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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – Police have charged three students after they allegedly set a fellow student’s hair on fire while on a school bus.

Police say that on Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Devin Lewis was on the bus returning home from Middletown High School when three other students began harassing him.

“I was sitting in my seat listening to music, and the kids pulled my hood and earphones out, and the one sitting next to me pulled a lighter out and held it in front of my face backing my head up,” Lewis said. “One of the people behind me took their lighter, put it up to the back of my head and lit my head on fire.”

When Lewis arrived home, his mother, Stephanie McKeehan, quickly realized something was wrong when she smelled burnt hair and then saw the damage that had been done to the back of her son’s head. Furious, she called the school and met with the school principal, Dennis Newell.

“I was ready to hunt somebody down,” McKeehan laughed.…

Summerfield, FL — 49-year-old Julien Saunders was arrested Monday morning after his 19-year-old daughter told police he pinned her down and sicced his pit bull on her during an argument.

Claiming Julien often uses the 2-year-old pit bull as a weapon when he gets into a fight, Allicia Saunders told police that after she and her father argued about the use of a space heater in her room, he held her down on the floor and allowed the dog to bite her several times. When her mother, Lyn, stepped in to pull her ex-husband off Allicia, the dog attacked her, too. Both women were transported to the hospital with bite wounds.

“The dog could have killed her if I wouldn’t have been there. God only knows how long he would have held her down there,” Lyn said. She claims she’s been bitten by the dog three times in the past. She also said she will likely have to have the dog euthanized this week.

Saunders has denied the allegations, claiming the dog is the violent one, not him.…

Lakeville, MN — Police have charged George Gonzalez with malicious punishment of a child after he allegedly threw a glass at his 14-year-old son, resulting in 20 stitches to the boy’s ear. Doctors say the injury may have ruptured his eardrum, which could cause long-term hearing loss.

Authorities spoke to the boy at the hospital early Monday morning as he was being treated for the injury. According to him, he and his father were watching a movie Sunday night when George told him to go make dinner. As the kid was slaving away in the kitchen, George was sleeping on the couch. Dinner prepared, the boy attempted to wake his father to eat…this displeased George.

Belligerent and upset, George reportedly took the bread from the fish sandwich his son had prepared and flung it down the stairs – the boy’s cell phone soon followed. George then ordered the kid to retrieve the items, which he did. As the boy was walking back upstairs, he said his father threw a glass at him.…

Cincinnati, OH — According to authorities, 27-year-old Jerome Smith, a convicted felon released from his cage just 2½ months ago, is behind bars once again – this time for repeatedly beating a pregnant woman in the head with a handgun. Not much to the story, but the mugshot is awesome. Want more info? Read on at In the meantime, I’m gonna sit here and see if I can find Waldo.

Hesperia, California — Jerry Wayne Baker doesn’t want to pay rent. In fact, when his 73-year-old mother asked him to begin paying for the roof over his head, Baker made sure his mother knew he was not going to pay her a penny.

According to police, the 50-year-old man brutally beat his elderly mother with a flashlight. He seemed to focus the beatings on her arms and then threatened to break her hands so she could no longer play the piano. During the attack, police say he also tried to choke the woman.

Baker was arrested on Wednesday morning on suspicion of elder abuse and making terrorist threats after deputies were called out to St. Mary Medical Center on Tuesday night where the victim was recovering from the alleged beating.

Baker may get his wish: he won’t have to pay rent in jail… at least not a monetary value anyway.…

Newport Township, PA — A woman told police her boyfriend beat her with an alarm clock and a couple of folding chairs last week because she didn’t ask for permission to use the restroom.

Jarrett Edmonds apparently became “enraged” when the brazen woman dared to use the facilities without getting the nod of approval from his holiness. The girlfriend told police Edmonds beat her with a digital alarm clock before switching it up and arming himself with the chairs. He repeatedly struck the woman in the head, face and torso.

She went on to tell investigators that Edmonds held her hostage in the home for nearly an hour, denying her request to leave or call an ambulance. At some point, he reportedly tried to force the woman to stand outside naked just to embarrass her. Edmonds eventually relented and allowed the woman to go to a friend’s house to call 911.

The woman was left with various bumps and bruises, deep lacerations to her head and a broken nose. Two bloodied folding chairs and an alarm clock found at the scene were bagged and tagged as evidence.…

Video: Old Man Vs. Drunk Bully

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I have no idea where this is or how old it may be, but I love videos like this. For the video impaired, it’s just a drunk douchebag hassling an older man who eventually gets the upper-hand. The funniest part to me is when the old man looks like he’s checking on the young guy to make sure he’s ok, then delivers the final punch. All that old man needed to do in order to make this a perfect video, was to have tea-bagged the a-hole.

Old Man Vs Bully – Watch more Funny Videos

Tampa, FL — I’m thinking that 23-year-old Dwayne Poole didn’t think things through after he allegedly threw his 16-month-old son after he caught him playing near a wall socket.

I understand a parent reacting strongly to finding their kid about to stick their fingers into an electric wall socket, but Poole threw his baby so hard that when the infant hit his head on either the wall or a dresser, his skull was fractured causing a brain bleed.

The infant was also found to have bruises covering his legs and buttocks to which Poole admitted to police that he had caused by hitting him with an open hand and a belt.

Poole was arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse to go along with his several previous arrests on battery charges.

His son is currently in the hospital where according to doctors, he appears to be brain dead with little chance of survival.…

Trenton, MI — You all remember Jennifer Petkov, right? The mouthy bitch who gained “worldwide notoriety” after taunting a dying 7-year-old child? Yeah, her. She’s been ordered by the court to hit the road.

We first featured Jennifer back in October after she posted some doctored photos of Kathleen Edwards, a 7-year-old girl who is dying from Huntington’s Disease, on her Facebook page. The photos depicted the child’s face becoming the center of a skull and crossbones. Petkov also posted a picture of the girl’s mother, who died in 2009 of the same condition, in the arms of the grim reaper. Those distasteful and juvenile acts were carried out for one reason only – to torment the child’s grandmother, Rebecca Rose.

As mean spirited and awful as it is, it’s not actually against the law to taunt a dying kid. It is, however, against the law to try and turn your neighbor into roadkill. Neighbor Tana Boling says she said she was on her way across the street to talk with Rebecca Rose on Oct.…

Seven Teens Arrested In Taped Bully Attack

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UPPER DARBY, Pa. — Seven boys, ages 13 to 17, have been arrested for their part in an alleged bullying incident caught on tape.

Back on January 11th, a 13-year-old boy was walking home from Beverly Hills Middle School when the group of teens began assaulting him on videotape.

The video is only 7 minutes of an estimated 20 minute long attack that shows the attackers kicking the boy on the ground, dragging him through the snow as he screams and stuffing him in a tree. After he falls out, he tries to make a run for it but is caught again. The group continue to punch him before hanging on a metal fence by his jacket.

Police say this goes far past the line of “kids being kids” and straight into the realm of full-blown assault, and they are taking it very seriously. They have arrested all seven boys involved. Six of them were walked out in handcuffs from an alternative school program for troubled students on the grounds of Upper Darby High School.…

HOUSTON, TX — Here’s a tragic “wrong place at the wrong time” story for you this morning regarding a jealous husband who found his wife in a restaurant parking lot with a popular high school soccer coach.

First I’ll give you the official report using info from published news articles. Then I’m going to do something I don’t normally do and fill in some details I found gleaning the comment sections from some of these published news articles.

As Ronald Lee Newman, 51, pulled into the parking lot of the LosTios restaurant on Friday night, he witnessed his wife walking with 33-year-old Christopher Matthews, the girls’ soccer coach and world history teacher at Stratford High School. Newman approached the pair and punched Matthews who fell and hit his head, knocking him unconscious.

Chris Matthews

Matthews was rushed to the hospital in critical condition while Newman would be arrested, charged with aggravated assault serious bodily injury and later released on $30,000 bail. Sadly, Matthews would never wake up and died late Sunday of a massive brain injury.…

Seattle, WA — Duane Starkenburg admits that he goes to the park every day to watch women run – he likes to watch them “jiggle and bounce.” What’s more, according to authorities, he kinda likes to rub his nose in their asses, too.

The first incident happened way back in August. A woman told police she was jogging with her dog in the park near Coleman Pool when a man she had just passed tripped, grabbing her hips as he fell. “He did a face plant in my butt,” she told detectives. “And lingered for a few moments.” When she broke free of the man, she looked back and saw him staring at his hands in confusion. “It was an act. He was like, ‘What just happened,” the woman said.

Another victim told police that on December 8, she was walking up the stairs to reach the parking lot of the park when a man appeared at the foot of the stairs “out of nowhere.” As he passed her on the stairs, he pleaded for help, claiming he had been injured while running or something.…

Raleigh, North Carolina — Not too many details are available on this case yet, but a 57-year-old Raleigh man is in jail after police said he tried to rape and strangle a woman Thursday night. Clarence J. George is being held on a $2 million bond.

Raleigh police believe the victim was unwillingly restrained by George before he grabbed her neck and pinched her trachea all while attempting to rape the woman. It isn’t clear if the man was only trying to hold the woman down and keep her quiet, or if he was actually attempting to strangle her.

George is in custody in Wake County Jail and is facing one count of second-degree kidnapping, one count of assault by strangulation and one count of attempted first-degree rape, according to arrest warrants filed in the Wake County Magistrate’s Office.

With the online dating and networking sites available nowadays, I’m surprised people still find the need to attempt to rape unwilling women.…

Boulder, CO — Not a lot of punch to this one, but because dude supposedly used a skateboard as a weapon, I want to give him his well-deserved 15 minutes of shame.

According to police, 19-year-old Stephen Edward Siebold attacked his 21-year-old girlfriend Wednesday night after she refused to buy him beer. He allegedly bit the woman’s hand, hit her in the head, attempted to strangle her and knocked her upside the head with a skateboard. Police believe Siebold was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the attack.

Though he had already fled by the time police arrived, they managed to track him down later that evening and cage him like the animal he is. Siebold was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, attempted sexual assault, obstruction of telephone service and domestic violence.…

Lake Ridge, VA — Police have charged 40-year-old Tyree Alexander with aggravated malicious wounding in a throat slashing incident that happened early Thursday morning.

Police say Alexander was out shoveling snow at about 4:20 a.m., when he was hit by a snowball thrown by an unidentified 23-year-old male. At that point, it was on. Alexander confronted the man and a fight ensued. As the fight progressed, Alexander reportedly pulled out a box cutter and slashed the other man’s throat – effectively ending the battle. Police say another fight broke out when the victim’s family confronted Alexander, but no other injuries were reported.

The younger man was flown to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries, but has since improved and is expected to survive. Alexander is being held without bond pending a March 7 court date.…

Phoenix, AZ — Police say an 11-year-old girl was severely and brutally beaten by a family member just moments after being sexually assaulted by that family member’s friend. Arrested was 34-year-old Jon Gary – a man police say has raised the child since she was an infant.

According to authorities, Gary witnessed his adult friend sexually assaulting the child on January 10. The friend accused of molesting the child later told police that Gary ordered the girl into her room and hit him once before retreating to the kid’s bedroom to kick her ass. The alleged rapist told police he left the home after Gary pointed a gun at him.

The victim, who ultimately spent 6 days in ICU, doesn’t remember anything before the beating other than drinking some “some soda that tasted funny.” She does remember Gary kicking, punching and stomping her until she lost consciousness. She was hospitalized with a liver laceration, a right adrenal gland hemorrhage, an acute 11th rib fracture, a concussion, an acute vaginal injury, and multiple bruises.…

Cherokee County, GA — The barely legal cutie to the left is 18-year-old Jeremiah Gossett – he was taken into custody early Wednesday morning after reportedly stabbing his best friend in the neck while attempting to hypnotize him.

According to police, Gossett and his friend, 19-year-old James Stanley, had been hanging out, drinking and smoking pot, when Gossett asked Stanley if he could hypnotize him. Stanley agreed to play along and closed his eyes in preparation. Right about then, he felt a sharp pain in his neck. Stanley told investigators he opened his eyes and saw Gossett holding a knife.

Gossett didn’t stick around long after that – police said he ran from the residence and attempted to kill himself by slashing his wrists with the same knife. He failed to do much damage…both men were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Gossett was arrested after being released from the hospital, charged with aggravated assault, and is currently in custody on $22,200 bond. With those looks, the kid had better keep a real tight hold on the soap……

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. –– A woman is in jail facing assault in the first degree charges after being accused of using her car to run over her cousin twice following an argument over a man.

Police say that after watching a Jets game at a bar, 20-year-old Melanie Spanopoulos and her 21-year-old cousin, Giselle Penagos, got into a physical fight while headed home when Penagos admitted she had “friend requested” a guy on Facebook who Spanopoulos was interested in. This led to Spanopoulos pulling her minivan over where the two ended up on the ground fighting.

Spanopoulos eventually got back behind the wheel and instructed her cousin to get back inside. When her cousin refused to do so, Spanopoulos displayed a level of psychotic rage on the level of Jaded finding someone drank her bottle of Wild Rasberry Boone’s Farm and drove her vehicle into Penagos, knocking her to the ground.

But Spanopolous wasn’t quite finished. Displaying a level of psychotic rage on the level of Jaded finding someone drank her bottle of Wild Rasberry Boone’s Farm and had eaten her bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, she threw the car in reverse and backed over Penagos.…