Briana Buchanan Arrested After 7-Year-Old Son Turned Her In For Cooking MethAustin Hamilton Whipped Toddler To Death Because Child Peed On Him During Diaper ChangeChild Sent To ICU After Laundry Detergent Pod Explodes In Her MouthWoman Slits Husband's Throat, Tells Cops She Was Dreaming Of Filleting A FishMom From TLC Reality Show Nobody Remembers Jailed For Raping Boy, 13Couple Accused Of Keeping 7-Year-Old Locked In Outdoor Cage For WeeksNewborn Alive After Mom Put Him In Trash With Tampon Applicator In His MouthTeacher Lorie Hill Found In Classroom Drunk And Pantless On First Day Of SchoolGrandmother In Critical Condition After Drinking Sweet Tea Laced With LyeNigel Willis Accidentally Killed Himself After Sticking Sex Toy In His Rectum

Gregory RodriguezWHITEFISH, MT – Gregory Rodriguez, the host of Sports Channel’s “A Rifleman’s Journal”, was shot to death by a woman’s husband, who then turned the gun on himself.

According to police Rodriguez, 43, died Thursday in the town of Whitefish after being shot by 41-year-old Wayne Bengston, who apparently didn’t like the fact that the TV personality was visiting Bengston’s wife.

Rodriguez was in Montana on business and at the home of the woman’s mother when Bengston showed up and placed Rodriguez on the end of a gun he was not accustomed to. After shooting and killing Rodriguez, Bengston beat his wife before taking their 2-year-old son to a relative’s home.

Police would find Bengston’s truck parked in his driveway and would find Bengston inside his home dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police say they do not believe that Rodriguez’s relationship with the woman was a romantic one. She works for a firearms manufacturer and met Rodriguez, a married father of two children, at a trade show and formed a casual relationship.…

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Natisha HillardGary, IN - Police say 24-year-old Natisha Hillard sold her daughter to 39-year-old Christopher Bour, specifically for the purpose of making child pornography.

In a criminal complaint filed in the case, the FBI states Hillard met Bour through an online dating service and eventually sold the child to him knowing her daughter “would be portrayed in a visual depiction assisting another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct.” The complaint does not reveal how much money Hillard made off the sale.

Unfortunately, the 18-month-old girl did end up being the star of some of Bour’s porn, and had been ever since she was around 6-months-old. She may have been involved in more had an unidentified woman not contacted the FBI.

The woman contacted the FBI to report that Bour had sent her explicit text message that read:  “U wanna watch me play with a baby tomorrow a real one” while another said: “I get a chance once in a while I was just seeing if you would hold the camera.” The woman said she’d been to Bour’s home before, and had seen child porn playing on his laptop.…

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Christie Dawn HarrisAda OK - After being taken into custody on drug related charges, 28-year-old Christie Harris was  found with a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina, according to police.

Harris was arrested with another woman after cops spotted them inside a vehicle parked outside a closed restaurant at around 3 a.m. Monday. They were in the front of the vehicle and “both seats were laid all the way back.”

Cops searched the vehicle and found meth, drug paraphernalia, a pistol, and a loaded magazine inside. Harris and the other women were both arrested and taken into custody.

While at the lockup, Harris was instructed to change out of her clothes so she could be checked for contraband. Harris refused to lower he underwear, stating “she was on her period and did not want to.” When Harris finally complied, Officer Kathy Unbewust found that Harris was giving birth to a firearm.

“I observed at that time a wooden and metal item sticking out from her vagina area,” reported Officer Unbewust, who added that she “pulled the item from her vagina, and found it to be a 5 shot revolver with rounds in the chamber.”

That’s not all Harris was hiding.…

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Anne KasprzakRIVERTON, UT – The two men arrested in connection to the murder of 15-year-old Anne Kasprzak have been set free, and the hunt for her killer(s) continues.

It’s been almost a year since Anne’s body was found in the Jordan river. She had been beaten so badly that she had to be identified by her scars, clothing and cosmetic dentistry. A search warranted  described defensive wounds on Anne’s hands, and a pushed back fingernail.

She was last seen by her family the night before, after going into her bedroom to listen to music. At some point she sneaked out of the house and reported her as a runaway when her parents found she was not in her room and would not answer their calls or reply to text messages.

Before Anne left her home, she spent 30 minutes talking on her cellphone to people with unavailable phone numbers. Her family tracked the location of the Anne’s cellphone, noticing that it seemed to be moving slowly before quickening, as if she were in a moving vehicle.…

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Dax BorchardtWalworth, WI - On Wednesday, 14-month-old Dax Borchardt was mauled to death by his babysitter’s two pit bulls.

Police received a call from Borchardt’s babysitter, 30-year-old Susan Iwicki, stating she and the boy were being attacked by her two pit bulls.

Borchardt was taken to Mercy-Walworth Medical Center before being airlifted to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where he died from critical injuries at about 3:30pm.

Iwicki was also injured in the attack, but as of Thursday morning, her condition is unknown. The two dogs were later euthanized by a local veterinarian.

No word on if charges will be filed, but Walworth County Sheriff’s Office Captain Dana Nigbor said that “unless something drastically changes,” this will not be a criminal case.

Borchardt’s father expressed his anger on his Facebook page, stating “these pitbulls was not abused, mistreated, or harmed in ANY way” and that he “will do everything in my power to make sure this breed is bred out of existence.”

I feel bad for the guy. Not only losing a son, but losing him in such a violent way.…

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Steven DeumanGRAND RAPIDS, MI – Last year we reported on Steven Deuman, the Michigan man found guilty of killing his infant daughter while orally raping her. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

For those of you who missed this horrible story, 28-year-old Steven Deuman said he found 15-week-old Evelynne Deuman on the floor bleeding from the nose, unconscious and not breathing.

Instead of calling 911 for help, he called the girl’s mother, Natasha Maitland, and told her their baby wasn’t breathing. A call to 911 was not made until after Maitland drove back home from work.

Instead of waiting for an ambulance, they attempted to drive to the hospital, but were met by responding paramedics who tried to revive Evelynne before rushing her to the hospital. But, according to prosecutors, Evelynne had been dead for far too long.

It wasn’t until later that night that Deuman allegedly whispered to Maitland that he had pulled a used condom out of their daughter’s mouth. The condom would be found underneath a diaper in the bedroom, and contained Evelynne’s DNA on the outside, and her parents’ DNA on the inside.…

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Axel CharretteMexico City - Two-year-old Axel Charrette was killed in Sayulita, Mexico while on vacation with his family at a vacation home they were renting, and now his 16-year-old babysitter and her boyfriend have been charged with his murder.

In a statement released to The Watch, Jen and Randy Charrette stated they had hired a 16-year-old girl to help around their vacation home. On February 28, the girl was babysitting their two boys when she let her 17-year-old inside the home.

Realizing that her boyfriend was in a violent, drug-crazed state, she locked herself in a bathroom and left Axel outside the home and his older brother in another part of the house. For reasons unknown at this time, the boyfriend hurt Axel and then tossed him into a pool where he drowned.

They go on to say that the teen and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with murder in Mexico City. They were also told by a source in the US State Department that the case is ‘Mexico’s number one priority right now.’

The Charrettes concluded the statement with, “There are no words to express our grief – but we wanted you to know what happened because the truth, as horrible as it may be, is important.…

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Killer SongsThere are hundreds of songs inspired by famous killers, a lot of them coming from bands that you’d expect. Bands like Slayer, Marilyn Manson, and White Zombie all have songs regarding serial killers and their nasty business. Hell, some bands like Macabre and Church of Misery have made entire careers singing about them.

Knowing this, I figured I would compile a list of my favorite songs inspired by famous killers, but it just wasn’t very interesting. Slayer has a song about Ed Gein, and Marilyn Manson has one about Jeffrey Dahmer. So what?

I love the songs, but it just seemed par for the course, ya’ know? Especially taking into consideration the individual artists’ respective personalities and music genre.

So I decided to create a list of my favorite songs inspired by famous killers from artists that you wouldn’t necessarily expected to have done so. Not that any artist shouldn’t be able to write about any damn thing they want, but I thought the following five songs may be surprising for some, considering who wrote them and the source material.…

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Jamie CraftJONESBORO, Arkansas — Police say 28-year-old Jamie Craft was drunk and half naked when she tried to flee the scene of a car crash in a battery operated toy truck.

According to police, Craft was drunk Sunday when she crashed her 2001 Grand Am into the side of a mobile home. The owner of the mobile home said Craft was travelling at a high rate of speed when she rounded a corner and hit the under panel of his trailer.

Another witness told police that Craft was not wearing any pants when she got out of her car and began yelling at him. According to the police report, she grabbed the man’s daughter and got into his son’s Power Wheels truck and tried to drive off.

Police found Craft at her mother’s house, where she had walked after getting out of the toy truck. They say she was also “irate and very intoxicated.” When officers tried administering a portable breathalyzer test to Craft, “she could barely stand.” Officers had to hold her shoulders so that she would not fall over.…

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Ildiko FreitasClark, WY - Two teens, 19-year-old Stephen Hammer and 18-year-old Tanner Vanpelt, are facing 11 felony counts after police say they killed a woman and her elderly parents in order to steal a car.

According to charging documents, Hammer and Vanpelt went to the home of 40-year-old Ildiko Freitas, who lived their with her husband and her parents, 69-year-old Janos Volgyesi and 70-year-old Hildegard Volgyesi. The teens had intended intent to steal Freitas Audi and flee to Utah, but something went horribly wrong.

Freitas, who knew Hammer from when he once lived in the area, argued with the boys, leading to Vanpelt shooting and killing her. The affidavit alleges Hammer found Hildegard Volgyesi in the basement and shot her. When Vanpelt went into the basement he saw Volgyesi was still alive, and shot her two more times. Vanpelt then encountered Janos Volgyesi in the garage and shot the man twice in the back.

Neighbors reported seeing the teens arrive at the home in a white Taurus, and watched as they entered the front door.…

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Deidra BlackmonSaginaw, TX - Police say 24-year-old Jeffrey Hansana senselessly murdered 33-year-old Dr. Deidra Blackmon after one of Blackmon’s friends threw up near his car in a convenience store parking lot.

Last Saturday night, Blackmon and two female friends were out celebrating one of the women getting married this week. Shortly before midnight, Blackmon pulled her Lexus over at a convenience store.

Surveillance footage captures Blackmon walking into the store, followed by 22-year-old Heather Rene Thompson, whose boyfriend, Jeffery Hansna, was waiting outside in his car.

When Blackmon walked back out, followed by Thompson, they found one of Blackmon’s friends had thrown up in the parking lot, some of it hitting Hansana’s car.  According to police, a few words were exchanged between Blackmon’s friends and Thompson. They do not believe Hansana said a word during the exchange between the women.

Hansana and Thompson drove away, and Blackmon left a few seconds later. Within a mile, Hansana drove up to Blackmon’s Lexus and fired three to five times, hitting the Lexus once. But that’s all it took, as that one round went through the rear passenger window and struck Blackmon in the head.…

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Mary Frances AldayCrawfordville, FL - Wakulla County police have arrested 61-year-old Mary Frances Alday after they say she pulled a gun on Walmart employees who said she couldn’t use an Internet coupon.

Last Friday, Alday reportedly began verbally abusing a female employee who refused to honor a “dollar off” coupon. She then got into an argument with the assistant manager, Tracy Stockslager, calling her “a bitch and other foul names” before intentionally striking her with a shopping cart.

Alday was escorted from the store and warned Stockslager not to follow her. Stockslager followed anyway, informing Alday she was going to get her license plate number. Alday warned, “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you.”

She wasn’t joking, either. Alday pulled a loaded .38 Special from her vehicle and began waving it at Stockslager along with three other Walmart employees who had gathered at the store’s entrance. “I have something for y’all,” Alday reportedly told the employees who quickly re-entered the store.

Alday drove out of the parking lot without harming anyone, but was stopped by police a short while later.…

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Tara WillenborgCLARKSVILLE, IN – Police say 49-year-old Richard Hooten, a fugitive sex offender,  is suspected of the rape and murder of 17-year-old Tara Willenborg over the weekend.

Willenborg’s body was found by her boyfriend early Saturday morning inside the  Clarksville apartment the couple shared. She had been raped and died from asphyxiation. According to prosecutor Steven Smith, Willenborg suffered a ‘horrible death’.

Willenborg’s father said his daughter had attended Jeffersonville High School where she was a member of the cross country team. She’d recently earned her G.E.D. and had just moved into the apartment with her boyfriend in January. She would have turned 18 next Sunday.

Police would arrest Hooten on unrelated charges after seeing him wandering around outside near the apartment.

“Officers found him walking. He sort of fit the description and at that time they asked for his identity and ran a background check and noticed he had outstanding warrants,” said Darrell Rayborn with the Clarksville Police Department.

The warrant was issued because Hooten had failed to register as a sex offender.…

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Lexi ThrallFRUITA, CO - A mother in Colorado wasn’t happy with the way the school was handling the 15-year-old girl that beat her daughter in a school cafeteria, so she filed a restraining order against her.

Carrie Thrall said her daughter, Lexi, is a freshman at Fruita 8-9 School and became the victim of extreme bullying after she gave an anonymous statement to the school’s principal regarding a girl and boy she witnessed snorting drugs in a school bathroom.

The girl allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom found out Lexi was the one who reported her and began threatening her. Lexi and her mother notified school staff about the threats but, according to Thrall, nothing was done until after her daughter was beaten up in the school cafeteria.

A portion of the video was recorded and posted to Youtube, and in it you can see as the 15-year-old girl attack Lexi before Lexi’s younger sibling jumps in to help. Lexi was taken to the emergency room suffering a concussion, swollen face and back injuries.…

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William StevenBaltimore, MD – Police have arrested 67-year-old William Steven Albaugh, a deacon for Baltimore’s St. Joseph’s Church, after Verizon found he was storing child porn on their servers.

Detectives first became aware of Albaugh after Verizon Online notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that that Albaugh, a subscriber to their Verizon Online Backup and Sharing, was storing child porn on their online cloud storage system.

Albaugh was arrested on March 1st, and admitted he had been viewing child porn since the ’70s but that he would never harm a child. Police would discover child porn on both his Verizon account and on a flash drive, and would seize two PCs and an iPad.

Police do not feel any of the images they found depict children from St. Joseph’s, its school, or the Fullerton community. The Archdiocese of Baltimore released a statement  stating they have never received any prior allegations against Albaugh, who was ordained in 1996.

Albaugh was charged with possessing child pornography and has since been released on $75,000 bond as the investigation continues.…

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Bailey O'NeilDelco, PA - Last month we reported on Bailey O’Neil, the sixth-grader who was placed in a medically induced coma after being beaten by two classmates at school. On Sunday, Bailey died – one day after his 12th birthday.

Back in January, Bailey was attacked by two classmates during recess at Darby Township School and suffered a concussion and a broken nose. Over the next two weeks, he began to have mood swings and would not eat. He was rushed to the hospital after he began vomiting and suffering seizures.

Doctors placed Bailey in a medically-induced coma in an attempt to stop the seizures, but his condition never improved and were complicated after he got pneumonia and had to have a blood transfusion. On Sunday, the day after Bailey turned 12, he passed away.

The following message was posted on the  Building Hope for Bailey Facebook Page:

“I would like to thank everyone who has prayed and supported Bailey and his family!! Bailey has been the strongest toughest boy I know.…

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Clinton CohenPITTSBURGH, PA – Police have arrested 27-year-old Clinton Cohen after they say he poured perfume on the mother of his child, then set her on fire.

Early Thursday morning, police responded to a domestic disturbance and found 22-year-old Maria Redman suffering from multiple injuries after getting into an altercation with her boyfriend, Clinton Cohen.

During the argument, Cohen allegedly punched and choked Redman before pulling perfume out of her purse, dousing her with it, then using a cigarette lighter to set her on fire. Before he fled the apartment, Cohen used a blanket to try put out Redman as she rolled around on the floor.

Redman was transported to the hospital in critical but stable condition, suffering burns to over 30 percent of her body . “She has a long battle ahead of her,” Lt. Jeff Korczyk said. The couple’s 3-month-old baby, who was in the apartment at the time of the attack, was unharmed.

“While this whole thing was going on, she was in the room,” Korczyk said. “In fact, the child had some blood on her from her mother.”

Clinton was arrested on Saturday and has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.…

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Josh WelchBaltimore, MD -  Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School was suspended from school for two days after he brandished his breakfast pastry like a firearm.

According to Josh, he was eating a breakfast pastry at school when he decided to try and shape it into a mountain. But the more he nibbled on it, the less it looked like a mountain, and the more it looked like a super dangerous firearm – with strawberry filling.

“All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but, it didn’t look like a mountain really and it turned out to be a gun kinda,” Josh told reporters.

A teacher noticed Josh brandishing his delicious weapon, claiming he pointed it and said “Bang! Bang!”. Josh said he knew he was in big trouble because the teacher “was pretty mad.”

Because of his actions, Josh was suspended from school for two days, much to his father’s astonishment. “I would almost call it insanity,” he said. “I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it’s a pastry.., Ya know?”

Park Elementary School sent a letter to parents to inform them that: “A student used food to make an inappropriate gesture” but that their children were safe from Josh’s terrorism.…

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