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Duane JohnPHILADELPHIA, MS.- Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell says Duane John, 34, has been charged with six felony counts of DUI manslaughter after a crash this weekend that killed an adult and his five children.

Authorities say John was drunk when the Dodge Durango he was driving went off the road, down an embankment, and into a rain-swollen creek shortly after midnight Saturday. Also in the SUV were five of John’s children along with three other adults. No one was wearing their seat belts.

Aside from John, only two other people survived the crash; Deanna Jim, who is the children’s mother, and Dale Chickaway. Killed were Dasyanna John, 9; Duane John, 8; Bobby John, 7; Quinton John, 4; Kekaimeas John, 18 months; and Chickaway’s wife, Dianne Lewis Chickaway, 37.

Waddel said that all of the deceased were still inside the vehicle at the time of their recovery, and that he believes they all drowned.

Duane John was charged after being released from the Neshoba County General Hospital where he’d been hospitalized for hypothermia and water inhalation.…

Malverne, NY – The parents of a 17-year-old boy who crashed his car and killed four of his friends back in October are now being charged with unlicensed operation of a vehicle for allowing him to drive without a valid driver’s license.

On October 8th, 17 year old Joseph Beer was driving with his four 17-18 year old friends as passengers.  Around 3:40 am, he was doing about 110 mph when he lost control of his vehicle on a stretch of road called “Dead Man’s Curve.”  The car flew into the woods and split in two after hitting a tree. Chris Khan, Peter Kanhai and Darian Ramnarine, all 18, and Neal Rajapa, 17, were all killed in the crash, none of whome were wearing their seatbelt.  Joseph was wearing a seat belt and survived.

He is now facing 25 years in prison after being charged with driving while intoxicated, aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter in the first degree, four counts of manslaughter in the second degree, and a whole host of other charges that are just different configurations of the words manslaughter, degree and reckless. …

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Deanna DeJesus, 38, has been convicted of child neglect for failing to protect her children from their father during a hostage standoff with police.

The guilty verdict carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.  An aggravated manslaughter charge, which jurors could not unanimously agree upon, carries a maximum sentence of 45 years.  The prosecution may seek a retrial to attempt conviction on the more serious charge, while the defense may appeal the current conviction.

A sentencing date will be set on November 5th.

In February, Deanna’s husband, 41-year-old William DeJesus, drove Deanna and their two sons into a Deerfield RV park.  He stormed a randomly chosen RV, shot the 76-year-old owner to death, and held his own family and the dead man’s girlfriend as hostages.  He then called 911 and told the dispatcher he had “hijacked a woman.”

What ensued was a 7-hour standoff with a SWAT team in which DeJesus stabbed every member of his family, including himself.  DeJesus and his 9-year-old son, who was autistic, died of their wounds. …

Killeen, TX – Patrick Meyers, 27, a military specialist stationed at Fort Hood, reportedly shot his friend in the eye while attempting to scare away his hiccups.

Meyers and his unidentified 22-year-old friend, also a soldier, were drinking and watching football on Sunday night when the younger one came down with a case of the hiccups.  Now, we all probably know of at least five different supposed cures for the hiccups.  The one it seems Meyers attempted to employ was the “scare” method; often an effective one in my experience.

Meyers allegedly pointed a handgun at the victim, thinking it contained dummy rounds, and pulled the trigger.  It actually contained live rounds and, as we all probably know instinctively, actual bullets to the head are not only a cure for the hiccups, but also for life.

Police received a call at 10:04.  When they arrived, the victim was bleeding profusely.  He was taken to Skylark Field so he could be airlifted to Scott & White Hospital in Temple, but he died on the way. …

Creswell, OR – Brandi and Russel Bellew have pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the death of Brandi Bellew’s 16-year-old son, Austin Sprout.

Sprout, who is Russel Bellew’s stepson, died of a burst appendix in December.  After a seven week investigation into the death, Lane County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Brandi and Russel Bellew.  They originally pleaded not guilty to the charges and the trial was set to start this week.

The Bellews are members of the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn, which teaches that prayer, not medical care, will cure their sick members, no matter how grave the circumstances.

Now, I know it’s probably going to come as a shock to you, as it did to me, but bacteria, viruses, and cancer couldn’t give two craps about what you’re asking your god to do.  That also goes for serious bodily injury.  Scrapes, minor cuts, bruises, and headaches, however, are under strict orders to eventually scram when ordered by God, it would seem.

“That is what the arrests are based on, is the withholding of medical care in this case that allowed Austin to die.” Capt.…

Jacksonville, FL – Christian Fernandez, 13, is facing a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the murder of his two-year-old half brother and the sexual abuse of another half-brother, 5.

Fernandez is the youngest inmate awaiting trial in Duval County.  He is obviously being tried as an adult, but there is a fair amount of controversy surrounding that decision.

To get the full impact of this case, it is necessary to examine this boy’s life thus far, because “tragic” doesn’t even begin to describe it accurately.

Christian Fernandez was born to a 12-year-old mother, Biannela Susana, in 1999.  The father, a 25-year-old man, received 10 years probation for sexually assaulting her.

Two years later, the boy was found dirty and naked wandering a South Florida street alone at 4 AM while his grandmother, who had been given responsibility for him, was holed up in a hotel room on a cocaine binge.  Mother and son were placed in foster care after that incident.

In 2007, Department of Children and Families conducted an investigation to follow up on allegations that an 8-year-old Christian was being sexually abused by an older cousin. …

Man Kills Friend With A Sucker Punch To The Face

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OCALA, FL — A teenager has been charged with manslaughter after he he killed his friend with a sucker punch to the face.

According to reports, 19-year-old Matthew Gunter was in a Walmart when he received a call from  someone who is probably feeling like shit right now. The person called to inform Gunter that his friend, 23-year-old Travis Henshaw, was sleeping with his girlfriend.

Angry, Gunter left the store and drove to a home where Henshaw was staying. Witnesses say Gunter confronted Henshaw by delivering a sucker punch to Hensaw’s face. As a result, Henshaw’s brain ping-ponged around in his skull after his head head hit the side of a door and then a concrete floor.

While Henshaw was on the ground, Gunter stood over him and asked why he slept with his “old lady.” After Gunter fled the scene, witnesses say Henshaw began suffering a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital suffering serious brain injuries and placed on life support. On Thursday morning he was pronounced dead.…

Eureka, CA – Maggie Wortman, 27, was sentenced to six years in prison for the death of her 6-week-old son, who died from ingesting meth from her breast milk.

When paramedics arrived at Wortman’s residence on November 21, 2010, Michael Acosta III was found in full rigor mortis. An autopsy report would later reveal the infant died of methamphetamine toxicity. Officials would claim the baby had ingested the meth through Wortman’s breast milk.

Court documents state Wortman tested positive for methamphetamine while six months pregnant and even admitted that, even though she was breastfeeding, she smoked meth “a couple of times a week” for three weeks before the infant’s death. Wortman’s then 19-month-old daughter would also test positive for meth and subsequently be taken into the custody of child protective services.

Wortman would eventually plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter but only because she thought she would get out of doing any time behind bars. But because she was already on felony probation for running a drug house at the time of her son’s death, she was ineligible for the probation she thought she would receive for admitting guilt.…

BALTIMORE, MD — A 13-year-old girl was found shot to death in an alley, buried under a pile of trash, and now two of her young friends have been charged with killing her.

Police say on Saturday night, 13-year-old Monae Turnage was  inside a home with two boys, ages 12 and 13, playing with a .22 caliber rifle. The gun fired and Monae was killed by a shot to her chest.

Police say the two boys panicked and dragged Monae into a nearby alley then  hid her body under some bags of trash. Afterwards, one of the boys called Monae’s mother to tell her that she was on her way home. When he called a second time to see if she had gotten there, Monae’s mother became suspicious.

When she still had not arrived home by 1 a.m. Sunday, her family called police and started searching for her. Monae’s brother would eventually see her leg sticking out from trash in an alley directly behind the house she had been visiting that night.…

DOUGLAS, MA — Police say a woman jumped to her death from a second-floor window while trying to get away from her raging husband and now he’s been charged with manslaughter.

Last Thursday night, 44-year-old Lisa Stilkey and her husband, 40-year-old Alan Stilkey, got into a heated argument. During part of this argument, Lisa was on the phone her son who said he heard Alan yelling, “When you get off the phone, I’m going to kill you.”

A short time after this phone call, Lisa threw a pillow out a second-story window and then followed behind it. It was not a smooth landing. She suffered severe injuries from the fall and was pronounced dead at the hospital the next day.

Alan, an arm wrestling champion, has been charged with manslaughter, assault and battery and threat to commit a crime. He has pleaded not guilty.

Kinston, NC – According to police, Krystal Jones, 24, was preoccupied by her huffing when she drove her car into a building in Kinston, North Carolina.

The building – which had reportedly been a pet store – was being renovated to become a church. More ‘renovation’ is now needed, as Jones squarely smashed it all to hell.

Jones was jailed on a $1,000 bond and, at last report, was still in custody. Police charged her with careless and reckless driving, driving left of the center line and inhaling toxic vapors.

The ‘driving left of the center line’ thing may seem like grasping. It turns out that some grasping was necessary as, North Carolina authorities say, she can not be charged with DWI because the physiological artifacts of huffing dissipate too quickly for impairment to be established post-incident.

It is unfortunate that – apparently – driving through a freakin’ building isn’t a crime…

That said, the fact of the matter is that this incident turned out comparatively well. This case comes on the heals of a couple of more tragic cases.…

Anchorage, Alaska — The man accused of injecting a 14-year-old girl with heroin is in even more trouble after the teen died the other day, having spent almost a week on life support.

Police say 26-year-old Sean Warner, a navy veteran who served in the Afghanistan war as a medic, was with two other men when they picked up 14-year-old Jena Dolstad (Facebook) and took her back to Warner’s home to hang out. There the group used a variety of drugs, including heroin. Dolstad indicated she wanted to try the drug, but didn’t want to inject it herself.

According to the court documents, that’s when Warner tried to inject her himself. First attempts were unsuccessful as he was unable to find a vein. So he had Dolstad lie on his bed and tied a belt around her arm before injecting her with 25 to 30 units of heroin.

She was reportedly left alone in the room and was discovered the following morning face down in her own vomit.…

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A man’s brother died after eating the cocaine stashed in his ass and now police plan on charging him with manslaughter.

Back in November, 23-year-old Deangelo Rashard Mitchell and his brother, 20-year-old Wayne Joshua Mitchell were arrested for trafficking.

Video in the car captured Deangelo begging his younger brother to fish the cocaine out of his ass and eat it.

“One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes. …You my little brother… I’m gonna get life,” Deangelo pleads.

Wayne does as he is instructed, and within the hour he was having trouble breathing and bleeding from the mouth. He died soon afterward.

Deangelo was initially charged with trafficking drugs and has since bonded out of jail. But with the video evidence and a toxicology report that definitively proves Wayne died from  consuming the cocaine, police plan on charging Deangelo with involuntary manslaughter.

I love my brother to death, but if it ever came down to him going to prison, or me eating drugs out of his ass, I’d be visiting him in prison every chance I could.…

Newark, NJ — A woman accused of injecting silicone into a man’s penis at a “pumping party” earlier this year has been charged in his death.

Kasia Rivera, 34, was arrested Friday on manslaughter charges and unauthorized practice of medicine in the death of 22-year-old Justin Street.

Street, presumably on a quest for the perfect penis, went to Rivera’s home on May 5, where she allegedly injected his babymaker with silicone…he died the next day. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as silicone embolism as a result of the injection and the death was ruled a homicide.

After a thorough investigation, Rivera was taken into custody and ordered held on $75,000 bail. Police are continuing their investigation and are asking other potential victims to please step forward.

While discussing this story with a friend, I was told of a man who claimed to have injected silicone into his dick on a pretty regular basis. And by regular basis, I mean about six years. I was also told that there was video of this man on the ‘net.…

Wangaratta, Australia – Two years ago, Kerry Anne McNiven, 44, got drunk at a party and passed out. Gary Stewart, who was reported to have been a friend of McNiven for 10 years, took unfortunate advantage of the situation and touched her breasts ‘inappropriately.’ According to testimony, this act was witnessed by McNiven’s partner and three other people. McNiven’s partner, Ray Fleming, told the other three not to tell her because he knew she would be ‘upset.‘ A week later, the same crew was partying again. It was then that one of the three witnesses to the groping told McNiven about what Stewart had done.

Did she get upset? You decide…

According to court records, after mother-of-three McNiven was told of Stewart’s actions, she filled a container with a gasoline-oil mixture and placed it inside a shopping bag she was carrying. She then invited Stewart, pictured on the right, to walk to a nearby river. When they reached the river, they sat down at a boat ramp and continued to talk and drink.…

OCOEE, Fla. — At the same time Jose Baez was convincing a Florida jury that Casey Anthony did not murder her child, another defense attorney was in the same building trying to convince a jury that Billy Bob Thorton’s estranged daughter was not responsible for the death of her best friend’s 1-year-old daughter.

Back in October 2008, 32-year-old Amanda Brumfield was charged with murder after her best friend’s baby, Olivia Madison Garcia, died in her care. Garcia died after suffering a 3.5-inch fracture of her skull and bleeding on the brain.

Brumfield would tell investigators that the injury was caused by the girl falling out of her crib, but that after the fall the child seemed fine and even ate a banana. She explained the little girl’s lack of distress was the reason why she did not call for help until nearly two hours after the alleged fall, even sending her mother a text saying “Olivia can climb out of her playpen but has learned … she has perfected the landing.”

During the trial, the prosecution would argue there was no way Garcia would have suffered such a massive head injury from the short fall distance Brumfield described, and that it had to come from some other method.…

Bartlesville, OK — Some of you may remember the lovely lady to the left, she was charged with manslaughter in November of last year after her 10-day-old baby was found dead inside a running washing machine. Well, she’s been sentenced.

We covered the story when it broke, but for the click impaired, a quickie rundown on the case….

On Thursday, November, 4th, Lyndsey Fiddler called 911 to report that the infant, Maggie May Trammel, was dead. At the time, Fiddler blamed the child’s death on a relative – the same relative that was heard in the background of the 911 call saying, “No, I didn’t kill your baby. You did.”

It was that relative, Fiddler’s aunt, that found Maggie May in the machine. The woman told detectives she watched as Fiddler left the room with the girl to feed her. Fiddler returned a short time later without the baby. When the woman went to look for the baby, she heard loud noises coming from the laundry room and went to investigate.…

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police say two teens are being charged with involuntary manslaughter after a prank they pulled resulted in a fatal car crash.

Derek W. Greenlee, 18, and Seth R. Stonerock, 19, are accused of concealing a stop sign with several layers of plastic wrap and petroleum jelly, rendering it invisible to motorists.

Afterwards, they both went on Facebook and posted about how funny their prank was until they got exactly what they wanted, and two elderly women breezed through the stop sign and into the path of an SUV pulling a boat.

Mary Spangler, 85, died in the crash while her 80-year-old sister, Jeanne Shea, remains in critical condition at the hospital where one of her legs was amputated above the knee.

Although the boys tried to hide what they had done by deleting their Facebook posts, others had already seen them and contacted police after news of the crash began to spread.

Neither of the high school graduates have a criminal record and Greenlee was considered the best high-school golfer in the county, but if convicted they’re looking at a possible five year prison sentence.…

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