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basement collapseLINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. - The effort to rescue two children buried after a dirt wall collapsed on top of them, is now being treated as a recovery effort.

The 6-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy, believed to be cousins, were playing in an excavated basement under construction when one of the dirt walls collapsed, burying them alive. One of the children’s father witnessed the collapse and called 911 at around 6 p.m. Sunday.

Using whatever they had that their immediate disposal, rescuers began trying to dig the children out, but after four hours of digging, they knew that their efforts were now to retrieve their dead bodies.

“This is now a recovery operation for these two children,” said Dion Burleson, public information officer for Lincoln County Emergency Management. “There are calls at times like this happen where we are not able to make a difference because it’s outside of our realm.”

Some 65 rescue personnel, including Charlotte and Huntersville fire units, worked overnight while family members of the children stood near the scene.…

Philip WardNew York, NY – Philip Ward was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 1994 after he admitted to shooting his girlfriend to death in front her 11-year-old daughter, then raping the child. While incarcerated, he admitted to the 1989 murder of Veronica Bowen, his 21-year-old pregnant girlfriend found naked and headless on a Manhattan apartment rooftop.

Ward, 46, pleaded guilty to the murder on March 22 and on Friday, he was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison that will run consecutive to the sentence he is already serving.

Ward and Bowen met while in foster care as teenagers. Although they had two children, their relationship was pocked with domestic violence, leading to Bowen moving out of the apartment and leaving her children in Ward’s care. On the night she was murdered, Bowen was at Ward’s apartment to visit her children. She was six weeks pregnant and Ward said he did not believed the child was his.

After Ward talked Bowen into accompany him to the building’s roof, where they first had sex, he flew into a jealous rage.…

Angelo CapriaChalfont, PA – Talk about an ex-boyfriend from hell. Police say that 23-year-old Angelo Capria sent nude photos of his ex-girlfriend to hundreds of people at her college and set her car on fire.

Police were first alerted to Capria’s activities after his ex-girlfriend’s father called to report his daughter received a Facebook message from another student alerting her that a mass email containing nude photos of her had been sent to nearly 400 students.

The photos where allegedly taken without the girl’s knowledge during a Skype call between her and Capria in February 2011. They were pretty sure Capria was the person responsible as he’d threatened to show people the photos two weeks before the mass email was sent out.

When police spoke to the man’s daughter, she said her relationship with Capria started going in the shitter after she chose to spend 2010 New Year’s Eve with a friend. She said Capria was so angry over this that he called her more than 100 times that night, leaving obscene messages and claiming he’d thrown out all her belongings.…

Johnna GreenKANSAS CITY, KS – Police have arrested 23-year-old Johnna Green after they say she tried to drown her two young children in a bathtub.

Emergency responders were called out to Green’s home on Tuesday where they found the woman’s two daughters, ages 1 and 4, unresponsive and not breathing.

They were rushed to  University of Kansas Medical Center where both were revived but are still critical condition and under police protective custody.

On Thursday, police arrested Johnna Green and charged her with two counts of attempted murder after they say she “held J.T. underwater until she was unresponsive,” then did the same to J.G., according to court documents. Green then called 911.

She’s being held in lieu of $1 million bail and scheduled to make a court appearance this afternoon. Her children are now in the custody of the state.

Police said that Green was not on their radar before Tuesday, and that there are no prior incidents regarding Green and her two children.

“As a mother who I witnessed to be so good to her daughters, you can only imagine that she was in a dark place,” neighbor Carrie Groves said.…

SavannaWALDORF, MD – A 5-year-old girl is recovering from some horrendous injuries she received after being attacked by two dogs in her backyard.

Police said the 5-year-old was at the home with her mother’s boyfriend when she wandered into the backyard where three dogs, an English bulldog and two Presa Canarios, were being kept in a kennel. The dog’s were not owned by the family, according to reports.

“We’re hearing that the dogs may have just been dropped off at the house to be watched after by the homeowners, so we’re still trying to verify that,” said Diane Richardson of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s not clear how or why two of the dogs were not in their kennel, but the English Bulldog and one of the Pres Canarios viciously attacked the girl for reasons unknown.

“It’s not clear if she let the dogs out of the kennel,” says Diane Richardson, spokesperson for the Charles County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s not clear if they were even in the kennel… at this point there are no obvious signs of neglect or anything like that.”

When the boyfriend found Savanna, she was in the fetal position, unconscious, with the two dogs near her body.…

baby in airCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO – When police arrived at a Colorado Springs apartment to investigate a disturbance and spotted a bloody butcher knife laying on the counter, Ellyzabeth Rainey did the Peyton-Manning-like thing, and called an audible.

Holding up her two-month-old daughter, Rainey told them, “Take my baby,” court papers say. “Because I am going to run.” Then she threw the child at them, and took off.

Running didn’t work out to well, as cops caught up with her almost immediately in the complex’s courtyard, where they questioned the 19-year-old concerning her strange behavior. In an arrest affidavit, officers say she told them, “Because I just murdered someone.”

That someone turned out to be Deborah Rainey, 59, the suspect’s mother-in-law. Ellyzabeth was arrested Wednesday afternoon for her murder.

According to court documents, Deborah Rainey was in town visiting from San Francisco, staying at her son Jason’s apartment to help take care of his and Ellyzabeth’s baby. Ellyzabeth said that the couple were estranged, and planned to get divorced. Guess that’s a done-deal now.…

Ashley DelvallePHILADELPHIA, PA –  Police have accused 24-year-old Ashley Delvalle of pretending to be a nurse at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children and molesting a little boy.

Police responded to the hospital after being notified that Delvalle went into several patients’ rooms telling the parents that she was a nurse, and she would be performing physical examinations.

According to authorities, Delvalle was at the hospital because her own child was a patient. While there, she allegedly molested the boy who was in the bed next to her child. The boy’s mother told police that Delvalle claimed to be a nurse and got permission to examine the boy for bedbugs.

Ashley Delvalle was arrested in the emergency room at the hospital and has been charged with  indecent assault of a minor and impersonating the holder of a professional license. Her bail has been set at $50,000.

St. Christopher’s Hospital issued a statement:

“When we were informed by the patient’s mother of the alleged assault, we immediately notified the Philadelphia Police Department and Philadelphia Department of Human Services.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 4-04-2013

April 5, 2013 at 8:10 am by  

spankinHere, Now – Thanks everyone who stopped by and chatted while we conducted another Pulpit of Doom podcast last night. I unintentionally got drunk before we went on, and got increasingly drunker as the show progressed. I was feeling pre-tay good.

As usual, we discussed the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including attack of the baby mamas, selling your kids for fun and profit, April Fool’s pranks and the psycho girlfriends who play them, murder- suicide on the green, getting slap-happy with other people’s kids, evil pit bulls and the babies they eat, and the dangers of muddin’ while drunk. We also talked about corporal punishment, and the racist comments that show up on the site (and why some are allowed).

After we went off the air, Athena and myself talked a bit about firearms, and how much fun they are to shoot. We also answer a caller who had listened to the entire show via their phone, and let her express her fanatical adoration for me and my writing.…

Jesusa TatadDaly City, CA – Back in 2011, we reported on 39-year-old Jesusa Tatad, the woman who poured boiling water on her sleeping ex-husband and then whacked him with a baseball bat. On Wednesday, Tatad pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after the man died from his injuries.

Tatad and her ex-husband, 36-year-old Ronnie Tatad, were still living together in 2011 after their divorce three years prior. Tatad said Ronnie had promised to re-marry her and bring their two daughters, aged 9 and 14, back from the Philippines to live with them.

But the years passed and Ronnie never re-married her and he never brought their children home. To add insult to injury, Ronnie had gotten himself a girlfriend. In retaliation, Tatad waited for Ronnie to fall asleep, then dumped a pot of boiling water on him. When Ronnie jumped up and ran to the bathroom, Tatad whacked him in the head with a baseball bat.

Ronnie ran from the apartment half-naked, and was found hiding behind a car by a maintenance worker who called 911.…

Andrei Tasty KurochkinSiberia – Two survivors of an ice fishing party that got lost for weeks in frozen Siberia confessed to eating their friend, Andrei Kurochkin, to stay alive. Now the dead man’s widow, Olga Kurochkin, plans on suing them both for emotional distress.

Four men, Alexander Abdullaev, 37;  Alexei Gorulenko, 35; Andrei Kurochkin, 37; and Viktor Komarov, 47, set out from Saratov last year on what was supposed to be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime ice fishing trip in eastern Siberia.

The men would go missing for two months after their Jeep sunk in a frozen river, stranding the party and stripping them of all of their possessions except the guns, ammunition and money. All four men would take refuge in a hunter’s lodge that they used as a base for several weeks, eating all of the food in the process.

They did not seem too concerned over their situation as during their stay in the remote lodge, they encountered other hunters with walkie-talkies and one of the party even used a satellite phone.…

Erin HentonHEMET, CA - After a three-week investigation, Tahquitz High School Assistant Principal Erin Henton, 45, was arrested by Hemet police on multiple counts of sexual misconduct with three boys who attend the school.

Henton allegedly had sexual relations with the boys over a period of several months, according to the Hemet Police Department. She has been placed on administrative leave since March, after the first allegation was made by a parent of one of the students involved.

Erin Henton is one horny broad, facing 12 felony counts: 7 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with minor, 4 counts oral copulation with minor, and 1 count of distributing harmful matter to a minor. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison. None of the alleged sex acts occurred on school campus, police said in a statement.

The Hemet Unified School District issued a statement Wednesday afternoon:

“The investigation involving an employee of Tahquitz High School for alleged crimes committed against a minor has resulted in an arrest. We take these situations very seriously and have taken appropriate personnel actions in response to this arrest to ensure the safety of our students and staff.”

Henton is being held on a $1 million bail.…

Daniel AnayaSante Fe, NM – Back in February, we reported on 27-year-old Daniel Anaya, the Dillard’s shoe salesman accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend and trying to chew off her big toe. He’s now been arrested again, charged with doing the exact same thing.

Anaya first made the news after he broke into his ex girlfriend’s apartment, held her down and proceeded to take bites out of her toenail and toe flesh with “a blank look on his face.” Anaya was facing charges of burglary, false imprisonment, interference with communications and aggravated battery against a household member.

That case was was dismissed because a witness or prosecutor didn’t show up to court. I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that the ex-girlfriend didn’t show up, and that she is now regretting that decision.

After filing a restraining order against Anaya, the victim moved from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. This did little to deter Anaya, who tracked her down and walked into the woman’s residence on April 1st. His ex informed him that he he needed to get out and that he was violating a restraining order.…

window blindSt-Louis, MO - Police say 2-year-old Mason Gorse died on Monday after he got caught in the cord of window blinds in his bedroom.

Apparently, Gorse was in his bedroom when he climbed on to his window sill and got caught in the nylon cord of the blinds. His mother found him hanging from his neck, several feet off the ground. A family member performed CPR on Gorse until paramedics arrived, but the boy was pronounced dead at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Homicide detectives investigated, but said the death appears to be a tragic accident.

For any of you not aware, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that since 1991, more than 175 infants and children have died after accidentally strangling in window blind cords. According to Parents for Window Blind Safety, 546 children have been strangled by window blind cords since 1983.

Look, I was far from the perfect parent, and I seriously doubt you could completely prep your home to the point that a 2-year-old couldn’t find some way to accidentally kill themselves.…

James Iry JohnsonAPOPKA, FL – Apopka police say they have arrested James Iry Johnson, accusing him of raping a woman in an orange grove Sunday after offering her a lift.

Last Monday, police released surveillance pictures of a man they called a person of interest in a sexual assault investigation. They say James Johnson, 42, is the man seen at a 7-Eleven store on the corner of Apopka-Vineland Road and Clarcona Road.

The incident began, according to the victim, after she had a fight with her boyfriend and began walking away, down a road in the Parramore neighborhood of Orlando. Admittedly intoxicated, she told police that she voluntarily got into a car with Johnson, who she did not know, after he offered her a ride and some marijuana to smoke.

Unfortunately for her, Johnson is a registered sex offender with multiple priors and an extensive violent criminal history, including gun possession, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and two previous sex crimes, one of which involved the molestation of a child under the age of 16.…

Tara LewmanBATAVIA, IA – Two children were killed on Monday after their mother, Tara Lewman, drove her minivan around lowered track arms and was struck by a train.

Verdae Blom, who works for Vision Ag, which is located by the tracks where the accident occurred, said he heard a loud noise around 4 p.m. Monday, and then saw a large plume of dust.

“It was a mess,” said Blom, describing the aftermath as being like nothing he’d ever seen before. When he went to the crossing to get a better look, he saw that two young children had been
thrown from a Dodge Caravan, which landed nose-down in a ditch.

“It was a tangled-up mess,” said Blom. “The whole back of it, on the passenger side from the front seat, the whole thing was wiped out. It was terrible.”

According to Iowa State Patrol’s initial crash report, Tara Lewman, the childrens’ mother, allegedly drove around a lowered railroad crossing gate at around 4 p.m. when her vehicle was hit by a westbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train.…

Craig FugateSacramento, CA - Craig Fugate, a 30-year-old graffiti artist, accidentally asphyxiated himself while allegedly attempting to graffiti a Sacramento high-rise.

Apparently, Fugate entered the 1201 K Tower on Sunday, got onto the roof, and then used rope left by window washers to crudely fashion a harness to lower himself off a 17th floor landing on the east side of the office building.  The rope ended up looped around his chest and legs, squeezing him into a fetal position as the rope cinched around him.

Police and fire responded to a call for help at 7:44 am Monday morning, when Fugate’s body was discovered dangling from the building. Emergency crews rappelled down the building and confirmed Fugate was dead and, since is body wasn’t  retrieved until around 9 am,  a lot of people got to see a dead body hanging 160 feet in the air. Markers, glass etching tools, spray paint and a stencil were also found at the scene.

Fugate’s uncle, Joseph Fugate, stated, “I have never known for him to do that before. …

Henry Clifford Byrd SrWINSTON-SALEM, NC –  Police say 65-year-old Henry Clifford Byrd Sr., a registered sex offender, is in custody after being accused of raping a 10-year-old girl at a church in Winston-Salem last week.

Police began investigating after being called to the church over allegations that a young girl had been sexually assaulted during a church event at the New Bethel Baptist Church.

Byrd, who served three years for taking indecent liberties with a minor back in 2000, had been invited to participate in church activities. We all know pedophiles and churches go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, and during the evening’s festivities, Byrd sexually assaulted the girl.

Henry Clifford Byrd Sr. was arrested at his home without incident, and charged with first-degree rape and with taking indecent liberties with the girl. No details were released about how Byrd was able to molest the girl without attracting the attention of others.

Police said Byrd was placed in the Forsyth County Detention Center under a $500,000 secured bond and is scheduled to be back in court on April 25. …

Travis MayeJACKSONVILLE, FL –  Two adults and three teenagers have been charged in connection with the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl.

Police say 16-year-old Demetrius Franklin met with the victim, reportedly his girlfriend,  and brought her to another location where he helped hold her down so that his friends – Travis Maye, 22 (pictured); Steven Pender, 20; Daryl Norman, 16; and Dante Norman, 15 – could take turns raping the girl.

Myrtle Norman, an Aunt  to two of the suspects, said that the accusations against her nephews are untrue. “It just doesn’t make sense for anybody to concoct a lie, just to ruin someone’s life like that,” she said.

She also says her nephews were friends with the victim and that her story simply doesn’t add up. “I know that girl was hanging out there with all these guys all the time,” she said.

Hanging out, why didn’t anyone say so? We all know that makes everything the victim says about being brutally assaulted untrue. Surprised the DA hasn’t stopped by her place to apologize personally for the inconvenience.…