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Oatsville, IN — After a nine day search, 12-year-old Josh Miller was discovered to have been hiding underneath his own home. Pike County Sheriff Jeremy Britton said the boy appeared to be in good condition, but he was taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation as a precaution.

“He was dirty and had not had a bath for nine days,” the sheriff said, “He had some insect bites and ticks on him, but I think overall for nine days, he looked pretty good.”

Richardson said authorities were alerted by Josh’s parents, Dan and Sabrina Miller, about 3PM Saturday that they had heard noises under their house. They suspected it might be Josh. Members of the homeland security search team and the Ohio Valley Search and Rescue squad went to the house and persuaded the boy to come out. Josh’s agreeing to come out made a call to the BATF requesting flame throwers and armored personnel carriers unnecessary.

Sheriff Britton reportedly said the boy did not have an explanation for his running away from home and eluding searchers.…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A 12-year-old boy was shot in the back by his neighbor the other night after he and a group of his friends rang his doorbell and ran off.

I’m sure a lot of you readers participated in this age-old traditional prank practiced by kids across America at least once in your life, and now that you are old, have probably been a victim of it. The prank is called “ding-dong ditch” or as we named it, “ring and run,” and is the rather harmless act of ringing a neighbor’s doorbell and then running off. It was as fun for bored kids on a summer night as it was aggravating to the person answering the door.

Sure we had some bad apples who really got pissed when we targeted their house (and that was exactly why we targeted their house) but thank God we didn’t have 56-year-old Michael Bishop as a neighbor. On Monday night, a  group of kids in his neighborhood picked his house to ding-dong ditch and he is now facing attempted murder charges and one of the kids will be sleeping on his stomach for a while.…

Hamilton, NZ — Given that New Zealand is a relatively industrialized and advanced culture, it is not necessary to exclude it from the happenings reported on D’D.  So, it is with great pleasure that I report to you that the fine artwork of pranksters at Fairfield College in Hamilton, New Zealand – namely, the huge crop-circle-esque penises etched into the college lawns two years ago which were recently discovered to have been immortalized by Google Earth.

A New Zealand local, David McQuoid, discovered the images while scanning the neighbourhood online looking for a property.

“At first I thought it was a large piece of art work,” he said.  Well… it is.

Acting principal Gerhard van Dyk (pronounced “dike” ya’ smartasses) is reported to have said that it was hard enough to deal with when the prank was pulled back in 2009.  The artwork was done with vegitation killer.  As such, it slowly and irreversibly revealed itself.

“There’s not really much we could do about it,” said van Dyk. “The caretaker took some more weedkiller and tried to camouflage it a bit.”

Nobody was caught so no discipline was ever meted out.  …

Rushville, Ind. — A senior at an Indiana high school decided to pull a seemingly harmless prank at his school even thought the students had been warned against doing so, and his decision landed him in jail, caused him to miss his graduation and now facing some possible time in prison.

It was with justifiable concern that school officials watched on survelliance video as an ominous, hooded and gloved individual entered the girl’s bathroom at Rushville High with an unspecified package, reemerging minutes later empty-handed.  Believing it contained explosives, the school was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. Soon after, both the offender and the contents of the package were recovered.

The offender?  18-year-old Rushville High senior Tyell Morton.  The contents of the package?  A freakin’ blow-up doll.  Tyell developed the brilliant plan to plant the doll in the women’s restroom at school as a senior prank.  The young man with no prior record now claims authorities are “blowing it out of proportion” (his words, not mine, but I would’ve used ‘em anyway), and I must say, I rather agree.…

RAVENNA, Mich. –– You guys remember Evan Emory? He’s the idiot I posted about in February who found himself in some hot water after posting an edited video of himself performing in front of a class of kids at Beechnau Elementary School on Youtube.

The 21-year-old filmed himself performing some age-appropriate songs for a class of first graders, then performed a sexually explicit song in an empty classroom. The video he posted on Youtube was shots of him singing the sexually explicit song, which included lyrics about sticking his finger in someone’s anus, with shots of the kids from the earlier performance.

I know, he’s not a comedic genius. Besides, it was done better by The Whitest Kids You Know. Anyway, people got super pissed about his stunt and he eventually got charged with one felony count of manufacturing child pornography and was looking at a possible 20 years in prison and having to register as a sex offender. No joke.

Well, he ended up getting two months in jail after pleading guilty to a charge of…get this…unlawful posting of an Internet message with aggravating circumstances. …

VERMILION, Ohio — A 12-year-old at Sailorway Middle School has been suspended for five days and charged with assault after a prank left a pencil lodged in a fellow student’s butt.

The prankster was in choir class and thought it would be funny to position a pencil upright in the seat of another student’s chair right before they sat down. “He thought it would be harmless. He thought it’d break and they’d get a good laugh, but that’s not what happened at all,” said Cpl. Dean Mayer, Vermilion Police Detective.

But if that had happened, you wouldn’t be reading about it here. What happened is the pencil did not break and penetrated the other students’ jeans and got lodged about four inches into his left butt cheek, and got stuck there.

An ambulance had to come pick the kid up and take him to the hospital were emergency surgery was performed to remove the pencil. He’s already back in class with some stitches, but otherwise he’s fine. As for the other boy, he immediately admitted to the prank stating he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but he’s going to be paying for his dumb decision.…

Student Expelled After Teabagging Teacher’s Cup

February 26, 2011 at 1:30 pm by  

Walkergate, Newcastle — I was minding my own business watching FLESH AND THE FIENDS when Jaded alerted me to a story that left me with no choice but to stop what I was doing and post it.

A student at Benfield School made a post on Facebook asking his friends to dare him into pulling stupid stunts. One of these stunts has gotten him and some other students expelled from school.

With the urging from Facebook friends, the student took a teacher’s cup from her class and then teabagged it in the corridor. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “teabagging,” the boy basically placed his balls in her cup she uses to drink from. He then took a picture of his balls in the cup, and posted the image online.

No reports on exactly how school officials found out, but their reaction was swift once they did. The student who dunked his dangly bits in the cup was expelled permanently while three other students are on fixed-term expulsions.…

Autistic Boy Set On Fire At Sleepover

February 24, 2011 at 8:34 am by  

LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. — James Whalen, 12, is suffering from third-degree burns on his face and neck area with less serious burns on other parts of his body, after a teen doused him with cologne while he was sleeping and set him on fire.

Trudy Smith said her son is autistic and that he’s been bullied in the past, including having a tooth broken and being urinated on. But she allowed him to attend a sleepover thinking that he and the 13-year-old boy who lived there would be the only kids there. Turns out there were 14 children there.

Whalen says that after he went to sleep that night, he woke up in pain.

“I went to sleep. (The) next thing I smelled something good then I felt something burning then I smelled something good again and then I felt fire,” he said.

Turns out someone thought it would be hilarious to douse Whalen with cologne and then light him up.

With his shirt on fire he ran to get help, falling down the stairs and setting the carpet on fire.…

Roseville, CA — David Almas, 21, is recovering from second-degree burns to his face, ear and neck after being assaulted Friday evening with a small serving of hot creamed spinach. Police believe Almas, a Boston Market employee, was the victim of a prank known as “fire in the hole.” It goes a little something like this: You take 3 or 4 bored assholes and place ’em in a vehicle. Said assholes order some sort of food or beverage from a fast-food joint. When served their order, assholes film themselves throwing food or drinks into the face of whatever poor sap drew the short straw and had to work drive-thru that day. After that, it’s all about the 15 minutes of YouTube fame, baby! Almas was working the drive-thru on Friday at about 9:00 p.m., when a group of teens placed an order for a small serving of creamed spinach. Once handed through the window, the spinach, heated to an estimated 180 degrees, was promptly thrown back in Almas’ face, causing serious burns.…

Manchester, VT — Police say 24-year-old Jeffrey Charbonneau was shot and killed in his sleep on Thursday after an apparent prank went way wrong. According to authorities, Charbonneau and his friend, 23-year-old Nicholas Bell, had stayed over at a mutual friend’s home Wednesday night. At around 8:00 Thursday morning, police say Bell, perhaps hoping to scare the piss out of his friend first thing in the a.m. by rousing him from his slumber in a somewhat untraditional manner, armed himself with what he thought was an air rifle and entered the room where Charbonneau was sleeping. He took aim and fired. Imagine his surprise when blood started spurting out of his buddy’s chest! What Bell initially thought was an air rifle was actually a .22-caliber rifle. Oopsie! Charbonneau was pronounced dead at the scene. Bennington County State’s Attorney Erica Marthage requested that Bell be charged with manslaughter. Though there is no evidence to suggest that Charbonneau’s death was anything but an accident, Bell did deliberately pull the trigger. “It was reckless behavior and he meant to shoot the gun,” Marthage said.…

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A 13-year-old student at Wilson Middle School has been arrested after pulling a prank on a fellow student. Rebecca Yanez says on Friday morning her 14-year-old daughter was with other students waiting outside the school for class to start when the boy walked up behind her and pulled down her shorts. “Her underwear also came off in the process and everything was exposed,” said Yanez. Since the girl’s monkey was exposed to a large group of students, the boy was suspended and arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery and interfering with the educational process.Veronica Garcia’s daughter goes to the school and feels the charges are a bit harsh. “I think that’s going a little overboard. It is a prank, and there are a lot worse things that happen to kids over here,” Garcia said. But Albuquerque police Sgt. Trish Hoffman disagrees. “The decision to make an arrest is that we take every incident extremely serious. We’re not going to make the decision if he was joking. What he did was inappropriate even if he was just joking.” Yanez says she will not pull her humiliated daughter out of the school as long as the boy is not there.…

BARSTOW, Calif.— Two women got into a bit of legal trouble after pulling a rather lame prank Wednesday night, wrapping a mannequin in a bloody sheet and placing it on the Nebo Street onramp to Interstate 40. The two women, Tina Jaramillo, 42, and Sharron Dennis, 39, sat on a nearby hillside and used binoculars to see what kind of reaction their dead body would get. The reaction turned out to be a bit more than the women bargained for, I suspect. After receiving a call about a body on the side of the road, deputies from the Barstow station, California Highway Patrol officers and U.S. Marine Corps military police came to the location while homicide detectives and members of the sheriff’s Scientific Investigations Division began heading to the scene. Deputies made contact with the two women after noticing them watching the scene. They would admit they had placed the mannequin there as a Halloween prank. They were both arrested and charged with suspicion of causing a false report of an emergency.…

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