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Three Juveniles In Custody After Man Murdered While Walking His DogFather Accused Of Shooting Teen Son In Ass After Orange Juice Ran OutMom, Stepmom Accused Of Assaulting Son's Alleged Bullies In School CafeteriaAshley Dack Accused Of Sending Pictures Of Herself Sexually Assaulting Baby To Her BoyfriendIzbella Bronson, 2, Killed After Being Ran Over By Her Great-GrandmotherMichael Gunderson Charged After His Two Toddlers Found Starving, Eating FecesTeen Accused Of Murdering Three Children With MacheteDeasia Watkins Arrested After Decapitating Her Three-Month-Old DaughterTeen In Custody, Several Students Hospitalized After Eating Hash Oil Brownies At SchoolTwo Third Grade Girls Suspended After Sharing Porn With Classmates At Sunnycrest Elementary School

Aldair HodzaNew Kent County, VA – An Iowa couple, Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorensen, have been arrested following a report of suspicious activity happening in and around an RV in the parking lot of a Pilot Truck stop.

A trucker has been credited for saving a woman after he saw a her peek through an RV window right before being aggressively pulled away. He then heard a commotion happening inside which prompted him to call the police.

When police arrived they found a woman who looked frightened and malnourished. Officers spoke to the woman outside privately and she began to cry, begging the officers to save her from the couple.

The un-named victim claims the couple sexually abused her, branded her back, burned her, and cut her feet. They also forced her to perform oral sex on another man, who had gotten involved with them through an ad on Craigslist.

Details are scarce on how long she had been with Hodza and Sorensen, or where she’d met them. She claimed to not have been fed or given anything to drink in days.…

Jenna MontgomeryPORTLAND, OR- Two of the four teens we reported on earlier this year have been sentenced to prison after beating a 16-year-old boy and carving a swastika into his face.

Back in February, 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery lured Dustyn Murrain into a shed during a snowstorm. Waiting inside the shed where Blue Kalmbach, 15; Jess Taylor, 17; and Shane Connell, 14.

According to the initial reports, the three teens struck Murrain in the head with a crowbar, shot him in the chest, groin and index finger with a bb gun, forced him to swallow a cat turd, and then carved a swastika into his forehead. All four teens were quickly arrested after Murrain ran from the shed and called for help from a nearby service station.

Montgomery, Kalmbach, Taylor, and 14-year-old Shane Connell were arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, criminal conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery.

The teens told police the motive was retaliation for Murrain’s bullying, but this was later called into question after several comments on news articles stated Murrain hadn’t lived in the area long and considered the teens his friends.…

Jenna MontgomeryPORTLAND, OR – Four teens are looking at some serious charges after being accused of kidnapping and torturing one of their classmates.

Police say during a snowstorm on February 10, Jenna Montgomery, 15, lured 16-year-old Dustin Murrain into a shed behind a house. Murrain told police he had met Montgomery earlier that day at David Douglas High School, where they both attended school.

According to Murrain’s account, once he walked into the shed he encountered three teen boys and realized he had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

First he was struck in the head with a crowbar before being ordered to take off his shirt. Then 15-year-old Blue Kalmbach allegedly shot Murrain in the chest, groin and index finger with a BB gun. Kalmbach then carved a swastika into Murrain’s forehead with a box-cutter and forced Murrain to eat cat shit.

After having his iPod stolen, Murrain escaped the shed and fled to a nearby auto service shop for help. Police were called and Murrain was taken to OHSU Hospital for treatment.…

Kyle HandleyNEWPORT BEACH, CA –  Four rather inventive, albeit clueless, people in California were arrested and accused of kidnapping a man and going medieval on his ass. The kidnappers allegedly used a blowtorch on the victim before chopping off his penis in an attempt to make the man reveal the location of money they erroneously believed he’d buried in the desert.

According to prosecutors, the unidentified victim is a prosperous medical marijuana dispensary owner who took some of his pot suppliers, including Kyle Handley (pictured), on a pricey Las Vegas trip last year. After returning from the trip, Handley allegedly told friends that the victim was loaded, setting into motion a scheme to kidnap and rob the man.

Four weeks prior to the kidnapping, the dick-snippers started following the dispensary owner during his frequent trips into the desert outside of Palm Springs. The four had it in their heads that their target was driving there “to bury large amounts of cash,” according to the statement. In actuality, he was making the trips to the desert to discuss a possible investment deal.…

Clyde HarshawPITTSBURG COUNTY, OK — A man in Oklahoma has been arrested and accused of holding his girlfriend captive and torturing her for five days.

On July 10, a woman came to law enforcement claiming she had been held hostage and tortured by her boyfriend, 42-year-old Clyde Harshaw. She said she was finally able to make her escape through a screen door Harshaw had left open and that a passerby found her along a road and helped get her to safety.

According to Sheriff Joel Kerns, Harshaw used extension cords and rope to tie up his girlfriend, then tortured her by trying to set her hair on fire and ripping it out with a drill. “She alleged that he had taken a drill, with a bit still on it, put it at her head and turn the drill on. The hair would catch up in the drill and pull patches of hair out,” said Kerns.

The victim also claimed Harshaw beat her with a hammer, cut her with a knife, poured acid on her wounds, and much, much more as evident from the charges filed against him.…

Jeffrey AllenBURLINGTON, Ky. –Three men charged with torturing, kidnapping, killing and dismembering a 19-year-old alleged drug dealer told deputies they wanted to “rid the world of the evil in it.”

On Sunday, the sister of 19-year-old Daniel Delfin called authorities to report him missing. While police where investigating the suspected heroin dealer’s whereabouts, they received a tip that three men, Jeffrey Allen, 21, Anthony Baumgartner, 23, and Stephen Harkness, 22, had murdered Delfin.

The men were picked up by police and brought in for questioning. After a little while, all three of the former Marines began talking and told police what had happened to the missing teen, and why. The trio admitted they had murdered Delfin because the teen was a drug dealer and they were trying to rid the world of evil.

“They were going to rid the world, perhaps one person at a time, of the evil in it,” said Tom Scheben, a spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff’s office. According to Scheben, the men had been planning to kidnap and kill a drug dealer then continue to move up the chain in a DEATH WISH fashion.…

Zanesville, OH —  Last week we reported on the murder of 29-year-old Celeste Fronsman, the woman found on the side of a rural Ohio road severely burned with a rope tied around her neck. On Saturday, police announced they had arrested 20-year-old Katrina Culberson and have charged her with Fronsman’s murder.

The Muskingum County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Culberson with one count of aggravated murder with two death penalty specifications (murder was during a kidnapping and an aggravated arson), one count of kidnapping and one count of aggravated arson. Police questioned Culberson last Wednesday and placed her in jail at that time on a felony theft warrant.

Last month, a motorist discovered Fronsman on the side of a Zainesville, Ohio, road. She was naked with a rope around her neck and suffering from fourth-degree burns that went as deep as the muscle and bone. Fronsman was alert and pleading for help when found, and was able to tell responding police and medics what had happened. She was flown to the Wexner Medical Center burn unit at Ohio State University in Columbus, where she remained in critical condition for two days before dying.…

GREENSBURG, PA — Back in 2010 we reported on the torture and murder of Jennifer Daugherty. She was a 30-year-old mentally disabled woman who was tortured to death by a group of people she considered friends. For 36 hours, she was held in a dingy apartment and tortured before she was stabbed to death.

While bound by Christmas decorations, Daugherty was forced her to eat feces, urine and detergent. She was repeatedly beat with a towel rack, a vacuum cleaner hose, and a crutch. Her head was shaved and her face painted with nail polish. After being forced to write a fake suicide note, she was stabbed to death. Her body was discovered stuffed in a trash can that had been wedged underneath a car parked in the parking lot of Greensburg Salem Middle School.

Eventually police would arrest six people in connection to Daugherty’s torture and murder. Amber C. Meidinger, 20; Melvin Knight, 20; Ricky V. Smyrnes, 23; and Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, were all charged with homicide, conspiracy and aggravated assault.…

Canton, OH – A woman found on the side of a rural Ohio road severely burned with a rope tied around her neck, has died.

On Sunday, a passing motorist discovered a 29-year-old Celeste Fronsman on the side of a Zainesville, Ohio, road. She was naked with a rope around her neck and suffering from severe burns.

“I have a woman right here. She’s burned severely, she’s been raped and she’s been beat up,” the man told the 911 dispatcher as Fronsman could be heard moaning in pain. “She’s got a rope around her neck, she’s totally without clothes and she’s severely burned.”

Even though Fronsman had been raped and tortured, suffering from fourth-degree burns that went as deep as the muscle and bone (*shudder*), she was still alert and pleading for help. She was able to tell the motorist what happened, as well as responding police and medics.

She was flown to the Wexner Medical Center burn unit at Ohio State University in Columbus, where she remained in critical condition for two days before dying yesterday.…

PHOENIX, AZ – Police in Phoenix are looking for a man who police say raped and tortured a woman in her apartment throughout the night, even forcing her to drink bleach.

According to police, the attacker entered the 56-year-old victim’s apartment through a back door last Friday, then proceeded to torture and rape her repeatedly throughout the night. He even forced her to drink bleach. The victim told police he smoked meth all night and told her that when he was finished with her, he was going to kill her.

He was never able to follow through with that because a cab driver knocked on the victim’s door the following morning to take her to a scheduled doctor’s appointment. The suspect was taking a shower at the time, allowing the victim to flee the apartment as her attacker ran away. The cab driver then called 911.

“She came out nude, bounded with her arms tied and her mouth gagged — she was unable to speak,” said cab driver Gerardo Reyes.…

Corona, CA - The pastor and two other men affiliated with a Heart of Worship Church in Corona, California have been charged of with kidnapping and torturing a boy as a form of discipline for bad behavior.

Pastor Lonnie Remmers, 54, Nick Craig, 22, and Darryll Jeter, 28 are all facing charges including kidnapping, criminal threats and assault.

According to police, the teen’s mother took him to a men’s group home group home operated by the church for intervention because she believed he had been involved in ‘sexual misconduct.’ Corona police said it was unclear if she knew how the men were planning to discipline her son.

Investigators say Remmers instructed Craig and Jeters, who lived at the home, to ‘scare the boy.’ Police said Craig and Jeter drove the teen about 100 miles to the Barstow desert, forced him to dig a grave, threw dirt on him, and beat him with a belt. The boy was then reportedly driven back to Remmers’ house where the pastor used a pair of pliers to inflict pain on the boy, police said.…

BELLEVILLE, IL —  A 12-year-old boy is breathing a sigh of relief after his adoptive parents are arrested and charged with torturing him by making him eat screws and do over 1,000 push-ups as punishment.

The oddly similar looking couple’s entertainment was brought to light after the boy confided in his elementary school nurse that he was being abused at home. After closer examination, the boy was found to have bruises on his back, legs and arms which sparked an abuse investigation.

Investigators state that the boy’s most recent torture session started before school when the boy haphazardly ate a cookie in a less-than-tidy manner. James Jennings, the boy’s stepdaddy, found crumbs in the kitchen and feared his dog would get sick by eating the cookie crumbs and, in turn, handled the situation as any clear-headed adult would.

James and LaShawn Jennings

He allegedly pulled the boy out of his room, beat the boy with a wooden paddle, made him eat the cookie crumbs off the kitchen floor along with some loose screws, then forced him to do 1,000+ push-ups on his knuckles.…

Phoenix, AZ - Jaded first reported on 35-year-old Angela Simpson back in 2009 when she was accused of torturing and murdering 46-year-old Terry Neely, a disabled man that had been missing for three days.  Simpson would eventually make a callous jailhouse confession and has now pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

Neely had been last seen after he left an assisted-care facility in his wheelchair. During her jailhouse confessions, Simpson admitted she lured the man to her apartment.

“I killed Terry by deceptively luring him to apartment 201. Sitting him down and beating him with various objects until he was unconscious and then I slit his throat. How long did I beat him? 45 minutes…an hour…well I killed him and cut him up,” Simpson admitted.

Police say she did a lot more than just beat the man. Simpson also pulled out Neely’s teeth, stabbed him close to 50 times, drove a nail into his head, bashed him with a tire iron, and strangled him.

She told police that after Neely was dead, she partied a bit before chopping him up.…

Rolla, MO -   Well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. A Phelps County jury has recommended the death penalty for Christopher Collings, who killed nine-year-old Rowan Ford in 2007.  Yesterday at 6:17 p.m., the jury returned the verdict after forty-eight minutes of deliberation.  Can I get an amen up in here?

Rowan Damia Ford was a sweet nine-year-old who made As and Bs in school even though sometimes her teachers had to make sure she ate. She helped with the Angel Food ministry at her church, and often arrived there hours early on Sunday, even though nobody else in her house went.  She was happy on her bike, riding around town. She liked Disney princesses, spaghetti and the color purple. Rowan was 3’11” tall and weighed 62 pounds, with long, wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, and freckles across her nose. Rowan did not need to die.

It won’t help us to go over the details of the brutal rape and the strangulation that ended Rowan’s life.  It’s enough to know that she would likely have bled to death, but instead she got a cord around her neck and a horrific end in a dirty trailer. …

Man Beat Child To Death For Not Vacuuming Apartment

February 14, 2012 at 9:11 am by  

PITTSBURGH, PA – Pittsburgh police say a 29-year-old monster beat his girlfriend’s 11-year-old son to death because he did not vacuum the apartment.

While  Donovan McKee’s mother was at work on Saturday, he was being subjected to a nine hour beating at the hands of her boyfriend, 29-year-old Anthony Bush. The man was upset with the boy’s failure to clean up and was beating him with various objects found in the apartment.

Bush admitted to officers that he beat the boy with wooden sticks, hitting him in the head, legs, arms and torso, and would then order the boy to clean up the sticks after they broke. Police said that Bush even used a needle and thread to close a cut he’d caused on the boy’s arm.

By time McKee’s mother arrived home later that night, she found her son unresponsive. Bush tried to get McKee’s mother, Cynthia McKee, to say the boy had fallen out of a window but she refused and called 911 — after first calling relatives — saying her boyfriend had assaulted her child. …

Winnepeg, Canada – Two Canadian men arrested for torturing a man in an effort to get his bank card PIN have pleaded guilty during jury selection. In doing so, Harvey Maytwayashing and James Beardy, both 48, will avoid trial. It may have been an interesting one.

Maytwayashing and Beardy were among six people arrested in January 2006. Crown attorney Brian Wilford said the 59-year-old victim had been drinking at a bar where he met Clara Dorion and her daughter Melanie Azure-Cook. Wilford said the man bought them drinks and gave them money for drugs and later accepted an invitation to Dorion’s home. When they arrived, the victim was grabbed by the women’s accomplices, stripped naked, and robbed of his bank card.

The man reportedly gave them a PIN number. The man’s attackers then attempted to use the bank card at a nearby gas station, only to find the man had given them a bogus PIN. They returned and, according to the court, the torture began.

It was reported that the attackers made repeated attempts to extract the money – and repeated attempts to extract the PIN.…

Anaheim, CA — The pathetic lookin’ sack of crap to the left is 24-year-old Joshua Robey – he’s accused of trying to kill his 2-month-old son by repeatedly shaking and punching him and swinging him around by the neck in a “noose-like” blanket.

Robey’s girlfriend apparently suspected him of cheating on her, so she set up a hidden camera in her home to record him while he was alone in the home, caring for the infant. And I can’t even begin to imagine the horror, fear, anger and revulsion she felt when she viewed the recording the next morning.

According to prosecutors, Robey is seen wrapping a blanket around the infant’s neck and picking him up by lifting both ends of the blanket like a noose. He is then seen swinging the child, by his neck, for more than a minute. He was just gettin’ started…

Police said Robey laid the child down and proceeded to punch him in the chest several times with a closed fist. He then slapped the child numerous times, grabbed him by the throat and began to violently shake him.…

Gadsden, AL — Three people have been charged for allegedly torturing and sexually abusing a 23-year-old mentally-handicapped woman – who functions at the level of a 10-year-old.

Gadsden police officers originally discovered the victim when responding to an ‘unclassified complaint’ on Aug. 27 at the residence of Toni Renea Johnson, 40, and Maurice Rex Johnson, Jr., 52. Officers reported finding the victim naked, chained to a bed post and lying on the floor next to a pile of her own hair that had been cut off.

Officers were reportedly unable to use cuff keys to release her because the locking mechanism had been damaged. Members of the Gadsden Fire Department were called to assist police in freeing the victim by cutting off her handcuffs.

According to investigators, the victim identified Toni Johnson and Maurice Johnson as having handcuffed her to the bedpost.

“When she was rescued, she made a statement to the officers that she had been cuffed to the bed like that because she had been bad,” Gadsden Police Capt.…

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