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Hamp Dively Repeatedly Raped Girl, Michele Zeigler Tells Her It Wasn't Rape

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Dakota, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

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  2. Obsolete

    Obsolete Veteran Member Bold Member!

    She said "fine" so it's ok.

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  3. Nell

    Nell You're my BEC Bold Member!

    :vomit: That is disgusting.
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  4. China

    China La Mera Mera

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  5. Taxidermi

    Taxidermi Dildo for hire Bold Member!

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  6. Teleute

    Teleute Trusted Member

    Did he verbally consent to having sex with this 12-year-old? Perhaps "Hamp" is the real victim here. You know what 12-year-old girls are like!

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  7. irish-fire

    irish-fire Well-Known Member

    A Man and his Pimp....a true love story.
    BOTH of these douche bags need to be nailed spread eagle to the floor in a room full of rats, roaches, snakes and baby gators right before they get thrown into prison for the rest of their nasty ass lives. Their victims got a life sentence, so should they. :rage:
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  8. kitcatmcgee

    kitcatmcgee Well-Known Member

    That's OK cause her face looks like shit
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  9. rebl1128

    rebl1128 Honored Guest

    Is it me, or does "Hamp Dively" sound like a fake rich character in a book or a sitcom?
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  10. Sassedame

    Sassedame Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Actually it sounds pig latin and thats perfect for a pig like him. GOD I HATE CHILD RAPERS! HEY DUMBASSES? THERE IS NOTHING A YOUNG TEEN CAN SAY TO MAKE YOUR RAPE OF HER CONSENT! They both need to die very painful and slow torturous deaths...
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  11. beans

    beans Trusted Member

    See how she manipulated the conversation she had with this young girl. Twisted it so the child believes she consented to this rape. I hate your guts Michele. I hate your walking dildo "Hamp" too. I hate your whole fucking family.
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  12. Maybe me

    Maybe me Active Member

    I love that movie!
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  13. Paradox

    Paradox Member

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  14. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO People Suck! Bold Member!

    Maybe in jail she can find someone to be the Fiona to her Shrek. I just don't get bitches like this. What do you get from helpin someone rape a child? Oh wait nevermind it's not rape coz the little girl said fine. Totally consensual right? WRONG!
    I hope they both get a whole lot of non consensual sex behind bars involving broken plungers and Drano.
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  15. DamagedGoods

    DamagedGoods Asmodeus - Destroyer of Men Bold Member!

    It's bad enough to cover for your douche after the fact, but to be actively enlisting victims? wtf.
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  16. Cassidy

    Cassidy Self proclaimed Princess

    Is that Natalie Portman or whatever?
  17. Obsolete

    Obsolete Veteran Member Bold Member!

    Yes. It's from The Professional.
  18. Krysti

    Krysti Active Member

    This happens unbelievably often. It's easy to convince an impressionable little girl that she "consented to having sex" with some fucker. I mentored a girl that went on a date with a guy, afterward he drove to some remote area and told her that he wouldn't take her home unless she had sex with him. She ended up doing it, and then he told her that she consented because 'you could easily have called your parents to come get you or something, but you didn't.' She was fifteen. I wanted to beat his ass, and I want to beat this bitch's ass too.
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