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George Harasz & Douglas Wirth allegedly Sexually Abused 2 of 9 Adopted Children

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Rockin Ma, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Nita

    Nita Member

    I like how i affected your emotions to the point the bitch came out of you. I could give two shits if you "respect" me or not, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!!...im not understanding why you or that other chick think I give a damn hahah! Whether you like it or not I said what i had to say. I was not putting all Gays in the same category because i have gay and lesbian friends....but if your a man married to another man AFTER raising your own children...why would you need to adopt 9 orphan boys? Why weren't they investigated when they got past 5 boys or 3 for that matter...now 2 out of those 9 come forward and say they have been sexually molested..!! GTFOH again they're married men having sex wit boys for their fuckn leisure...now wipe that "sack of shit" off your face!
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2011
  2. Chelsea Hoffman

    Chelsea Hoffman New Member

    So, I guess that means I'm not a racist since "I have black friends" -- /snark

    edited to add -- seriously though, that was done in fun, not beef.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2011
  3. Nita

    Nita Member

    yea, i guess so ; ) you a funny chick...keep doing you..whatever that is...im going to go post on other links because thats what i really came to do..I can always take the trash out later! Bye Chelsea
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2011
  4. Nita

    Nita Member

    -__- you sure have a hard way of showing it...but if I offended you im sorry. Like i said...two MARRIED gay men + 9 adopted BOYS= SUSPECT!!!!
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  5. Chelsea Hoffman

    Chelsea Hoffman New Member

    I don't think it's suspicious.. Now if these two guys drove a white van with "free candy" on the side and were accused of diddling kids, I'd be worried (which they are, so I am). Otherwise, I don't see the difference in two gays adopting that many kids than two straights adopting them. It's Non sequitur. Some people just genuinely love children and want to give them homes and families where they're loved and not abused, just like some people happen to be homosexual.
  6. Nita

    Nita Member

    Okay, let me rephrase this, so this time I hope you understand where I'm coming from. Anyone who is legally going through the system to adopt children..be it they are gay straight bi les ...should be investigated every year. To protect children from men and women pedophiles. I feel if the system there would have been doing their job, they may have caught them sooner. For every other child there should be some type of interview every year from the child until they are 18.. for people who like to keep adopting just to make sure they are safe and not being abused.

    I just dont like the fact that these men are already married ...everyone has their opinion on homosexual relationships...i dont condone them but I dont knock anyones beliefs or choices. But damn, sexually molesting the boys made this whole situation worse. Why be married if you're going to molest the boys? Its disgusting and sad. Little boys shouldn't turn grown men on. They shouldn't be wanting to shower with their "sons" ...see what I'm saying...I may judge a little harsher because of my beliefs...but really 9 boys? Most normal gay couples would settle for a min 3 boys and call it a day. Or a mix of girls and boys...No matter how good a citizen may be or how they may "act" in front of the "system" it was about those kids.. and someone should have been checked out them boys.
  7. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    Damn ya'll jacked my thread!

    I did put "allegedly" in my thread title for that reason, but the five year old also reported abuse. We will see.
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  8. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    Guess I'll start replying from the bottom up.

    I agree there should be more follow up...with all fosters and adoptions, but I think the truth is, this is a production put on by DCF. They are more than happy to let a kid being and fostered out and adopted quickly slide down the priority list of supervision by them.
  9. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    I'd like to point out Sandusky is married to a woman and there have been no attacks I've seen yet on statements about it being suspicious he's fostered/adopted collected around the house all boys.
  10. Nita

    Nita Member

    sorry lol I swear it wasn't my fault!
  11. Nita

    Nita Member

    True, I just think its sad this whole entire situation played out the way it did.
  12. AngelFire

    AngelFire Your dream or your nightmare. You decide.

    This gave me a headache but I understand where Nita is coming from but I also get why the others got their undies up in bunch.....Now can we go back to the story??
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  13. agnostifarianII

    agnostifarianII Member

    [MENTION=1471]Mybabiesmomma[/MENTION]....whew, a relief to have a regular postee inject some diplomacy here...i admit initally i took offense at Nita's comment because it came off a little slurish but i believe after her many badly written comments i've changed my mind. i do not believe she meant the tone and as someone who doesn't always communicate clearly....i can sympathize. let us all remember we are here to condemn the evil not the illiterate ;)
  14. jordanduce

    jordanduce New Member

    A little off topic here.Damn! you are fine Nita.Great posts,couldn't agree more with you.
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  15. Nita

    Nita Member

    lmao@illiterate i see the jab but imma leave it alone hahahah this thread has already taken 259 twist and turns for no reason!!
  16. TACO

    TACO Captain Rajun Cajun

    If proven guilty they should be given death! Pedophiles are the scum of the earth & should be dealt with accordingly!
    Some say prison time for them, I say no that they might like the treatment that they would get. Thats why death to ALL pedophiles is the only logical conclusion!
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  17. spinst

    spinst Member

    Does it feel like middle school in here, or is it just me? Haha

    Anyway, I don't find it suspicious that they adopted all boys. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Especially since the older kids are saying they are innocent. If it's just one kid accusing, it is possible he's making it up. We all know how damaged some of these kids get having lived in the system their whole life. Sad, but true. Definitely could go either way.
  18. Cassy

    Cassy Active Member

    "You don't knooooowwwww mmmmeeeee." Seriously? LOL I grew up "ghetto" and I'm really tired of that term being synonymous with uneducated. I was allowed to use libraries too, just like all those rich children, and my keyboard also has apostrophes and commas on it. It's the age of Google, so there's just no excuse for not filling in the holes of an inadequate public education.

    You'll also find your message is received much better — even by those who disagree with you, if you write and speak properly.

    BTW, I had no idea you were black. I couldn't see your pic on my screen, but I can just barely make it out if I tilt it.
  19. Nita

    Nita Member

    lmao..fortunately I really don't give a shit ;) i write the way i write ..not the way someone wants me too!! But thanks anyway...carry on!
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  20. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    Five year old too.

    From 12/2

  21. bindtorturekill

    bindtorturekill Member

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  22. CerealMom

    CerealMom Member

    Yeah let us go back to bashing douchenozzles who hurt and kill kids....who by the way are black,white,gay and straight.I feel like I stumbled into an online Springer forum by mistake.:fight:
  23. TheZeitgeist

    TheZeitgeist Active Member

    Hmmm...not to jump into pretty hot-button thread here. Oh, who am I kidding? Yes I am!

    Anyways, legitimate question here regarding stereotypes. Two homodudes hook up and get hitched. Adopt nine boys. Cool. Now, single guy adopts nine boys. Cool? Meh. Probably not cool.

    There's a stereotype there - single guy with fascination for little boys always wanting to tap little boys being synonymous - and its much more mainstream and hence 'tolerated' throughout our whole wheezing bureaucracy as it pertains to children. For good reason? Sure, technically. I would have to agree with that stereotype, even though I am example of such. People in my sociological profile shouldn't be allowed to adopt kids. And its not even a majority of men, I'm sure I'm in the '99%' group of single men who would never abuse a child, especially as a perversion. But one out of a hundred is too much, right? So the 'ban' stands for single guys on things like adoption.

    Now, when it comes to married homosexual couples with lots of adopted boys...how many groups are there like that in this country? Statistically is it a higher control group or a lower control group we can cull data from regarding incidents like this? I'm not saying its higher or lower as a risk, indeed I don't even know where to begin answering that question. On that count one thing I would mention is in a male-homomarried house you have 2x the men compared to heteromarried, and men tend to be the problem where there's a problem. Sad but true.

    But if we are comfortable profiling groups (such as single white men vis-a-vis adoption) based on raw objective statistics, where should that stop? And should that question be asked of every group with equal statistical rigor? Important moral and legal questions there not well articulated and totally unanswered faces our society today.

    And for the record, kid-pervs from what I can tell are just wired wrong. Whether the shtick is little girls or little boys its just a mental defect, and pederasses look for access to their targets however. Sham marriage - hetero or otherwise - opens doors. Religion, sports (If old lady chasing little boy is Cougar, is old man chasing little boy Nittany Lion? GONG! --Confucius, 600 BCE), and of course charities open others. But questions I asked above are valid ones in today's world.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  24. Nell

    Nell You're my BEC Bold Member!

    Then you haven't been around long enough, cause this thread is fucking tame.

    And for the record, I don't think Nita types "ghetto" at all. She types legibly and can get a point across just fine. Because she says "you don't know me" or calls people "boo" doesn't equate ghetto in my land. And i also grew up poor. Does it mean I am ghetto cause i call every one babe? Nah. This is ghetto.....

    Can you understand that shit? I can't. So unless she starts up with that then lets get back to the fucking topic at hand.
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  25. Nita

    Nita Member

    Thanks Nell :) for showing the difference. But some people are just ignorant all together and "assume" and when you ASSume you make an ASS outta yaself... anyways, I hope those boys get a peace of mind soon!! I feel bad for them and any young child being abused as it is.
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  26. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    George Harasz / Douglas Wirth
  27. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    Plea Agreement For No Jail Blows Up
  28. China

    China La Mera Mera

    This is just sickening and heartbreaking what these bastards did to these kids. I believe them, after reading the affidavit there is no way those kids lied.

    It's 23 pages long, they've damaged those boys and for the fucking state to even consider not giving them jail time is criminal! I think it's on page 20 where one of the victims was caught masturbating at daycare. It broke my heart to read that he kept saying he wanted to die.

    The state after AND ONLY after pressure from the guardians is going to try them. 3 more of the boys have come forward. They adopted 3 sets of 3 siblings. I'm so disgusted with this case.


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  29. gatekeeper

    gatekeeper Loves the "Funny" Button Bold Member!

    @China said, "I'm so disgusted with this case." That pretty well sums it up for me, too. Sometimes there just aren't enough words to describe the depth and degree of disgust with all the pedophiles, cruel-assed child beaters, apathetic asshole check collectors, and other sub-human trash running rampant like skittering cockroaches in the Foster Monster and DCF Adoption system.

    This is the latest info. I could find. I'm still a newb @ demon functions and I can't seem to get the article to C & P correctly w/this new mobile browser, so please bear with me.

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  30. Sue sue

    Sue sue !#$###!? Pickles Bold Member!

    Theses two are disgusting waste of human skin. Preying on children already suffering from previous bad experiences. So glad the plea deal fell through. They need the full penalty if the law.
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