Kansas Woman Dies One Week After Being Raped, Set On FireMan Lives After Setting Self On Fire At Gas Station, Cutting Throat With Ice ScraperDad Attacked Man For Allegedly Pimping Out His 12-Year-Old DaughterMan Accidentally Shoots Himself In Face After Threatening To Kill Family DogTeen Stops Half Naked Man From Raping His MotherCaregiver Caught On Camera Raping Elderly Alzheimer's PatientPolice Charge 9-Year-Old Girl With Battery After She Hit Younger SisterMarcos Ortega Faces New Charges After Driving With Man Stuck In WindshieldWoman Cut Off Three-Year-Old Nephew’s Penis Because He Wanted To Use Her PhoneToddler Mauled To Death By Family Pig After Crawling Into Its Pen

EDINBURG, Texas –  A character from the movie Wrong Turn called police the other day and admitted that he was the man responsible for two separate murders committed in the ’70s.

Jeffrey Cutlip is a 63-year-old sex offender with a long history of arrests and stints in prison, including an 11 year prison sentence for a 1982  first-degree sodomy and first-degree burglary conviction.

But it seems Cutlip has either grown a conscience or now needs a place to live, because he called a Texas police department on Saturday and wanted to talk to detectives “about some bad things he had done in the past.” Then, according to a police spokesman, Cutlip  confessed to three to four homicides in Portland.

One of his alleged victims was 15-year-old Julie Marie Bennett. She was last seen on April 4, 1977 walking with Cutlip, then 27, after stopping in a convenience store to buy beer and cigarettes. Her body was found two days later face-down in a creek. An autopsy showed Bennett had died from drowning.…

Portland, Ore. – A registered sex offender was arrested the other day after he tried to sexually assault a 10-year-old boy in a Wendy’s bathroom and stabbed the child several times when he fought back.

Police say on Sunday, 49-year-old Adam Lee Brown stood outside a Wendy’s bathroom door and forced a 10-year-old boy inside. After locking the door behind him, Brown allegedly attempted to sexually assault the boy. When the boy fought back, Brown stabbed him several times with a knife.

Before I go on, here’s a little background on Brown.

He’s a registered sex offender who served 11 years in prison for molesting at least nine children in 1992. The HIV-positive preacher’s son would force his victims into silence by threatening them with knives, scissors and matches. In some cases he would rely on the oldest trick in the book by warning them that Satan would come if they didn’t do what he wanted.

In 1993,  Brown was convicted of three counts of first-degree sodomy after pleading no contest to lesser charges–prosecutors tried to charge him with murder because he knew he was possibly infecting children with HIV. …

TUSTIN, CA – Police have arrested a 23-year-old sex offender after they say he sodomized a 13-year-old boy inside the bathroom of a California library.

The victim was studying at the Tustin Library after school when Robert Claudio approached the teen and struck up a conversation. Somehow Claudio was able to convinced the victim into accompanying him to the library’s bathroom where, once inside, police say Claudio sodomized the boy.

Immediately after the assault, the teen fled to a nearby police station to report the incident. At around the same time, Claudio had left the library and approached a police services officer. He told him that he’s a registered sex offender and confessed to being involved with something that happened at the library.

The victim was treated at a nearby hospital and positively identified Claudio as the man who had sexually assaulted him.

Claudio, who confessed to the assault, was arrested and charged with sodomy of a minor and committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14.…

VAN BUREN, Ark. — The body of a missing teenager may have been found stuffed in a barrel buried on property owned by the family of the convicted rapist suspected of being with her last.

Angela Allen, 16, was last seen on Feb 10 at around 7:30 p.m. after telling her grandmother that she was going out for a walk in the neighborhood. When she never returned, her family called police to report her as a possible runaway.

After doing some investigating, police found that Allen had been communicating with 36-year-old Lloyd Jones, a convicted rapist, on a social networking site. The pair had also been texting for the last few days, Jones allegedly posing as a boy in the 11th grade.

“They conversed back and forth,” said Chief Kenneth Bell with the Van Buren Police Department. “He groomed her. They built a relationship. He picked her up.”

Angela Allen

Jones was eventually picked up and placed in police custody on an aggravated assault charge. He eventually gave police information that led to them to a plastic barrel buried three feet deep in a shallow grave on property owned by Jones’ family.…

TITUSVILLE, FL – Police have arrested a registered sex offender for allegedly exposing himself to a couple of kids in the toy aisle of a Florida Walmart.

Police say that 28-year-old Robert Walyus was in a Titusville Walmart last Saturday when he approached two children in the toy aisle and asked if he could touch them while his dick was hanging out of his pants.

One of the victims ran off and told her mother what happened and that she “saw his thing.” The mom witnessed Walyus adjusting his pants when she turned around and looked at him. Waylus managed to get out of the store before authorities arrived, but after using images from surveillance video, Waylus was soon identified and arrested at his home.

He was charged with with lewd or lascivious exposure to a child under 16 years old and is currently being held on a $125,000 bond. He may be facing more charges as detectives were able to link him to a similar incident at Titusville Publix last October.…

Bayou La Batre, AL - What should have been a routine residency check on a registered sex offender turned into six arrests after police discovered a methamphetamine lab.

Anthony Higgins Jr., whose chin is doing a poor impersonation of my head for who-the-hell-knows-why, was arrested and convicted in 1998 on sexual abuse charges. Ever since, he’s been a registered sex offender, which means that law enforcement have to keep tabs on him and The Crimson Tickler.

In order to verify information that Higgins was staying at the residence, police knocked on a door on County Road in Coden. When the door was opened, they noticed materials used in the manufacture of meth sitting in plain sight. They cuffed the 44 year-old Higgins, his 27 year-old girlfriend Amy Nelson,  23 year-old  Thricia Gollott (who was arrested last year in a meth bust) and 51 year-old Luther Stewart on charges of  possession of drug paraphernalia and second-degree manufacturing a controlled substance.

Police also arrested two men who happened to pull up to the residence.…

Pittsfield, MA — Charlie Price, a Level III sex offender,  pleaded guilty to a single count of disturbing the peace earlier this week after he was accused of groping and licking a cardboard cutout on display at a Rite-Aid pharmacy over the weekend.

According to the police report, an allegedly intoxicated Price entered the store at about 5:00 Saturday evening, “grabbed hold of the sunglass display, hugged it tightly and then began to lick and kiss the face of the female party on the display.”

The alleged tonguing apparently lasted for about a minute and promptly ended when Price fell to the floor.

Police say that when Price was back on his feet, he began yelling and screaming. My guess…papercut. Anywho, Price’s bizarre behavior apparently scared a few customers in the store, who police said were “actively” trying to make themselves scarce. They should have been “actively” hitting the record buttons on their cellphones.

In 1991, Price was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. Last year, he was convicted of open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior.…

West Hartford, CT - Four days after being let out of jail, a man on Connecticut’s sex offender list was arrested for getting high on spray paint and actin’  a fool.

Around 9am on Monday, 37-year-old Alexander Robles was outside the Jewish Community Center in Hartford with silver paint on his face.  Allegedly, he was knocking on car windows, pulling door handles and yelling at people. Other witnesses say he was standing with his pants pulled down. Police found him with two cans of spray paint in a plastic bag.

“He was not in a good frame of mind,” said Lt Jeremy Clark, which is funny to me since, when I get high on paint, I  generally carry on an aggressive yet civil debate on the intricacies of global politics while baking scones as part of my volunteer work with the elderly.

A nearby daycare was put on lock-down since they hadn’t booked ‘Skippy the Pickle-Swinging Clown’ that day. Robles told arresting officers he didn’t know how he ended up in the parking lot and was simply trying to ask for a ride.…

Oakville, WA — No, that’s not a picture of Robert De Niro on crack, it’s 61-year-old Ron Antonson – he’s under investigation for placing an ad in a newspaper saying he would like to be a “big brother” to someone’s 7- or 8-year-old daughter.

The ad, placed in the Centralia Chronicle, read:  “I’m 61 years old, I’m retired and would like to be a big brother to your 7 or 8 year old daughter. I like fishing, going to dinner, movies, bowling, etc. Call Ron.”

What? No long walks on the beach? WTF kind of personal ad is this?

Authorities are concerned because of Antonson’s criminal history – he was convicted of indecent liberties, possession of child pornography and public indecency in 1995. Because of the laws at the time of his conviction, Antonson has never been required to register as a sex offender.

The charges, he claims, were all just a big misunderstanding. When asked why he pleaded guilty to said charges, Antonson reportedly replied, “I couldn’t prove myself, they took the word of a 10-year-old boy.” 

When asked why he placed the ad, Antonson said he’s always wanted a daughter.…

Phoenix, AZ — Edward Hartley, who has been convicted of at least six prior sex crimes including rape, reportedly saw two girls – ages 13 and 14 – at a downtown Phoenix bus stop. Court records say that Hartley approached them and initiated a conversation. The two girls told Hartley that they were runaways. He offered the girls a ride.

Court accounts say that Hartley drove the two girls to a Phoenix Days Inn motel and arranged for a room. He then reportedly offered them $400 for sex. To make his proposal seem even more attractive, apparently, court documents describe Hartley pulling out his penis to assure them that it was ‘too small to hurt them.’

Police say the teens agreed. By that, I mean agreed to the $400…

Police say they each admitted to having sex with Hartley while all three were in the motel room bed. Hartley then reportedly gave the girls four counterfeit $100 bills and told them that he would pay the motel for them to keep the room for the next two weeks.…

Lake Buena Vista, FL - Moses Velasquez, 39 and a registered sex offender, was apprehended by Orange County police after being accused of ‘lewd punching’ at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Lewd punching?!?

Witnesses and alleged victims – three related girls between the ages of 12 and 16 – told an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy that Velasquez was in the wave pool and that, as the waves approached, Velasquez had either kissed their buttocks, pulled their swimsuits down or punched them in their private parts.

One of the girls reportedly told the deputy that she was punched in her genital area so hard it caused a “burning sensation.”

Still trying to get my brain wrapped around this one…  Nope.

Once a Disney employee was made aware of the incident, Velasquez was quickly removed from the pool.  Velasquez was escorted to the park office, where he was interviewed by a deputy. Velasquez’s wife, who was also at the park, went with him.

Deputies issued Velasquez a trespass warning for all of Disney properties and took him to jail.  …

New Jersey – Here’s a classic example of why some of us get a bit worried whenever laws named after children are passed. Two New Jersey teens were 14-years-old when they sat on the faces of 11-year-old and 12-year-old schoolmates, with their naked asses. Why? Because they are 14 and stupid. But because of Megan’s Law, these two teens will have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

One of the boys went to trial and the judge found him guilty of criminal sexual contact.  The law states an act is criminal sexual contact if it’s done for sexual gratification or to degrade or humiliate the victim and the judge felt the kid’s actions fit the bill. It probably didn’t help that at least one of the victims may have been unintentionally teabagged.

Because of the conviction and Megan’s Law, the boy will have to registered as a sex offender and will have to notify police of changes of address or employment for the rest of his life.…

Milwaukie, OR – Thomas Lee Benson, a registered sex offender, was arrested Friday after police say he dressed as a woman in order to enter the girl’s changing room at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park. Deputies say Benson was also seen engaging in conversation with several young children at the busy center.

Tayo Cotton, a 26-year-old man who was supervising a summer field trip at the pool, told deputies that he and a co-worker saw a bikini-clad Benson walking in and out of the locker room and knew something was “off”. Not only was the not-so-feminine-looking Benson rockin’ a teeny bikini, he was also wearing lipstick and eyeliner.

“You could tell he was wearing makeup,” Cotton said. “He tried to make himself look really feminine.”

The next time Cotton spotted Benson, the perv was walking out of the men’s changing room, dressed in a tank top and shorts. As Cotton approached Benson to find out what was up, Benson took off running. Cotton was right on his heels.

Cotton told police he saw Benson try to open several car doors during the foot chase, and that Benson eventually found a vehicle with an unlocked door and opened it, scaring the beejesus out of the woman sitting inside.…

Palmerton, PA — Timothy Shelly, a registered sex offender, pleaded guilty in court Thursday to four counts of indecent exposure. The man obviously can’t keep it in his pants – police say has admitted to exposing himself nearly 100 times in area stores.

On September 11, police received a report of a man exposing himself at a K-Mart store. The store security guard told police the man had followed a young girl though the store, exposed himself to her and may have touched her.

When the 10-year-old victim was interviewed, she told police she was looking at birthday cards when the man approached her with his package out. The girl said she tried to move away from him, but he followed her and bumped against her. She ran to her mother and security was alerted.

Shelly reportedly told police he goes to a store such as K-Mart or Target, finds a girl he likes and exposes himself. He said he sometimes brushes against ‘em. He didn’t remember if he actually touched the 10-year-old, but said he probably did.…

Chicago, IL – Convicted sex offender Tyrone Hill, 37, was arrested Saturday morning after he attemped to abduct a 2-year-old boy at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach. The boy’s father pulled his son to safety and notified police, who caught Hill before he was able to leave.

Armando Uvalle said Hill’s attempted abduction of his 2-year-old son, Isaiah, happened ‘in an instant’ and while his son was next to him. Uvalle told news reporters that Hill “just came out of nowhere and grabbed my kid.”

Uvalle said he pulled his son away and the man walked away. Uvalle said the whole process took seconds.

The father said he immediately went to an officer on beach patrol and explained what happened. That officer then put a flash message out via police computer, alerting all officers nearby with the description of the suspect: an African-American man carrying several bags, wearing a black shirt with a white logo and black pants.

Two other officers assigned to beach duty reportedly heard the alert on the radio and saw the man matching the description nearby.…

Crescent City, CA —  A Los Gatos man shot himself after shooting a girl he was accused of molesting and her mother in the head.

A police officer investigating a vacant rental car parked near in a beach parking lot heard a gunshot moments after his arrival. At a nearby picnic bench, the officer found (what was left of) 60 year-old Jerry Wayne Steele. Steele had shot himself in the head and died as a result.

Just hours prior to this, Steele had allegedly showed up at the trailer home Ashley Volore shared with her 14 year-old daughter, and shot both of them in the head. He then fled the residence he had driven some 400 miles to get to, a trailer the pair had moved to in hopes of never having to see Steele again.

On Monday, prosecutors and Steele’s attorney had reached a settlement related to 7 felony counts against him involving molestation of the girl over a 4 year period. The abuse came to light only after Steele held a razor to the girl’s throat, which scared her enough to call her father and spill the beans.…

Sex Offender Dies While Raping Elderly Woman

June 14, 2011 at 9:36 am by  

REFUGIO, TX — Investigators are reporting that a convicted sex offender has died while in the middle of raping a 77-year-old woman in her home.

Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez is a registered sex offender on parole after serving time on charges of aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a 7-year-old child. Sgt. Gary Wright says on June 2, this garbage rode two miles on a bicycle from his home to the home of an elderly woman.

After sneaking into the her home, he began raping her at knifepoint. Sometime during the rape, Gutierrez stopped suddenly and told his victim he wasn’t feeling well before rolling over unconscious. She took this time to leave and call for help.

When authorities arrived at her home, they found Gutierrez dead from an apparent heart attack. The woman did not know Gutierrez personally, but says she remembered seeing him at the post office the day before.

You know what would have been nice? If the God some people are currently crediting with killing this man could have done that woman a solid and killed his ass sometime before he completed his two mile bicycle ride to her home.…

Marathon, FL — John Black, 62, was arrested last Tuesday after being accused by a American Legion Hall bartender of neglect and battery of his disabled adult daughter.

The arrest report describes the female bartender telling deputies that “most days, Black shows up [at the Legion] with his 31-year-old daughter at 9 a.m. and they stay until 11 p.m. She said the daughter wears disposable diapers and Black never brings extra or changes them. She said he sits her down in another room, and then sits at the bar and drinks.”

The bartender called police after Black yelled at and struck his daughter for eating a sandwich that he had made for himself and stepped away from. When Black returned and discovered his daughter eating the sandwich, he reportedly became enraged. According to the arrest report, Black yelled at her and slapped her in the back of her head before leaving with her.

Deputies located Black and his daughter at his home. She reportedly had abrasions all over her chin and both knees.…

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