Woman Dies After Teen Extended Car Jack Inside Her VaginaTeen Gouged Out Both Of Her Eyeballs Outside South Carolina ChurchToddler Found Frozen To Death On Front Porch Of Her HomeTeenage Teaching Assistant Accused Of Molesting 17 ChildrenCouple Accused Of Beating Three Children, Forcing Them To Eat Dog FecesMorgue Worker Accused Of Having Sex With Corpse Of Reality TV StarMan Dies After Falling Into An Industrial Tire ShredderMan Accused Of Killing Ex-Girlfriend And Three Others At Pennsylvania Car WashFive Teens Accused Of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

April MilsapARMADA, MI — It only took a jury six hours to find 34-year-old James VanCallis guilty of the attempted rape and murder of 14-year-old April Millsap along a popular hiking trail.

We first reported on Millsap when she went missing in 2014 after going for a walk with the family dog. Hours after sending her boyfriend a text that read: “I nearly got kidnapped OMFG,” some joggers found her body in a drainage ditch along the Macomb Orchard Trail.

Millsap’s shorts and underwear were around her ankles, and her shoes had been removed. Her cause of death would later be determined to be blunt head trauma and asphyxia due to neck compression someone stomping on the girl’s neck, face and chest.

There were no witnesses to the murder, but people reported seeing a man in the area on a motorcycle wearing a black helmet. Going through the physical and electronic evidence they had, along with eyewitness testimony, investigators identified their suspect.

“Law enforcement took great care to follow every tip and every lead to its conclusion,” County Prosecutor Eric Smith said.…

Kevin HavelowLOWER OXFORD, PA – Police have charged 23-year-old Kevin Havelow with the stabbing death of his grandmother, as well as sexually assaulting the woman along with his own mother.

According to police, Havelow lives with his grandmother, mother and sister. He reportedly is not happy with the situation because, according to him, the women keep him from having a normal social life.

This resentment boiled over when he returned home at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday after taking his mommy’s car out to smoke weed with a friend. When he asked his mommy if his friend could spend the night, she said no, and Havelow lost it.

He began arguing with his mother and grandmother about them keeping him from having a girlfriend and not allowing him to smoke pot in the house. Now keep in mind, this man is twenty-fucking-four, unemployed, lives with his mother, and has no car. Yet he’s blaming them for being a loser.

Havelow ended up dragging his mother to the ground and attempted to rape her.…

tongue sandwichNORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Police say a teen tried to rape a woman in South Carolina but was foiled when the victim kicked him in the balls then bit off his tongue.

Last Friday morning at around 6:30 a.m., a woman was awakened by a knock on her door. She got up and answered the door, but found no one there and went back to bed.

This happened two more times until the woman finally stepped outside to see who was knocking on her door and ringing her doorbell.  According to a police report, the woman saw a man on the side of her house, holding a knife.

She screamed and ran back inside her home in an attempt to escape the man, but he followed and was able to force himself into her home before she was able to shut the door. The suspect then tackled the woman, punched her several times in the face and informed her to “stop fighting and I won’t hurt you.”

The suspect carried the victim into her bedroom where he tried to remove the victim’s shorts, but she wasn’t letting him have his way that easily.…

Christopher MullerSPRINGFIELD, MO – Police have arrested 22-year-old Christopher Muller after witnesses pulled him off a screaming 14-year-old girl on a dark trail, and held him until police arrived.

The three friends say they were parking their car at a Greenway Trail near Wilson’s Creek when they heard a girl screaming for help. Using their cell phones as flashlights, they followed her screams until they found Muller on top of her wearing only his boxers.

As evident by Muller’s mugshot, a small scuffle ensued as the friends pulled him off of the girl and held him at the scene until police arrived. Police say when they arrived, the girl was completely unresponsive from either drugs or extreme shock. She is currently i stable condition.

Muller was taken into custody and would tell police that he thought the girl was 15, and although she was “hot” he never tried raping her. He said he was half-naked because he’d just finished swimming. He said he was walking back to his car when some unknown assailant tackled him.…

crazy ohioHAMILTON TOWNSHIP, OH – A naked 17-year-old, was shot with a shotgun after attempting to break into homes looking for women to rape – keeps jerking it while being arrested.

The teen was seen attempting to break into several houses by witnesses, screaming obscenities, before successfully breaking into the house of an unnamed married couple. The husband held the bare-assed teen at gunpoint while his wife called 911 for help.

She was heard by 911 operators pleading with him to keep his distance repeatedly. “I never said you were gay, honey. I believe you, I believe you. Stay away from me. Stay away from me. Please, please.” She warned him that he would be shot if he didn’t keep his distance.

He reached for her throat at which point her husband shot him in the back, hitting his wife in the eye and shoulder in the process. Propelled as if shot out of a pinball machine, he began running around bouncing off of walls. The husband ran for towels to help control the bleeding, when he returned he found the weirdo had retreated to his porch to teach his dick a lesson while simultaneously bleeding out.…

Teen Stops Half Naked Man From Raping His Mother

November 19, 2014 at 12:13 pm by  

Henry BuggageASSUMPTION PARISH, LA — Police say a man is behind bars after he allegedly attempted to rape a woman in her home but was stopped by the victim’s teenage son.

According to the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office, 58-year-old Henry Buggage gave a woman a ride home from the Alexis Sports Bar on Sunday.

The woman said after she got inside her home and locked the door, she later discovered Buggage standing in her living room half-naked.

Investigators said the woman’s 16-year-old son then came into the room and stopped Buggage from raping his mother. Buggage ran out of the house but was later apprehend by deputies. They have not said where or how.

Buggage was transported to the Assumption Parish Detention Center and is now facing attempted rape and home invasion charges.…

Willie JohnsonPortland, OR — A registered sex offender was taken into police custody last week after allegedly sexually assaulting his grandmother and his uncle.

The investigation started Tuesday evening, after officers were called to a North Portland home on a report of a sexual assault.

Police learned that the alleged rapist, later identified as 34-year-old Willie Johnson, sexually assaulted his 82-year-old grandmother and his 49-year-old uncle, before fleeing the home.

Johnson managed to evade police and a K9 unit for a few hours, but was picked up at a McDonald’s Wednesday morning.

After an overnight stay at the hospital for some bullshit medical drama, Johnson was booked into the Multnomah County Jail. He is now facing charges of first-degree attempted rape, first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, two counts of first-degree sex abuse, first-degree kidnapping and fourth-degree assault. His sex offender status apparently stems from a first-degree rape conviction.

Grandma was treated at the hospital and released, and both she and the uncle are said to be doing fine. Physically, anyway.…

Louisville, KY – A Louisville man who was part of a work program designed to integrate convicts back into mainstream employment has been charged for allegedly attempting to rape a co-worker at a Kentucky Humane society. The man was in a court room last Wednesday to answer to his charges.

According to a Louisville Metro Police report, Todd Duke, 41, was at the Louisville Humane Society as a volunteer worker through Dismas Charities – having been assigned to LHS since February. Dismas Charities is a not-for-profit company with the stated goal of “providing effective re-entry programs for offenders” – meaning re-entry into the workforce. Duke was living in a Dismas halfway house and performing the state-mandated community service work after a meth conviction.

Last Monday, Duke allegedly locked a female co-worker in a room, kissed the employee by force, and exposed himself to her. Duke then alledgedly grabbed the victim by the hair and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. The report alleges that Duke continued the attack by trying to take the employee’s pants off in an effort to rape her.…

Macon, GA – With the apparent advent of the ‘God-fearing rapist,’ what was once simply a reprehensible and horrific act of aggression and subjugation has become something… more. Case in point: Jarvis Hurey, 28.

Prosecutors charged Hurey for allegedly breaking inside a 71-year-old woman’s home early July 7 and assaulting her. According to court documents, the woman was reading in her bed that night with her back door open but with the screen door closed and locked.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Don Kelly said that the victim looked up to see Hurey at her bedroom door. Hurey reportedly ‘ran forward and covered the woman’s head with a T-shirt.’ He then tried to rape her, Kelly added.

“What that man put me through that night was very painful, unbelievable, unimaginable and excruciating,” the victim said in court testimony. “He raped me mentally and physically.”

“…before he left, he turned to me and he said, ‘Will you pray for me?’ and then he walked out the door,” the woman added.

Police reportedly found a palm print and DNA evidence linking Hurey to the crime.…

Syracuse, NY — Tommy Lee Baker, a Level III sex offender, is back behind bars after police say he lured a 9-year-old girl out of her bedroom window and into his home early Monday morning.

The girl’s mother told police she put the kid to bed at about 9:00 p.m. the previous evening. When she peeked into the room to check on her at about 2:00 a.m., the kid was gone. The woman called 911 after noticing that the bedroom window and screen were open.

During their investigation, police learned that Baker had visited the family Sunday evening and soon determined that he is a Level III sex offender. When deputies confronted Baker at his residence, he denied any knowledge of the girl. However, police knew that he had been seen in the presence of a young girl some time after 10 p.m.

Baker’s home was searched and the girl was found in his bedroom. She was transported to an area hospital for medical evaluation.

Police say Baker lured the child out of the bedroom window and tricked her into leaving with him.…

Stamford, CT — Gerard Michael Landon, 46, was arrested Friday evening for sexually assaulting a woman who, in defense, bit off a “substantial” piece of his tongue.

According to police, the alleged attack occurred as the victim was exiting St. John’s Church at about 10:00 p.m. Thursday evening. Landon reportedly approached the woman, who is said to be in her mid-50’s, and asked for a hug. When the woman refused, police say Landon attacked, wrestling the woman to the ground and shoving his vile tongue in her mouth. The attack came to an abrupt halt, however, after the woman chomped down on Landon’s tongue.

“It was a substantial piece of his tongue,” said said Stamford Police Sgt. Paul Guzda. “About an inch worth.”

The offending hunk of meat was recovered at the scene and area hospitals were alerted to be on the lookout for a man with a serious tongue injury. In addition to the identifiable piece of tongue, police also recovered video surveillance recordings from the church that substantiated the woman’s story.…

Daytona Beach, FL — A man accused of trying to rape a woman earlier this week reportedly told police he did so because he was “so afraid” of the Rapture and he needed the woman to feel his fear.

Police say the victim was was pushing her 4-year-old son in a stroller at about 10:45 Monday morning when she saw 28-year-old Ray Allen Martin walking the opposite direction across the street. She said Martin crossed the road and began following her. Worried, she had just enough time to call her fiancé and let him know where she was and what was going on when Martin allegedly grabbed her from behind and placed his hand over her mouth.

The victim told police Martin dragged her toward the breezeway of a building, knocking the stroller over in the process. Martin reportedly yanked the woman’s pants and underwear down, repeatedly telling her to “shut up” as she screamed for her child. A man walking in the area intervened and Martin beat feet.

When he was apprehended a short time later, Martin reportedly told police he needed to confess.…

Fort Worth, TX — George Bradley, 32, is facing numerous charges after police say he set fire to his mother, then headed to a nearby charter school and attempted to sexually assault a teacher at knifepoint.

Bradley’s Monday apparently went a little something like this….

For reasons known only to him at this point, Bradley reportedly poured a flammable liquid on his 68-year-old mother and flicked his Bic. Screaming and in flames, the woman managed to escape the apartment to the safety of a neighbor’s home. Police say the woman is now listed in critical condition at a Lubbock hospital, suffering third-degree burns to much of her upper body.

A short time later, Bradley entered the main office at Rise Academy, announced that he had just killed his mother and asked the secretary to call 911. School administrator Audrey Saldivar said Bradley then grew agitated, locked the office door, pulled out a knife and forced a teacher into Superintendent Richard Baumgartner’s office.

“It was just random,” Saldivar said. “We didn’t know what was happening.”

In the meantime, Baumgartner had been informed of the situation and had just reached the office at the same time Bradley was locking the door.…

Burien, WA – I love it when criminals are also morons. 17-year-old Chris Lito, a student at my alma mater, Highline High School, is one such moron, thankfully. I still live here and shudder at the thought of this creep wandering our streets.

It was about 1:00 in the afternoon when the 16 year old victim was making her way to the local transit center. As she passed through an alley (directly behind the last house I rented!), she was reportedly accosted by Lito, who promptly dragged her into a secluded stairway. Police say he then began viciously beating her. When beating her didn’t work, he choked her until blackout. When choking her didn’t work, he threatened her with a brick he had picked up, holding it over her head. All the while, this sick fuck was trying to force her pants down as she struggled.

But this tenacious young gal wasn’t about to go out like that. Despite the violent assault she was suffering, she still managed to get out a scream that was loud enough to cause Lito to drop the brick and run.…

Orlando, FL — Police arrested 30-year-old Donald Destin early Monday morning after the man reportedly broke into a Christian radio station and exposed himself before threatening to rape and rob the female host.

Police say the DJ at VOIX 98.9 was broadcasting a live prayer show at about 6:00 a.m. when Destin entered the studio uninvited, exposed himself and threatened to get rapey. A listener heard the threat and called 911.

“The microphone was on … they heard about everything,” said station manager Gary Pierre. “She left the microphone on and said, ‘Don’t kill me, let me give you money, don’t make sex with me.’ The guy came for two things: sex and money.”

Police say the woman remained calm and convinced Destin to follow her outside. Once outside, the woman locked herself in her vehicle and remained there until deputies arrived. At that point, Destin reportedly walked back into the station and stole several items from the woman’s purse before fleeing on foot. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.…

Jackson, TN — Police have arrested 43-year-old Stephen Wilcox after he reportedly tried to molest a 3-year-old girl left in his care.

The child’s parents told police they had briefly left the child in Wilcox’s care last Friday. Upon their return to the home, they said they found Wilcox in bed with the child – he was completely naked and the child was unclothed from the waist down.

Police say the child’s father “momentarily detained” Wilcox before he managed to slither out of the home. The relationship between Wilcox and the child is unclear…one source claims he’s a family member and another says he’s a family friend.

In a telephone interview with jacksonsun.com, Wilcox’s ex-wife defended him, stating that he did not molest the child. She said Wilcox had been drinking and was passed out when the parents left the home, leaving the 3-year-old in the care of another child in the home…a 9-year-old. The woman claimed the toddler had crawled into the bed with Wilcox. “When he’s drunk, he does not move, does not wake up,” she said. …

Lincoln, Nebraska — Police are investigating an alleged sex assault that ended when the victim sent her attacker to the hospital after beating the crap out of his face with a frying pan.

Details are vague, but what is being reported is that a 20-year-old woman held a party at her apartment. After a night of drinking the woman fell asleep on the floor, only to be woken up by a 23-year-old man touching her inappropriately.

She told him to stop repeatedly, but the man persisted and became more aggressive. She ended up kicking him away from her and then smack him in the face four times with a frying pan she retrieved from the kitchen.

Police were called and the man was taken to the hospital suffering from fractures to an orbital bone and to his nose. Officer Katie Flood says citations are pending against the man once he is released from the hospital.…

Raleigh, North Carolina — Not too many details are available on this case yet, but a 57-year-old Raleigh man is in jail after police said he tried to rape and strangle a woman Thursday night. Clarence J. George is being held on a $2 million bond.

Raleigh police believe the victim was unwillingly restrained by George before he grabbed her neck and pinched her trachea all while attempting to rape the woman. It isn’t clear if the man was only trying to hold the woman down and keep her quiet, or if he was actually attempting to strangle her.

George is in custody in Wake County Jail and is facing one count of second-degree kidnapping, one count of assault by strangulation and one count of attempted first-degree rape, according to arrest warrants filed in the Wake County Magistrate’s Office.

With the online dating and networking sites available nowadays, I’m surprised people still find the need to attempt to rape unwilling women.…

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