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Dad Darrell Avant Charged After 5yo Found Dead On The Floor

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Whisper, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Darrell Avant
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  2. myra manes

    myra manes Bitchy, Opinionated, Demon since 2009 Bold Member!

    Ooooh, I can't wait for him to meet some rather unsavory, characters while in prison .. :D
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  3. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member Bold Member!

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  4. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO Put Me In Coach Bold Member!

    Someone looks rather inconvenienced. Get used to it buddy, it's not getting any better.
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  5. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

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  6. Teleute

    Teleute Trusted Member

    Good, because I was going to ask why the hell he was only being charged with child abuse. Utterly heartbreaking.
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  7. Sassedame

    Sassedame Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    I wanted to hear the autopsy report too because I know tons of military persons who use this type of punishment, though not in the extreme, and I wanted to make sure he didn't have any physical defects that would have caused his death regardless of the punishment. What is it with hitting a kid so hard that you bruise them? I mean, you have to hit pretty damn hard to cause a bruise, kids act up at school and he needed to be bruised for that? Maybe your kid was acting up because you are a piece of shit father who has shown him nothing but DV?
  8. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!


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  9. Nell

    Nell You're my BEC Bold Member!

    He taught his kid how to throw gang signs. And no one thought he may not be the best parent?
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  10. disgusted4sho

    disgusted4sho Open mouth, Insert foot Bold Member!

    i think it looks like hes doing peace with his hand. . . Not a gang sign. . . But could be wrong i suppose since i dont know all the gang signs. Peace i think would be appropriate.
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