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St. Paul, MN — The jury that convicted Luke Brandon Scott, 29, on two counts of assault, making terroristic threats and false imprisonment decided Tuesday that there were aggravating factors involved in the crimes.

The charges for which Scott was found guilty resulted from his mistreatment of Caitlin Hodges the night of Sept. 26 and early Sept. 27. He was charged with two counts of kidnapping but was found not guilty of those charges.

Luke Brandon Scott, 29, offered no visible reaction as the convictions were read.

During closing arguments, prosecuting attorney Janice Barker said Hodges told Scott she no longer wanted to be intimate with him. Scott got angry and refused to let her leave his house, Barker said.

Hodges testified at trial that Scott smashed her teeth with a wine bottle, beat her, pointed a pellet gun at her head, threatened her with a knife and locked her in a dog kennel. Barker also described how Scott made her mop up spilled beer with her hair, dragged her by the hair, wrapped his arm around her throat, kicked her, hit her with a riding crop, and threw his own dog against a refrigerator.…

Sacramento, CA – Dunno if any of you remember the story we posted about back in February regarding some mourners attacking a Fox40 news crew, but there has been an update to the story. No charges will be filed.

Back in February, FOX40 reporter John Lobertini and photographer Rebecca Little, were with other news crews at an IHOP parking lot were 27-year-old Chester Jackson had been shot to death earlier that day. Lobertini and Little got into a confrontation with friends and family of the victim who had gathered there when they began trying to interview some of them.

Video shows the father of the victim, 57-year-old Chester Jackson III, pushing Little’s camera away before a woman pulls Little to the ground. Jacqueline Jackson, the sister of the victim, then kicks Little while she’s on the ground, and Chester Jackson throws a punch at Lobertini.

The DA’s office stated their decision not to press charges against Jackson were because “his actions do not rise to the level of a prosecutable case for assault or battery and certainly not attempted robbery.” Fair enough.…

Baltimore, MD — Bond has been denied for Teonna Monae Brown, one of the two teens charged with beating Chrissy Lee Polis in a Baltimore McDonald’s.

The attack was filmed by a McDonald’s employee who has since been fired, but not before he posted the video on his Facebook and found out the hard way that most of society did not find the act as hilarious as he did and do not condone the actions of Brown and her 14-year-old friend.

I don’t normally like to post about the same story in one week, but more information has been released regarding this incident, including Brown’s name, mugshot and the charges against her that include three first and second-degree assault charges.

The other bit of info comes from The Smoking Gun who uncovered that Brown was arrested for assaulting a woman last year, in the exact same restaurant. After watching Brown’s activities in the videotaped assault of Chrissy Polis, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Also revealed is the older woman who tries to step in and help Polis.…

Baltimore, MD — It’s been a pretty good week for someone like myself who has a morbid fascination with amusement park accidents and fast food restaurant based stories. Earlier this month we posted the McDonald’s Hiring Day fiasco and the McDonald’s manager who beat down an employee.

Now we have a third McDonald’s story after a video has went viral showing two teen girls beating the ever-living crap out of a 22-year-old transgendered woman in a Baltimore McDonald’s.

Now for those of you who cannot see the following video, it shows two black girls, aged 14 and 18, beating on a 22-year-old white woman who is reportedly transgendered. This tag team goes on for about three straight minutes and ends after she is dragged to the front of the store by her hair and goes into seizures after taking a vicious blow to the head.

But to me the real story goes beyond the attack, which some are calling a hate crime, and more to do with the action\inaction of the people watching it as it unfolds.…

Pittsburgh, PA — Pittsburgh police arrested Lamarr Stephen Marshall, 32, after he shot a 16-year-old girl, identified in a criminal complaint as Lakeisha Lane, because she would not give him her last cigarette.

Lt. Dan Herrmann said Marshall approached the girl at a residence and asked for a cigarette. Lakeisha told police that when she told Marshall no, he pulled out a gun and shot her once in the leg. He then fled.

The girl’s injuries are not considered life-threatening. Police said she is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Marshall was arrested after the shooting and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and illegal possession of a weapon because of his being a convicted felon. He is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

Selfish bitch.

Sioux City, IA — Joseph David Sauce, 41, was arrested Friday by the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with willful injury, a class C felony; false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor; and third-degree harassment, a simple misdemeanor. That is a fancy way of saying that he kicked the living shit out of his boss.

According to the criminal complaint, Sauce’s boss, Doug Inlay, had planned to fire Sauce from Agency One, an insurance agency at which they both worked. The dismissal was reportedly because Sauce came to work late, smelling of alcohol, and made unflattering comments about Inlay’s wife – all generally regarded as poor employee behavior.

According to the complaint, though, two days before the planned dismissal, Sauce came to the agency, told the secretary to leave, and commenced a beating of biblical proportions.

Sauce allegedly began it all by striking Inlay in the back of the head while Inlay sat at his desk. The complaint says that when Inlay fell to the floor, Sauce kicked him repeatedly in the face and told him, “You guys think you can get rid of me.”

The assault moved from office to office with Sauce allegedly dragging Inlay by the tie for some of it.…

CLEVELAND, OH –– Come on…you really didn’t think I was going to let that McDonald’s story out of Ohio go without posting it, did you? If you have been reading here for a bit, you know I cannot resist any kind of  fast food restaurant shenanigans. I also just realized that’s the first time I’ve ever spelled out the word”shenanigans.”

Anyway, on Tuesday a McDonald’s was holding its “National Day of Hiring” in which they hire thousands of people to serve me my food. While a crowd of people watched, two women got into a physical fight over a boy that had all the weave pulling and spitting any red-blooded gawker could ask for. But things turned deadly after the fight moved inside of a car, one woman beating another sitting in the driver seat.

As you can see in the video, the car moves forward for a bit, and then goes in reverse, hitting three people standing behind it. Those three people were 59-year-old Turan Strange, owner of the McDonald’s; Marilyn O’Stricker, manager of the McDonald’s; and a 17-year-old.…

Mobile, AL — 79-year-old Bonnie Pogue, a disabled veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was hospitalized Monday after police say his nephew dug his eyeballs out of his head with a spoon.

According to Prichard Police Chief Jimmie Gardner, police and paramedics were dispatched to Pogue’s home Monday evening after relatives arrived at the residence to find the man bleeding profusely from his face. As paramedics attended to Pogue, his nephew, 30-year-old Timayo Knight, made a spontaneous and rather startling confession, telling police he “plucked his uncle’s eyes out” with a spoon.

Knight was promptly arrested and charged with first-degree assault. A search of the home revealed a bloody spoon sitting on the kitchen table and a matching set of eyeballs in a nearby trash can.

Authorities have refused to go into detail about a possible motive because of the ongoing investigation, but it doesn’t appear as if Knight was under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of the alleged eye gouging.

Knight is being held in Mobile County Metro Jail without bail.…

Rogersville, AL — A woman is facing attempted murder charges after she intentionally ran down two woman in a ballpark parking lot.

Sunday was picture day for a group of little leaguers at Rogersville Recreational Park. About 70 people, including 20 children, were in attendance. This included 43-year-old Malana White, who was there with her child plus her husband’s three children.

Witnesses say that White had been arguing with 30-year-old Christy Tucker, her husband’s ex-wife, for about an hour. The disagreement supposedly started over who was going to pay for the photos and who would get what photos. This moved in to when Tucker would have her three children, all under the age of 10, returned back to her.

Things then escalated in the parking lot when Tucker loaded her three children in her car. White told Tucker she and the kid’s father were to have them until 6 p.m. and immediately called police to report her children were being stole from her. But before officers could respond to the scene, White took matters into her own hands.…

PALM BAY, Fla. — Dennis Delisle, 48, was arrested while attending a roller skating party after parents witnessed him purposely knocking down young girls while they skated.

Skate Jam is a free family event that is held on the third Saturday of every month from September to May at Liberty Park. Last Saturday, Delisle was there and other parents observed him knocking kids down.

“He was pushing down the children, and it seemed like most of them were girls. Maybe (he did it) for an excuse to pick them up, grope them,” said one parent who confronted Delisle.

Police showed up at the event and arrested Delisle on charges of child abuse and battery. He denies he did anything he has been accused of and told reporters that he did not touch any of the children at the park either intentionally or accidentally.

When asked why all of these children would accuse him of pushing them down, he explained that the children made the accusations because they were jealous of his skating skills.…

MADISON, Ind. — Robert Hensley, 41, is accused of choking a referee at his daughter’s eighth grade AAU basketball game. Hensley, who now faces a battery charge, is the father of a player. His wife, the girl’s mother, is the Switzerland County prosecutor.

Madison County’s eighth-grade girl’s club team squared off in a game against Switzerland County’s team at E.O. Muncie Elementary School Tuesday night.

Police said the incident occurred after a referee made foul calls on two girls playing on the opposing Madison and Switzerland County’s team. Hensley and another parent reportedly left the stands and stepped onto the court to argue the call. When the referee tried to remove the pair from the court, police say Hensley put the referee in a chokehold and said, “Don’t yell at my daughter. Don’t call a foul on my daughter.”

“I went down to one knee and people had me and they were trying to chop his arm, but every time they hit his arm, his grip was getting tighter and tighter,” Coach Michael Cosby said.…

WILLIAMSBURG, KY — Republican state Rep. Dewayne Bunch was taken to the hospital after suffering a critical head injury while trying to break up a fight at the school he has taught at for the last 17 years.

A 15-year-old and 16-year-old were fighting in the Whitley County High School cafeteria Teusday morning when Bunch, a math and science teacher at the school, ran over to intervene. He also ran into a punch that knocked him to the ground where he hit his head, causing him to suffer a severe head injury.

“The juveniles were fighting. Mr. Bunch and two of the other teachers went to break it up. Mr. Bunch ran over to it, ran into a punch that one of the juveniles was throwing, made (Bunch) bobble backwards, hit the floor and he’s been unconscious ever since. He got himself between two young men fighting.” Whitley Sheriff Colan Harrell said.

When paramedics arrived, Bunch was unresponsive and bleeding from the ears. Emergency responders performed a tracheotomy procedure on Bunch before taking him to Baptist Regional Medical Center in extremely critical condition, then transferred to University of Kentucky Medical Center.…

Atlanta, GAAtlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Rhonda Cook discovered a bloody knife Monday at a home where a mother and her two children were stabbed to death, prompting police to investigate how detectives missed a key piece of evidence.

DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said detectives thought they had recovered the main weapon they believe 21-year-old Eugene Quatron McCoy used to stab to death his 45-year-old mother, Sheila Irons, and his half-siblings Zion McPherson, 11, and Chasity McPherson, 8. Apparently not…

Cook said she found the second knife — with bright red blood on its blade — under a chair on the front porch hours after police completed their investigation and removed crime scene tape from the home. She had gone to the neighborhood to interview people about the crime.

“There was glass all around the porch, and the knife was laying in the middle of the glass,” Cook said.

Cook, who has been a reporter since 1978, didn’t touch the knife. She called her editor and stayed on the phone with him while she knocked on the door, but no one answered, Cook said.…

Wellington, FL — A 48-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday after hitting her husband with a remote control. Rita Sharon Counts was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Counts was arrested after her husband reported that during an argument on Monday night, Counts struck him ‘multiple times’ on his head with the remote control, and on his arms and head with a telephone, according to the arrest report.

The responding Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy noted in the report that the 50-year-old victim had “visible red and black bruises which were caused by Rita.”

As of Wednesday morning, jail records showed that no bond had been set. She is reportedly being held at the Main Detention Facility in Palm Beach.

Now… I do not want to minimize the plight of the battered husband. Those panty-wastes deserve compassion, too. But a remote control as a ‘deadly weapon?!’ C’mon. If it was taped to the nose-cone of a shoulder-launched rocket, perhaps.…

Florida — Sgt. Reinaldo Ruiz of the Miami-Dade police department was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted a woman he was dating for not holding his hand at a Miami Heat game.

The incident occurred on March 27 at a game the Heat won against the Houston Rockets at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Police say Ruiz made the unnamed woman catch a cab back to his house in Southwest Ranches for not showing him a little public affection at the game. When the woman finally made it to the house, she was greeted by Ruiz, who she claimed was holding his semi-automatic service pistol. He reportedly chambered a round and paced as the woman packed her bags.

According to the arrest affidavit, Ruiz dumped the woman’s luggage and knocked the phone out of her hand as she tried to call 911. Officer Ruiz then grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her around the house.

When the woman finally broke free, she ran to a closet with a phone while Ruiz upgraded his weaponry to an AR-15 assault rifle, the report said.…

Sacramento, CA —  According to police, an intoxicated Sacramento man tried attacking his pet pit bull with a hammer Saturday, but smashed his friend’s face instead. Police arrested Theodore Saunders, 50, and charged him with felonious assault, animal cruelty, and mayhem for injuring his friend and dog.

Sgt. Norm Leong said the incident started when Saunders and his friend were drinking large quantities of alcohol at a residence. Saunders, for whatever reason, reportedly unleashed a barrage of punches against the pit bull. The assault escalated after Saunders armed himself with a hammer and began swinging it at the dog, while his friend sat nearby. Leong said one of Saunders’ hammer swings struck his friend near the right eye, causing serious damage.

In a jailhouse interview, Theodore Saunders denied hitting his friend or going after his own pit bull Lucy. He insists that the dog started it.

“(My dog) just flipped out and bit me and then I tried to show the dog out the house. Then I just picked up, I don’t know what it was, I just picked up whatever I picked up to get her out of the house,” Saunders said.…

Dunnellon, FL — Abraham McDonald was arrested Thursday, charged with charged with battery on a person over the age of 65, after police say he poured gasoline on his 73-year-old grandfather and threatened to set him on fire.

And what did grandpa do to deserve such treatment, you ask? Grandpa reportedly denied Abraham the satisfaction of lighting a pile of sticks on fire in his backyard.

According to grandpa, Abraham was “out of control” that day, throwing rocks and sticks around the yard. Abraham reportedly collected a pile of sticks and doused ’em with gasoline in the hopes of setting the pile on fire. Grandpa told him no, so Abraham allegedly poured gasoline on him and threatened to set him on fire. Abraham later claimed it was an accident – grandpa simply got in the way while he was pouring the gasoline over the sticks.

With all this talk of rocks and sticks and fire, one would think we were talking about a 7-year-old in dire need of an ass-whooping, but Abraham is actually 27.…

Bridgeport, CT — What time is it when trash from a school bus window lands on your car? It’s time to kick some student butt! At least, that is what police allege 29-year-old Daisha Womack decided.

The fact that Womack was driving behind a We Transport school bus and that some students were throwing things from the bus windows onto Womack’s car is not disputed, says Tim Quinn, Bridgeport Police Department public safety information officer.

Womack also readily admits that, at one of the bus’ scheduled stops, she got out of her car and entered the bus. When she reached the rear of the bus, the police report states that she found one of the girls who was tossing the trash ducking under a seat.

This is where it starts to get fuzzy…

Womack claims that, at this point, she started to yell at the girl under the seat. She says that she was then hit from behind by another girl and jumped by several students.

According to Quinn, officers interviewed the bus driver and several of the students.…