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After A Single, Then A Double, Dad, Robert Tolbert, Saw The New Ultrasound & Passed Out

Discussion in 'General News' started by cubby, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!


    Poor Dad:D
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  2. alifinrox

    alifinrox Active Member Bold Member!

    awws i can't wait to get my 1st ultrasound!!
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  3. lithiumgirl

    lithiumgirl Pretty Nice Troll Bold Member!

    Too funny ...
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  4. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    So now what,
    he gets a 7th kid free?

    Dude you really need to get snipped or start flipping her over.
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  5. Mitchfb

    Mitchfb Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Yeah I'd be getting fixed at this point, snip the nuts! Next set is going to be 4 and nobody needs 10 kids.
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  6. Muriel Schwenck

    Muriel Schwenck Trusted Member Bold Member!

    If I was the mother, I would faint. The entire pregnancy must be a time of anxiety to any sensible person. Really feel sorry for dad. Get those nads snipped, mom and dad.
    No goo and sentiment from me .
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