Jason Brown Accused Of Adopting Dogs, Dismembering Them In Motel RoomMan Accused Of Forcing Child To Ingest MethElizabeth Johnson, Mother Of Missing Baby Gabriel, A Free WomanToothless Man Accused Of Gumming Roommate After She Refused To Clean His EarLittle Shit Causes Rollover Accident After Pointing Airsoft Gun Out Car Window  Parents Claim Son Committed Suicide After Masturbation Video Went ViralWoman Critically Injured After Teens Throw Rock From OverpassMan Sentenced For Beating Toddler To Death While Trying To Turn Her GayTerry Davis Accused Of Molesting Female Rottweiler PuppyTwo Men Convicted For Murdering Friend With Speedboat Over Argument About Cigarettes And Beer

Man Charged With Murder After Intentionally Running Over Pregnant Woman DOUGLASVILLE, GA – Police have charged 23-year-old Dewey Green with murder after they say he intentionally ran over a pregnant woman.

Police say 53-year-old Janice Pitts was in her Lincoln Navigator with her daughter and grandson when Green repeatedly hit her from behind with his truck while she was sitting at a traffic light.

When Pitts got out to check the damage, Green rammed his truck into her and pinned her body between their two vehicles. Pitts’ daughter, Iesha Davis, says she got out and tried to get Green to back his truck up.

“I’m banging on the window, ‘Please, you’re crushing my mom, you’re crushing my mom. Please, you’re crushing my mom. He wouldn’t look at me, He kept his face straight and kept his foot down on the gas,’” said Davis.

When Green finally backed up, Pitts fell to the road and Green ran over her crushed body as he drove over the median, went across a grassy knoll and ended up sideways across a road where witnesses were able to stop him.…

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Alleged Drunk Hit Cyclist, Drove Home With Victim Wedged Between Spoiler And WindowFort Lauderdale, FL – Axel Esteban Inostroza, 27, is in custody after allegedly hitting 53-year-old cyclist Craig Camlin, and driving away with the victim still stuck to his vehicle.

Early Monday morning, Camlin went on what he thought would be a nice bike ride, only to be hit from behind by a vehicle matching the description of Inostroza’s black Ford Mustang. After impact, police say, Camlin hit the front windshield, rolled over the roof of the car, and landed onto the back windshield where he was wedged between the window and the spoiler.

Inostroza is said to have then driven for another two miles before dumping the injured man in a wooded area behind a dumpster. After that, he did what every normal person does after an accident — he went home and took a nap.

A few hours later, a landscaping crew found the man clinging to life. 911 was called and Camlin was taken to the hospital. His body temperature was so low when they got to him that if he hadn’t been found when he was, it’s likely he wouldn’t have survived.…

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Man Kidnapped, Ran Over Teen After She Refused To Have SexUMATILLA, FL – Florida police say a man kidnapped a 14-year-old girl, strangled her and drove over her with his SUV after she refused to have sex with him for money.

According to police, Adrian Mendez became angry when the teen refused his $200 offer for sex. Not taking no for an answer, Mendez pulled the teen into his Ford Explorer by her hair, then strangled her until she lost consciousness.

About 90 minutes later, someone watched as Mendez intentionally backed over the girl with his vehicle and then sped forward, spinning the tires on her body.

“He was on top of her with the vehicle.  And I started screaming at him. He backed up, he literally backed up and hit her again and he went to take off because he heard us screaming at him,” said Shane Green, who had been outside barbecuing. “He hit his brakes and was spinning his tires on top of that little girl.”

When police arrived on the scene, they found the girl on the side of the road. …

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Questions Surround Suspicious Death Of Teen Found Dead In Middle Of RoadPAYSON, UT – Police have few clues regarding the death of Nathan Tyler Haun, the 17-year-old found dead in the middle of the road after a fight at a party.

Haun’s body was found by a motorist around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, lying in the middle of Arrowhead Trail between Salem and Payson. An autopsy would later reveal Haun died as a result of being hit by a car.

“There was a significant amount of trauma that was very extensive from head to toe,” Sgt. Spencer Cannon with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department said. “There was no chance of survival.”

Haun was last seen at a house party Friday night, but the group of teens are keeping their mouths shut and their parents have already hired attorneys. Investigators believe these teens know what lead to Hauns death, but are trying to stay out of trouble, possibly because of underage drinking.

“They’re not only not cooperating with us, they’re being very uncooperative, so what we’re really not getting the detail we need from the people we think know what happened,” said Cannon.…

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Disabled Man Killed After Group Of Teens Push Him Into Path Of VehicleDallas, TX – Two 14-year-olds have been arrested in connection to the murder of 61-year-old Sam Morris, a disabled man who was pushed into the path of a hit-and-run driver.

Detectives told Sam’s brother that Sam was attacked Saturday night by a group of teens as he walked home from a convenience store.  The 61-year-old had diabetes and a limp, making an easy target for the teens who tried to rob him.

Sam tried fighting back by swinging his grocery bag at his attackers but got hit in the head and then killed by a hit-and-run driver after the teens pushed him into the street. Police found Sam unconscious in the road, but he died of his injuries on the way to hospital.

Police say they have arrested two 14-year-olds and are still looking for a 13-year-old and another 14-year-old. People who live in the are say the neighborhood is usually safe, but that teens roaming the streets at night have become a problem. Sam’s brother said the teens regularly harass the elderly in the neighborhood.…

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Alleged Drunk Runs Man Down, Calls 911 To Report Damage To CarPhoenix, AZ – A 24-year-old Phoenix woman was taken into custody Sunday after she allegedly mowed a pedestrian down, then called police to report that an “unknown suspect” had damaged her car.

According to police, a 51-year-old man had been walking mid-block in the curb lane when Kristen Suggs plowed into him. Suggs then apparently fled the scene and called 911 to report that an “unknown suspect” threw an “unknown object” at her car, causing extensive damage.

By that time, medical personnel had responded to the scene of the “accident” and pronounced the man dead. His name has not yet been released.

When officers arrived to take Suggs’ report on the damage to her vehicle, they determined the damage was consistent with a recent vehicle/pedestrian collision, and she was placed under arrest.

Suggs was booked into jail and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Police have reason to believe she was intoxicated at the time of the collision and DUI charges are pending.

I see a meme in this woman’s future.…

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Jamie Frecks Was Killed After Falling Out Of Bachelorette Party Bus On I 35KANSAS CITY, KS - On the same night five women burned to death inside a limo while celebrating a bachelorette party in California, Jamie Frecks died after falling out of a party bus while celebrating a bachelorette party in Kansas.

Frecks and 15 girlfriends were riding in the Midnight Express Party Bus when Frecks somehow fell out the emergency door and landed on I-35. Three vehicles then hit Fecks, two of which drove away from the scene. The 26-year-old, who just gave birth to her daughter six weeks ago, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A passenger in the second car that struck Frecks said there just wasn’t enough time to avoid hitting Frecks’ body. Highway patrol are investigating how the vehicle’s emergency door opened, and are also looking for the drivers of the two vehicles that hit Frecks but drove off. If you have any information about the two drivers who left, call them or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

Frecks’ friends and family are holding a fundraiser on Wednesday in Loose Park.…

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Mahmoud Arabi Dies After Being Struck By Hit And Run DriverOrlando, FL - One of our readers has a relative who knew 22-year-old Mahmoud Arabi and asked if we would help get the word out about his death.

Mahmoud Arabi was killed after being struck by a hit-and-run driver as he crossed an Orlando intersection early Monday morning. Arabi was from Australia and taking part in the Disney exchange program, a program that allows young students from around the world to get on-the-job experience at Disney theme parks.

“The victim was crossing with two other people and unfortunately they were crossing against the light,” said Sergeant Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Arabi was wearing his Disney uniform when he was struck by the car and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but died on Wednesday shortly after his mother arrived from Australia.

Knowing my luck, had I been the one that got hit, I would’ve died in Florida dressed as fucking Goofy.

Even though it wasn’t necessarily the driver’s fault, and the driver had the green light at the time of impact, they chose to flee the scene after the accident.…

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Girl, 13, Accused Of Killing Bicyclist While Drag Racing In Stolen CarMilwaukee, WI – Police have arrested a 13-year-old girl who they say was behind the wheel of the stolen car that struck and killed a bicyclist earlier this month. If you are to believe some of the witness statements, this girl joins the gang of the more callous, apathetic juveniles we have featured on this site in the past.

The girl had been out with friends stealing cars throughout the night when, at around 6:35 a.m, she and another girl where in a stolen Dodge Neon drag racing with two males in a stolen Chrysler minivan. The girl ended up hitting and killing 57-year-old Ronald Forbes, who had been riding his bicycle to work as he did every day.

Witnesses say that after the crash, the two girls got of the Neon and jumped into the minivan with the two boys before fleeing the scene. Using fingerprints obtained from the Neon and the minivan later found abandoned, they were able to track down the 13-year-old driver who hit Forbes. She was with other girls in yet another stolen car.…

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Man Dies In Crash After Running Over His Wife

July 11, 2012 at 10:25 am by  

Man Dies In Crash After Running Over His WifeHESPERIA, CA – A man in California died in a car crash shortly after running over his wife.

Police say 34-year-old Kenneth Amaya Jr. and his wife were arguing outside of their GMC Yukon after pulling over to the side of the road. Moments later, Amaya jumped back into the SUV and drove away, running over his wife in the process.

She was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition with extensive injuries but was able to tell police who had run her over. Police believed Amaya had attempted to kill his wife and immediately began searching for him.

They didn’t have to search for too long, and he didn’t put up much of a fight, as he was found dead off of Interstate 15.

The California Highway Patrol says Amaya was speeding down the interstate when he lost control of the vehicle. He veered to the right and crashed into a metal guardrail. Amaya was not wearing a seat belt so his passenger, Karma, had no problems booting his ass out of the SUV as it continued through the barrier and went rolling down a steep embankment.…

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Woman Accused Killing Her Boyfriend With A Honda AccordTUXEDO, NC – Police have charged 24-year-old Morgan Bishop with murder after police say she intentionally ran down her boyfriend with her Honda Accord.

Police were dispatched to U.S. 176 in East Flat Rock Friday night after a call was made to 911 regarding the body of a man found on the side of the road. Police were able to identify the man as 45-year-old Roger Moody and concluded he had been a victim of a hit-and-run.

When investigators went to his home to notify his next of kin, they found Bishop there along with the Honda Accord she had been driving earlier that night. Police examined the vehicle and were able to determine it had been the one that struck and killed Moody. After questioning Bishop, they arrested her and charged her with murdering Moody.

The couple have a history of domestic issues throughout their two year relationship with both calling 911 on each other in the past. On the day Moody was killed, the couple had gotten into yet another fight that had Moody leaving the residence on foot.…

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Teen Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Driving Into CrowdSt. Petersburg, FL — A teenager in Florida is facing murder charges after being accused of intentionally driving her car into a crowd of people.

According to reports, 18-year-old Shatavia Hall and her sister were involved in an outdoors fight with several other people.

After the fight broke up, police say that Hall and her sister got into a Pontiac Grand Am which Hall drove over a curb and into a yard and toward a group of at least five people who had remained after the fight.

Some were able to jump out of the way, but three others were not as lucky and were struck by Hall. Othel Dawson, 70, was hit along with his 13-year-old grandson who was flipped over the vehicle. Another child was also hit, but no one suffered any serious injuries.

Witnesses say Hall could be heard laughing as she drove away from the scene. Police would arrest her an hour later at her home. She has been charged with three counts of attempted murder.…

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Bus Driver, Teen Honored For Stopping Hit And Run DriverBethlehem, PA - After an unnamed 17-year-old driver hit a bicyclist and attempted to flee, his quick apprehension by a city bus driver and another motorist was caught on tape.

Bicyclist Frank Pavlick, 50, was hit Monday afternoon by the teen driver while riding in the northbound lanes of the Fahy Bridge.

“The … guy didn’t even try to pass me,” Pavlick said. “It was an explosion, literally. The tire exploded, the rim exploded.”

Video shows that immediately after the impact, the car driver sped off. Up ahead was a LANTA municipal bus. The bus driver, seeing the accident behind him, maneuvered his vehicle to stop the fleeing driver. A second driver then boxed him in from behind after checking to see if Pavlick was ok.

Bus Driver, Teen Honored For Stopping Hit And Run Driver

Bethlehem Police Commissioner Jason Schiffer and Mayor John Callahan honored the two men responsible for detaining the hit-and-run driver. Those men, Richard Gubish Jr., 43, and Jud Smull, 17, were commended for their quick thinking. Pavlick, the rider, expressed his gratitude to both men.…

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Drunk Driver In Fatal Hit And Run Was Twice Legal LimitChicago, IL - Police say a drunk driver was twice the legal limit when she struck and killed a man walking in a crosswalk early Saturday morning.

Bianca Garcia, 21, was intoxicated while speeding in a Jeep Liberty about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Witnesses say they watched as Garcia lost control of the vehicle and struck 32-year-old Jesse Bradley in a crosswalk. Instead of stopping and helping the man, the drunken moron drove away. She was stopped a few blocks away after turning the wrong way on a one-way street.

Garcia refused to take field sobriety tests but admitted to police she’d been drinking in at least three bars before the accident. After being taken to the hospital it was determined she had a blood alcohol content of .168, more than double the legal limit.

While Bianca Garcia was refusing field sobriety tests, Bradley, a law student currently on leave from Northwestern University, was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Garcia was charged with aggravated DUI resulting in death, DUI and reckless driving, ticketed for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and not having a driver’s license or insurance.…

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Officer Cleared After Taser Shot Leads To Womans ComaPinellas Park, FL – By anyone’s standards, 20-year-old Danielle Maudsley’s day was already off to a bad start. An earlier chain of events had led to her being handcuffed and sitting in a detention room in a Florida Highway Patrol substation. Maudsley (pictured) was a suspect in two hit-and-run crashes and reportedly had drugs in her system. Her arresting officer, Trooper Daniel Cole, was sitting nearby busy completing paperwork.

Maudsley’s day became infinitely more complicated when she made a run for it. She got out the door and into the parking lot. It was then that Cole – only a few steps behind – leveled his Taser on Maudsley’s back and fired. In a single motion, Maudsley would spin around, fall, and strike her head squarely on the asphault.

Oddly and conveniently, dashcam video from a nearby cruiser recorded the incident. Maudsley is seen on the video recording clutching her head and struggled to rise.

She then reportedly said “I can’t get up.” Those would be her final words. Maudsley has been in a vegetative state ever since.…

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Actress Zina Bethune Killed While Helping Injured PossumGRIFFITH PARK, CA – This sad story goes out to a group of people in Finland who are reading the site when they should be working.

Actress and dancer Zina Feeley was killed the other day while trying to help an injured possum.

Feeley was just days away from her 67 birthday when she tried to help the animal shortly after midnight Sunday. Police say she Feely was driving when she saw the animal in the road and stopped to give assistance. As she was walking towards the animal, she was struck by a car.

The impact threw Feeley into the opposite lane where she was struck by a second vehicle and drug underneath the car for over 600 feet. She was then struck by a third vehicle. The drivers of the first two vehicles that hit Feely stayed at the scene, the third one did not.

Paramedics pronounced Feely dead at the scene and police would like to talk to the motorists who fled, described as driving a white car.…

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Woman Hits Boy With Car, Tosses Christian Booklet, Leaves SceneHouston, TX – Aida Hillen, 58, has been arrested after police say she hit a high school student with her car, tossed a religious pamphlet out of her window and drove off.

The incident happened October 14 around 5PM. Police say Hillen was driving near Milby High School when she struck a student. The student told police he was knocked to the ground by Hillen’s car. He reportedly told police that Hillen stopped, rolled down her window and asked if he was “okay.”

But when he said “no,” the student said Hillen tossed a Christian booklet at him and left the scene.

Another student who witnessed this reportedly ran after the car trying to flag Hillen down, but Hillen just waved “bye” at him and kept driving. That person wrote her license plate number down on his arm and called 911. The victim was treated and released, but a few days later had to go to the emergency room with chest pains – reportedly for bruised ribs.

Investigators said the student identified Hillen in a photo array that included her driver’s license picture.…

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Good Samaritan Killed In McDonald’s Parking Lot

December 2, 2011 at 2:56 pm by  

Good Samaritan Killed In McDonalds Parking LotFAIRFIELD, CA - In an effort to make Jason Adam’s day go a bit better, I’m skipping the story about the man jacking off to child porn in a public library and posting one that belongs in the “no good deed goes unpunished” department.

A man was killed in a McDonald’s parking lot yesterday morning while trying to help a man jump start a dead battery.

Yesterday, 70-year-old Rudy Gonzales was trying to do the right thing by helping a homeless man whose RV had died in the fast-food restaurant’s parking lot. But for reasons that have not been explained, the RV lurched forward and hit Gonzales, killing him.

Then, in a real dick move, the driver of the RV drove away leaving the poor guy laying in the parking lot. Police would locate the RV a short while later and arrest the driver, 52-year-old Michael Wilbert, on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run.

Police have not determined if this was an intentional act on Wilbert’s part or simply a terrible response to an accident, but they did say alcohol was not a factor.…

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Woman Calls Police On Boyfriend; Boyfriend Implicates Her In Hit And Run DeathPalm Harbor, FL - On Monday night, Heather Lynn Mayo called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to have deputies remove her boyfriend from their apartment. Robert Worden, 34, had reportedly just gotten out of the county jail after serving 40 days for obtaining property with a worthless check. Mayo said she was scared of him. Worden said he just wanted to see his 7-year-old daughter.

According to police, Worden agreed to leave. While walking out with the deputies, he pointed to a damaged Ford pick-up truck in the apartment complex parking lot and said he had a story to tell them.

Worden told deputies that – on February 4 – Mayo borrowed the pick-up belonging to a neighbor to make a marijuana run. Worden said that Mayo then texted him that she had struck a deer. Worden added that, a few weeks later, Mayo ‘broke down’ and told him that she had actually hit a person and that Mayo ‘knew the person was dead.’ She did not stop.

According to police, the person Mayo hit was Jeannie Fisher, 50.…

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Woman Flees Hit And Run With Jump From Bridge   Oops... No WaterPhiladelphia, PA – An unidentified woman’s effort to flee from a minor traffic accident fell flat when her 70 foot jump from a city bridge was broken only by her bones. Note to self: Get a better map of Philly.

Emergency response personnel were first called last Thursday morning with reports of a woman driving a Mercury Mountaineer hitting an Acura who then took off. The Acura driver, Steve Iacona, followed the woman. According to reports, he was eventually able to block her vehicle with his near the City Avenue Bridge.

“I told her to get out of the car. I was on the phone with 911 at that point. She goes, ‘Oh sorry,’ grabs her bag and starts huffing it to the bridge and took a nice little swan dive.” said Icona.

Other witnesses confirmed that the woman jumped 70 feet down to the railroad tracks below.

Traffic on the bridge was blocked for about an hour while firefighters raise her battered body using ropes and a bodyboard.  Police said she is expected to survive.…

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