Woman Charged After Shooting Man In Head On Facebook LiveWoman Admits Beating Her Toddler To Death For Wetting The BedBoy, 4, Mauled To Death By Family Dog While Playing In BackyardWoman Decapitated Her 7-year-old Son With Kitchen KnifeWoman Accused Of Setting Ex-boyfriend On Fire On Easter SundayPersian Vegan Animal Rights Activist Kills Herself After Shooting Multiple People At Youtube HQ

Super GlueAustralia – A woman in Australia was arrested after she poured super glue into a man’s eyes during an argument.

Police say the 58-year-old woman got into an argument with her 64-year-old roommate on Easter Sunday that turned particularly violent.

Senior Sergeant Paul Kinna said the woman allegedly tried to strangle the man and poured superglue into his eyes and one ear, then tried to set the man on fire before beating him with her prosthetic leg. Aristocrats!

The man was taken to Ballarat Base Hospital, before being transferred to Melbourne’s Eye and Ear Hospital in a stable condition. The woman has been charged with three offenses, including one count of reckless conduct endangering life.

The man got lucky as getting super glur into your eyes isn’t really as bad as it sounds. I mean, it sucks, but that was actually the one thing she did to him that wouldn’t have caused any serious injury.

According to the makers of Super Glue, here is what you are to do if you get Super Glue into your eyes, whether it is by a psychotic woman, or because you mistook the product for eyedrops.…

Shareyll HunterHOUSTON, TX – A fight between baby mamas ended with one woman having her leg amputated after one of the women intentionally rammed the other with a car and pinned her to a house.

According to Chris Chaney, 26-year-old Shareyll Starre Hunter is his ex and the mother of two of his children and pregnant with another. He says she took his car keys from his home without his permission, angering his current girlfriend, 21-year-old Alise Stephon Kelley, who is four months pregnant with his child.

The two women got into an altercation in the driveway, with one of the women trying to hit the other with a flashlight. When Kelley started walking back towards the house, Hunter drove the vehicle into her, pinning Kelley to the house before driving off.

Police say Kelley was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital and suffered several compound fractures in at least one leg, which doctors later amputated. At this time, police are still looking for Hunter, who already has an outstanding warrant, and was last seen driving Chaney’s beige Lincoln LS with paper plates.…

Brittany JeffersCIRCLEVILLE, OH – Police have arrested two adults and two juveniles in connection to the beating death of 21-year-old Brittany Jeffers.

The details surrounding the events that proceeded the beating aren’t completely clear to me, but according to police, at least eight people took part in the beating while many others stood around and watched.

According to Jeffers’ mother, the fight began when Jeffers’ step-sister was attacked by a neighbor on Wednesday.

“That’s when my daughter Brittany said, ‘This ain’t happening,’ and she ran over to try and save [her sister],” Emily Harvey said.

Police say a crowd of people stood around and watched the fight, but no one was helping or trying to stop the women. Sometime during the fight, according to Harvey, a man blind-sided Jeffers.

“So he just came up and kicked my daughter in the head and punched her around the temple and that is when she just fell to the ground,” Harvey said. “I ran over to get to my daughter and found her unconscious, gasping for air, and she turned blue, and I called 911 to help her.”

Jeffers, the mother of a 5-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, was flown by medical helicopter to Grant Medical Center where she was pronounced brain dead and kept alive long enough to harvest her organs.…

Tyshekka CollierSPARTANBURG, SC – Police say 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier is facing charges after she walked into the school office to pick up her son, who had just been suspended, then slapped the wrong child.

On Wednesday morning, Collier was called to Fairforest Middle School to get her son because he’d just been suspended. When she arrived, she saw a boy sitting in the office with his head down and slapped him in the face. Problem was that it wasn’t her son – it was a boy who was sick and waiting for his mother to come pick him up.

Collier apologized to the boy, then walked over to her son and proceeded to slap his ass silly. According to the arrest warrant, Collier hit her son in the head and face, knocking him to the ground.

Police were called to the scene and Collier was arrested and charged with disturbing school and two counts of assault and battery.

“In speaking with the parents and all the interviews that were done — the two charges for the assaults and disturbing school, we felt were the most appropriate means to go with,” said Spartanburg County sheriff’s Lt.…

Michelle ThomasGREENWOOD, SC – Michelle Thomas was arrested after she attacked her boyfriend with a knife, and took his prosthetic leg so he could not chase after her.

Thomas called Greenwood police to say she had just been attacked by her live-in boyfriend. She told them he was drunk and began hitting her after she threw him a pack of cigarettes. She said she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife that she used to slash at the man when he would not stop attacking her.

She said that after she cut his hands, she removed his prosthetic leg and tossed it out the door in an attempt to hinder his ability to chase after her. When police arrived, they noted a knot on Thomas’ forehead and a cut on her hand she said she received when her boyfriend tried to take away the knife.

However, the boyfriend had a different version of what happened. Police say when they arrived, he was in the bedroom screaming,  “She tried to kill me for no reason!” Police found a large amount of blood in the hallway and bedroom, and he’d sustained a stab wounds to both his hands and his left thigh.…

Andrew KentTEMPE, AZ – Andrew Kent is facing assault charges after the 21-year-old jackass tossed vodka into a bonfire at an Arizona State University frat party, severely burning two teenage girls.

One of the victims is a 17-year-old high school student from California who was at ASU on a recruiting trip, the other is an 18-year-old female ASU student. Both girls were invited to a party at a fraternity house located off campus.

According to Tempe Sgt. Michael Pooley, the party had been going on since Friday and there were about 300 people present and a lot of underage drinking going on.

According to witnesses, the teen was standing next to a a bonfire when Kent, a junior at ASU and a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, threw a vodka bottle into a bonfire. The resulting explosion set the two teen girls on fire.

Both teens suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns as a result. The 17-year-old sustained severe burns to her legs, while the 18-year-old sustained serious burns from the back of her shoulder to the back of her legs.…

Leon WallsPittsburgh, PA – On Monday, 41-year-old Leon Walls walked inside a Pittsburgh Target and used a long kitchen knife to stab three people, including a teenage girl.

Walls allegedly ran into the East Liberty store, after stabbing Jobe Wright in the arm. Walls headed towards the restrooms at the back of the store while Wright and another man searched for him in the store, one of whom was carrying a baseball bat.

Walls ended up at the checkout lane, where he grabbed 16-year-old Allison Meadows – who was in town from Tennessee to visit family – and used her as a shield.

“You come close, I’ll stab her,” Walls allegedly warned the men before stabbing Meadows twice in the back.

“He kept stabbing her. Me and like four or five other guys, they ran and tackled him. He cut the one guy’s lip almost off. The other guy’s finger was, like, hanging off,’ one witness said.

When police arrived, they found found a group of people where holding Walls to the ground, and multiple people where suffering stab wounds.…

Kathryn WrightPALM BAY, FL – Kathryn Wright was arrested after police say the 58-year-old grandmother got drunk off her ass while chaperoning a bus filled with children returning from an elementary school field trip.

Police say Wright drank two bottles of diluted vodka while in accompanying her grandson, and 200 other students at Lockmar Elementary School, on a trip to WonderWorks in Orlando.  On the way back to Palm Bay, Wright became belligerent and started using profanity in front of approximately 36 other students on the bus.

She got so bad that other adults on the bus moved Wright’s grandson away from her because he was getting upset. When the adults tried to calm Wright down, she shouted at the others, telling them to “get the (expletive) out of my way or else,” and pushed one woman.

Police were called and met the bus before it got back to the school. Wright was so drunk at that point, she couldn’t even walk off the bus on her own. She was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and battery.…

Cody BurnsNEW ALBANY, IN — Police have arrested 18-year-old Cody Burns, accusing him of stabbing his father after he told his son to pull up his pants.

The incident happened last Tuesday after Burns’ father told the boy he was lookin’ like a fool with yo’ pants on the ground. Burns allegedly walked to the kitchen and retrieved a knife, then walked into the living room and stabbed his father in the left side of his chest.

The man was taken to the hospital where his wounds were not considered life-threatening. Another person was in the home and witnessed the assault and Cody Burns was charged with battery by means of a deadly weapon. He is currently behind bars on $75,000 bond.

Here’s a true story about my dad and how he expressed his dislike for a shirt I planned on wearing to a restaurant with the family. When I was 14, my family was going to meet other family members at a steak house. I decided that the perfect shirt for the occasion was a t-shirt that I had cut the collar and sleeves off of, and was decorated with a slew of cow bones.…

Karen JeffriesCLARKSVILLE, TN – A jury in Tennessee found 52-year-old Karen Jeffries guilty of assault charges after she dumped a pot of hot oatmeal on her husband.

Back in 2011, Jeffries was arrested after she dumped a hot pot of oatmeal on her husband, Douglas Jeffries, while he was sleeping in a chair. Douglas would suffer second- and third-degree burns to to his back, chest and shoulder.

Karen Jeffries was charged with reckless aggravated assault, but has always maintained her actions were made in self-defense. Testifying in her own defense, Karen told the jury that on the night before the incident, the couple were on their way to Bible Study when Douglas confronted her about going through his cell phone.

She actually had gone through his cell phone, she said, but only because she suspected her husband was dealing drugs and she was looking for proof. The following morning, she says her husband began questioning her about his cell phone again, stating he was going to hurt her if she didn’t tell the truth.…

Edwin HeatherlyAKRON, OH – Edwin Heatherly, 71, has pleaded guilty to assault after he messed up his neighbor with a high-pressure washer last year.

According to the Summit County prosecutor, Heatherly was using his high pressure washer to clean off an outdoor grill last June. His neighbor of 33 years, 69-year-old Kenneth Grether, wasn’t real happy with this, as the grime from Heatherly’s grill was flying over a 5-foot high fence and landing on his house and in his garden.

Grether had some issues trying to get Heatherly’s attention because Grether is deaf and mute. So he simply sprayed his water hose through the fence that separated their property. Heatherly responded to this by spraying his power washer at Grether through the fence, and ended up cutting Grether’s hands, arms, chin, neck and the area behind his ear.

After Heatherly’s wife called police, officers arrived to find Grether bleeding profusely from his face, arms and hands. Heatherly would be arrested and charged with felonious assault with a weapon, while Grether would be left with scars, including a foot-long scar extending from his chin to his right ear, along with $40,000 in medical bills.…

Delaina GarlingPhiladelphia, PA – Delaina Garling was arrested after she pepper sprayed some Family Dollar employees then tossed the canister to her 7-year-old daughter screaming, “You know what to do, baby. Spray it!”

Authorities say that on Monday, 27-year-old Delaina Garling went inside a Family Dollar Store with her daughter and son, both 7. Problem is that she’d been banned from this store after allegedly stealing from it.

Surveillance video shows Garling being escorted out of the store when she pulls out a can of pepper spray and sprays a woman in the face as she’s walking out the door. After she is tackeled to the ground, she tosses the canister on the ground and instructs her daughter to use it.

The girl picks the canister up off the ground, but either chooses not to use it or cannot figure out how. Either way, one of the employees grabs it out of her hand as Garling is pinned to the ground until police arrive.

Police would find Garling in possession of marijuana and eight Klonopin.…

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