Family's Wolf-Dog Hybrid Mauled 8-Day-Old Baby To DeathMan Accused Of Beating Four Relatives To Death Inside South Carolina HomeGirl, 10, Ran Over And Killed Her Mom While Trying To Get Car Out Of SnowbankMother, Son Die After Being Buried By Snow That Fell Off Condo RoofMan Kidnapped And Raped Four-Year-Old Girl After Beating And Raping Her MotherMan Convicted Of Tying Cinder Block To Girlfriend's Dog Before Throwing Dog Into ReservoirTwo Men Sentenced After Dragging Kitten Behind Jeep, Posting Video To FacebookWoman Charged After Tossing Disabled Daughter In Back Of Stranger's TruckMan Raped Daughter For 15 Years, Fathered Her Two ChildrenMarried Teacher, 26, Accused Of Having Sex With Teen Student

Milwaukee, WI – An investigation into illegal rectal and strip searches on Milwaukee streets and police stations has resulted in felony charges against four police officers: Michael Vagnini (pictured), Jeffery Dollhopf, Jacob Knight, and Brian Kozelek.

The most egregious complaints involve one incident where a gun was allegedly put to a suspect’s head while two officers held his arms and another placed him in a choke hold, jamming a few fingers in the man’s anus in what was assumed to be a search for evidence.  A second similar incident caused a man to bleed from his hind quarters for days after an illegal search.

The main suspect, Vagnini, is the only one who is facing sexual assault charges, and has racked up four counts, each carrying a possible sentence of 25 years in prison.  He’s also had 25 other, less serious charges leveled against him.  He is accused of conducting multiple illegal searches where he inspected men’s scrotal areas and anuses, sometimes inserting his fingers without the benefit of gloves.  One suspect also claims that Vagnini planted drugs on him.…

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH — Police say that a girl being teased about her farting ended with a 16-year-old girl dead and a 16-year-old girl charged with her murder.

Last Wednesday police received several 911 calls reporting some kids fighting while some adults watched. “It’s some kids that’s fighting, and it’s adults, grown-ups — they’re watching them fight,” the caller told dispatch. Not long after, another 911 call was made, but this time it was to report one of the girls involved had fallen down and was having trouble breathing.

By time police arrived on the scene, the fight had already been broken up and EMS were on the scene trying to revive an unresponsive 16-year-old Shaakira Dorsey. She was rushed to the hospital but would be pronounced dead. Her cause of death has not been released.

Police questioned Shaakira’s stepfather, who had been one of the adults watching the altercation, but he did not tell officers about the fight. He only told them that Shaakira was “pacing back and forth” in front of the apartments before she fell face forward onto the grass.…

Pittsburgh, PA — Last week we reported on the juvenile who sucker punched a Kansas City Metro bus driver (he was eventually caught and charged with assault) and now we have a similar incident out of Pittsburgh, where a 15-year-old was arrested after surveillance cameras captured him sucker punching a teacher in a downtown alley.

Jim Addlespurger is a 50-year-old English teacher at Creating and Performing Arts School. Last Thursday, in the middle of the day, he was walking down an alley when he passed by six teens coming from the opposite direction. As the surveillance video below shows, one of the teens steps in Addlespurger’s path and then sucker punches him in the face.

No one was in the other’s way, and no words had been exchanged before the cowardly assault. “It appears to be a random act but this juvenile has a track record, already has, for example, a probation officer,” said Joanna Doven, spokeswoman for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

After eating the teen’s fist, Addlespurger can be seen toppling to the ground, striking his face and head on the curb while the teens nonchalantly walk away, laughing.…

Underage Drinker Grabs And Twists Cop’s Nuts

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Dallas, TX – 19-year-old Cory Weddington III was charged early Sunday morning with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and assault on a public servant after he was thrown out of Havana Bar & Grill for being underage.

I’m here to tell you that this faux-hawk-sporting, faggy-first-named, no-muscle-having wuss who looks like he’s wearing lipstick has no regard for the sanctity of testicles.  Any real man knows that a dude never attacks another dude’s nuts unless he is pretty friggin’ sure he’s going to be killed if he doesn’t.  That’s the male code, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that this fairy doesn’t know it.

Weddington had clearly been throwing a couple back that night when the bar employees made him leave; supposedly because he was underage, but I’m guessing it was more because he was being an irritating little prick.  “Little Sissy Pants” (my pet name for him) reportedly refused to leave the premises until he’d gotten his credit card back.

I remember the time when, if you wanted to keep a tab open at a bar, you had to leave your credit card with the bartender until you were finished drinking. …

Roswell, NM – Stop signs are a pain in my balls and, as far as I’m concerned, they deserve whatever vitriol one might deem appropriate.  Raymond Garcia, 45, apparently has a similar take on them.  In fact, he was reportedly engaged in a heated argument with one at about 2 AM on Friday when police approached him, presumably to help the two come to a mutual understanding.

Garcia was having none of that.  I mean, look at his friggin’ mugshot.  Does that look like the kind of guy who’s going to take any flack from some fairy-ass stop sign?

He reportedly became belligerent toward the officers, and then ran away.  Naturally, the police tasered him, as they are wont to do, but the darts seemed to have little effect, as Garcia proceeded to kick at them with reckless abandon.  So, they darted his non-compliant ass again.  He reportedly broke the leads off, relieved one of the officers of his baton, and started swinging it at them.

Back to the drawing board, right? …

Philadelphia, PA — A man in Philly is suing the Penthouse Club after he says a stripper ruptured his bladder during her performance at his bachelor party.

The incident happened in 2010 while Patrick Gallagher was enjoying the last days of happiness he would remember before he asked for his soul to be slowly devoured over the course of many years.

To celebrate Gallagher making the worst mistake of his life, they purchased him the bachelor’s package, which included a special dance from one of the dancers. This dance included Gallagher being brought onstage and instructed to lie on his back beneath a pole.

One of the dancers then climbed up the pole during her performance, and “from a great height, she launched herself down onto his abdomen,” said his attorney, Neil T. Murray.

The landing left Gallagher in so much pain that he and his friends left. The next morning, Gallagher was in so much pain that he decided to go to the hospital. That’s when it was discovered that he had a ruptured bladder.…

Boston, MA – It’s a bad time to be a Massachusetts resident unless you’re a fan of drugs and the violence that comes with them.  I wrote last week about a Annie Dookhan, a 34-year-old crime lab chemist who has been charged with falsifying thousands of results.  The fallout from that discovery has yet to be fully realized, but it’s not looking good.

The charges levied against Dookhan were good news for many accused criminals who had been jailed unjustly and deserve to be free.  However, the flip side of that coin is that many offenders who actually earned their stints in the pokey are being released because their cases have been linked with Dookhan’s testing results, all of which are being called into question.

Marcus Pixley, who was being held on $5,000 bond prior to the discovery of Dookhan’s alleged improprieties, had that amount reduced to $1,000, which he was able to post.  As of Thursday, he is considered a fugitive from justice, having missed a court appearance on the charges that he attempted to sell cocaine to two undercover police officers. …

Greenwich Village, NY — Last October we reported on the McDonald’s employee caught on camera as he used a metal bar to beat the crap out of two women who had jumped the counter and tried to attack him. That same McDonald’s is back in the news today after a customer got into an argument with a gay couple, then used a razor to slash one of them in the face and neck.

The attack happened on Wednesday after 24-year-old Jamar McLeod and his transgender girlfriend, Jalisa “JoJo” Griffen, stopped in the McDonald’s so Griffen could use the bathroom. The couple were holding hands and talking about their freinds being attacked for being gay when a man waiting on a cheeseburger confronted them.

He began making anti-gay statements and threatened to beat up Griffen after she went to use the ladies restroom instead of the men’s. McLeod stood up for his girlfriend and told the man that he wasn’t laying a hand on Griffen and that he would have to fight him instead.…

EVERETT, WA — A woman in Washington was in court yesterday, answering to accusations that she tried to cut off her sleeping husband’s head with a reciprocating saw.

Police arrested 44-year-old Renee Bishop-McKean last October after her husband, Brett Bishop, told them that she had just tried to kill him. He told them that he had awoke to the sound of the Sawzall reciprocating saw that his wife had in her hands, and was in the process of pressing against his neck.

After pushing her away and jumping out of bed, Bishop says he fought with McKean to get control of the saw. “Renee came at me in the kitchen with the Sawzall raised up, we had a struggle over it,” said Bishop. “She kept pulling the trigger to make it run, so I reached out and pulled the battery out of it.”

Not quite ready to call it a loss, the criminal complaint states McKean swung a hatchet at Bishop and hit him in the back of the head with a mallet.…

Man Accused Of Beating Girlfriend With A Puppy

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SANFORD, FL — A couple months ago we reported on a man in Georgia who was accused of beating a woman with her dog. Now it is being reported that a man in Florida has been accused of doing the same thing.

Michael Jones, 42, was arrested last week on domestic battery and animal cruelty charges after police say he beat his live-in girlfriend with her own dog.

According to reports, Jones became angry when his live-in girlfriend and her daughter arrived home and one of them had tried to smoked crack cocaine. Jones informed her that he was going to kill her puppy before walking outside, pulling the dog out of his girlfriend’s her car, and punching out the windshield.

According to the victim, she tried to get the dog away from Jones when he began swinging it in the air. She said Jones pushed her to the ground and began beating her with her dog, striking her with the animal several times. After beating her with her dog, she says Jones choked her before riding away on a bicycle while carrying the dog.…

Epping, NH — A woman in New Hampshire was arrested four times in 26 hours for playing AC\DC and Guns ‘n Roses too loudly.

Epping police said they were at the home of 53-year-old Joyce Coffey, responding to a noise complaint, and could hear AC\DC’s “Highway to Hell” blaring from inside the home while sitting in their police car.

They issued Coffey a warning about the music but were called back to the house an hour later. They could hear Guns ‘n Roses playing from inside her home, so they arrested her. Five hours after being released from jail, police got another call regarding loud music coming from her home and Coffey was arrested a second time.

After being released, police say they were called back to her home about 1:10 a.m. Wednesday morning after receiving yet another report of loud music. For the third time, Coffey was arrested for wanting to rock out with her cock out.

The fifth and final call to police regarding Coffey was not one about loud music, but rather a domestic disturbance.…

Hawley, PA – Richard Cimino Jr., 20, was arrested on Friday after performing a bizarre string of ludicrous acts, including jumping from a second-story window, injuring himself badly, and then gnawing on a passer-by’s head.

Cimino allegedly parked his car behind a house on Hudson Street, stripped to his underpants, and then proceeded to break into the home.  When the resident awoke to the sound of the break-in, Cimino reportedly stripped off his underwear and fled to a vacant house next door, likely realizing how much faster you can run without being encumbered by undergarments.  He then walked to the second floor of that house and jumped from a window, severely injuring his arms and legs.

It wasn’t the fall that injured him, apparently, but the landing.

Way bloody, he then reportedly approached Ann Monaghan and Nancy Dean-Corino, who just happened to be walking by.  According to police, he attacked Dean-Corino, bled all over her sorry ass, and then gnawed on her head while screaming like an animal.  The women managed to escape and call police.…