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92yo Ww2 Vet Hugh & Ruby Mathis To Would-be Robber: ' You Go To Hell!'

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Whisper, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Hugh & Ruby​
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  2. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!

    I hope the fact that he picked on 89 and 92 year old folks will work into his sentnece, obviously he is too yellow bellied, chicken shit, low life coward to pick on somebody his own age and obviously he can't handle the old folks either! You can't let their looks fool ya them old folks pack quite a punch!
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  3. Britefutr

    Britefutr Well-Known Member

    Woohoo, I love it when the old geezers kick ass. That's going to be me someday.
    I pitty the fool that tries to rob my parents
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  4. Buffettgirl

    Buffettgirl Trusted Member Bold Member!

    I loves me some Ruby and Hugh! He got up, at 92, to get his club and "work him over real good" while she, at 89, went and got the gun... That right there is pure awesomeness! <3<3<3
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  5. WannaBeMaybe

    WannaBeMaybe Well-Known Member

    I want a redo - and have these as my grand parents!! Most of my grandparents sucked - these ones rock!
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  6. KKmom

    KKmom Active Member

    I love those old folks!! I wanna be like them when I get older full of piss and vinegar and not gonna take shit from anyone even some bitch with a knife.
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  7. KKmom

    KKmom Active Member

    Because of their age could that guy get
    hit with extra charges?
  8. Wolf_of_Mars

    Wolf_of_Mars Certified Unicorn Hunter Bold Member!

    Geezer Power!
    "...By the power of grey hair, we are Geezer-Man & She-Geezer!"
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  9. Paradox

    Paradox Member

    In seriousness though, glad to see him stand up against this idiot. He needs to grow a pair of balls, robbing the elderly.
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  10. Benighted

    Benighted My brain hurts

    I don't know the law for individual states but there are some where assaulting someone over the age of 60 or 65 can garner more severe penalties.
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  11. DamagedGoods

    DamagedGoods Asmodeus - Destroyer of Men Bold Member!

    There should be. Committing an offense against those who are more vulnerable should have harsher sentencing, like hate crimes are supposed to get, but I don't know that it does anywhere... excepting of course judicial discretion.
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  12. Valasca

    Valasca closed account

    In Cincinnati he will be. This guy fucked up hilariously
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  13. KKmom

    KKmom Active Member

    I love it! It just keeps getting better this guy is gonna be a laughing stalk in prison he will never live this down.
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  14. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member Bold Member!

    He looks like a Goddamn Muppet. Beaker that was his name right? He just walked around and said "meep-meep".
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  15. Benighted

    Benighted My brain hurts


    You nailed it, looks just like him!
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  16. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member Bold Member!

    @Benighted THANK YOU!!! I'm technologically challenged, that's the picture I wanted!<3
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