Sommer Trent Jailed After Choking Husband For Not Buying Her A Cowboy HatDesmond Brownlee Accused Of Choking Wife During Argument Over Fried ChickenTwo Teen Boys Arrested In Connection With Videotaped Attacks On Mentally Challenged Man Ryan Watenpaugh Accused Of Feeding Girlfriend Her Own DogRuby Brown Arrested For Not Seeking Help For Boy Set On Fire By Another ChildGirl, 16, Charged As Adult After Killing Man Selling PlayStation Over CraigslistJoseph Oberhansley Killed Ex-Girlfriend, Ate Parts Of Her Brain, Heart And LungsToddler Suffered Burns After His Mother's Boyfriend Put Him In Clothes Dryer Renata Congleton Tried Picking Kid Up From School While Having A .413 BACTeen Facing Two Years In Jail After Simulating Oral Sex With A Jesus Statue

Delaina GarlingPhiladelphia, PA – Delaina Garling was arrested after she pepper sprayed some Family Dollar employees then tossed the canister to her 7-year-old daughter screaming, “You know what to do, baby. Spray it!”

Authorities say that on Monday, 27-year-old Delaina Garling went inside a Family Dollar Store with her daughter and son, both 7. Problem is that she’d been banned from this store after allegedly stealing from it.

Surveillance video shows Garling being escorted out of the store when she pulls out a can of pepper spray and sprays a woman in the face as she’s walking out the door. After she is tackeled to the ground, she tosses the canister on the ground and instructs her daughter to use it.

The girl picks the canister up off the ground, but either chooses not to use it or cannot figure out how. Either way, one of the employees grabs it out of her hand as Garling is pinned to the ground until police arrive.

Police would find Garling in possession of marijuana and eight Klonopin.…

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Laketha MooreLAS VEGAS, NV — Police have charged 36-year-old Laketha Moore with 31 counts of child abuse after her 4-year-old daughter was discovered tied to a bed, beaten and starved.

Had it not been for a Loma Vista Apartments maintenance worker, there’s no telling how long this little girl would have continued to suffer. He was performing a routine maintenance check inside Moore’s apartment on Monday and found a belt connecting the bathroom and bedroom doors.

When the worker went inside a bedroom, he found Moore’s starving 4-year-old daughter tied to a bed and surrounded by filth. She had multiple injuries, including a black eye, cuts on her nose, cheek, a bruised rib cage, back, ankles and matted hair. The girl said she was hungry because “Mommy ties me up all the time.”

When police located Moore she confessed to police that she abandoned her daughter regularly to go to work or church.

“Laketha Moore was allegedly leaving her daughter tied to a bed in her bedroom, and locked in there for hours, 10 to 12 hours a day, five to seven days a week,” North Las Vegas spokeswoman Chrissie Coon said.…

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Elizabeth 'Leigh' GarnerMURFREESBORO, TN – Elizabeth Leigh Garner is a 42-year-old former cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans who has been accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy in her friend’s bathroom.

Police said Garner was at a party hosted by a friend when the married 42-year-old followed her friend’s 12-year-old son into the bathroom, fondled his penis and offered to perform oral sex on him. The boy told police that Garner asked him whether he’d ‘ever been with a woman’ before she tried to pull down his pants.

The boy declined her offer (ouch), left the bathroom and told his mother about the incident. Not happy with her friend’s antics, the boy’s mother called police.

According to the police report, Garner admitted to police what had happened, but said it was all just a big misunderstanding – she was very drunk and had confused the boy with the boy’s father. o_*

“That’s just absolutely no excuse for sexual assaulting a child. If you can’t tell the difference between a 12-year-old and an adult then there are problems,” said Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro Police Department.…

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Tyler NicholsSOUTHGATE, MI – Tyler Nichols, an eight grader at Davidson Middle School, used a .40 caliber handgun to commit suicide in one of the school’s bathrooms Thursday morning.

Another student discovered the 13-year-old’s body before classes began at about 8:15 a.m. The student notified a teacher who then called police.

Tyler was taken to the hospital but died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head from a .40-caliber Glock that was legally registered to a family member. Police said bullying did not seem to be a motivating factor, although they are continuing to investigate.

A suicide note was found with the Tyler, and did contain the name of another student, but police said it was more of a goodbye rather than the boy having an issue with the person mentioned. Tyler said that taking his own life was a way out from the “drama” in his life, but didn’t give any specifics as to what the drama was about.

The superintendent says they have a district-wide bullying policy and said there is no indication that Tyler was being bullied.…

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Michael BrewerWest Palm Beach, FL – Michael Brewer, the teen we featured back in 2009 after three boys set him on fire, was arrested after being found in the possession of a cornucopia of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Listening to Michael scream in agony after being set on fire by three other boys, ranks as one of the more disturbing 911 calls I have ever listened to.  It happened back in 2009 when Brewer was confronted by 15-year-old Matthew Bent, who was angry over some dispute regarding a marijuana pipe.

Bent allegedly ordered 15-year-old Denver Jarvis to pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol on Brewer, which he did. Immediately afterwards, 15-year-old Jesus Mendez used a lighter to set Brewer on fire. Engulfed in flames, Brewer saved himself by jumping into a nearby swimming pool.

Brewer would spend months in the hospital recovering from his injuries while Matthew Bent and Jesus Mendez would end up sentenced to 11 years in prison. Denver Jarvis would be sentenced to eight years in prison.…

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Priscilla VaughnOrlando, FL – Police have charged 29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn with attempted murder after she chewed on a man’s genitals so severely that he needed surgery.

The man met Vaughn on where she is listed as an escort. After a romantic dinner at Applebee’s, the pair consumed Ecstasy, alcohol and marijuana before going back to a hotel room. That’s where Vaughn started biting the 30-year-old man’s penis and genitals, causing him to bleed heavily.

The man told deputies that it appeared as if Vaughn was “trying to eat his penis and testicles.”  He said he tried to fight her off but she was too powerful and she tried gouging his eyes out. After biting and scratching the man’s leg, abdomen, chest and fingers, Priscilla Vaughn took his car keys and broke his phone. He ended up locking himself in the bathroom until help arrived.

Luckily, other hotel guests heard screaming and growling coming from the room and called 911. Vaughn was still there when police arrived on the scene, naked and growling with blood around her mouth.…

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Mahmoud ArabiOrlando, FL - One of our readers has a relative who knew 22-year-old Mahmoud Arabi and asked if we would help get the word out about his death.

Mahmoud Arabi was killed after being struck by a hit-and-run driver as he crossed an Orlando intersection early Monday morning. Arabi was from Australia and taking part in the Disney exchange program, a program that allows young students from around the world to get on-the-job experience at Disney theme parks.

“The victim was crossing with two other people and unfortunately they were crossing against the light,” said Sergeant Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Arabi was wearing his Disney uniform when he was struck by the car and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but died on Wednesday shortly after his mother arrived from Australia.

Knowing my luck, had I been the one that got hit, I would’ve died in Florida dressed as fucking Goofy.

Even though it wasn’t necessarily the driver’s fault, and the driver had the green light at the time of impact, they chose to flee the scene after the accident.…

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smiling pitTulsa, OK – Two women were seriously injured after a pit bull burst through the door of a home and attacked them, not stopping until a bullet was put into the back of the dog’s head.

The women were in a Tulsa neighborhood doing some old-fashioned, door-to-door ministering when they arrived at one home that contained a pit bull that did not appreciate them doing the Lord’s work.

After knocking on the door, the pit bull burst through the door and began attacking the women, biting them in their faces, arms and legs. The dog’s owner and witnesses tried helping, but were unable to get the dog to stop mauling the women.

But Michael Harrell, who was at work a few blocks away, heard the victims’ screams and had two items to stop the dog in its tracks; a conceal-carry permit and a handgun.

After rushing to the home in his truck, Harrell tried getting the dog off of the two women so he could get a clear shot. After about 10 to 15 seconds of yelling at the dog, the pit bull finally quit attacking the women and charged after him.…

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Caleb GordleySterling, VA – After sneaking out of his house to go drinking with friends, 16-year-old Caleb Gordley was shot to death a few hours later after he mistakenly entered the wrong home.

Police say after drinking with friends Saturday night, Caleb was dropped off at the upscale neighborhood he and his family had lived in for only a year. After hopping a fence at around 2:40 in the morning, Caleb entered a home he thought was his, but was actually his neighbor’s home two doors down.

The homeowner, Donald Wilder, was alerted to someone in his house after a security alarm was triggered when Caleb entered the home through a back window. Wilder called 911 to report an intruder, but ended up shooting Caleb as the teen made his way up the stairs to where Wilder and his family were sleeping.

The two homes are similar looking, especially in the back, and are located in a neighborhood populated by McMansions. Investigators feel that Caleb had no ill-intent when he entered Wilder’s home, but that his inebriated state had him confused as to what house he was entering.…

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Gerardo ChavarriaKeizer, OR – Gerardo Chavarria, 24, was sentenced to 25 years in prison after admitting he got angry with his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son for spilling his beer, and killed the boy by pounded his head into the floor.

In 2011, Chavarria took his girlfriend’s son, Sebastian Iturbetook, to the hospital claiming that he was watching the boy when Sebastian fell down the stairs leading to the basement. Sebastion was transferred to Oregon Health and Science University where he died of blunt force trauma to the head on Nov. 6, 2011.

A medical examination would later show that the boy’s injuries did not coincide with Chavarria’s explanation of events. Chavarria would change his story, saying he’d accidentally pushed the child with a child carrier, causing Sebastion to fall down the flight of stairs. This explanation still did not explain the boy’s injuries, and Chavarria was charged with murder.

Chavarria continued to proclaim his innocence, never admitting to willfully abusing the boy, or intentionally causing his death. But that changed on Tuesday, two weeks before he was to go to trial, when Chavarria waived his right to a trial and told the court what actually happened on the morning of Sebastion’s death.…

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Talicia MorrisonAustin, TX – A woman is in jail after police say she popped another woman’s eyeball out of her head during a fight Saturday afternoon.

According to police, 20-year-old Talicia Morrison got into a fight with Cherry Webster and ended up grabbing Webster’s face, grabbing her eye and then “dug her fingers up in there,” which caused Webster’s eyeball to come out of the socket.

By time officers arrived on the scene, Morrison had already left, but Webster was there screaming in pain with her eyeball hanging out. So far, there is no word on what the fight was about, but the women are acquaintances, according to Austin Police Officer Veneza Bremner. “I’m sure it was some sort of drama that was occurring,” he said.

Webster was taken to the hospital where doctors were able to pop her eyeball back into her head, but the extent of the damage remains to be seen. (*snicker*)

When police brought Morrison in for questioning, she admitted to being involved in the fight and displayed a couple of broken fingernails.…

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Darlene Jo LewisDouglasville, GA –  Darlene Jo Lewis, 49, has been accused of stealing almost ten thousand dollars from her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and spent some of the stolen money on gifts, on her son, and on a dating service for seniors.

Lewis was treasurer of of Girl Scout troop 798, the same troop her daughter was a member of,  from 2010 to 2012. After she left, the person who took over discovered irregularities in the troops financial records and reported them to police

“It took the investigator a while to get all the financial records from all the banks because he had to go back so far in time,” Capt. J.R. Davidson.

Lewis allegedly spent the money on items for herself and her family, including purchases from Walmart, a Christian bookstore and Senior People Meet dating service.

Darlene Jo Lewis was arrested on Friday and charged with felony theft by taking charges. She was being held in the Douglas County Jail but has since been released on a $9,800 bond.

Troop 798 was unable to recover the lost funds, and was forced to disband.…

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Brad KollarClearfield Township, PA - Investigators say Brad Kollar, the 40-year-old man who blew himself to Kingdom Come, along with another man’s house, did so as an act of revenge.

On Tuesday, Kollar strapped bombs to his chest and drove a truck full of explosives to the home of William Shaner. The resulting explosion killed Kollar, injured Shaner and one of his sons, and pretty much wiped Shaner’s house off the map.

Police initially thought the explosion was the result of a meth lab going up in smoke, but it was later determined Kollar committed suicide by turning suicide bomber and blew himself up outside Shaner’s home. The motive was possibly revenge, as Kollar believed Shaner alerted police to the chop shop and meth lab he and his father had on their property.

Kollar and his father, John Andrew Kollar, were arrested by state police last year after numerous stolen vehicles, in addition to explosives and meth-related chemicals, were found on the family’s property. Charged with operating a chop shop, Kollar was facing more than 10 years in prison.…

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Michigan abductionGeorgetown Township, MI – Police in Michigan have arrested an 11-year-old boy after they say he abducted a 6-year-old boy last week.

The 6-year-old was playing in his front yard last Wednesday afternoon when the older boy lured him out of his yard, grabbed him the neck and jacket, then forcefully led him down the street and across some railroad tracks.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Lt. Mark Bennett did not give much details about what the 11-year-old did or said to lure the boy out of his yard aside from stating that it was “rather intricate for an 11-year-old to come up with.”

When the stepmother of the younger boy noticed her son was no longer playing in the yard, she went out and began searching for him. Lucky for her, a school bus driver had noticed the two boys walking down the street and felt something wasn’t right. Mainly because the older boy was leading the younger boy by the collar of his jacket, and the younger boy looked scared.…

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Ashley Nicole WilliamsLebanon, MO – Very little details on this messed up story that doesn’t look like is being widely reported, but Lebanon police have arrested 19-year-old Ashley Nicole Williams after they say say she molested her two-month-old daughter because she wanted to know what it felt like.

On March 7, police responded to Mercy Hospital Lebanon’s emergency room to investigate a report of child molestation. When William’s husband was interviewed, he told told them that over the last five days he’d witnessed Williams touching the girl inappropriately while changing her diaper. He said she had done this with other family members present.

Williams waived her Mirand Rights and admitted to police that she molested her two-month-old daughter on at least three occasions. She said she became sexually aroused when molesting her daughter, and started having family members change her daughter’s diaper so she would not be tempted to do it again.

She said she was molested as a child and molested her daughter to know what it felt like to be the molester instead of the molested in order to try and understand why she was sexually abused.…

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Daniel PirtleAnchorage, Alaska – Police say Daniel Pirtle, a double amputee with metal, prosthetic legs, went into a Walmart and shot a manager after getting into an argument over Pirtle’s unrestrained dog.

Police say that on Saturday afternoon, 45-year-old Daniel Pirtle went inside a  crowded Walmart in a motorized cart, accompanied by his unrestrained service dog. Pirtle got into an argument with the store’s assistant manager, 33-year-old Jason Mahi, after Mahi asked Pirtle to restrain his dog.

The argument escalated to the point that Pirtle pulled out a gun and shot Mahi in the stomach. Afterwards, Pirtle navigated the motorized cart through the aisles, making his way towards the store’s entrance. He was apprehended by police near the front of the store where officers took a handgun from him, as well as his legs, before placing him in a police car.

Witnesses said Mahi was conscious after being shot. “He said, ‘I can’t feel my feet.’ He just kept talking about his kids,” said a patron who rushed to Mahi’s aid. “‘My kids, my son,’ that’s basically all he said.…

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Sarah Lippy AdletaOVIEDO, FL – According to the FBI, 28-year-old Sarah Adleta recorded herself sexually abusing children and then sent the images to a suspected pedophile in North Carolina.

According to a criminal complaint, the FBI became aware of Adleta after they found she’d sent images of herself and multiple children to Aaron Dixon, a North Carolina man who’d been recently charged with having sex with a child.

When agents met with Adleta, she admitted that about a year ago, she began sending Dixon nude photos of her and a child. This lead to her performing sex acts on multiple children while streaming the vile acts live on Skype so Dixon could watch her do it.

She also sent Dixon images of her performing sex acts with the children via email and her cell pone. Adleta, who was taking several classes at UCF, was arrested on child pornography charges and is being held without bail in Polk County jail pending a bond hearing.

One of Adleta’s neighbors said the Adleta would volunteer to babysit her kids, but she always felt something just wasn’t right.…

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Travis FoxSpringdale, AR - Here’s not one, but TWO dead babies to ruin your day. Travis Fox is accused of shaking two of his babies to death a year and a half apart.

Last Wednesday, Fox’s 7 month old baby, William, was brought to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The doctors found the injuries suspicious and Fox, 24, confessed to investigators that he violently shook the child for an extended amount of time because the child was “fussing.’”

Horrifying, sickening, enraging, but not unheard of.  That’s why there’s such a thing as But here’s where it gets mind-blowingly awful.

Investigators then found out that Travis Fox was under investigation for the September 2011 death of his 6 month old baby boy, Travis II, in another county.

In the most recent infanctide, Fox “admitted that he shook his six-month-old son for 30-45 seconds because he was ‘fussing’ . . . Mr. Fox said he was angered and tired because he was up for two days without sleep.” He also admitted drinking five beers before killing his baby.…

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