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8yo Boy Finds $20 In Cracker Barrel Parking Lot, Pays It Forward

Discussion in 'It's Not All Sick And Depraved' started by Dakota, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!


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  2. Taxidermi

    Taxidermi Dildo for hire Bold Member!

    What a sweet, wonderful child.
    I want to send him $20, or a video game lol :happy:
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  3. Taxidermi

    Taxidermi Dildo for hire Bold Member!

    Can anyone find out if there is a way to send this little boy a donation?
    I would love to send him something to either get the game he wanted, or maybe his mother could start an account for college?
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  4. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!

    The sweet, sincere, artless honesty of the heart of a child.
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  5. Taxidermi

    Taxidermi Dildo for hire Bold Member!

    I would very much appreciate it if someone could find this out.
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  6. TheMorningStar

    TheMorningStar is a Catcus

    It is dust in my eyes, I swear.
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  7. China

    China La Mera Mera Bold Member!

    This made me cry.
    This is his sister.

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  8. disgusted4sho

    disgusted4sho Open mouth, Insert foot Bold Member!

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  9. Krystal

    Krystal Veteran Member

    Goddamn allergies making my eyes water, a lot.
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  10. happypessimism

    happypessimism Active Member

    I saw this one on fb yesterday... the picture of him hugging the gravestone just broke my heart...
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  11. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO Put Me In Coach Bold Member!

    My eyes won't stop leaking. Son of a building block!
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