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Kevin VossHoquiam, WA — Like a scene ripped directly from one of my nightmares, a registered sex offender has been accused of drilling holes in a neighbor’s ceiling so he could watch her from above.

Kevin Voss, of unknown age, and his unidentified roommate apparently gained access to a shared crawlspace and drilled holes in the woman’s fucking ceiling. They then proceeded to jerk off as the woman slept and did what most women do behind closed doors. You know, like eat, read, masturbate, dance nekkid while singing show tunes, etc.

The creepy shenanigans quickly ended, though, after the victim’s cats alerted her to the goings-on in the crawlspace.

“My cats all went in the kitchen, and they were looking up at the ceiling. And when I looked up, I saw somebody walking across the ceiling. And I could hear them walking,” the woman said. “I heard a noise up there. And when I hit the ceiling, one of them fell. And the other got scared, and jumped out a hole and ran down the stairs.…

Louisville, KY – Two students are facing felony charges after admitting to using a cell phone to videotape up a teacher’s skirt and then posting the video to Youtube.

According to court documents, Carlos Eugene Cain Jr., 18, and Devon Ewing (pictured), 18 – seniors at Doss High School – devised a ruse whereby Ewing distracted the teacher while Cain recorded video up her dress.

“While the teacher was bent over helping Ewing,” the warrant said. “Cain was behind her and placed Ewing’s cell phone under her dress without her consent or knowledge. The video was uploaded to YouTube.”

Then, in an apparent effort to seal their fate, the warrant said Cain then let other student know about the location of the Youtube video – after which a student notified school staff. The arrest report says, when officials confronted Cain, he admitted his involvement in the presence of a deputy sheriff serving as the school resource officer. Cain also reportedly gave Ewing up as being in on it.

“Unfortunately, young people make rash and sometimes bad decisions and they will face the consequences for that,” said Lauren Roberts, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Public Schools.…

Schifferstadt, DE – A German gynecologist lost his physician’s license after being found to have a over 35,000 photographs and several videos of his naked patients. He has since filed an appeal to get that license back.

The doctor – identified in the press only as 56-year-old Dr. med. Joachim K. – came to the attention of authorities last November after medical assistants alerted them to his collection of photographs. To date, almost 2,000 female patients have been identified as having been photographed during examinations at his office.

“He stands accused of secretly taking photos of female patients’ private body parts,” local state prosecutor Lothar Liebing said. “We now need to make clear to what extent he has done this and, of course, why he did this.”

As a result of the investigation, the doctor’s practice was closed in November. At the time of the suspension and closure, 700 women had reportedly agreed to press charges – fully 85% of the women identified from their pictures. It is presumed that the remaining 15% were simply bitter that the doctor had failed to capture their ‘best side.’

The doctor, who has not yet been charged, will appear before an administrative hearing on April 19 at which he will seek to overturn that suspension.…

Troy, NY – Police say that Thomas McMartin, 56, made their job a bit easier after he photographed himself while installing a hidden camera in a women’s locker room at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

On March 8, a woman reportedly noticed something strange on the ceiling of the RPI women’s swim team locker room. She contacted RPI authorities. According to court documents, Troy police detectives investigating the case found the hidden camera to contain – before a collection of photos of victims – a photograph of McMartin placing the camera in its hidden location.

“The camera took a picture of the defendant in the process of mounting the camera,” said Captain John Cooney of the Troy Police Department.

As McMartin worked at RPI in maintenance, he wasn’t hard to find. RPI said that McMartin’s duties would not have placed him in the locker room for any reason. RPI has since fired McMartin.

Police said that it was unclear how long the camera had been set up. Cooney said that police are in the process of notifying the “umpteen” women that are on the recordings.…

SOMERVILLE, NJ — Police have arrested the assistant principal at Bernardsville Middle School,  accusing him of secretly filming underage boys taking showers at a Catholic high school for over three years.

I haven’t found what triggered the investigation that led to police searching 54-year-old Patrick J. Lott’s home, but when they did they found numerous videos of underage boys showering together. Using the videos, they were able to locate a hidden camera installed in the shower area of Immaculata High School where Lott volunteered as a videographer.

Prosecutors said the videos were made between January 2008 and Dec. 13 of this year and featured at least 22 boys showering, nine of which were underage at the time they were surreptitiously filmed.

Lott has been charged with 22 counts of invasion of privacy, and more than two dozen charges of endangering the welfare of a child. If he makes his $500,00 bail, he is not allowed to return to work, nor is he to have any contact with any children under the age of 16.…

Baytown, TX – Police are searching for a man they say took photos up the skirt of a female customer of Elite Lube in Baytown, Texas late Monday afternoon.

A woman reported to police that she pulled into a bay to have a vehicle inspection performed. During the inspection, she was reportedly standing beside an oil-changing pit talking to a mechanic. Meanwhile, according to the manager, a prospective job applicant was in the pit below as part of the evaluation process for new employees. The manager – who seems conscientious in the news interview here – said he had left the applicant alone to get some car parts. It was at that time that the woman noticed a flash coming from below.

“She believed it to be a camera flash that was directed up her skirt,” Baytown Police Lt. Eric Freed said.

The manager said that by the time he got back, the police were there and the applicant was gone. Since the applicant, well… filled out an application, police have his name and pertinent information.…

Columbus, OH – Alan D. Patton, a 59-year-old drinker of young boy’s piss, is back in custody after violating his probation.  He is accused of repeatedly calling, harassing and threatening his probation officer.

Patton also reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine use.  For this, Municipal Judge David P. Sunderman has ordered him back to the Delaware County jail where he is being held without bail.

The probation that Patton is serving is part of a sentence in February when Patton was accused of collecting young boys’ urine in a Burger King toilet with the intent to drink it.

Have it your way, Alan…

Patton has a long and distiguished history with Ohio Law Enforcement – with a criminal record dating to 1978.  His charges include voyeurism, public indecency, criminal mischief and rape – all apparently related to an admitted urine fetish.

Highlights include:

In 1993, Patton was arrested for fondling boys while trying to collect urine at the Magic Mountain Fun Center. He was designated a sex offender when convicted in that case and served nearly five years in prison.…

TAMPA, Florida — Two chicks from Bulgaria were in the States for a couple months before they finally noticed hidden video cameras all over the apartment they were living in. They were found in their bedrooms and bathroom disguised as smoke detectors or an alarm system. Welcome to America, ladies!

The girls, both in their early ’20s, say they moved here for the summer after Florida business owner, Raj Armani, promised them a job and a place to live. Vanya Samokovareva and Ralitsa Dzhambazova found the hidden cameras in the apartment they were sub-leasing from Armani after finding the camera hidden in their bathroom.

They followed the cables from the cameras to a locked up closet. After breaking the lock, they found that all the cameras were feeding into a closed circuit TV box connected to a Wi-Fi router. That’s when they called police. I am going to include some direct quotes from Samokovareva and Dzhambazova… try reading them without doing an accent in your head.

Dzhsomething points to hidden camera that captured lesbian lovemaking, NOT poo distribution

“The bathroom and your room, this is the private place and you make, in the bathroom you take a shower, you make everything,” Samokovareva said. …

GREENFIELD, Ind. — A CNA has been fired and may lose her license after she took a picture of a patient who crapped his pants and posted it on her Facebook.

Taia Armstrong, 30, was a certified nursing assistant at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation working with a paraplegic 51-year-old male patient who had crapped himself.

“This is too funny. I need to take a picture of this,” court documents say the certified nurse’s assistant told a co-worker.

The co-worker asked her not to take the picture, but Armstrong couldn’t resist, as getting a picture of a shit-covered ass belonging to a helpless man she was supposed to be caring for was just too hilarious to pass up.

She ended up posting the picture on her Facebook wall where I am assuming she felt her friends and family would find it just as funny as she did. That’s when the co-worker went to her supervisor and reported Armstrong.

Armstrong was fired after admitting she took the picture and her case has been referred to the State Department of Health, which oversees CNAs, and could take away Armstrong’s CNA license. …

Lafayette, LA — A Lafayette Consolidated Government employee was charged Friday for allegedly placing a camera in the urinal at his workplace.

Jeffery Larcade, a planner in the department of planning, zoning and codes, is now out of a job and facing charges after he admitted to taping the camera in the pisser.

According to a police affidavit, a fellow employee spotted the camera and removed it from the urinal. He and several other employees then reviewed the contents of the camera’s memory card and found numerous photographs and videos of multiple penis’ (peni?).

Larcade reportedly admitted to his coworkers and police the camera was his, and was booked on charges of video voyeurism. Police have confiscated all of Larcade’s electronics and have said if they find out he has published any of those images or videos online, he’ll be facing more charges carrying much stiffer penalties.

Larcade, 38, was released from jail after posting $10,000 bond.…

Denver, CO — If you are the the feces-covered man who got busted hiding in the tank of a portable toilet at the Hanuman Yoga festival, police would like to have a word with you.

A woman using the toilet at the festival got a surprise when she lifted the lid and noticed something moving around in the tank. She quickly exited and asked a man nearby to investigate. He did, and reported seeing a man in the tank covered with a tarp.

Security was summoned and they waited outside the toilet for a few minutes before He Who Walks Amongst The Turds finally exited. He was described as a very tall man in his 20s, barefoot, shirtless and covered in shit. They tried to detain him, but he was able to get away.

One witness told police he believed the man was a transient who goes by the name of “Sky”

Boulder police are not sure exactly what the man was doing down there, but he will be charged with criminal attempt to make unlawful sexual contact once they find him. …

Jacksonville, FL — Michael Fiorelli, 44, was recently arrested in connection with voyeurism at a Kohl’s in southern Duval County and at the Southpoint Marriott hotel, and it appears as if he will have trouble coming up with a believable alibi.

According to police, in addition to being captured on surveillance video and witnesses recording his car license plate number at both places, his court-ordered tracking bracelet places him at the scene of the crime.

Jacksonville police reported they were called to a Kohl’s department store on April 20 to investigate after loss-prevention associate watched on camera as Fiorelli loitered in the lingerie department and then entered into the dressing room area. Police said workers followed Fiorelli out of the store and recorded his license plate number.

Then on May 11 at a Marriott hotel, a 23-year-old woman who was taking part in a nursing convention encountered Fiorelli slipping off of the toilet seat in the stall next to her, police said. Fiorelli reportedly ran from the bathroom to his car.…

Oviedo, FL — This next story offends me on two levels: first as a human being and second as a Star Wars fan.

Take a look at 29 year-old Michael Henderson’s Myspace page. A quick peek will tell you Michael suffers from ADHD and bad spelling, he’s an avid church-goer and he fancies himself a Jedi. A peek at his other Myspace page will tell you that he performed elaborate puppet shows for the childrens program at Trinity Assembly of God church.

It was this trusted position, police say, that Henderson met the 14 year-old girl he would be arrested for touching inappropriately. The abuse allegedly occurred in the girl’s home, but Henderson is also accused of taking up-skirt photos of the girl in the church (during ‘skit practice’) without her knowledge, using Facebook to engage in sexually explicit conversation with the girl and possessing child porn on his computer, which was seized shortly after his arrest.

Pastor Patrick Wiese said… can you guess? “… it’s very surprising to find out something like this.” Of course it is, Pat, the guy’s a fucking Jedi, right?…

St. Ann, MO – Ritenour High School student Dalton Heinle, 18, was arrested for using his cell phone to videotape his fellow students in various states of undress.

Police say Heinle was taken into custody Tuesday and was charged with criminal invasion of privacy. Police said school administrators contacted them after a student caught Heinle recording he and other students dressing and undressing.

“…some individuals on the phone that were identified by Ritenour staff as being students there but there’s a bunch of other people that we don’t know. Nobody knows,” said Breckenridge Hills Police Captain Scott Robinson. Police say the videos were shot in what appears to be bathrooms and locker rooms.  Heinle is a member of the school’s swim team.

According to police, they are aware of seven victims who have been identified as Ritenour High School students. All were male and none knew they were being videotaped, police said. Parents reportedly received a letter and email from the school alerting them that an incident did take place at the school.…

Port St. Lucie, FL — A registered sex offender is facing multiple charges after a man told police he saw the skeevy pervert standing outside of his 4-year-old son’s bedroom window, naked.

The boy’s father apparently saw a shadow lurking outside just before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, and when he opened the blinds, he was unfortunate enough to lay eyes upon a mostly nekkid Randell Wilken. I say mostly nekkid because he was wearing brown flip-flops and eyeglasses. How’d you like to have that image seared into your brain, Demonites?

Dad reportedly tore out of the house and attempted to chase the nude man down, but lost sight of him. With the assistance of a K-9 tracking dog named Rudy, police found their suspect lying behind a car in a nearby driveway. Wilken told police he removed his clothing – a white t-shirt and plaid long johns – behind a newspaper stand across the street from the apartments where the child lived.

Wilken, 56, was was taken into custody and now faces charges of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 16, voyeurism, loitering, prowling by a sex offender and exposure of sexual organs.…

ORLANDO, Fla. — A man has been charged with taking upskirt video of a woman at a Home Depot.

A patron at a Florida Home Depot witnessed a man place his Blackberry in a basket and then position very close to the ass of a female shopper wearing a skirt. The witness alerted the woman and her husband who then confronted the man later identified as 52-year-old James Enos.

Enos took off running while pressing buttons on his phone and jumped in a bush to hide. Whenever I read about someone doing this, I visualize a cartoon bush whose leaves part slightly while a pair of large, white eyes look around blinking.

Police would later apprehend Enos and confiscated his phone and other items from his home. Enos received the embarrassing charge of misdemeanor video voyeurism.…

Hollywood, FL — A distraught woman called 911 early Saturday morning and informed a dispatcher that there was a strange man standing outside of her apartment, peering in her bedroom window – the woman feared the man was fixin’ to break in, so she was holed up inside her laundry room. When an officer arrived on scene, he found 35-year-old Juan Miguel Cuadra standing outside the window making sweet, sweet love to his hand. As the officer approached the wanker, he kindly asked him to put his hands were he could see ’em. Cuadra zipped his fly and attempted to walk away. The officer ordered him to stick around and answer a few questions. Cuadra first told the officer that the woman inside the apartment was his ex-girlfriend. He then changed his story and said she was actually a co-worker. He finally admitted to the officer that he didn’t know the woman at all, he just hadn’t had a “girlfriend for a while and was desperate.” There ya go ladies, he’s single.…

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — Just when I thought I was going to have to fill up some space with movie reviews and some other boring crime stories currently circulating, along comes this mess. A couple have been arrested, accused of videotaping themselves raping a woman over the course of a year. 43-year-old David Salsgiver and 40-year-old Kelly Maltbie have been indicted on multiple counts of rape, kidnapping and gross sexual imposition. The video allegedly shows the couple repeatedly raping a 42-year-old woman who was substantially impaired or unconscious. Authorities say the rapes took place between 2006 and 2007 at their home. Salsgiver is being held on a $100,000 bond while Maltbie is being held on a $50,000 bond, both looking at a possible 300 years in prison. Police are continuing to investigate and believe there is at least one other female victim.…

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