Terry Davis Accused Of Molesting Female Rottweiler PuppyJason Brown Accused Of Adopting Dogs, Dismembering Them In Motel RoomApril Millsap, 14, Texted 'Omg I think I'm being kidnapped' On Day She Was KilledPrincess Marks Charged After Leaving Kids In SUV To Perform Sex Act On BoyfriendParents Claim Son Committed Suicide After Masturbation Video Went ViralThree Teens Charged With The Beating Deaths Of Two Homeless MenMan Caught In The Act Of Molesting Child Gets Severe BeatdownMan Sentenced For Beating Toddler To Death While Trying To Turn Her GayLogan Shepard, 4, Mauled To Death By His Uncle's Two Pit BullsMan Left Kids In Hot Car To Have Sex With Woman Behind Apartment

Mother Finds Man In Child’s Bedroom

February 16, 2013 at 2:35 am by  

Matthew TigheOrmond Beach, Florida – Matthew Tighe, 24, was arrested in Ormond Beach Thursday night after a 7-year-old girl’s mother found him in the child’s bedroom.

According to police, Tighe committed a lewd act on the child and showed her his genitals.

When the victim’s mother confronted him, Tighe reportedly admitted to what he’d done and told her that he wanted to kill himself. Tighe then grabbed a knife and cut himself. Unfortunately, mom yanked the knife from his hands and threw it away before he could do any real damage.

Tighe has given police reason to believe he has done this before – he said he had touched the girl inappropriately on at least one other occasion. No word on how he got into the child’s bedroom.

The scrapes and cuts in Tighe’s mug shot are not explained either, but I am hoping that the mother gave him those and a kick in the beans hard enough to prevent future reproduction.

This piece of shit faces molestation charges after being arrested.…

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Aydrea MeadersAlbany, NY – Police say a mother who got on stage and started to strip during her children’s school assembly is facing child endangerment and lewdness charges.

If you guessed that the wonky-eyed wonder to the left is the alleged stripper in question, you win!

That, my friends, is 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders. Miss Meaders did all that was right this past Friday night – she got herself ready and attended her children’s school assembly at the North Albany Academy in Albany, as any responsible parent should. One thing she forgot to do was to start the party AFTER the assembly ended…

“Suddenly she stepped to the front of the group threw off her coat and stripped from the waist up,” said Ron Lesko of the Albany School District.

Yep, Aydrea got up on stage when the assembly started and proceeded to get naked and dance. Perhaps she thought some parents might see what their daughters may end up doing if they don’t make their kids focus on academics. It isn’t known what her intent with the strip and dancing gross out was.…

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Amy Locane-BovenizerSOMERVILLE, N.J. - Amy Locane-Bovenizer, a former actress on Melrose Place, has been sentenced to three years in prison after driving drunk and plowing her SUV into another car, killing a woman.

For those who don’t know who hell this lady is, she played a character on Melrose Place, one of the worst shows to come out of the ’90s aside from Home Improvement. I have no clue what she did after the show was finally cancelled, but in 2010 she made headlines after getting behind the wheel of an SUV with a blood alcohol level that was three times past the legal limit.

After rear-ending Maureen Ruckelshaus, Locane-Bovenizer refused to get out of her car and fled the scene. Ruckelshaus followed Locane-Bovenizer for four mile, watching as the 40-year-old took out a few mailboxes. When a car moved out from in front of Locane-Bovenizer, she accelerated to 50 mph and plowed into the passenger side of a car turning into a driveway.

The driver of that car, Fred Seeman, was seriously injured but survived.…

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Fort Colville Elementary SchoolColville, WA – Two fifth graders in Washington have been arrested, accused of plotting the death of a fellow classmate because she was rude and annoying.

Their plan was discovered on February 7th after a student at Fort Colville Elementary School told a teacher he had seen one of the accused with a knife. When the teacher searched the backpacks belonging to the boy and his 10-year-old friend, they found a knife with a three-and-a-quarter inch blade, a .45 calibre Remington 1911 semiautomatic handgun and an ammunition clip.

When the boys were later questioned separately by police, they both confessed to planning on luring a female classmate outside of the school to kill her, and confessed to having six other students on their hit list who’d they planned on killing by also luring away from the school one at a time.

The 11-year-old admitted he just wanted the girl dead because she was rude and picked on him. He planned to kill the girl with the knife while his younger friend used a gun he’d stolen from his other brother to keep people from stopping him. …

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Pulpit of Doom Podcast For 2-14-2013

February 15, 2013 at 12:24 pm by  

Be Mine 4-everHere, Now – Last night was our first “official” Pulpit of Doom podcast in almost half a year. Overall, it felt like old times and we appreciate everyone who turned up on Valentine’s Day to participate. For the majority of the 90 minutes, we talk about this week’s top 10 stories while other listeners chatted away live in the Pulpit of Doom chatbox.

Aside from some discussion on the cringe-inducing phone sex between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, there were also many revelations. These included me having no issues screwing a horse if it meant I would be rewarded with a horesman baby, and that Jaded has no problems with toddler run gas stations and can get through a story involving penis by simply not saying the word “penis”.

There’s a bit of conversation that took place after we went off the air, but It’s just me and Jaded discussing a couple books we are currently reading and how we want to tackle future reviews of books and movies for the site.…

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Dreamin’ Demon

February 14, 2013 at 11:35 am by  

Be MineHere, Now – Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there. I mean that sincerely. Whether you’re planning to use this day to break up the monotony of the relationship you are currently dying in, or giving your current\potential partner some overpriced crap because you obviously don’t love them if you didn’t — I am pulling for you all.

Not because I care about your love-life as I feel love is for suckers. You either end up hurt or hurting someone, or end up on this site after your significant other stabs you in the neck while you’re sleeping. Hell, in a best case scenario, you’ll find someone you are compatible with and love with all your heart. You’ll share a life together full of friends, family and good memories. Then you’ll watch them die.

I sound bitter, you say? Maybe. But here, let me share a story regarding myself and the first Valentine’s Day I can remember. I was in 3rd grade when the teacher was handing out those stupid Valentine’s Day cards kids used to be forced to buy and hand out in class.…

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Ashley HunterFargo, ND — One man is facing charges and another is nursing a wounded arm after a threesome apparently went from sexy to stabby.

According to police, 33-year-old Ashley Hunter and former prison pal, Orlando DeWitt, 37, had been drinkin’ it up with a few friends of the female persuasion, when they decided to take the party to Hunter’s house.

DeWitt and one of the women, identified only as Leticia, started snoggin’ on the couch. That, of course, led to a coupling. DeWitt told police that he caught Hunter watching them from another room.

At some point during all this sexy, Hunter apparently materialized in the living room and began kissing Leticia’s bewbies. Leticia then began blowing Hunter, while DeWitt was still getting his groove on.

Everything was all hunky-dory…. for a minute.

Hunter reportedly demanded to have his turn down below. When DeWitt refused, Hunter got pissy and the two began to argue. Shit got real serious when DeWitt called Hunter a “fucking retard.”

It was then, police allege, that Hunter whipped out his big, 12-inch ……… knife.…

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Michael PowellMinneapolis, MN — Just when we thought we’d heard the last from the Powell family….

Josh’s brother, Michael Powell, threw himself off a 7-story building Monday, apparently after learning he would not profit from the death of Susan and her two sons.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Powell story, I must first congratulate you for finally crawling out from underneath that rock! And second, we’ll do a quick rehash.

Susan Powell disappeared in December of 2009. Her husband, Josh, told police that he decided to take his boys, Charlie and Braden, ages 4 and 2, on an impromptu camping trip that weekend, in the middle of a friggin’ blizzard even, and when he returned home, Susan was gone. Josh was named a “person of interest” in her disappearance.

Fast forward a couple of years. While investigating Susan’s disappearance, police find child pornography on a computer that belonged to Steve Powell – Josh’s father.

Not only did Steve’s computer contain pictures of  underage girls, it also contained pictures of Susan.…

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Kevin VossHoquiam, WA — Like a scene ripped directly from one of my nightmares, a registered sex offender has been accused of drilling holes in a neighbor’s ceiling so he could watch her from above.

Kevin Voss, of unknown age, and his unidentified roommate apparently gained access to a shared crawlspace and drilled holes in the woman’s fucking ceiling. They then proceeded to jerk off as the woman slept and did what most women do behind closed doors. You know, like eat, read, masturbate, dance nekkid while singing show tunes, etc.

The creepy shenanigans quickly ended, though, after the victim’s cats alerted her to the goings-on in the crawlspace.

“My cats all went in the kitchen, and they were looking up at the ceiling. And when I looked up, I saw somebody walking across the ceiling. And I could hear them walking,” the woman said. “I heard a noise up there. And when I hit the ceiling, one of them fell. And the other got scared, and jumped out a hole and ran down the stairs.…

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Emilio MendozaStamford, Connecticut — Emilio Mendoza, 27, apparently hates getting told what to do. And who doesn’t after moving out of your parents house!?

According to police, on Feb. 11th, Mendoza’s cousin/roommate, Ruiz Clemente-Pérez, asked him to turn the music down because he had to go to work in the morning. Oh, hell no! You are NOT going to mess with his jam. Mendoza then proceeded to punch Pérez in the head, police say.

At some point during the brawl, Mendoza allegedly bit Pérez’s left ear, tearing part of his earlobe off. Stamford Police Sgt. Richard Barbagallo told the press that an intoxicated Mendoza then swallowed the chunk of ear meat. No longer an empty stomach? Can keep on drinking.

Mendoza alleges that Pérez threw the first punch.

Pérez was hospitalized with a broken nose and fractured eye socket. Sadly, he also never made it to work the next morning since he was charged with third degree assault.

Mendoza’s bail was set at $100,000, and he was charged with first-degree assault, interfering with police, forgery and disorderly conduct.…

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Precious AllenCincinnati, Ohio – My mother has taught me many things in life – some positive, others negative. One thing that sticks in my mind after learning about the two women in this story, is a saying my mom liked to threaten me with: “I better not catch you doing *insert action here* because I will *insert punishment here*.” As I grew up, I was able to read between the lines and what I learned from the above statement is: “When doing the crime, HAVE NO WITNESSES!”

Precious Allen’s mother apparently did not teach her that. Or maybe she can’t read between the lines. You see, Allen, along with friend Dawn Brunner and her 14-year old daughter, reportedly busted into a classroom of Withrow High School last week – police say the women gained entrance to the school by knocking on the door until a student opened it – the trio proceeded to ignore the many warnings of checking into the office and walked into a classroom.

Allen started arguing with the 15-year old victim in the classroom.…

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Jelena Monique TaylorCorvallis, Oregon – The wide eyed beauty you see here is Miss Jelena Monique Taylor, 44. She likes to party Carrie style. She also apparently enjoys the recreational use of meth and getting her hair and nails did. Oh, and she enjoys getting naked.

Sadly, meth and time do not combine very well. You see, Jelena reportedl went to the salon “The Rage” extra early to make sure she got in. So early, in fact, she literally had to break in. As in the door. With a body part of hers, which made her bleed. But it seems that since meth gives those on it superpowers, Miss Jelena went all Hulk on equipment at the salon and smashed it while bleeding all over everything.

“There were broken vases, and a broken dryer. … The toilet, the shower, everything was covered in blood. It looked like a murder scene,” said salon owner Kayley Kampfer.

Oh, and she did all of this bare assed. I agree with the part where she thought: “fuck my pants” and dropped them.…

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Matthew StrawnPORTSMOUTH, VA – Police in Portsmouth have charged 21-year-old Matthew Wayne Strawn with biting his 11-day-old son while the newborn was in an intensive care unit.

According to the reports, police officers were called to the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center on Feb. 1 for a report of possible abuse. Staff at the Naval Medical Center informed them that the newborn was with Strawn in a private hospital room away from the NICU so they could spend some time alone together and bond.

Sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., hospital staff said when they went into the room to check on Strawn and his son they noticed that the infant had visible contusions to his back and face. They immediately removed the newborn and called police.

After police interviewed Strawn, investigators believed he had bitten his son. Strawn was subsequently arrested and charged with one count of felony child abuse and one count of felonious assault. Strawn is currently free after being released from jail on a personal recognizance bond.

A restraining order was filed against Strawn, who works in an administrative position at the medical center, stating he is not allowed to get near his son.…

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Bryan WoldmanNaperville, IL – Police have arrested 35-year-old Bryan Woldman after he drove to a theater, where he thought he was meeting a 12-year-old girl for a sexual encounter.

When Woldman arrived at the theater, he was cock blocked by members of the Naperville Police Department, who arrested Woldman and charged him with indecent solicitation of a minor, traveling to meet a minor for a sexual encounter and grooming.

Police were aware of Woldman after an alert mother contacted them to report her 12-year-old had been engaged in inappropriate communications with Woldman “via Facebook, cell phone, text, and Skype,” police said in a release.

So for the next few weeks, the Naperville Police High Technology Crimes Unit began an investigation in which Woldman “exchanged sexually explicit text messages with what he thought was the 12-year-old female” that ultimately led to Woldman thinking he would be meeting the girl for sex.

At around 7:47 p.m. Friday, Woldman allegedly traveled from his home to the theater where he was arrested without incident. He has been transferred to Will County jail with a bond set at $1 million.…

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Maria Reyes Garcia-PellonDelaware County, PA – Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon, the wife of a former University of Pennsylvania basketball star Matthew White, has been charged with stabbing her husband to death in bed because she says she caught him looking at child porn, according to court records.

Matthew White, 53, was asleep in his bed sometime around midnight Monday when his wife, Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon, began stabbing him in the neck with a knife. White reportedly woke up during the attack and tried to fight off his wife, yelling  “I’m dying, I’m dying!” before collapsing on the bed.

Afterwards, Garcia-Pellon changed clothes and went to a neighbor’s home after placing a bloody, rambling note inside another neighbor’s mailbox. There Garcia-Pellon told the neighbor she had killed her husband because she caught him looking at child pornography. After 911 was called and police arrived, Garcia Pellon reportedly told investigators, “I caught him looking at pornography, young girls, I love kids. I had to do it.”

I had no idea who White was, as I don’t know shit about sports, but in 1979 he was the starting center when Penn made it to the Final Four of the NCAA basketball championship and still holds the school record for field goal percentage among players with a minimum of 250 made field goa… Zzzzzzz… (*snaps awake after head hits keyboard*)

Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon is currently being held without bail in Delaware County Jail, charged with first degree murder, criminal homicide and possession of an instrument of crime.…

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Xenia JamesMatteson, IL – Xenia Jaimes and her parents are facing a slew of very serious charges after police say they kidnapped and beat Xenia’s former boyfriend after he threatened to post nude images of the 18-year-old.

According to court records, the 19-year-old victim was having a casual sexual relationship with 18-year-old Xenia Jaimes. At some point during their relationship, Xenia stripped during a video chat and allowed the victim to photograph her nude with his cell phone.

Things between the two turned sour after Xenia went to a social networking website and accused the victim of stealing her iPad. The teen claims he had taken the device by mistake and had immediately returned it. When he discovered her online accusation, he threatened to post some of the nude photographs of Xenia he had if she didn’t call him to talk about the alleged theft.

On Jan 15, Xenia texted the victim and told him to come to her family’s house so they could talk. Once the teen arrived at the home, Xenia led him down to the basement where he was ambushed by five people wearing ski masks and holding metal pipes and, in the case of one of the masked individuals, a walking crutch.…

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Theresa A. Moran CamaraPennsylvania – On Jan 19, police were called to a Giant To-Go in Pennsylvania one reports of a toddler pumping gas into a car.

Witnesses said they observed 46-year-old Theresa Camara instructing her 3-year-old how to pump gas into her car. As the toddler struggled to remove the gas pump, he sprayed himself and Camara with gasoline.

A review of the gas station’s surveillance video confirmed that Camara had allowed her child to pump gas by himself into a Toyota Rav4, according to a probable cause affidavit. The video also showed that the toddler did indeed spray himself with gasoline as he removed the pump.

Camara had already left the scene before police arrived, but police were able to track her down after customers provided them with Camara’s license plate number. When interviewed, Camara admitted she “allowed her son to help her in pumping gas,” and confirmed “that he had sprayed gasoline onto both of them.”

Camara was subsequently charged with one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.…

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Scarlett RougeNORTH TONAWANDA, NY –  Police have charged 23-year-old Jennifer Marchant with murder after the retired porn actress allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the neck with a steak knife.

Last Wednesday night, police responded to the apartment of Marchant and her 24-year-old boyfriend, Ralph Stone. According to police, Marchant had outfitted Stone with a hole to the neck that wasn’t quite working out.

Paramedics tried saving Stone, but he would die a short while later. Police say the wound was caused by Marchant stabbing the man with a steak knife. Both Marchant and Stone had a history of arrests.

Police have not given a motive, or revealed if Marchant has even confessed to stabbing Stone, but she has been charged with second-degree murder and is currently being held without bail. On Monday, Marchant entered a plea of not guilty while her attorney’s claim she was acting in self-defense.

Her Twitter account states she retired from porn last year, but Marchant has numerous videos online under the name Scarlett Rougue and normally featured in the BBW (Big Beautiful Women) category of most online porn sites.…

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David Barajas ALVIN, TX – Police have charged a man with murder, accusing him of shooting the drunk driver responsible for killing his two sons.

On Dec 7, 2012, David Barajas’ truck ran out of gas yards from his home. He and his two sons, 12-year-old David Barajas and 11-year-old Caleb Barajas, jumped out and began pushing the truck while Barajas’ wife and two daughters remained inside the vehicle.

At around this same time, 20-year-old Jose Banda was driving drunk down the narrow road and plowed into the rear of the pickup. Caleb and his brother would both die after becoming pinned between the two vehicles. Jose Banda also died, but not because of the crash. He died from a bullet wound to the head.

Several witnesses who were present at the scene of the accident told police that after the crash, David Barajas walked the short distance home. He returned to the scene shortly afterward and approach Jose Banda’s car. That’s when the witnesses reported hearing gunshots.

Police still have not recovered a weapon, but a handgun holster was found in Barajas’ home, along with ammunition that matched the kind that killed Banda. …

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Willie MerriweatherAiken, SC — A 53-year-old man previously accused of masturbating at public computer is now facing additional charges of indecent exposure because he apparently can’t keep his dick in his drawers.

Willie (tee-hee) Merriweather was taken into custody early last week after police say he whipped his peener out while being interviewed at a staffing agency.

According to police, the victim told police Willie entered the office Monday and sat down for an interview. The woman said she collected information from Willie, such as his name, previous employer and Social Security number.

The woman went on to tell police that as she was collecting this information, she glanced over at Willie and realized he had his dick out of his pants and in his hand.

It fell out,” Willie reportedly explained.

The woman didn’t buy that excuse and ordered him out of the building before calling police.

At some point after that, Willie apparently showed up at Public Safety headquarters for an interview, and officers realized he had a warrant out for indecent exposure.…

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