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Chandler Daycare Workers Fired Over Disturbing Video

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Satanica, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Satanica

    Satanica Trusted Member Bold Member!

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  2. robin299

    robin299 Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Wtf do that shit on your own time! Nasty skanks. That poor kid actually had it in his hands? I wonder where they will find jobs now? It sickens me they will probably all get unemployment though
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  3. Satanica

    Satanica Trusted Member Bold Member!

    I don't know how unemployment benefits work in Arizona, but here in Texas you can't get it if you're fired. You can apply for it, but your former employer can protest. If that's the way it is in Arizona, these bitches won't be getting paid while they're out of work.
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  4. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile Chartreuse Bold Member!

    That's a huge wtf?
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  5. Muriel Schwenck

    Muriel Schwenck Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    What were they actually,doing wth the toys?
    The little children probably haven't a clue what was going on. I'd be surprised if the DA can make any charges stick.
    Disgusting skanks, couldn't they go into the bathroom for a couple minutes for laughs? I bet they've had disgusting gossip in from of the kids.
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  6. Sue sue

    Sue sue !#$###!? Pickles Bold Member!

    That is a new topic for show and tell.
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  7. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Dizzy bitches.
    Go suck dick for money tramps.
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  8. Kimberix

    Kimberix Well-Known Member

    Well but i mean not like they were sticking them up the asses of four year olds.....these bitches are just fucking retarded but think theyre cool.

    And jesus christ did i just do a "at least" bit? Fuck whyd i come to this site after ive been drinking?
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  9. myra manes

    myra manes Trusted Member

    I think it's the same way in Alberta ..
    No unemployment benefits if you've been fired ..
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  10. Just Rose

    Just Rose Active Member Bold Member!

    I don't give a shit if the kids knew what those "" Toys are Its fucking wrong
    If a play penis looks like a toy come on
    Kids are not that stupid they know if their lil peepee looks like that one
    Its wrong ,vile and just plain idiotic
    These are children they absorb so much and understand so little..
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