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Found 12yo Brittany Smith Kidnapped;Her Mother's Body Found, Jeff Easely Wanted *FOUND*

Discussion in 'Missing Persons' started by Whisper, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!


    Missing From: Salem, VA
    Missing Date: 12/02/2010 12:00 AM
    Issued for: Virginia: Statewide
    Contact: If you have information, please contact Roanoke County Police Department, 540-777-8641
    Circumstances: UPDATE: The 2000 Chevrolet Blazer VA/XPR-4366 has been located by Roanoke County. The search is now focusing on the 2005 Silver Dodge VA/XKF-2365, the make has been identified as neon. Child was last seen at 3341 Fort Lewis Cr, Salem, Virginia. May be traveling in a 2000 SUV Chevrolet , Red , Virginia tag XPR-4366. P.S. Victims mother's vehicle is missing, suspect may be in it Silver 2005 Dodge 4d sdn VA-XKF2365. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Roanoke County Police Dept at 1-540-777-8641 or Virginia State Police at 1-800-822-4453
    Name: Brittany Mae Smith
    Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White Age: 12yo
    Height: 5FT Weight: 100LBS
    Gender: Female
    Description: Straight hair ​

    Name: Jeffrey Scott Easley
    Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
    Skin Color: White Age:
    Height: 5FT11 Weight: 265LBS
    Gender: Male

    Vehicle Information
    Make: Dodge Model: Neon
    Color: Silver Interior Color:
    License State: VA License Text: XKF2365
    Vehicle Description: ​

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  2. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    Missing Teen and Mother Previously Featured on ABC 13


    Memorial Page for William Tyler Matherly http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115192928023&v=wall

    Tina Louise Dyer Smith http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115192928023&v=wall#!/tinadyersmith

    Brittany Easley http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115192928023&v=wall#!/profile.php?id=100000086091737&v=info

    Brittany Easley http://www.myspace.com/britt_britt16

    Jeff Easley http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1583732162

    Jeff Easley http://www.myspace.com/400242677

    4everTyler'sMOM2 http://www.myspace.com/tinaldyer

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Help Find Brittany Mae Smith http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Find-Brittany-Mae-Smith-12-years-old-from-VA/112253375509634
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2010
  3. Chaindrive

    Chaindrive Trusted Member

    Why is Brittany using Easley as a last name?
  4. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    not to get completely ot but thats what my neighbors son(14) died from in April
    Its a stupid fucking game and I cant believe how many play it and die
    I really hope they find her and get her the help shes going to really need
  5. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    Its not that hard to figure out
  6. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

  7. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Amber Alert Update - Latest News
  8. beans

    beans Trusted Member

    I must've been hit with the idiot stick more than once today, I cant figure it out.
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  9. Mare

    Mare Trusted Member

    It is so odd. So the girl only knew this man for two months and is using his last name on fb and myspace?

    [MENTION=3926]misssmartypants[/MENTION] I can't figure it out later, unless [MENTION=2771]hellsbells[/MENTION] is thinking that the 12 year old was dating that man
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  10. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    UPDATED: Survelliance video shows Easley and missing girl in Salem Walmart
    Roanoke County police release an image of Brittany Mae Smith and Jeff Easley taken Friday night
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2010
  11. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    Community waits, holds hope as search continues for missing girl

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2010
  12. Aena

    Aena Trusted Member

    Was pretty obvious to me why she was using his last name also. Then the aunt or grandmother said something about how she had changed her last name to her best friends last name...I do remember looking at one of my cousins Facebook pages and she had all these people listed as siblings, even though they were friends only. So now I am not so sure, although I am for now sticking with the she changed it because they had some kind of relationship. I guess a family member called DSS because of what they had seen over Thanksgiving, touching Brittany inappropriately during the day. My question is, how did Brittany react when he touched her, I guess he touched her hair, her arms, just touching that would to me seem like something a boyfriend and girlfriend would do? So I am really curious how Brittany reacted. I am kind of guessing how she reacted because if she would of reacted in a scared way etc. I think the family members would have reacted differently (instead of waiting to call DSS, they would have said something immediately regardless of having company at the house).

    I looked at the video at WalMart, she doesn't seem scared to me. Then again I could be reading it completely wrong.
  13. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!

    I surely hope that Brittany didn't have a hand in the death of her mother! Tho I couldn't get the video to play completely, she didn't look particularly coerced or intimidated, in what I could see. Maybe she only ran away and didn't know about her mother. I hope she will be returned unharmed because at 12 years old she is not old enough to chose to leave with him on her own.
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  14. Aena

    Aena Trusted Member

    I agree [MENTION=958]cubby[/MENTION]. She isn't old enough. The strange thing is though, if she was involved in what happened to her mother she can be charged as an adult. Not old enough to decide to leave with someone, yet old enough to go to prison for the rest of her life? Sorry, I will get off my soapbox about children being charged as adults in the US, which is just a rubber stamp anymore.
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  15. beans

    beans Trusted Member

    [MENTION=2771]hellsbells[/MENTION]...aha. So, this guy maybe was trolling the internet dating scene..saw this lonely mom, saw the pics of her children, and swooped. Well fuckity fuck. So, is the general thought is that he was actually after the girl, and woo'd her? Killed mom and had them run to a fairy tale life? Incredible.
    This story, and others like it, should be posted at all the internet dating sites. Maybe these lonely single moms and dads will have second thoughts about what they are doing. Not that they dont deserve to date,or have a gf/bf..just maybe keep the kids out of it. For a long while.
  16. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    Its wouldnt be the first time , and your 100% correct ,I cant say the girl was in on the murder of her mom but she did have something going on with Easley and she was not Kidnapped .

    I just hope she is found safe. I do believe they are getting help most likely from some pedo
  17. Aena

    Aena Trusted Member

    I completely agree [MENTION=2771]hellsbells[/MENTION] I don't think she was kidnapped as in unwilling.
  18. Rawrehz

    Rawrehz Well-Known Member

    The video was taken down so I have no idea how the girl looks or is acting walking around with this pervert in Walmart. For who ever saw it before it was deleted, did she look awkward or resistant towards him at all? I am going to go ahead and assume she wasn't since she let him touch her like that at the Thanksgiving dinner.

    It is just so sad to know what this poor mother has endured. The death of her son and then her somewhat-boyfriend going after her young daughter. To die at the hands of a man like that is just ever so wrong. I reallllly hope this girl was not involved in her own mothers death but knowing DD, things may turn up very, very twisted here.

    I really hope this girl doesn't find this pervie perv as her knight in aluminum foil or anything. Who kows what he is putting in her head. You would think at her age though she would know a little about such guys going after young girls like her and would tell someone...
  19. cubby

    cubby Live Long and Prosper Bold Member!

    [MENTION=2438]Rawrehz[/MENTION] I could only view a few seconds of it, something to do with having to watch it at YouTube, but when I went there, I couldn't see any more of it there either. She didn't look frightened, or upset, unwilling, she looked like she was on a shopping trip with her daddy, or brother. they weren't walking hand in hand but were side by side walking along. Just normal looking.
  20. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    Yes I know the pict blows moose cock

    He is on the run , If it was me there would be hair dye for both of them in that cart and hair clippers so you really cant go by what they did look like.
  21. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

  22. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

  23. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Brittany Mae Smith, 12, has been found alive and her alleged abductor taken into custody, authorities in Virginia say.

  24. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Police: Missing Virginia girl, alleged abductor have been found
  25. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

  26. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Wonder what kinda shapes shes in
    Not just physically but mentally as well
  27. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

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  28. totallytoddler

    totallytoddler Veteran Member

    Yea lets kidnap a 12 yr old then go to WALMART....do these people never watch tv and know that they are being taped coming and going???? IDIOTS. Well...actually Im glad he is such a dipshit moron and she was found safe.
    I believe the 12 yr old was in fact having some type of "affair" with this loser and I'm QUITE sure she knew her mom was dead. Not sure if she had anything to do with it.....but she must have known the guy was using the moms credit cards...and why the fuck were't the Walmart a'holes not checking his ID????????
    Fire all those fuckers. Just sayin'. How do people get away with using other peoples credit cards these days?????
    I get carded ALL the freakin time for my DEBIT card....even though I am swiping it myself and using my pin.

    Wouldn't it just be crazy if it turned out the girl killed her Mom???? Or helped? Ugh. Gosh...this site has made me a dirty evil thinker.
  29. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells Trusted Member

    I agree same here.
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  30. AngelFire

    AngelFire Your dream or your nightmare. You decide.

    I am just curious. Do you suppose she knows her mom is dead? If she had nothing to do with it,and knows mom is dead, why would she leave with him? I will wait to see what comes out of this, but sure glad she was found safe.