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9yo Tells Teacher Mom & Sister Are Dead At Home

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Whisper, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    @Satanica What upset me was that this man is talking about living for his daughter when he took another man's daughter (and wife) life in the most violent and vile way possible.
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  2. Brillig

    Brillig Danse Macabre Instructor Bold Member!

    And I highly doubt it is true anyway. He doesn't "live for his daughter", he is just saying anything he can to try and reduce his sentence, and it worked.
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  3. Salepo

    Salepo Well-Known Member

    Considering he sexually assaulted a ten year old girl I'm sure his daughter is better off without him.
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  4. roadsidehorror

    roadsidehorror Active Member Bold Member!

    Drug and alcohol abuse is no fucking excuse..
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  5. Muriel Schwenck

    Muriel Schwenck Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    In Nevada, death penalty must be unanimous vote by a jury. So it only takes one juror's moron's objection to make it LWOP.
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  6. Dead Stephanie

    Dead Stephanie Buy the ticket, take the ride... Bold Member!

    The neighbor said she heard at least one gunshot earlier, why didn’t she report it right away or am I reading it wrong?
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  7. Craygor

    Craygor Norse American Bold Member!

    A single gunshot from inside a home is very hard to identify. A person unexpectedly hearing a sharp muffled bang can't be sure where it came from or if it really was a from a gun or something other source. Only afterward that there was clear evidence of a gunshot would a person be sure of it.
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