Christian High School Teacher Caught Half-Naked With 14-Year-Old StudentAmber Alert Issued For Teen After Alleged Kidnapper Calls To Taunt FamilyDemetrio Campbell Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Raping 4-Year-Old GirlRapper Andre Johnson Cut Off His Penis Before Jumping From BuildingMostly Nekkid Lady Goes On Rampage Inside McD's; Breaks Stuff, Eats Ice CreamDisney Cruise Line Worker Accused Of Molesting 13-Year-Old Passenger Police Officer's Son Charged With Stabbing Death Of Five Students At PartyMegan Huntsman Accused Of Using Garage To Store Her Murdered BabiesMom On Crack Binge Gives Birth In Motel Bathtub, Chews Through Umbilical CordHolly Morrison Accused Of Allowing Boyfriend To Sexually Assault Child Relative

Nathon Brooks, 14, Charged With Shooting Parents Because They Took Away His Video GamesMOSES LAKE, WA - Police have charged 14-year-old Nathon Brooks with two counts of attempted first-degree murder after they say he got angry with his parents over being grounded, and then shot them both.

Moses Lake police say the shooting happened Friday night at the family’s home after Nathon got upset with his parents after they grounded him for being tardy from school. Part of his punishment was that he could use no electronic devices, which included his ability to play video games.

Nathan vented his frustration that night as he listened to music and contemplated killing his parents. He ended up taking a .22 caliber handgun from the family’s gun cabinet, loading it, and sneaking into his parents’ bedroom as they slept.

He first shot his father, 38-year-old Jonathan Brooks, in the back of the head. He then shot his mother, 39-year-old Elizabeth Brooks, in the face. He fired at his father again as the man rolled out of bed, then fired at his mother two more times when she tried to sit up.…

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Man Doused Girlfriend In Perfume, Set Her On FirePITTSBURGH, PA – Police have arrested 27-year-old Clinton Cohen after they say he poured perfume on the mother of his child, then set her on fire.

Early Thursday morning, police responded to a domestic disturbance and found 22-year-old Maria Redman suffering from multiple injuries after getting into an altercation with her boyfriend, Clinton Cohen.

During the argument, Cohen allegedly punched and choked Redman before pulling perfume out of her purse, dousing her with it, then using a cigarette lighter to set her on fire. Before he fled the apartment, Cohen used a blanket to try put out Redman as she rolled around on the floor.

Redman was transported to the hospital in critical but stable condition, suffering burns to over 30 percent of her body . “She has a long battle ahead of her,” Lt. Jeff Korczyk said. The couple’s 3-month-old baby, who was in the apartment at the time of the attack, was unharmed.

“While this whole thing was going on, she was in the room,” Korczyk said. “In fact, the child had some blood on her from her mother.”

Clinton was arrested on Saturday and has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.…

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Argument Over Radio Station Leads To Stabbing

January 22, 2013 at 6:28 am by  

Argument Over Radio Station Leads To StabbingSt. Petersburg, FL — Yeah, you know this one is all about the mugshot, baby…

The handsome gent to the left, 58-year-old Willie Brown, was jailed Wednesday after police say he stabbed his roomie several times during an argument over a radio station.

According to police, Brown and his roommate, 72-year-old Abraham Shedrack, got into a verbal altercation after disagreeing about which radio station to listen to.

Investigators say the spat at the Palace Mobile Home Park quickly turned violent that evening, with Brown leaving at least 10 new holes in Shedrack’s body before it was over.

Why, yes, alcohol was a factor. Well, alcohol and whatever it is in the water supply out there that makes people ugly and batshit crazy.

Shedrack was taken to Bayfront Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, officials said.

Brown was booked in the Pinellas County Jail and is being held without bail. He has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

While researching this story, I came across another link referring to a second stabbing in the same mobile home park… same night, damn near the same time.…

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Woman Charged After Cutting Boyfriend, Injuring K 9 Officer With CatOrlando, FL — I’m a little late with this one, but Night Train, ya know….

Lisa Frink, 45, is facing multiple charges after allegedly poking a couple new holes in her live-in boyfriend because he refused to hand over his food stamp card. That isn’t exactly why I chose to feature her, though – the decision was made when I learned she attempted to resist her impending arrest by throwing a cat at a K-9 officer.

No, animal cruelty isn’t funny. Yes, using a cat as a weapon is. Because they’re evil.

Frink, off of her meds, apparently flipped her shit at the boyfriend’s refusal, armed herself with a couple of kitchen knives and started slashing. The man was left with deep lacerations on the face and neck.

Frink fled after the alleged attack, but police were able to track her to a nearby shed. When she refused to come out with her hands up, a couple of K-9 officers were sent in to retrieve her.

The arrival of the critters did nothing on the cooperation front, so one of the dogs, Bolt, was ordered to bite.…

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Woman Accused Of Beating Ex Husband, Dragging Him Behind TruckSAMSULA, FL —  A woman and her brother are in jail and facing a shitload of charges after being accused of beating the snot out of the woman’s ex-husband, then dragging him a half-mile behind a truck.

Jeanette Morris is a 61-year-old truck driver who allows her ex-husband, 54-year-old Robert Hall, to live in her home until she pays off $1,300 she owes him. The pair agreed that while Morris was out on the road, Hall would take care of her animals and would not have women in her home.

Hall did not follow the rules, and Morris became very, very upset after learning he’d had a woman at the house while she was out of town. On Tuesday, Morris showed her displeasure while drinking vodka with Hall and her brother, 63-year-old Harold Anderson.

The siblings turned violent, shocking Hall several times with a stun gun and punching him repeatedly in the face. Then, at gunpoint, Hall had red twine tied around his wrists and ankles. He was attached to the back of a Ford F-150 truck and then dragged for half a mile.…

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Police Looking For Man Accused Of Setting Girlfriend On FireSan Francisco, CA – Police in San Francisco are looking for 22-year-old Dexter Oliver after they say he set his girlfriend on fire during an argument over laundry.

On Sunday, 25-year-old Starr Lamare was with Oliver at a local laundromat. The couple had only been dating for six months and, according to friends, they argued frequently. On this particular day the couple were arguing over clothes.

“My sister wanted to leave her clothes at the laundromat so they could get washed but he didn’t want to leave them there,” said Lamare’s sister, Precious Craig. “She said she does it all the time, but he got mad and threw the clothes down.”

Oliver left the laundromat but returned shortly after with a container of gas that he used to douse Lamare before setting her on fire. Oliver grabbed her purse and fled the scene on foot. A screaming Lamare was able to remove a burning sweater she was wearing, and began running the few blocks home.

Emergency crews picked her up and rushed her to the burn unit of St. …

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Man Accused Of Setting Sleeping Homeless Woman On FireVan Nuys, CA – Police have accused 24-year-old Dennis Petillo of pouring a flammable liquid on a homeless woman sleeping on a bus bench and then setting her on fire. He has been booked into jail on suspicion of attempted murder.

Witnesses say that at about 1 a.m. Thursday, Petillo walked out of the 24-hour Walgreens near Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman Way. He then poured a liquid — possibly rubbing alcohol — on a homeless woman as she slept on a nearby bus bench, then set her ablaze with a match.

“It was like when you pour gasoline on something, like an explosion,” said Erickson Ipina, who followed Petillo after he took off running. “I pulled out my cellphone and called 911, and then he just turned back on me and pulled out a knife,” said Ipina.

The victim’s identity has not been officially released, but friends say she is Flo “Violet” Parker, a woman in her 60s and a fixture of the neighborhood. She was listed in critical condition at a local hospital with burns all over her body.…

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Man Tried Drowning Wife In Dog’s Water Bowl During Fight Over Pizza ORANGE CITY, FL – Richard Watson has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to drown his wife in a dog’s water bowl after arguing about an under cooked pizza.

It happened Wednesday night as Richard and his wife, Debra, settled in with two frozen pizzas and began watching the 12-12-12 charity event on television.

After realizing his pizza was still raw, Richard threw a tantrum then threw his plate of food at the front door. In response, Debra threw her plate of food as well. This enraged Richard, so he tackled Debra to the ground and then held her head in a dog’s water bowl that contained three inches of water.

Debra said she wasn’t sure if he was using his hands or his knee to hold her head in place, but she’s positive she heard him say he was going to kill her. After managing to break free, Debra said Richard began strangling her in the living room by the front door.

“She felt her life was going to end,” said Orange City Cmdr.…

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Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Running Down Husband With Ford F 150Salem, OR – A 47-year-old woman in Oregon has been charged with attempted murder after she used her Ford F-150 to run down her husband.

Shirley Nunez suspected that her husband, Kenneth, was having an affair with a woman who lived nearby. So on Monday night, Shirley broke into the home of her husband’s alleged mistress and confronted the woman, pointing a gun at her in the process.

No details on what was discussed, but Shirley did not physically injure the woman and left the residence in her 2003 Ford F-150. Kenneth was not nearly as lucky. When Shirley got back home, she saw her husband walking to his motorcycle parked in front of their house and decided to give him a kiss with her truck’s grill.

Bill Deconcini said he and his wife woke up after hearing screaming and the two came outside to find Kenneth unconscious in the grass after Shirley had ran him down with her truck. He was transported to Salem Hospital in critical condition while Shirley was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation before being booked into the Marion County Jail.…

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Man Accused Of Trying To Hang His Girlfriend From Tree In BackyardFremont, CA – A California man is behind bars after police say he tied up his girlfriend and tried hanging her from a tree in his backyard.

Police say 31-year old Daniel Howard got angry at his girlfriend so he zip-tied her hands behind her back, and strung a noose over a branch of a backyard tree. After telling her he was going to kill her, he walked back inside to get a cigarette.

The woman used this opportunity to dig her cell phone out of her pocket and call 911. The operator had a hard time understanding her, but the woman was able to relay Howard’s address.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the woman and Howard still in the backyard. The woman was being forced to stand on a barrel with the noose now around her neck.When police confronted Howard, he allegedly used the woman’s body as a shield before pushing her off the barrel and attempting to run away.

Luckily, the officers were able to catch the woman before she was seriously injured.…

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Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting Him

October 25, 2012 at 10:20 am by  

Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting HimGreenbrae, CA – Samuel Cutrufelli, 31, is suing 90-year-old Jay Leone for shooting him.  Never mind the fact that Cutrufelli had just allegedly broken into Leone’s house to rob it, and that he had tied Leone up before rummaging through the home for valuables.  This is America, yo.

Cutrufelli claims in a civil suit that Leone “negligently shot” him, causing him “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including loss of Mr. Cutrufelli’s home, and also the dissolution of Mr. Cutrufelli’s marriage.”

Judging solely on the details of the civil suit, I’m guessing Cutrufelli doesn’t feel like his career as a thief, meth addict, convicted felon, and insufferable douchebag had anything to do with any of that.

Cutrufelli is currently embroiled in his criminal trial, facing two counts of attempted murder for an incident that occurred in January, leaving both men with gunshot wounds requiring lengthy hospital stays.  If convicted, Cutrufelli faces life in prison.  Read on and you may wind up feeling like that isn’t quite enough.

On January 4th, 11:00 AM, Cutrufelli reportedly kicked Leone’s door down and tied him up at gunpoint, then scoured the house for valuables to steal.…

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Woman Questions Boyfriends Love For Her, Promptly Cuts HimSt. Paul, MN — 50-year-old Dawn Peel was recently booked on charges of attempted murder and assault after allegedly attempting to saw her boyfriend’s head off with a kitchen knife.

According to the boyfriend, Peel had been acting a little “off” for quite some time, going as far as threatening to “seek revenge on him while he slept” (*swoons*) if he ever cheated on her.

On the day of the alleged cutting, Peel had apparently been drinking heavily. The boyfriend told police she had injured herself in a drunken fall and refused medical treatment. At some point that night, he issued an ultimatum: Seek mental help within 24-hours. After preparing dinner for the both of them, he wisely made up a bed in the living room so as not to disturb Sleeping Beauty once she fell into a drunken slumber.

A short time later, the man said, he heard Peel wake up. And after having a bit to eat and feeding the cat, she approached the man’s make-shift bed and gently woke him up.…

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Man Arrested After Setting Another Man On Fire At Gas StationLAS VEGAS, NV – A man has been charged with attempted murder after he set fire to a man who was harassing him at a Las Vegas gas station.

According to police, Theodore Bejarano was inside Cricle K store drinking on Oct 10. The clerk told him he was not allowed to loiter inside the store and asked him to leave. At around the same time, 61-year-old Patrick Newell had arrived at the store to get gas. After paying, he left the store only to encounter a drunken Bejarano leaning against his truck. Bejarano asked for a ride, but  Newell refused, telling him he was driving a business vehicle.

Bejarano allegedly didn’t like that answer and kept bugging Newell to the point that Newell threatened to cut Bejarano with a pocketknife if he didn’t leave him alone. But instead of cutting the man, Newell went back inside the store and told the clerk that he was being harassed at the pumps and to call police. When he returned to his truck, Bejarano continued harassing him.…

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LSU Student Accused Of Trying To Kill her Mother For Inheritance MoneyNew Orleans, LA – This happened last week, but it has been siting in draft for days and I am tired of looking at it. A 19-year-old LSU student has been charged with attempted murder after police say she tried to kill her mother for inheritance money.

Last week, 52-year-old Sherri Boover received a knock on her door at 4.30am. When she looked through the peephole, she was greeted by her smiling daughter, Nicole Boover. But when she opened the door, Nicole pulled out a handgun and aimed it at her. The quick thinking mother immediately slammed the door shut before Nicole fired several rounds into the door and ran off.

Uninjured, Sherri called police and informed them they could probably find Nicole at the LSU dorms where she was currently staying. Outside of the dorm, police would find Nicole’s car with 18-year-old Nathan Yuhas, a friend and classmate of Nicole’s, sitting inside it. They would find Nicole in her dorm room.

Yuhas would spill his guts pretty quickly, telling investigators that Nicole had enlisted his help in murdering her parents in order to collect a $500,000 inheritance from which he would get a $50,000 cut.…

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Woman Accused Of Trying To Decapitate Sleeping Husband With Electric SawEVERETT, WA – A woman in Washington was in court yesterday, answering to accusations that she tried to cut off her sleeping husband’s head with a reciprocating saw.

Police arrested 44-year-old Renee Bishop-McKean last October after her husband, Brett Bishop, told them that she had just tried to kill him. He told them that he had awoke to the sound of the Sawzall reciprocating saw that his wife had in her hands, and was in the process of pressing against his neck.

After pushing her away and jumping out of bed, Bishop says he fought with McKean to get control of the saw. “Renee came at me in the kitchen with the Sawzall raised up, we had a struggle over it,” said Bishop. “She kept pulling the trigger to make it run, so I reached out and pulled the battery out of it.”

Not quite ready to call it a loss, the criminal complaint states McKean swung a hatchet at Bishop and hit him in the back of the head with a mallet.…

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Mom Who Stabbed Sleeping Daughter With Steak Knife Told Police I Went CrazyFITCHBURG, WI – More details have been released regarding the Wisconsin mother who repeatedly stabbed her 6-year-old daughter with  a steak knife while she slept.

Early Monday morning, 30-year-old Tasha Harmon went to her neighbor’s apartment suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds to her neck and chest. She told the neighbors she had just stabbed her 6-year-old daughter before stabbing herself.

When the neighbors entered Harmon’s apartment, they found her daughter covered in blood, lying on her bed. She was suffering from several stab wounds inflicted by her mother, who had used a 7-inch steak knife that was found nearby. The girl was still alive and rushed to the hospital with life-threatening stab wounds to the chest and back as well as a punctured lung. According to reports, the girl told police, “Mommy tried to kill me.”

Harmon was transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition before being released on Thursday and placed in jail. She has been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide. Her daughter was listed in critical condition, but police say she is expected to recover.…

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Homeless Veteran Loses Eye After Being Attacked With Hammer While Sleeping TITUSVILLE, Fl – A 52-year-old homeless veteran is fighting for his life after a man attacked him while he slept, using a hammer to bash in his skull.

Police were patrolling an area Friday morning when they noticed 33-year-old John Paul Angelillo in front of an abandoned business holding a hammer. When the officers turned into the business, they noticed 52-year-old David Gotshall on the ground nearby suffering from severe injuries.

The injuries where caused by Angelillo using a hammer to strike Gotshall in the face as he slept. Gotshall suffered multiple facial and skull fractures and the loss of one eye. He also suffered injuries to his ribs and a broken arm. He had to be airlifted to the hospital and is currently in critical condition.

Gotshall, a Desert Storm veteran, was sleeping behind the business because, according to friends, he had no where else to go after the city dismantled his previous camp a week earlier.

“He had some issues but we were supporting him. About eight or nine months ago, the police and the city crews cleared out his camp off Tropic Street.…

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Cooter Charged With Attempted Murder After Pot Roast ArgumentChattanooga, TN – Police have charged a man with attempted murder after they say he tried to kill his roommate during an argument over a pot roast. There’s not a lot of details surrounding the event, so I have embellished a bit.

When 66-year-old Robert “Cooter Brown” Cooper discovered that his roommate had eaten an entire pot roast, Cooter walked into the man’s room and pistol-whipped him as he slept.

“Cooter, didjee jus hit me wid dat pistol?” asked the roommate as he jumped out of bed. “Yesiree I did,” replied Cooter as he brandished the handgun. “An’ Ima fixin’ to put a new hole in ya’.”

“Well why in da world didgee go an do that fer?” the roommate inquired. “Becuz I wuz hankerin’s for some vittles but you dun gon an et ‘em all,” explained Cooter. “So nows Ima gunna clean yer plow!”

Cooter and the roommate got into a struggle that resulted in the roommate being able to eject the magazine from Cooter’s gun.

“Now watcha gunna do, Cooter?” the roommate asked.  …

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Xbox Live Argument Leads To Teen Charged With Attempted MurderOAKLEY , CA – A 17–year-old has been accused of trying to kill his friend after the two got into a heated argument while on Xbox Live.

Kevin Kemp, 20, says he was chatting with the family friend on Xbox Live when the discussion turned into an argument. The argument was not about a game, but rather a longstanding feud between the two. Fighting words were exchanged and Kemp told the teen to jump if he was feeling froggy.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, if want to do this, come over to my house and we’ll do this right now,’” Kemp said.

Kemp heard the teen’s headset hit the floor and was surprised at how fast he covered the short distance between their houses. He was also surprised to learn that the teen was not there for a fistfight when he walked through his front door with a gun in one hand, and a knife in the other. After pushing past Kemp’s mother, the teen walked up to Kemp’s bedroom, took aim, and fired.…

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Man Accused Of Shooting His Son For Singing Kenny Chesney Karaoke Song SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - A Northern California man is facing trial for allegedly shooting his son because he didn’t like his karaoke singing.

William Oller Sr., 70, has been ordered to stand trial for the January shooting his 50-year-old son, William Oller Jr., after getting aggravated at his son’s karaoke signing of a Kenny Chesney song.

Oller Sr. was visiting his son when he became angry over the music and the two got into an argument. Oller Sr. was heard saying, “I’m going to shut you up” multiple times before going out to his vehicle and retrieving a handgun.

His son followed him outside and the two got into a struggle over the firearm, resulting in Oller Jr. being shot multiple times and Oller Sr. suffering a gunshot to the leg. According to officials, Oller Sr. told police that his son hit him first and in response, he “shot the shit out of him.”

Oller Sr. was arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault, both of which he pleaded not guilty to in February.…

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