Mostly Nekkid Lady Goes On Rampage Inside McD's; Breaks Stuff, Eats Ice CreamMegan Huntsman Accused Of Using Garage To Store Her Murdered BabiesPolice Officer's Son Charged With Stabbing Death Of Five Students At PartyDemetrio Campbell Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Raping 4-Year-Old GirlAmber Alert Issued For Teen After Alleged Kidnapper Calls To Taunt FamilyRapper Andre Johnson Cut Off His Penis Before Jumping From BuildingDisney Cruise Line Worker Accused Of Molesting 13-Year-Old Passenger Mom On Crack Binge Gives Birth In Motel Bathtub, Chews Through Umbilical CordScott Sholds Accused Of Using Cell Phone To Record Himself Raping 2-Year-Old GirlHolly Morrison Accused Of Allowing Boyfriend To Sexually Assault Child Relative

Scott Sholds Accused Of Using Cell Phone To Record Himself Raping 2 Year Old GirlFayetteville, AR – Police have arrested 31-year-old Scott Sholds after they say he used a cell phone to record himself raping a 2-year-old girl.

Police say Sholds was busted after his ex-girlfriend discovered the video on her cell phone. She thought she’d lost the phone, not realizing her son had taken it and given to Sholds, the boy’s father.

After getting the cell phone back, she discovered a video on the phone and was horrified to find it was a video of a man raping a child later identified as the 2-year-old daughter of the woman Sholds was living with.

The ex-girlfriend called police and told them she was positive the man in the video was Sholds. I’m assuming his face was not seen in the video, as police had to match Sholds’ voice with the voice heard in the recording.

Sholds didn’t do himself any favors when he denied raping the child and claiming he never lived or slept at the little girl’s home, as police would discover he’d been living with the girl’s mother for the last nine days.…

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Joy McCall, 35, Charged With Having Sex With 12 Year Boy On Multiple OccasionsOcala, FL – Joy L. McCall was arrested earlier this week after the 35-year-old was charged with having sex with a 12-year-old son of a family friend.

The victim’s mother called the Ocala Police Department to report she believed her son was in a sexual relationship with one of her friends. Her son supposedly told a friend at church about having a sexual  relationship with McCall, and that boy cock-blocked told his mother, who then contacted the victim’s mother to relay what she’d been told.

After learning of the possible relationship, the victim’s mother conducted her own investigation and found some disturbing text messages between McCall and her son that seemed to confirm the two had sex on multiple occasions. “She was able to see through the different text messaging that had occurred between McCall and the juvenile. And determine the dates that the incidents had occurred,’ said Sergeant Angy Scroble.

When police interviewed the boy, he confirmed his mother’s suspicions and told them he’d had sex with “Ms. Joy” on three occasions.…

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Former Teacher Gets 6 Months For Molesting 12 Year Old StudentTACOMA, WA – A former sixth-grade teacher was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually abusing a 12-year-old student for over a year, but with four months already served, will spend the remaining two months at home.

Keshia Shaw was a math and science teacher at at Tacoma’s Gray Middle School when she first started molesting one of her students in 2007. The sexual abuse continued for over a year and a half, stopping only after the boy heard a sermon about molestation and finally told his mother what was happening.

Shaw would eventually plead guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape, in exchange for a six-month sentence. Judge McCarthy delivered the sentence on Tuesday, but was reluctant. He said he’d read through the court documents and didn’t like that Shaw kinda shifted some of the blame on the victim.

However, standing before the judge, Shaw took full responsibility for her actions and Judge McCarthy ended up crediting her for the four months she’s already served, and agreed to let her go home with a monitoring device to serve out the remaining two months.…

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Woman Confronts Former Teacher She Says Molested Her, Posts Video OnlineALHAMBRA, CA – On Friday, 28-year-old Jamie Carrillo posted a video of herself confronting a former teacher she says sexually abused her when she was a child. Andrea Cardosa, the alleged abuser and assistant principal of Alhambra High School, has since resigned.

The video’s description stated:

“I am 28 years old and have been waiting years to get up enough courage to report a teacher for sexually abusing me for years. When I finally got up enough courage to report her, I found out that the statute of limitations was up and she will never have to pay for the things that she did to me. I decided to call her and make a video to let the public know what kind of person is around their children. Her name is Andrea Cardosa and works with your children at Alhambra High School in Alhambra, Ca.”

In the video, Carrillo explains she was abused by Cardosa for years, starting when she was just 12-years-old and Cardosa was a basketball coach at her middle school in Moreno Valley.…

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Mom From TLC Reality Show Charged With Raping 13 Year Old BoySHERWOOD, AR - Andrea Clevenger, the 34-year-old mother featured on TLC’s “Cheer Perfection,” has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old boy.

Like practically every story we’ve featured on D’D regarding a woman having sex with a minor, she got busted after the victim’s parents found sexually explicit pics and text messages on their son’s phone and contacted police.

The boy’s mother contacted Clevenger to inform her that she was aware of what she’d been doing with her son. Clevenger apologized and said she would go to rehabilitation, but also made the comment that the boy “didn’t act 13.”

When interviewed by police, the boy told investigators that he was at Clevenger’s home in November when she started making sexual advances towards him. At one point she instructed him to sit on the couch and remove his pants, which he did. He said Clevenger then straddled him and the two had sex. 

He told investigators that Clevenger told him to notify her before he ejaculated. When he did, he said Clevenger got off him and let him come in her mouth. 

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Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Sentenced, Gets 29 Years for Child Sex CrimesLondon – The lead singer for Lostprophets, 36-year-old Ian Watkins,  was accused of a slew of child sex related crimes that included trying to rape a baby, sexually touching a 1-year-old, encouraging a fan to abuse her child and making child pornography.

He pleaded pleaded guilty last month to 13 charges and was sentenced yesterday to 29 years in prison. But that’s the good news. I’m here with some bad news – in the form of Judge Roger John Royce’s statements during the sentencing. His statements were directed to Watkins and the two women accused of raping their babies for Watkins’ pleasure, and included the following remark:

“I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence, you are highly manipulative, you are a sexual predator, you are dangerous,” Judge Roger John Royce said. “The public and, in particular, young females need protection from you.”

Before we get to the rest of his statements, it has also been revealed that police are now investigating whether Watkins committed similar crimes abroad.…

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Police Arrest 11 People In Case Of Missing Teen Brittney Wood, Including Her Mother And BrotherBALDWIN COUNTY, AL - Police have now arrested a total of 11 people in the case of Brittney Wood, the 19-year-old mother who disappeared in 2012.

This story is as sordid as it is unbelievable, if the entirety of the allegations are true. It’s a bit confusing, with a lot of characters, so I will start at the beginning. Brittney Wood was last seen on May 31, 2012 after leaving her home to visit her uncle, Donnie Holland. Supposedly, Brittney wanted to talk to her uncle about some sex abuse allegations. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Two days after being seen in a car with Brittney, Donnie committed suicide.

However, police were had already investigating Brittney’s family a month prior. That’s when Brittney’s uncle, Randall Scott Wood, contacted police to report some family sex abuse. Police say Brittney exchanged messages over Facebook with one of the alleged victims, Donnie’s 13-year-old daughter. The girl claims she was raped by her father along with two of Brittney’s uncles - Randall Scott Wood and Dustin Kent.…

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Dragon Con Co founder Pleads Guilty To Child Molestation, Avoids PrisonAtlanta, GA – More than a dozen years after 52-year-old Edward Kramer was accused of molesting three teenage boys, he has pleaded guilty to three child molestation charges in a deal that would ensure he remains out of prison.

Kramer is the well-known editor of a slew of famous sci-fi, fantasy and horror works such as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Book of Dreams and James O’Barr’s The Crow. In 1987 he helped create Dragon Con, a yearly convention held in Atlanta, Georgia for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books. The first convention drew around 1400 people, but now attendance can reach up to 52,000.

In 2000,  an anonymous tip led to Kramer being charged with sodomizing two brothers aged 13 and 15 at his home, over a period of four years. The charges ultimately filed against Kramer led to one of the most delayed trials in the history of Georgia, helped by Kramer’s alleged health issues and the 370 requests and complaints he filed within six months.

Kramer was initially allowed to remain on house arrest, but this was reversed a week later after the courts learned he’d had a teenage visitor.…

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Man Arrested After Printing Child Porn At Grocery StoreEDMONTON, CANADA – A 33-year-old man got himself in a bit of trouble after he allegedly decided the best place to print his child pornography would be at his local grocery store.

According to Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) investigators, Bradley Lenz used the store’s photo kiosk to print out child porn, but the kiosk ran out of paper. After Lenz left the store, an employee replenished the paper in the kiosk which then finished up Lenz’s print job.

The store immediately contacted police to tell them they were in the possession of some child porn left behind by a stupid jackass who used their photo kiosk. Investigators would use the store’s surveillance video to identify Lenz and execute a search warrant  on his home.

There they would find more child pornography images, DVDs, and video tapes. Lenz was arrested and charged with possessing and accessing child pornography.

Investigators are now going through all the images in hopes of identifying the victims. “We don’t know if there are potentially other victims, or if this was all data that was sourced from the internet or other external sources.,” said Det.…

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Three Friends charged With Sexually Abusing Children, AnimalsBARRIE, Ont. — It’s been awhile since we’ve had anything worth reporting out of Canada, but when we do, you can count on it being pretty messed up. In this case, three friends are facing a cornucopia of sex-related charges that include child pornography and bestiality.

Shayne Lund, 22, is facing 110 charges, including counselling and conspiring to kidnap a child, making and selling child pornography, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, sexual assault and bestiality.

His two friends, 19-year-old Kathryn Thompson and 20-year-old Avery Taylor, are each facing 16 charges that include child pornography and bestiality.

What exactly this trio has been up to has not been revealed in detail, but investigators say they have identified at least five child victims between the ages of two and 10. Comments from some people close to the case will have you imagining the unimaginable.

One woman told police that her 5-year-old daughter is one of the alleged victims, and that she often used Taylor as a babysitter. She said she was horrified to learn that her child has been sexually abused and that pictures of the abuse may be circulating the Internet.…

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Man Accused Of Seeking Someone To Help Rape His 11 Year Old DaughterSTLOUIS, MO – A father in Missouri has been accused of posting an online ad looking for someone to help beat and rape his 11-year-old daughter.

Police were notified about the ad and had an undercover officer make contact with 32-year-old Anthony Brinkman. Beleiving he was talking with a 27-year-old female with an interest in books, walks on the beach, and pedophilia, Brinkman told her he wanted her to be his girlfriend and to help him sexually assault his daughter.

The undercover officer and Brinkman agreed to meet at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and, if they all got along, return to Brinkman’s home and rape his daughter with sex toys. Personally, I prefer another cup of coffee after a Momma’s Pancake Breakfast.

Investigators didn’t think Brinkman would actually show up, but to their surprise, Brinkman arrived and had brought his daughter along with him.

“It’s just a lot of talk for most of these guys, but this guy actually brought (the girl) to the scene to go ahead with the next step of enacting it,” said St.…

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Woman Accused Of Raping Two Infants At Daycare Where She WorkedElyria, OH – For any of you worried about leaving your young children in the care of strangers, here’s a story that should help ease your fears. A female child daycare worker was arrested on Friday after video was found of her having sex with infants at the daycare were she worked.

Video of 25-year-old Heather Koon raping at least two infants at ABC Kidz was discovered after her convicted sex offender boyfriend, James Osborne, had his laptop seized during his arrest for providing an incorrect address on a sex offender registry.

The father of one of the victims says this entire experience has been a nightmare, and that the daycare didn’t help matters much. He claims the daycare initially tried to downplay what had happened and wanted to sweep the entire mess under the rug.

“They tried to act like it was a simple assault,” he said. “A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discreet.” He later had to help police identify the victims in the video by looking at still shots of his infant being raped by Koon.…

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Registered Sex Offender Arrested After She Records Herself Raping ToddlerWallingford, CT- A registered sex offender with a past conviction for child molestation proves you can’t teach an old pedo new tricks, after being arrested filming the sexual abuse of a three year old girl.

Angela Martin, 29, has been accused of molesting a 3-year-old girl she was babysitting, filming the abuse with her cell phone, and then emailing the video to a registered sex offender In California. She was busted after the California man violated his parole and police inspected his cellphone, which contained the video Martin had sent him.

Martin, already a registered sex offender, served 30 months in prison after a 2006 conviction of second-degree sexual assault of a minor, which will not help her ass at all when she faces a judge in court. Furthermore, during the course of the investigation, the feds also discovered that Martin allegedly possessed and distributed child pornography that she’d received from others in August and September.

She is currently charged with production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. If convicted of the charge of production of child pornography alone, Martin faces a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of 25 years, and a maximum term of 50 years.…

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Forsythia Owen Accused Of Beating Alleged Pedophile To Death With Baseball BatENGLEWOOD, CO – A woman has been arrested and charged with murder after she admitted to beating a man to death with a baseball bat for allegedly molesting her 4-year-old daughter.

According to an arrest affidavit, 30-year-old Forsythia Owen told police that she used a baseball bat to beat 42-year-old Denzel Rainey to death in an alley near her home. Her motive? She told officers her daughter had informed her that Rainey had sexually abused her.

When Rainey was found in the alley early Sunday morning, he was suffering from lacerations to his head and a skull fracture. Both of his arms, six ribs and his left hand were broken. He would die later at the hospital.

After beating the man to death, Owen  posted “Going to prison!” on her Facebook wall. When police interviewed her, she  described how she “swung her hands back and forth and demonstrated how she struck Rainey over and over again” with a baseball bat that she grabbed from home. She said he was still breathing when she left him.…

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Washington Day Care Closed After Owner Admits Molesting Two GirlsCovington, WA— We just reported on a day care being shut down after the owner hit a kid in the face with a metal chair, and now we have a day care in Washington that has been shut down after the owner was accused of molesting two girls in his care.

Jose Luis Pena-Maldenado and his wife owned and operated El Carrusel Family Childcare for over a decade until last month, when 40-year-old Pena-Maldenado admitted molesting two girls, ages 4 and 7, since January 2012.

According to court documents, one of the girls told investigators that Pena-Maldenado would touch her at nap-time and make her look at pornographic magazines. Both girls said he told them that he touched them because he loved them. Not surprisingly, he also told the girls not to tell anyone.

Senior Prosecutor Richard Anderson revealed that this isn’t the first time Pena-Maldenado has been accused of being inappropriate with children at his day care. An investigation was opened back in 2010 by state licensing authorities and the DHSH after receiving reports that he was unusually physical with the children, frequently touching their legs and rubbing their arms.…

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Texas Housewife Admits To Trading Child Pornography For Over A DecadeUniversity Park, TX – While it’s understandable for a bored housewife to pick up a hobby, a man in Texas found out his wife had been at home trading child porn onlinefor over a decade.

Erika Susan Perdue, 42, pleaded guilty in federal court on Tuesday to downloading and sharing child pornography since 1999. According to reports, Perdue confessed to “file-sharing child pornography every day,” in her 1.4 million dollar mansion while her husband, a successful attorney, was at work.

Perdue was arrested in April of last year after she unwittingly traded some of her child pornography with an undercover agent. She was using Facebook under the name Classybitch, with photos of herself posing as a sultry housewife. This isn’t surprising for a woman who reportedly drove a Camaro around town with personalized license plates that read “MY SYN”.

Detectives were eventually able to track her down and raid her home, finding a graphic collection of pictures and videos containing sexual content of minors on her computer, including video of of a man and a woman engaged in sex with a child.…

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Man Accused Of Raping 12 Year Old Girl Inside His Ice Cream TruckREDSTONE TOWNSHIP, PA – Most people recall fond memories of the ice cream trucks rolling through their neighborhood, but the only memories one 12-year-old girl in Pennsylvania will have of these musical, frozen treat dispensers is having been raped in one.

According to the affidavit, Ronald Burwell III and a 12-year-old girl were selling ice cream in June. The co-owner of this particular ride stated that drivers bringing kids along with them is something a lot of the drivers do. He also stated Burwell presented the girl as a family member, and had only been working for F & S Ice Cream for about three weeks. “She would call him ‘Dad’ around the yard when we were loading up trucks and things. There’s something bloodcurdlingly creepy going on there,”  the co-owner’s son said.

Ronald “Ronnie” Burwell’s activities were discovered after the girl and her mother went to the police on Wednesday, September 4th to report the sexual assault. The girl told detectives that a few days before the rape, she and Burwell were already going into the back of the ice cream truck kissing and discussing using protection during sex.…

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Child Molester Wants Case Dismissed Because He Claims He Married His Victim Under Jewish LawBROOKLYN, NY - A convicted kiddie diddler who’s facing new charges of sexually molesting a teen boy asked a court to dismiss the case. The reason? He claims that under Jewish law he was married to the victim. Oy vey!

In 2012, Andrew Goodman, 28, was convicted of sexually abusing the victim over a period of several years beginning when the boy was 12. For systematic sexual abuse of a child, he got – ready for this? – a whopping two years behind bars.

The teen called the judge’s decision to hand down little more than a slap on the wrist to Goodman (over prosecutors’ objections) “a very grave mistake.” Hope this kid’s got law school in his future.

In October of last year, however, additional charges were filed by the feds because evidence surfaced that Goodman had taken the boy across state lines to abuse him. At the time, the kid was only 15. Goodman took him to Atlantic City, according to an article in the New York Daily News.…

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Man Commits Suicide By Cyanide After Child Sex ConvictionBIRMINGHAM, AL – A man who’d just been convicted of sexually assaulting a young child dropped dead following the guilty verdict, saving Alabama taxpayers some money by apparently from swallowing cyanide.

According to Travis Parker, the emergency medical chief for the Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service, William Thomas Moore Jr., 42, was being booked into jail on Monday when he informed officers that he’d just swallowed a cyanide tablet. Mr. Guilty was dead before rescuers could arrive and was officially pronounced dead at DCH Regional Medical Center a short time later.

“Our guys said the jailer told them he said, ‘I took cyanide,’” Parker told reporters. “It was fast-acting, whatever it was.” Moore was being autopsied, but results weren’t immediately available, and chemical testing was required to determine the exact substance, Parker said.

Moore was looking at a possible sentence of 20 years in the Hotel Greybar for sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. He was acquitted on a sodomy charge moments before the guilty verdict was announced.…

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Woman, 35, Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With 11 Year Old BoySALEM, OR  - The Marion County Sheriff’s Office have charged 35-year-old Sarah Beth Hopkins with multiple counts of sex abuse and rape after they say she was having a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy.

She got busted after the boy’s mother became suspicious of her one-time neighbor’s close relationship with her son and confronted him about it. The boy ‘fessed up and told his mom that he’d been cleaning Hopkins’ mud flaps for the last eight months.

The boy’s mother confronted Hopkins with what her son had told her and Hopkins admitted that it was true. She said she’d been having sex with the boy since February; playing find-the-wet-spot with him in her apartment and in public places when they went on walks together.

When police interviewed Hopkins, she told them she never forced the boy for sex or gave him anything in return. Hopkins was arrested and charged with 20 counts of rape and sodomy. Her bail has been set at $1 million and she’ll be back in Aug.…

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