did to her toddler, is just beyond wrong. And malicious treatment of anyone, especially a child, is cause for severe punishment.
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  9. China

    China La Mera Mera Bold Member!

    I thought if a person in custody attempted to escape a cop can use deadly force?? :angelic: Ijs
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  10. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

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  11. carolinablue

    carolinablue float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Bold Member!

    I don't want her to go to jail either! I think she belongs in the dog pound, because she's one vicious bitch.
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  12. Tundratot

    Tundratot Muttering crone

    Oh, FFS, she belongs in jail, yes, and so do you for leaving the kids there with that maniac. Idiot.
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  13. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO Put Me In Coach Bold Member!

    Well he doesn't make himself look that great by admitting he fucking left his kids with this crazy ass bitch. If he thought he should gtfo what made him think his kids should stay. He should be glad all she did was not harmful to the girl although I'm sure seeing mom acting all crazy did nothing good for her.
    She looks at her wits end. Might I suggest birth control?
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  14. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member Bold Member!

    They can't use deadly force but they can tase and beat the fuck out of someone. Back in the day my husband (before we met) got out of cuffs and escaped, he got too tired to run and when they caught up with him they beat the piss out of him. Ahh, the good ole days. Drugs, they do a body good.:confused: