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Freedom, PA — Last month we reported on Thomas Grant, the man who shot an 9-year-old relative at a Halloween party because he thought the costumed girl was a skunk. Today it is being reported that Grant will be headed to trial after he waived his preliminary hearing.

New Sewickley Police Chief Ronald Leindecker said the girl was at a Halloween party wearing a black costume and a black hat equipped with white tassel or feather. At around 8:30 that evening, the girl strayed away from the two to three dozen guests at the home and hid on the edge of a hill near the home.

Around that same time, 24-year-old Thomas Grant says his mother told him she heard there was a skunk in the yard. So Grant picked up a shotgun and fired at what he thought was a rather large skunk, striking his 9-year-old cousin in the shoulder, arm, back and neck.

She was flown to a children’s hospital in critical condition, but is now recovering and reportedly doing well.…

Woodruff, SC – Lacey Denise Lamb, 28 years old and 21-weeks pregnant, was shot dead by a police officer while she was reportedly attempting to run him over with a car.

Officer William T. Knight pulled the vehicle over at about 1:40 PM yesterday on Jamie’s Creek Drive.  The reason for the traffic stop is unclear, but once the car was stopped, the driver, 33-year-old Matthew Drake Simmons, reportedly exited and began running.

Officer Knight gave chase, at which point Lamb, the only passenger, allegedly got behind the wheel and put the car into motion in an attempt to run the officer down, presumably in an effort to allow Simmons to escape.

Knight drew his weapon and fired, lethally wounding her.  Lamb was airlifted to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, but neither she nor her unborn child survived.

Simmons was arrested and charged with driving under suspension, third or subsequent offense, according to online jail records.  He is currently awaiting a bond hearing.  It’s unclear at this point if he is the father of the deceased fetus.…

Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting Him

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Greenbrae, CA – Samuel Cutrufelli, 31, is suing 90-year-old Jay Leone for shooting him.  Never mind the fact that Cutrufelli had just allegedly broken into Leone’s house to rob it, and that he had tied Leone up before rummaging through the home for valuables.  This is America, yo.

Cutrufelli claims in a civil suit that Leone “negligently shot” him, causing him “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including loss of Mr. Cutrufelli’s home, and also the dissolution of Mr. Cutrufelli’s marriage.”

Judging solely on the details of the civil suit, I’m guessing Cutrufelli doesn’t feel like his career as a thief, meth addict, convicted felon, and insufferable douchebag had anything to do with any of that.

Cutrufelli is currently embroiled in his criminal trial, facing two counts of attempted murder for an incident that occurred in January, leaving both men with gunshot wounds requiring lengthy hospital stays.  If convicted, Cutrufelli faces life in prison.  Read on and you may wind up feeling like that isn’t quite enough.

On January 4th, 11:00 AM, Cutrufelli reportedly kicked Leone’s door down and tied him up at gunpoint, then scoured the house for valuables to steal.…

STOCKTON, CA — Police believe a California marriage counselor who specializes in anger management killed his ex-wife, her sister, and her elderly aunt before turning the gun on himself.

On Monday, police were investigating reports of a shooting at a Stockton home where they found found 64-year Kathleen Arata dead from a gunshot wound. Witnesses told police the shooter was Kathleen’s brother-in-law, Colin McGrattan, and that he was driving a silver minivan.

While still at that scene, police received another shooting call. This one was at an senior assisted living center, and Colin’s minivan was parked outside in the parking lot.

Inside one of the rooms at the facility, police would find the body of 88-year-old Chizuko Kaneishi, Kathleen’s aunt. Colin was lying nearby, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Outside in the van police would find Kathleen’s sister, 57-year-old Jacklyn Arata, wrapped in a tarp and dead from a gunshot wound. Jacklyn is Colin’s ex-wife and the pair have two sons together.

No word on why Colin decided to kill his ex-wife and her extended family, but Colin’s roommate said that it may have something to do with money.…

FREEDOM, PA — A 9-year-old girl attending a Halloween party was shot by a relative who mistakenly thought the girl was a skunk.

New Sewickley Police Chief Ronald Leindecker said the girl was at a Halloween party Saturday wearing a black costume and a black hat with white tassel. At around 8:30 that evening, the girl strayed away from the two to three dozen guests at the home and hid on the edge of a hill near the home.

Unfortunately for her, a male relative at the party thought she was a skunk, and he really does not like skunks. The unidentified man grabbed a shotgun and fired, hitting the “skunk” in the shoulder, arm, back and neck.

She was reportedly conscious and talking as she was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where she currently remains in the intensive car unit. Leindecker says the relative hadn’t been drinking at the time of the shooting, and he doesn’t know if any charges will be filed against him.

I’m not sure how big skunks get in Pennsylvania, but where I live they never get much bigger than an average cat.…

DALLAS , TX — – According to police, a woman opened fire on a pair of burglars who had broken into her home and only one of the burglars lived to talk about it.

According to the Dallas Police Department, 47-year-old Eric Ford and 19-year-old Isaiah Phillip Williams kicked in the front door of a home owned by Charles Brown. As they charged their way upstairs, they met Brown’s 21-year-old daughter who had been sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

Before I go on, here’s a little background.  This house has been the target of burglars several times in the past. In Jan 2008, a car was stolen from the driveway, In Dec of that year, someone broke into the house and stole a CD player, diamond rings, necklaces and a digital camera.

In response to these burglaries, Brown taught his daughter how to shoot a gun and told her that it should the house alarm ever go off, be prepared. Seems as if his daughter was paying attention because when Ford and Williams met her, she was at the top of the stairs and had opened fire at them with a handgun she had armed herself with.…

New Orleans, LA — This happened last week, but it has been siting in draft for days and I am tired of looking at it. A 19-year-old LSU student has been charged with attempted murder after police say she tried to kill her mother for inheritance money.

Last week, 52-year-old Sherri Boover received a knock on her door at 4.30am. When she looked through the peephole, she was greeted by her smiling daughter, Nicole Boover. But when she opened the door, Nicole pulled out a handgun and aimed it at her. The quick thinking mother immediately slammed the door shut before Nicole fired several rounds into the door and ran off.

Uninjured, Sherri called police and informed them they could probably find Nicole at the LSU dorms where she was currently staying. Outside of the dorm, police would find Nicole’s car with 18-year-old Nathan Yuhas, a friend and classmate of Nicole’s, sitting inside it. They would find Nicole in her dorm room.

Yuhas would spill his guts pretty quickly, telling investigators that Nicole had enlisted his help in murdering her parents in order to collect a $500,000 inheritance from which he would get a $50,000 cut.…

HUNTSVILLE, TX — Police in Texas say a 10-year-old boy was at home when he shot his sister and then fatally shot himself.

Sheriff’s deputies said that sometime late Thursday, Coby Tucker walked into his 15-year-old sister’s bedroom and shot her multiple times with a small caliber handgun before turning the gun on himself. The siblings’ father was at work at the time, but their mother was downstairs and called 911 after hearing the first shots.

Coby and his sister, Ashley, were flown to the hospital were Coby was pronounced dead. Ashley underwent surgery and is currently listed in good condition. At this time, police do not have a motive. “We have not been able to talk to the girl because she was in surgery this morning,” Detective Greg Williams said. “It is still early in the investigation, and we are not sure why this happened.”

Police did say they think that Cody got the handgun from a locked gun safe in the home and that, at this time, no charges will be filed against the parents. …

Sandycreek Township, PA – Zachary James Proper has been charged with killing his paternal grandparents because he says they had called his mother a whore and were “speaking poorly about her.”  He was arraigned today as an adult.  He has reportedly admitted to committing the murders.

Apparently, Proper’s parents were worried that their son had gotten high and drunk and stolen his grandparents’ car, but I’m imagining they didn’t suspect a double-murder was in the mix.  Though Proper lived ten miles away in Oil City, he was accustomed to spending a fair amount of time with the Frosses in their home.

On Monday night, police found Dorothy Fross, 67, and George Fross, 69, dead in their house when they followed up on a well-being check requested by their son, Zachary Proper’s father.  Both had been shot.

An affidavit asserts that, on Sunday, Proper used bolt cutters to break into a gun safe in his grandparents’ home, taking a handgun.  His grandmother was home, but his grandfather was out at the store. …

St. Petersburg, FL – Donnie McLendon, 26, was taken to the hospital on Saturday morning suffering from a gunshot wound to the head he sustained during a game of Russian Roulette.

McLendon and two friends, Daniel McKee and Thomas Rady, were reportedly drinking, smoking weed, and playing Polish Russian Roulette with a 44-caliber handgun loaded with a single bullet.  A 44?  That’s playing for keeps, yo.

The victim was the third participant to take his turn.  When he pulled the trigger, statistical probability became his absolute worst enemy.

Police arrived at the scene and noted a trail of blood leading to the exterior of the home.  McKee’s girlfriend, who had been sleeping in another room at the time of the idiocy incident, told cops that McLendon had been taken to the hospital.

McKee and Rady originally told officers that an interloper had entered the house and shot McLendon in the head, dropping the weapon on his way out the door.  They probably thought better of their implausible story, however, and came clean about their friendly game of “watch your buddy commit suicide.”

McLendon remains in critical condition. …

NEW FAIRFIELD, CT —  A popular teacher in Connecticut shot a masked prowler next door to his home only to learn he had just killed his teenage son.

Sometime around 1 a.m. Thursday, Jeffrey Giuliano got a call from his sister, who lives next door, informing him that she thought someone was trying to break into her home.

Armed with a handgun, Giuliano walked over to investigate and encountered someone in his sister’s driveway wearing a ski mask and brandishing a knife. Giuliano shot and killed the masked suspect when they made a move towards him.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Giuliano sitting in the grass and the suspect’s dead body lying sprawled in the driveway. Police lifted up the mask and revealed the suspect to be Giuliano’s 15-year-old son, Tyler Giuliano. Early reports stated Giuliano had removed the mask and realized he had shot his son before police arrived, but those reports turned out to be incorrect.

“He didn’t know it was his son. … We made the identification.” State Police spokesman Lt. …

Farmington, UT – Michael Selleneit,  54, a man who allegedly shot his neighbor, 41-year-old Tony Pierce, in October 2011, has been found fit to stand trial on charges of attempted murder and illegally possessing a firearm.  Selleneit claims he acted in self-defense, and seems to be leaning toward sticking with a “not guilty” plea.

Selleneit reportedly not only believes that his wife has been “telepathically raped” by Pierce on numerous occasions, but that guitarist Eddie Van Halen sometimes visits him “in his mind” to “help him out.”  In addition, he is apparently under the impression that Pierce had been having sex parties with his wife since the 90’s, and that he controls her mind with crack cocaine.

However, the telepathic message that finally prompted Selleneit to put a bullet in Pierce’s back was “We’re having a sex party tonight. There will be cocaine. If you don’t come, I’ll kill you.”  Let it be noted that the spelling of “come” potentially changes the meaning of this threat to a significant degree.  Pierce eventually recovered from his bullet wound, but may be left with a lingering prejudice against mentally ill white trash.…

Rockland County, NY – Eugene Palmer, 74, is accused in the shooting death of his daughter-in-law, Tammy Palmer, 39, effectively ending a protracted battle that had been going on for weeks.  He disappeared soon after the shooting.  Monday’s search yielded nothing of significance, but the hunt continued yesterday.

Tammy Palmer had taken out an order of protection against her husband, John, forbidding him from entering the home where she was living with their two children; a property owned by Eugene Palmer.  This apparently sparked an intense dispute between Eugene and Tammy, who had been reportedly harassing each other for some time.

Last week, Eugene and Tammy had a fight in which Tammy went after Eugene with a log, threatening to strike him.  Eugene also is believed to have tried to punch Tammy during the altercation.

Violet Pannirello, Tammy’s mother, says she doesn’t believe her daughter ever thought that her father-in-law would attempt to kill her.

On Monday, Eugene Palmer reportedly made another appearance at the home and shot Tammy Palmer in the chest. …

Killeen, TX – Patrick Meyers, 27, a military specialist stationed at Fort Hood, reportedly shot his friend in the eye while attempting to scare away his hiccups.

Meyers and his unidentified 22-year-old friend, also a soldier, were drinking and watching football on Sunday night when the younger one came down with a case of the hiccups.  Now, we all probably know of at least five different supposed cures for the hiccups.  The one it seems Meyers attempted to employ was the “scare” method; often an effective one in my experience.

Meyers allegedly pointed a handgun at the victim, thinking it contained dummy rounds, and pulled the trigger.  It actually contained live rounds and, as we all probably know instinctively, actual bullets to the head are not only a cure for the hiccups, but also for life.

Police received a call at 10:04.  When they arrived, the victim was bleeding profusely.  He was taken to Skylark Field so he could be airlifted to Scott & White Hospital in Temple, but he died on the way. …

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL. – A teenager in Florida became so enraged that three of his friends refused to smoke synthetic marijuana that he shot all of them with a pellet gun.

Three boys told police they were hanging out at a home with 15-year-old Tybreel Bentley when Bentley started smoking that synthetic weed bullshit. When Bentley offered it to the other three boys, they all refused to partake.

When Bentley kept insisting, one of the teens smacked the joint out of Bentley’s hand. At that point, Bentley reportedly walked out of the room and returned with a pellet gun that he used to open fire on the three teens.

I’d understand getting pissed if someone knocked a tray of coke out of their hands, or purposely smashed a bong loaded with Danko’s Strain of the Week, but we’re talking about some crap you can get in a convenience store, for Cthulhu’s sake.

Regardless, for a whiny, synthetic weed smoker, Bentley was a pretty good shot — hitting the three boys nine times.…

SPANAWAY, WA — A man turned himself into police after his wife and 11-year-old daughter were found shot to death in their home.

Dean Holmes, 40, has been charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder after he walked into a police station and admitted to killing his wife, 41-year-old Kristi Holmes, and daughter, 11-year-old Violet Holmes.

After confessing, police were dispatched to his home and could see that Dean was telling the truth when they looked through the window of the master bedroom and saw the lifeless bodies of Kristi and Violet.

Dean told police that at around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, he shot Kristi as she was sleeping. He then woke up Violet and a friend of hers who had spent the night. They got into a car and Dean dropped off Violet’s friend at her house. He then drove around with Violet for a bit before pulling over and shooting her as she slept in the backseat. Then, with his dead daughter still in the backseat, he went to McDonald’s to get some food because, you know, nothing gets you hankerin’ for an Egg McMuffin like a bit of familicide.…

Oregon City, OR – I love cats, mainly because they can be really vindictive bastards sometimes.  Unlike the lion’s share of dogs (nudge nudge), cats almost invariably require you to earn their affections over long periods before gracing you with their acceptance.  They’re distrustful predators who will bite the ones they love at the slightest provocation too.  In short, they’re awesome.

Lisa Nunes, 54, former Oregon City police lieutenant, learned these facts in spades on June 23rd when her husband, Thomas, 61, upset with his wife’s apparent sexting with a younger male, conferred with his feline friends about what to do.  As it turns out, they apparently told him to get a gun and fire it a foot from his wife’s head while she slept.  See?  I told you they were a-holes.

Just in case you’re thinking that the marital troubles between the Nunes was a new development at the time of the shooting, let’s rewind the clock to 1995, when Mr. Nunes decided, after a day of heavy drinking, to grab several of his wife’s handguns and a bullet-resistant vest for a bit of random shooting. …

Phoenix, AZ – Rebekah Mellon, 31, was arrested on July 31st in the shooting death of her husband, 46-year-old Donald Mellon Jr.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and now reports indicate that there is actual video of the murder taking place.  She is currently facing first-degree murder charges with bond set at $1 million, $1 million less than what prosecutors were suggesting.

There are a great number of things we don’t know about the relationship between Rebekah Mellon and her husband.  What we do know is that they are no strangers to domestic violence, although their previous incidents never resulted in any arrests.  Court documents also indicate that there is evidence that Ms. Mellon is an alcoholic.

Police responding to a 911 call of a domestic disturbance reportedly had to kick the door of the Mellon residence in to obtain entry at around 10 PM on the night of the shooting.  When they entered the house, they say they found Ms. Mellon sitting on the couch with a handgun beside her, wedged between the cushions. …