Mason Zisette Dies After Being Struck By Overpass While On Top Of Party BusHomeless Woman Dies After Driver Parks Car On Top Of HerTaco Bell Employee Accused Of Shooting Dissatisfied Customer With BB GunLittle Shit Causes Rollover Accident After Pointing Airsoft Gun Out Car Window  Matthew Durham Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children At Kenyan OrphanageMan Left Kids In Hot Car To Have Sex With Woman Behind ApartmentJoy McCall Gets 10 Years In Prison For Having Sex With 12-Year-Old BoyJason Brown Accused Of Adopting Dogs, Dismembering Them In Motel RoomTwo Men Convicted For Murdering Friend With Speedboat Over Argument About Cigarettes And BeerMan Accused Of Forcing Child To Ingest Meth

Toddler Drowns In Pool While Party goers Sing Happy Birthday To Another ChildCOLUMBUS, OH – While guests at a one-year-old’s birthday party sang Happy Birthday to You, 4-year-old Sinaia Moore drowned in the pool.

The party took place Saturday evening at a home where 75 to 100 people were in attendance. Investigators say Moore had been swimming in the in-ground pool while wearing a float vest.

Her family members say they thought the girl went inside or to play on the trampoline after getting out of the pool, but she’d actually gotten back into the pool without wearing any safety gear.

After a crowd of people sang happy birthday to the one-year-old, someone noticed Moore at the bottom of the pool in around 4 feet of water. She was unresponsive when she was pulled from the water and CPR was immediately administered.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. The girl was rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she would be pronounced dead a short time later.

No charges are expected to be filed as police deem the girl’s death nothing more than a tragic accident.…

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Teen Drowns After Being Tied To Shopping Cart And Pushed Into LakeBARTOW COUNTY, GA – Authorities say 18-year-old Chance Werner drowned while playing a shopping cart game at Lake Allatoona.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says that Werner and some friends were playing a game at Holiday Harbor Marina Saturday night that involved being pushed off a dock while riding inside a shopping cart.

Normally, the cart is tied to a pole so the rider would “pop” out of the cart as it was forcefully pushed off the dock and the person would simply swim back to the dock. But when Werner took his turn, he opted to have the cart tied to his belt loop instead.

Sadly, things didn’t go quite as planned. The weight of the cart ended up pulling the teen 30 feet below the surface of the lake and he was unable to break free. I did a little checking, and it turns out that an average shopping cart weighs around 30 pounds.

Rescue teams wouldn’t recover Werner’s body until three hours later. When found, he was still tied to the cart.…

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Two Dead After Man Tries Retrieving Cell Phone From Icy Chicago RiverChicago, IL – Two people are dead and one is injured after one man tried retrieving a dropped cell phone and they all ended up falling through the ice of the Chicago River.

Shortly after midnight, 26-year-old Ken Hoang of dropped his cell phone as he and two friends walked along Water Street near McClurg Court. The phone ended up in the partially frozen Chicago River and Hoang jumped a fence in an attempt to retrieve it.

He ended up falling through the ice and his two friends, 23-year-old Quoc-Viet Phan Hoang and 21-year-old Lauren Li, ended up in the river with him when they both tried to help him. Witnesses called police after they heard one of the two men yelling for help.

“My friend said he heard a yell [for] help, you know. At first I didn’t believe it, so we still kept walking this way to keep sightseeing. As we got closer, he heard it again and I heard it again, too. And as we got closer, we yelled out, ‘Where you at?’” witness Luis said.…

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Father And Son Drown While Testing Out Christmas Diving GearTAMPA, FL – A father and his teenage son drowned on Christmas day while doing some cave diving with some new diving gear they had received as presents.

Deputies got a call from 35-year-old Darrin Spivey’s fiancee at around 3 p.m. after he and his 15-year-old son, Dillon Sanchez, did not return home from a cave dive as scheduled.

Spivey and his son had went out to the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Refuge earlier that morning to test out some new diving equipment inside an underwater cave known as the Eagle’s Nest Sink – an underwater cave that can reach depths of 300-feet.

She ended up driving out to the location and called police when she found Spivey’s car still in the parking lot but could find no sign of the pair, and Spivey would not answer his cell phone. A hunter told police he’d seen the pair suiting up to dive at around 11 a.m., but did not see them at anytime afterwards.

Divers went into the cave to search for the father and son,  and found their bodies in the main cavern area.…

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Robbery Suspect Runs From Police, Drowns In Pond

August 20, 2013 at 9:18 am by  

Robbery Suspect Runs From Police, Drowns In PondOHIO - Police got to do a little fishing while on duty after a suspected burglar tried eluding police and ended up drowning in a pond.

At around 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning, a residence in the 9000 block of Swigert Road called police to report a possible theft in progress. They said a suspicious man was in the area loading items into the back of a pickup truck.

When police got to the location, they spotted the truck fleeing the scene. Police gave chase and followed the truck as it drove into a nearby field. When the truck got stuck the driver, 26-year-old Jeffrey Felix, ran from the vehicle and toward a pond.

While searching for Felix, police heard someone yelling from the pond and spotted him in the middle of the pond struggling to stay above water. Before officers could help him, Felix disappeared under the water where he breathed in a fatal dose of karma.

A few hours later, the Hamilton County Task Force One dive team would pull Felix’s body from the pond while officers pulled stolen property from inside his vehicle.…

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Woman Accused Of Being On Facebook While Toddler Drowned A Few Feet AwayDallas, TX – A woman has been arrested after police say she was on Facebook while her best friend’s 3-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool a few feet away.

According to the affidavit, 37-year-old Kariasa Thomas took her friend’s four children – ages 7, 6, 5 and 3 years old – to the swimming pool at her apartment complex along with her 16-year-old daughter and legally blind husband.

They arrived at the pool at 7pm, after it had already closed, but decided to stay because other people were still swimming in the pool. Although she was aware 3-year-old Kanyce Giddings could not swim and was not equipped with a flotation device, she allowed the girl to stand on the steps with her feet in the water.

Thomas then put her ass in a reclining chair a few feet away and decided to use her phone to log onto Facebook for 15 minutes instead of watching the girl. She also admitted to playing with her pit bull, Sugar.

A couple hours later, an off-duty police officer working as a security guard came to tell everyone the pool was closed and it was time to get out.…

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Boy, 8, Dies After Falling Into Washing MachineLOS ANGELES, CA — The 8-year-old boy who was found unconscious inside a filled washing machine last week has died.

The boy had been in the hospital since August 1, the day his father found him inside their home, head-first inside their top-loading washing machine.

The boy’s father told investigators that his wife was shopping and he’d been outside working in the yard when he went inside to check on his son. Inside the laundry room he saw his son’s feet and legs sticking out of the washing machine, his face submerged in water.

When paramedics arrived at the home, they found the boy on the ground next to a washing machine with his father at his side attempting to revive him. The unidentified boy was taken to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on Sunday.

Police are calling the death a tragic accident, but if any criminal charges are filed, it won’t be until after their investigation is complete. “We have taken the washer as evidence. We’re gonna process it forensically and make sure it was working properly,” Lt.…

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Two Women Rescued From Mountain Drown Minutes Later After Driving Into OceanROQUE BLUFFS, ME - Two women got lost in Roque Bluff State Park where rescued by an off-duty firefighter only to drown minutes later when they accidentally drove their car into the ocean.

Melissa Moyer, 38, was in Maine from Pennsylvania to visit long-time friend, 37-year-old  Amy Stiner, who was five months pregnant. The two decided to go hiking at Roque Bluff State Park but ended up getting lost during a heavy storm.

It was getting dark, so Moyer called for help. The women were found by nearby landowner and member of Sunrise Search & Rescue, Wayne Hansom, who gave them rides back to his house on his ATV. Once there, a warden picked them up and dropped them off at their vehicle in the state park’s parking lot.

But what could have been one of those stories the women laughed about with friends turned disastrous when Stiner made a wrong turn. Police say heavy fog may have contributed to Stiner accidentally driving down a boat ramp and into the ocean.…

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Desiree Gillard Charged After Her Son Drowns Neighbors Dog In Hot TubSPRING, TX – The mother of an 11-year-old boy has been charged with child abandonment after she left her son home alone and he decided to kill some time by choking and drowning a neighbor’s dog.

On May 26, the dog’s owner noticed her dog was not in the yard and checked out her surveillance camera footage to see what may have happened. Video captured her neighbor’s son sneaking into her yard and snatching her dog, so she called police. When they arrived at the boy’s home, they found he was there alone. home alone.

The boy told them that his mother had been gone since earlier that morning and eventually confessed he’d taken the small dog, choked it unconscious and then drowned it in a hot tub at a nearby vacant house. He led police to the dead dog’s body and returned the corpse back to the extremely distraught owner.

Police called his mother several times before finally reaching her. Once they made contact, they informed her they were waiting for her at her home.…

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Johnna Green Accused Of Trying To Drown Her Two DaughtersKANSAS CITY, KS – Police have arrested 23-year-old Johnna Green after they say she tried to drown her two young children in a bathtub.

Emergency responders were called out to Green’s home on Tuesday where they found the woman’s two daughters, ages 1 and 4, unresponsive and not breathing.

They were rushed to  University of Kansas Medical Center where both were revived but are still critical condition and under police protective custody.

On Thursday, police arrested Johnna Green and charged her with two counts of attempted murder after they say she “held J.T. underwater until she was unresponsive,” then did the same to J.G., according to court documents. Green then called 911.

She’s being held in lieu of $1 million bail and scheduled to make a court appearance this afternoon. Her children are now in the custody of the state.

Police said that Green was not on their radar before Tuesday, and that there are no prior incidents regarding Green and her two children.

“As a mother who I witnessed to be so good to her daughters, you can only imagine that she was in a dark place,” neighbor Carrie Groves said.…

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Stephanie Shields Drowned Her Kids Then Killed Self After Husband Moved OutST. PAUL, MN — Autopsy results reveal 35-year-old Stephanie Shields drowned her two children, 7-year-old Nolan and 6-year-old Josephine, before killing herself.

A family member called 911 on Easter morning to report they had found Shields and her two children dead inside their home.

Shields’s husband, National Guard member Sergeant 1st Class Mark Shields, is the father of both kids and had just recently moved out of the home.

Both children attended Zimmerman Elementary School where Principal Susan Johnston said “Josephine Shields and her brother Nolan were part of our Zimmerman Elementary School family and we are deeply saddened.”

I know there is a likelihood that Shield suffers from some kind of mental illness, as normal people just do not up and drown their kids. But whenever I hear about cases like this, I’ve always felt it was an act of vindictive spite, not an act derived from a mental breakdown.

Admittedly, my opinion is based off of ignorance as I know absolutely nothing about this woman aside from her recent actions.…

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Axel Charrette, 2, Drowned By Teen Babysitters Drug Crazed BoyfriendMexico City - Two-year-old Axel Charrette was killed in Sayulita, Mexico while on vacation with his family at a vacation home they were renting, and now his 16-year-old babysitter and her boyfriend have been charged with his murder.

In a statement released to The Watch, Jen and Randy Charrette stated they had hired a 16-year-old girl to help around their vacation home. On February 28, the girl was babysitting their two boys when she let her 17-year-old inside the home.

Realizing that her boyfriend was in a violent, drug-crazed state, she locked herself in a bathroom and left Axel outside the home and his older brother in another part of the house. For reasons unknown at this time, the boyfriend hurt Axel and then tossed him into a pool where he drowned.

They go on to say that the teen and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with murder in Mexico City. They were also told by a source in the US State Department that the case is ‘Mexico’s number one priority right now.’

The Charrettes concluded the statement with, “There are no words to express our grief – but we wanted you to know what happened because the truth, as horrible as it may be, is important.…

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Tired Of Caring For Autistic Son, Mother Admits Drowning Him In BathtubSAN DIEGO, CA –  A mother in California admitted to investigators that she drowned her 4-year-old autistic son in the bathtub because she was tired of taking care of him.

Back in March, 36-year-old Patricia Corby drove to a police substation and confessed to drowning her son, Daniel. Police would find her son wrapped in a blanket in the backseat of her SUV.  Efforts were made to revive Daniel, who was diagnosed with a high likelihood for autism, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Corby was arrested and charged with murder and assault on a child.

She would later tell Walter Escobar, an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office, that she drowned her son because she had no life due to her whole existence being dedicated to Daniel. She had initially thought of drowning herself, but didn’t want leave Daniel behind. So she filled a bathtub with a few inches of water, placed Daniel inside, then held him down until he died.

She said she tried to follow through with her original plan of drowning herself, but was unable to do so.…

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Man Tried Drowning Wife In Dog’s Water Bowl During Fight Over Pizza ORANGE CITY, FL – Richard Watson has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to drown his wife in a dog’s water bowl after arguing about an under cooked pizza.

It happened Wednesday night as Richard and his wife, Debra, settled in with two frozen pizzas and began watching the 12-12-12 charity event on television.

After realizing his pizza was still raw, Richard threw a tantrum then threw his plate of food at the front door. In response, Debra threw her plate of food as well. This enraged Richard, so he tackled Debra to the ground and then held her head in a dog’s water bowl that contained three inches of water.

Debra said she wasn’t sure if he was using his hands or his knee to hold her head in place, but she’s positive she heard him say he was going to kill her. After managing to break free, Debra said Richard began strangling her in the living room by the front door.

“She felt her life was going to end,” said Orange City Cmdr.…

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Couple Drown And Their Teen Son Missing After Trying To Save Dog  Big Lagoon, CA – A couple have drowned and their 16-year-old son is missing after all three went into the ocean to try and save the family dog.

The family were at Big Lagoon beach Saturday afternoon when their dog got stuck in the ocean after chasing a thrown stick. The teen out went into the eight to ten foot waves in order to rescue the dog, followed by the teen’s father.

The teen was able to make it back to the beach on his own, but once out of the water he realized his father was still stuck out in the ocean. This prompted him and his mother to go back out into the water to help him, leading to all three to getting swept out.

While this was happening, the couple’s daughter called 911. A park ranger made it to the beach after running 1/2 a mile to get there because his vehicle was unable to navigate the terrain. He was not able to go out and help the family because of the high surf.…

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New Bride Drowns While Posing for Trash the Dress PicturesRAWDON, Quebec – A new bride was swept into a river and drowned while posing for pictures in her wedding dress.

Last week, 30-year-old Maria Pantazopoulos drowned while posing for “Trash the Dress” wedding pictures in the Ouareau River. When the subject of marriage ever comes up, I always suffer from a reaction akin to a vampire exposed to sunlight, so I was not aware of the “Trash the Dress” phenomena some recently married women partake in.

For those of you unaware, “Trash the Dress” is a a style of wedding photography that details a bride destroying her wedding dress instead of letting it rot in a closet while she slowly destroys a man’s soul. New bride’s will wear their dress one last time while on a beach, garbage dumps, fields, or abandoned buildings. A simple Google search pulls up tons of such images.

In the case of Pantazopoulos, the photographer she hired suggested a shoot at the Ouareau River. One account states she was standing on a rocky area in about a foot of water when her dress became so heavy from getting wet that she was pulled off the rocks and into the river.…

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Girl, 3, Drowns In Hot Tub During Birthday PartyLAGUNA HILLS, CA – A 3-year-old girl drowned in a hot tub while attending a birthday party.

Ellison Susman was with her mother and younger sister attending an 11-year-old’s birthday party Saturday night at the Alicia Plaza Apartments. Ellison’s mother says she lost track of her for about 15 minutes while she breastfed her 2-month-old daughter. When she was finished and realized she didn’t see Ellison, she began asking some of the 60 people there if they knew where she was.

Ellison would be found close by, at the bottom of the hot tub next to the swimming pool. Ellison had been wearing a life vest, but looked as if she had removed it before somehow winding up in the hot tub. The vest was found later on the deck of the pool. Paramedics performed CPR on Ellison before taking her to Kaiser in Irvine and then later to Children’s Hospital of Orange County, where she died on Monday.

Ellison’s father offered parents a word of warning that I thought was pretty obvious to begin with.…

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Cops In China Save Sex Doll Saved From DrowningShandong, China – Giving new meaning to the phrase “rode hard and put away wet,” eighteen of China’s finest came to the aid of a woman who’d reportedly submerged into one of the province’s rivers–only to find that the  “damsel in distress” was a female sex doll.

The crew had worked frantically for nearly an hour to rescue the “woman” after police responded to a call of a female possibly drowning in the river.  After realizing they had just rescued someone’s blow-up lover, they held it up to the crowd of approximately 1,000 who had gathered to watch the rescue efforts who shielded their children’s eyes and dispersed.

No telling how the sex doll got in the river in the first place, but the Times of India reports that Shandong is a large producer of sex toys and supplies them across the globe.

This is the second story out of China in about a month detailing a sex toy being mistaken for something else. I don’t know if you caught it or not, but one Chinese television station sent out a young female reporter, Ye Yunfeng, to a remote village where a strange mushroom had been discovered.…

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Man Charged With Raping, Murdering Sierra Newbold Made First Court AppearanceSALT LAKE CITY, UT –  Terry Lee Black, the 41-year-old man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering 6-year-old Sierra Newbold, made his first court appearance today.

For those of you who missed the story, Sierra was reported missing by her mother on the morning of June 26 after she woke up to find that her daughter was not in the house. Thirty minutes later, the little girl was found dead, floating face down in a nearby canal.

Autopsy reports would show that Sierra died from drowning, but that she had also been raped, strangled and beaten.

A video camera mounted on Newbold’s home captured a man entering through a sliding glass door at around 3:00 a.m. and leave moments later carrying something. Police would also find Sierra’s pink pajama bottoms and underwear in a burnt out field a short distance from Sierra’s home.

Three days later, Black was arrested shortly after robbing a Wells Fargo bank in West Jordan. He got caught after leaving the bank and returning to a Jeep he had stolen earlier.…

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Mother Kills Her Twin Babies Because Of Their Fathers Possible Affair Philadelphia, PA – Police in Philadelphia have accused a woman of killing her twin babies, and attempting to kill her young daughter, after learning the children’s father was having an affair with one of her family members.

After returning home from work last Thursday, Ronald Smalls found that his wife, 41-year-old Stacey Smalls, had murdered their twins, tried to poison their 4-year-old daughter, and had slit her own wrists. Police believe Smalls, a former corrections officer who worked at a nursing home, strangled one twin and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison their 4-year-old by having her ingest a poisoned drink. The girl probably saved her own life after becoming suspicious and refusing to drink all of it. She was admitted to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and is expected to be released to her father.

Smalls was taken to the hospital after unsuccessfully trying to take her own life by slitting her wrists. She is currently in police custody on two counts of 1st-degree murder and is on a suicide watch.…

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