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Montia ParkerMINNEAPOLIS, MN – This happened last week, but I missed it. Montia Parker, a former cheerleading captain at Hopkins High School, was sentenced to three years in prison after she pimped out a 16-year-old fellow cheerleader for a pair of sneakers.

Earlier this year, Parker had some great advice for a fellow cheerleader who was looking to make some money. Prostitution. Through an ex-boyfriend, Parker learned you could sell yourself online using, and informed the girl she should try it.

After the younger girl agreed, Parker placed an ad for her on the website, listing her own phone number as the contact. Parker later told police she received “a lot of calls” and eventually took the girl to an apartment where she sucked a man’s dick for $60. The girl turned the money over to Parker, who kept it and allegedly used it to buy herself a pair of sneakers.

The very next day, Parker got the girl out of school by pretending to be her mother. She then drove her to another man and instructed to have sex with the man.…

Emily CraigCharleston, SC – An early morning shagging resulted in multiple charges for a couple caught having sex inside a shed at a South Carolina Home Depot.

The couple were observed going into a display shed and closing the door behind them at around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. The employees didn’t look to see if there was any shmexy action going on in the butthut, instead deciding to call police.

When officers arrived at the scene and looked inside the shed, they discovered 20-year-old Emily Craig inside with her dress untied at the top and hanging around her waist. Also inside was 31-year-old Shaun Bowden. He had no shirt on and his pants were down to his knees, exposing his penis.

Craig’s troubles grew as fast as Bowden’s erection shrank after she gave police a false name and date of birth. Police discovered her true identity, and learned that she was on probation after being convicted of burglary and drug possession last year. Not surprisingly, she has at least one other arrest for prostitution.…

Dareka BrooksChicago, IL – A 14-year-old boy was pepper sprayed and robbed after he arranged a sexual encounter with 22-year-old Dareka Brooks.

On Wednesday, the teen had the house to himself and decided this was a perfect time to hire himself a prostitute. So he went online and used a website often frequented for people trying to setup sexual encounters, and met Brooks.

After agreeing to the terms of their meeting, Brooks showed up at his home and instructed the teen to go to the bedroom and take off his pants. Once the teen was nekkid, Brooks entered the room and slaughtered the kid’s boner by allegedly pepper spraying him in the face.

She then made off with an iPad, a jar full of money, and the teen’s piggybank. The teen called police to report the robbery and gave them the description of Brooks’ car. Police were able to locate Brooks at a local motel after she turned on the iPad. The stolen items were recovered and returned to the teen.

Dareka Brooks was arrested and has been charged with one count of armed robbery.…

Priscilla VaughnOrlando, FL – Police have charged 29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn with attempted murder after she chewed on a man’s genitals so severely that he needed surgery.

The man met Vaughn on where she is listed as an escort. After a romantic dinner at Applebee’s, the pair consumed Ecstasy, alcohol and marijuana before going back to a hotel room. That’s where Vaughn started biting the 30-year-old man’s penis and genitals, causing him to bleed heavily.

The man told deputies that it appeared as if Vaughn was “trying to eat his penis and testicles.”  He said he tried to fight her off but she was too powerful and she tried gouging his eyes out. After biting and scratching the man’s leg, abdomen, chest and fingers, Priscilla Vaughn took his car keys and broke his phone. He ended up locking himself in the bathroom until help arrived.

Luckily, other hotel guests heard screaming and growling coming from the room and called 911. Vaughn was still there when police arrived on the scene, naked and growling with blood around her mouth.…

Nicoleone ReedKANSAS CITY, MO – Police in Missouri believe that the murders of two area prostitutes are linked to the same suspect and that it’s likely there are living victims out there.

During a Friday news conference, a detective with the Kansas City Police Department said that the deaths of of 40-year-old Tamara Sparks and 24-year-old Nicoleone Reed are related.

Sparks’ body was discovered by two cyclists in Oct 2011 near Northeast 120th Street and North Eastern Road in Kansas City. Reed was last seen about Aug. 18 2012 near her home in the area of Independence Avenue and Denver Avenue in Kansas City. Her body was found Aug. 21 in a remote area of southeastern Kearney.

Connecting these two crime scenes is 92 Highway, a fact that police feel is a key to the investigation, as is investigators’ belief that the women’s bodies were meant to be found. They are asking that that the women’s line of work not be the focus point of the investigation.

“These two women were mothers, they’re daughters.…

Dayton, OH — An Ohio man has been indicted on one count of promoting prostitution in a case involving his wife and daughter being offered as a mother-daughter sex team. The wife and daughter were also charged with solicitation in the case.

In January, an undercover officer responded to an ad on reportedly offering sexual services for money. According to reports, the officer negotiated a liason with a mother and daughter simultaneously during the call.

“They agreed to have sex with an undercover detective for $40… mother and daughter,” police Sgt. Chris Fischer said.

The father, mother, and daughter were apprehended by police when they arrived at the hotel for the M-D session.

With the recent indictment, Mark Napier, 53, is charged with promoting prostitution. His wife, Lorena Napier, 51, and their daughter, Dawn Cowan [pictured], 26, were arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution at the time of the hotel encounter.

Police reported that they believe the family members were prostituting for cigarette money.

In a case such as this, I cannot help but wonder if the mere presentation of enticing photos such these might serve as a form of entrapment for anyone grappling with dark demons calling them to a taboo encounter such as the one that was offered here.…

 Orange County, FL — A woman is recovering in the hospital from having an arm and leg amputated after being attacked by a pit bull, and another man is facing charges because of the incident.

Police say 30-year-old  Ian Summers had taken Robin Johnson, a known prostitute, to a house in order to have sex and smoke crack. In the home was a pit bull named Feisty, a pit bull with a long history of attacking people. Summers admitted he was scared of the dog, but that it was necessary for Johnson to meet Feisty so that it would not get aggressive towards her.

“I had to introduce her to the dog because he is very aggressive and has bitten five people over the last month,” Summers later told deputies.

Unfortunately, the meeting did not go well as Feisty immediately began mauling Johnson. Instead of helping her, Summers simply walked out of the house and shut the door behind him leaving Johnson to fight for her life.

“When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

Summers told deputies he ran to get help at a nearby fire station, but witnesses say that it was actually another man who went for help.…

New York, NY – Susanna Barrett, pageant mother of 5-year-old “Toddlers & Tiaras” star Isabella Barrett, has filed a $30 million libel suit against three media outlets in which she claims that their reporting tried to ‘sexualize’ her youngster’s performance in an online video.

In response to the kindergartner’s ‘innocent’ rendition of the LMFAO song “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” Barrett claims that, The Huffington Post and London’s Daily Mail all “brazenly attempt to sexualize” the girl by “claiming she was gyrating in a nightclub and singing about her sex appeal.”

While the child was singing the song in a nightclub, and the song is a first person account of the singer being sexy, Barrett points out that her daughter does not, in fact, understand “sexiness.” Consequently, the media’s portrayal of her daughter’s performance as ‘sexy’ is, well, just crazy talk!

Isabella Barret and ever-present friend

Not only that… the lawsuit points out that the youngster could not have been gyrating because “she was sitting down.” Well, duh, clueless media outlets!…

Woman Arrested For Prostitution After $6 Sex Act

January 27, 2012 at 10:18 am by  

Shelby, NC — Misty Kullman, 25, is facing a misdemeanor charge of prostitution after police say she performed a sex act on a city street Tuesday. That, in itself, is not what earned her a spot here at the Dreamin’ Demon….it was her fee. Well, that and her uncanny resemblance to Sideshow Bob.

Police received a call about a suspicious vehicle and made contact with Kullman, who was a passenger in the alleged John’s car. Her story was that the man had picked her up at her home and they were just kinda driving around town, talking and stuff.

The cheap-ass John, though, admitted to police that he had paid Kullman for a sex act. (An act that police have yet to disclose). He told deputies he paid  six whole dollars for her services – a $2 bill, three ones, some assorted change and a linty, pre-sucked butterscotch Lifesaver, to be exact. Ok, just sh*ttin’ you all about the Lifesaver. Geez.

Kullman was arrested after an officer found the money on her person. …

Los Angeles, CA — And now, from the “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file, we have a woman out of LA who apparently offered herself up in exchange for some of those chewy, spongy, mystery meat filled nuggets McDonald’s likes to pass off as actual food.

The woman, Khadijah Baseer, was apparently doing her ho stroll through the McDonald’s parking lot Wednesday evening, when she began opening customers’ car doors at the drive-thru window.

Once Baseer had the occupants attention, she allegedly made the sex-for-McNuggets offer. One witness reported Baseer’s alleged proposition to police, and she was taken into custody on suspicion of prostitution.

Hunger isn’t a laughing matter, people. Nookie for McNuggets, though…that sh*t is hilarious.…

Joliet, IL — Michael Noll, 31, reportedly pimps his wife, Koren F. Noll, 23, to support their heroin addiction. Police allege that he recently decided increase his return-on-investment by robbing one of her prospective clients after she arranged a liaison with him through Craigslist. As clever as all of this sounds, what could possibly go wrong? Let’s see…

According to police, last Thursday night, James E. Wenberg, 35, contacted Korin Noll through the “back room” area of Craigslist and exchanged text messages to have her come to his house. Koren Noll arrived and “began negotiating a price for a sexual favor,” police said.

After Wenberg paid her the agreed amount, Noll reportedly used Wenberg’s cell phone to contact “a girlfriend” waiting in her car, but the “girlfriend” did not answer. Noll then allegedly told Wenberg that she was going to go outside to “speak with her ‘girlfriend’ and retrieve an outfit.”

Wenberg reportedly became suspicious and demanded she return his money before leaving. Police said that Wenberg first kept her from leaving but, after Korin Noll tried to give him a shot of pepper spray, Wenberg let her keep the money and told her to leave.…

Woman Accused Of Pimping Out Her 8-Year-Old Daughter

December 22, 2011 at 2:36 am by  

Panama City, FL — The lovely lady to the left is 33-year-old Sue Ellen Mims. She’s been charged with one count of selling a minor for prostitution after allegedly offering her 8-year-old daughter to a strange male for sex.

According to police, Mims approached the man on the street Wednesday morning and offered her daughter up for the low, low price of $100. Mims reportedly told the man the girl would do anything he wanted and wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

Thankfully, the gentleman refused the douchette’s offer and reported the incident to police. He told police he does not know Mims or her daughter.

The child was taken into protective custody and placed with family members. No word on whether this was Mims’ first attempt at pimpin’ her child.

Thank ya, Merk!…

Albuquerque, NM – Now-former Albuquerque Police Department Officer Matt Kindle has gotten himself in a bit of hot water after being recorded in a hotel room offering to help a prostitute with her legal trouble in exchange for sex.

According to police, Kindle had been communicating by phone with a prostitute who had left town and he had apparently never met. He reportedly offered to help get her out of a criminal case if she’d come back to town and meet him. That woman, instead, called police. The result was APD replacing the prostitute with an informant and setting up a sting.

“It’s my lunch so I have time to chitchat,” Kindle – in full uniform – can be heard saying at the start the video. …and chit-chat they did. The video captures his entire lunch hour and a some 20 minutes longer while he an the informant discuss a range of topics. The topics included the fact that the informant doesn’t look quite like he had been told.

“Heather said you were really skinny when you left?” Kindle said to the woman.…

New York, NY – A woman pulled over for texting-while-driving at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel reportrdly tried to convince Port Authority police that her name was “Jahida T. Andrews.”

Police said that she backed it up with four credit cards, a birth certificate, and Social Security card. Fingerprint analysis, though, indicated that Jahinda was, in fact, Damian A. Ricketts, 27 – a male with outstanding arrest warrants. According to police, Ricketts quickly admitted to his true identity, saying that he is ‘transgender.’

Police investigating then discovered that the truck driven by Ricketts had been stolen. According to police, a Pennsylvania man said that Ricketts took the truck’s keys from the his house when leaving after a sexual encounter that the man had arranged through Craigslist with Ricketts and a second transvestite prostitute. Ricketts and the other prostitute reportedly returned later when the man was at work and burglarized his house, taking electronics and the truck.

Police also reportedly found almost 300 armor-piercing bullets in the truck. Ricketts admitted that they belonged to him/her.…

Woman Jailed After Offering To Blow Cop For $17

October 31, 2011 at 3:11 am by  

Fort Walton Beach, FL — Janet Overdurf, 45, was taken into custody over the weekend after she reportedly flagged down an undercover officer and offered to blow him for a minimal fee.

According to police, Overdurf, presumably standing on the corner of Main and Desperate, motioned the officer over at about 8:00 Saturday evening. When the officer stopped, Overdurf allegedly offered up her oral skills. Her price, $25. The officer, obviously a haggler, talked her down to the low, low price of $17.

At this point, you’re probably mumbling something like, “Damn, Jaded! Slow news day, or what?” Yes, my friends. Yes, it is.

Anyway, once the two settled on the price, Overdurf was placed under arrest for prostitution. To make matters worse, during the pat down, the officer reportedly found a crack pipe stashed somewhere in the vicinity of the woman’s crotch. For that, an additional charge of possession of paraphernalia was tacked on. Surprisingly, this isn’t Overdurf’s first go-round with police…she has at least two prior arrests for prostitution.…

Phoenix, AZ — Edward Hartley, who has been convicted of at least six prior sex crimes including rape, reportedly saw two girls – ages 13 and 14 – at a downtown Phoenix bus stop. Court records say that Hartley approached them and initiated a conversation. The two girls told Hartley that they were runaways. He offered the girls a ride.

Court accounts say that Hartley drove the two girls to a Phoenix Days Inn motel and arranged for a room. He then reportedly offered them $400 for sex. To make his proposal seem even more attractive, apparently, court documents describe Hartley pulling out his penis to assure them that it was ‘too small to hurt them.’

Police say the teens agreed. By that, I mean agreed to the $400…

Police say they each admitted to having sex with Hartley while all three were in the motel room bed. Hartley then reportedly gave the girls four counterfeit $100 bills and told them that he would pay the motel for them to keep the room for the next two weeks.…

SAGINA CO, MI — A grandmother has been found guilty of pimping her 10-year-old granddaughter out to her 68-year-old drug dealer in exchange for cocaine.

We first reported on 46-year-old Angela Blackwell last year when she was first charged. It was alleged that when the girl was dropped off at Blackwell’s house on the weekends, she would take the girl to Johnnie Griffin where he would give Blackwell cocaine to have sex with the young girl.

The pair got busted after police began investigating reports of similar charges against Griffin. They were each eventually arrested on a slew of drug and sexual conduct charges.

On Thursday, a jury convicted Griffin and Blackwell on three counts of first-degree and a single count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct against Blackwell’s then-9-year-old granddaughter. They also found Blackwell guilty of pandering and cocaine possession. She is looking at a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Griffin was also found guilty of first-degree and second degree criminal sexual conduct along with criminal sexual conduct involving another one of Blackwell’s granddaughters and another little girl.…

Iowa Woman Charged With Pimping, Again

April 19, 2011 at 10:07 am by  

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Mary J. Doolin,61, was arrested after police went to her home seeking her daughter, Debra Voshell, on a warrant for prostitution.  According to police Sgt. Cristy Hamblin they found Cheryl A. Everts at the home “participating in prostitution.”

“Through their investigation, (officers) found that Doolin was the person in charge and Everts was the prostitute,” according to Hamblin. Everts, 45, was arrested and charged with prostitution. Voshell, 28, was arrested on the outstanding warrant.  Doolin was charged with pimping.

This is nothing new.  Doolin was charged with pimping and Voshell with pandering after a February 2008 incident in Coralville in which Doolin arranged for Voshell to meet an undercover officer.  Doolin pleaded guilty to that charge and to another pimping charge stemming from an April 2008 incident in which she allowed her home to be used for prostitution.

Voshell also pleaded guilty to prostitution after a September 2009 incident in Johnson County.  This resulted in the warrant that brought police to the home last week. …

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