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Winnepeg, Canada – Two Canadian men arrested for torturing a man in an effort to get his bank card PIN have pleaded guilty during jury selection. In doing so, Harvey Maytwayashing and James Beardy, both 48, will avoid trial. It may have been an interesting one.

Maytwayashing and Beardy were among six people arrested in January 2006. Crown attorney Brian Wilford said the 59-year-old victim had been drinking at a bar where he met Clara Dorion and her daughter Melanie Azure-Cook. Wilford said the man bought them drinks and gave them money for drugs and later accepted an invitation to Dorion’s home. When they arrived, the victim was grabbed by the women’s accomplices, stripped naked, and robbed of his bank card.

The man reportedly gave them a PIN number. The man’s attackers then attempted to use the bank card at a nearby gas station, only to find the man had given them a bogus PIN. They returned and, according to the court, the torture began.

It was reported that the attackers made repeated attempts to extract the money – and repeated attempts to extract the PIN.…

Rogersville, TN — Erica Francis Wilson, 21, and Jesse Elijah Brooks, 32, were both jailed Tuesday after an argument over their relationship status got all violent and stabby. Wilson was apparently tired of being Brooks’ “booty call.”

The kissin’ cousins were reportedly tanked on Everclear Tuesday evening when Brooks got all touchy-feely with Wilson, his first cousin. Apparently fed up with being nothing more than a piece of ass, Wilson started in with the whole, “I want a relationship” whine. Brooks, obviously one of those desperado types, apparently got all punchy shortly after the word “relationship” left Wilson’s lips.

According to police, after being knocked to the floor and punched in the face, Wilson grabbed a pair of scissors off a nearby table. When Brooks attacked again, she “cut him,” leaving a puncture wound on his neck and lacerations on his neck, face, arms and back.

Brooks later refused to give a statement to police, telling officers he didn’t want to press charges, he just wanted Wilson to leave.…

MILWAUKEE, WI — Police have arrested two women, accusing them of holding a teen captive for two days while they cut him repeatedly during a Satanic sex ritual.

Admittedly, some of the details are vague as the victim isn’t talking to the press, but what is being reported is that an unidentified 18-year-old met 21-year-old Rebecca Chandler online and travelled by bus from Arizona to Milwaukee in order to meet her in person.

Once at the Chandler’s apartment, the teen told police he spent two days tied up while getting cut, slashed and stabbed. After escaping and alerting authorities, he was taken to the hospital where doctor’s say he had more than 300 wounds covering his body.

Chandler was arrested at the apartment where police say they found a pool of blood and blood stains on the banisters and walls. They also discovered a number of occult related items, including one of my personal favorites, The Necromantic Ritual Book.

I found the golem making operations quite useful and the section titled “Necrophilia in the Necromantic Rite” ensured I never had to read my kids another bedtime story.…

Police: Baby Cut With Knife In Fight Over Bread

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Marathon, FL — According to a media release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, a 2-month-old baby was cut on the forehead Monday as one woman attacked another in a fight over two slices of bread.

Around 7:00 Monday evening, police say 18-year-old Kenneshia Thurman knocked on her neighbor’s door and asked to borrow a couple slices of bread. When the neighbor, Justin Rodgers and his guest, Desanta Carey, refused to hand it over, she pitched a hellacious fit.

Rodgers and Carey tried to close the door, but Thurman wouldn’t budge. After a little pushin’ and shovin’, the couple managed to close the door, shutting Thurman out.

Police say Thurman then walked back to her own apartment, grabbed a knife and returned to Rodgers’ apartment. After forcing her way in, Thurman started swinging the knife in an attempt to stab Carey. She missed. She did, however, make contact with Carey’s infant, leaving a small cut on the kid’s head. The injury was minor and treated at the scene, but still…that’s just rude.…

Naples, FL — At first glance, one might think that 22-year-old Jorge Silva would be damn lucky to convince one woman to sleep with him – hint: eyebrows – so to think he totally blew his chance at baggin’ two women at once, well…that’s Dreamin’ Demon material.

Silva was booked on battery charges Sunday after he reportedly got all kinds of violent before the planned ménage à trois with his wife and another woman even made it to second base.

Silva’s wife told deputies that her husband “freaked out” and started hitting her when the three of them began kissing. The wife said she and the other woman then beat feet into the bedroom and locked the door behind them. Silva reportedly managed to bust through the flimsy ass door and proceeded to pummel his wife. At one point, police say Silva picked up a television and swung it at the wife “like a bat.” After hitting her with the televison a couple of times, Silva dropped it on her. He then reportedly armed himself with another television and threw it at her.…

PECOS, N.M. — Two teenage boys have been suspended from school and are facing multiple criminal charges after their bullying of an 8-year-old cousin was caught on a school bus surveillance camera.

In the video, the two 14-year-old boys can be seen spitting into the kid’s mouth on two occasions, giving him several wedgies, sitting on his head and pushing him between the seats. The bus driver didn’t initially view any of the bullying, which reportedly lasted 20 minutes, because the victim was too short for him to see and all three involved were sitting at the back of the bus.

The driver reported the incident to the school principal after reviewing the surveillance footage, who then notified police. The victim said he did not report his cousins’ bullying because he thought he would get into trouble. He found out how wrong he was when the two teens were charged with battery, assault, harassment and criminal sexual contact of a minor.

You can watch the some of the video here and to be honest I don’t know what is more disturbing; the bullying that was captured on camera, or reporter Liz McKernan’s shirt.…

Manatee County, FL — Before you even ask, no, I did not manipulate the mugshot to the left….his neck really is that long.

Aaron Hostetler, 21, was booked on domestic battery charges Thursday for allegedly roughing-up his girlfriend after she thwarted his half-assed suicide attempt.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hostetler, reportedly despondent over an imminent break-up with the girlfriend, did his best to make it appear as if he wanted to die by swallowing a handful of pills. The girlfriend, presumably assuming said pills were sleeping pills, attempted to intervene. For her effort, Hostetler allegedly “slammed” her and pushed her to the ground.

The damn drama queen later told deputies the “sleeping pills” were actually Flintstone Chewable Vitamins. Yabba-Dabba Dumbass.

Charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, Hostetler posted $4,250 bond and was released. He’s due back in court on December 6.…

Los Altos, CA — In what prosecutors are describing as a “carefully plotted” attempt to kill her estranged husband, 50-year-old Laura Jean Wenke, dressed in coveralls, rubber boots and bubble wrap, approached the man from behind and proceeded to get stabby.

According to police, wacky Wenke showed up at the couple’s business, identified as Wenke Construction, at about 7:00 p.m. on September 15. I don’t know how she managed to sneak up on the man, but squeak sneak she did. Police say she hit him once in the ribs with a stun gun and stabbed him multiple times in the neck and chest as he sat at his computer.

The man somehow survived the sneak attack and notified police – officers found him bleeding outside the business. He was taken to Stanford Hospital in critical condition and released a week later.

Wenke, for all of her “careful” planning, apparently failed to draw up an escape plan…she was apprehended inside the building, her bubble wrap outfit streaked with blood.

Why all the hatred?…

Yeadon, PA — Police say four men who orchestrated an armed heist of a 13-year old’s meatball sandwich are now in custody. As a result, meatball sandwich brokers worldwide – who are often the target of organized meatball sandwich theft rings – are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

According to court documents, on Saturday night, the young man had just bought a meatball sandwich at a nearby deli. While on his way home, two men – possibly aware that the teen would be transporting a meatball sandwich – exited a black Ford Expedition and approached him.

One of the men, later identified as Rashawn Ameer Mallory, 21, (pictured) displayed a black revolver. The probable-cause affidavit quotes Mallory as telling the teen, “Whatever you do, don’t move,” and then adding, “If you do anything, I’ll cap you.” A second assailant, later identified as Ernest Wellington Barnett, 22, went through the teens pockets. Police say that the suspects established that – other than the meatball sandwich – the teen had nothing of value.…

Bonita Springs, FL – A man in Florida is in jail facing battery charges for allegedly beating up his girlfriend after she woke him up playing with a sex toy in bed.

Police were called to the home of 53-year-old Jeffery Bowers where they found his girlfriend in the front yard sporting a swollen eye and bruises on her arm. She told police that Bowers had kicked her in the face, dragged her through the home and locked her out of the house.

Bowers’ side of the story was a little different. He said he had brought his girlfriend over so she could make him something to eat. Later that night he was awakened by the sound of his girlfriend playing with a sex toy. He asked her to stop so he could sleep and then asked her to retrieve his cigarettes off the front porch. When she walked outside to get them, he locked the door behind her.

I’m not excusing the guy if he did indeed beat this woman, but I have to admit that bringing a girl over to fix dinner, then having sex with her before locking her out of the house sounds a lot like a Morbid date night.…

Man Injured In Halloween Chainsaw Attack

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Salt Lake City, UT — A 48-year-old man escorting a woman and her 2-year-old daughter while trick-or-treating Monday night was injured in what police believe was a random chainsaw attack carried out by a man in a multi-colored mask.

Very few details at this time, but based on what the woman told police, the chainsaw carrying masked man approached the trio at about 10:00 p.m. As the victim raised his arm to fend off the attack, the saw made contact with his forearm, causing a deep gash.

According to Salt Lake City Police Det. Cary Wichmann, judging by the injury to the man’s arm, it appears as if the saw was running, but without the chain.

“Similar to what is used at haunted houses to give people a scare,” he said. “Even without a chain, the saw can injure.”

Police were unable to get much of a suspect description – in addition to a language barrier and a very frightened and freaked-out woman, the victim was already under sedation at the hospital by the time the authorities were even notified.…

Rapid City, SD – David Spencer, 54, from Kent in the UK, was arrested Monday after an employee in a South Dakota shopping mall complained that his attempt to sell her a sex fetish paddle went too far. Well… just a little too far.

RCPD spokesperson Tarah Heupel reported that the female employee of Northern Lights Art said Spencer came into the store Saturday and tried to sell her a sex fetish paddle for $10. She reportedly refused. The complaint then described Spencer offering to let the employee spank him for $1 – highlighting, of course, the low cost of living in South Dakota. The victim told police she let Spencer smack her ass once with the paddle, but – according to the criminal complaint – Spencer allegedly spanked her a second time without her permission.

The employee did not report the incident to police until she spotted Spencer in the mall again on Monday. She then called mall security, who, in turn, called police.  During the investigation, Spencer told police he was, essentially, funding his travels through the US one fetish paddle and/or spank at a time.…

Chicago, IL — Tim Snyder, 36, has been accused of stabbing a man with a corkscrew after he broke into two separate apartments in search of beer early Saturday morning.

Snyder reportedly forced his way into the first apartment at about 4:00 a.m., demanded beer and began rummaging through the refrigerator. Empty handed and angry, police say Snyder punched the apartment’s occupant before exiting the home and continuing with his quest.

Just moments later, Snyder entered another apartment in the building where he was immediately confronted by a male resident. The two scrapped for a bit before Snyder armed himself with a corkscrew and stabbed the man in the back. Other residents in the apartment were able to hold Snyder until police arrived. The guy who got corkscrewed ended up with about 22 stitches.

He apparently hadn’t calmed down any in the time it took for the police to get there. Snyder reportedly threatened one of the arresting officers, telling him, “I live in the district. I’m going to kill your ass – you can’t lock me up forever.” He then asked the officer if he wanted some AIDS and spat on him.…

Woman Arrested In Potato Salad Rage

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Palm Coast, FL — The delightful-lookin’ chickie to the left is 45-year-old Karen Henry – she’s here today because she reportedly threatened to get all stabby after her elderly father denied her a helping of his potato salad.

According to police, Henry pitched the vicious fit last week after her 80-year-old father told her she couldn’t have any of his potato salad. Enraged, Henry began throwing items around the house. She then allegedly grabbed a large kitchen knife and threatened the man, waving it in his general direction several times. Police said the man grabbed a kitchen chair and fended his daughter off long enough to call 911. Fortunately, the man was not injured. Physically, that is. Can you imagine that woman coming at you with a friggin’ butcher knife? That would be enough to give me nightmares for a month.

Henry was placed under arrest and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. As she was being transported to the pokey, she complained of abdominal pains and was taken to the hospital for an examination.…

San Mateo, CA – Vittorio Vincent Valdez, 27, is clearly in need of the type of guidance that only Demonites can provide. This after the Half Moon Bay, California man punched his 82-year-old grandmother in the face several times, according to police. Please do not let him down.

San Mateo prosecutors allege that at approximately 11:30PM on Sept. 24, Valdez’ grandmother was driving him from Palo Alto to Half Moon Bay in her car because he has a suspended license. According to reports, Valdez grew angry at the slow speed at which she was driving and pushed down his grandmother’s right leg to accelerate the vehicle. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said that the woman became frightened woman and tried pulling into a Shell gas station for help. Valdez then reportedly ‘yanked her from the driver’s seat and threw her into the passenger side.’ Prosecutors allege that Valdez then punched her in the face several times and kept her inside when she tried to exit.

A witness at a nearby 7-Eleven called 911.…

Oxford, MA — A man who allegedly threatened to abduct a 13-year-old girl he had been stalking was arrested at his home Monday after a brief scuffle with police.

According to authorities, 38-year-old Kelly Hoose placed a call to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Thursday and told the person on the other end of the line that he had been stalking the girl, admitting that he had been following her school bus on and off for three months. Hoose reportedly said he loved the “curly-haired” teen, wanted to kiss her and planned to take her to his house. Police say he then gave the operator his full name, address and license plate number.

The agency immediately contacted Massachusetts State Police. Surveillance was placed at school bus stops on Friday and police began tailing Hoose. When he spotted the tail on Monday, Hoose allegedly rammed a police cruiser and sped off. After a brief pursuit, Hoose was arrested at his home. But not before he attempted to arm himself with a knife.…

Cheat At Monopoly? That’s A Stabbin’

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Santa Fe, NM — Laura Chavez, 60, was taken into custody early Wednesday morning for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend during an intense game of Monopoly.

According to police, the two had been playing Monopoly with Chavez’s 10-year-old grandson before the alleged poking occurred. The boy told police the couple began arguing because his grandma believed her boyfriend was cheating at the game. Though police have yet to specify how he was cheating, my guess is that he either palmed Boardwalk and Park Place, or was pilfering 100’s from the bank.

Fortunately, the boy didn’t witness any of the ensuing bloodshed…the real violence started after he was sent to bed.

After the grandkiddo was tucked in for the night, it was on. Chavez allegedly knocked the boyfriend upside the skull with a glass bottle. Police say she then grabbed hold of a butcher knife and proceeded to repeatedly stab the 48-year-old man, causing injuries to the top of his head, neck, left eyebrow and right wrist area.

When police arrived, Chavez mentioned that her boyfriend had pushed her and she asked him to leave her apartment.…

MESA, AZ – Police say that a burglar and his victim got into a scuffle that ended with the victim losing a portion of his ear and a burglar losing his pants.

When Manuel Corrales and his wife returned home Friday afternoon, they encountered 23-year-old Joshua Kyle Randall in their bedroom rifling through their things.

Corrales and Randall got into a physical confrontation while Corrales’ wife called 911. When she returned to help her husband, Randall grabbed her by the hair and threatened to harm her if Corrales did not let go of him.

She would break free and run screaming to the neighbors for help. After hitting Corrales multiple times with a brass candlestick holder and a piece of a broken sink, Randall would bite off a chunk of Corrales’ ear. Randall would finally get out of Corrales’ grip and run out of the house. But not without leaving some things behind.

“I grabbed him with my legs and he ran out of the room with his boxers on,” said Corrales.…