Woman Charged After Shooting Man In Head On Facebook LiveCanadian Man Lynched By Villagers In Amazon Rain Forest After Allegedly Killing ShamanWoman Decapitated Her 7-year-old Son With Kitchen KnifePersian Vegan Animal Rights Activist Kills Herself After Shooting Multiple People At Youtube HQWoman Admits Beating Her Toddler To Death For Wetting The BedBoy, 4, Mauled To Death By Family Dog While Playing In BackyardWoman Accused Of Setting Ex-boyfriend On Fire On Easter Sunday

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 01-31-2014

February 3, 2014 at 7:46 am by  

Dick slappedHere, Now – Thanks to everyone who showed up to Friday night’s surprisingly sober edition of the Pulpit of Doom Podcast in which I was joined by Jaded and our new writer, Adam.

In this week’s podcast we talked about the top 10 stories circulating on the site, including freezing to death, the Arthur G. Dozier Reform School for Boys, burning toddler’s genitals with a hair dryer, car seat murder motives, and why being dick slapped is funny.

At the end of the show, Jaded listened in fascinated silence as Adam and myself discussed horror films for almost an hour, and decided that we will try to do a second weekly podcast dedicated to horror movies. I will get you the details on this as soon as I have them.

As usual, keep up to date with all site related news on our Facebook Page, Twitter, or the Demon’s Den forums. If you’d like to be reminded when the next Pulpit of Doom podcast is about to air, simply follow us on Blog Talk Radio. …

Dreamin’ Demon Is Creating Horrible News Update 2

January 23, 2014 at 10:25 am by  

2014-01-23_101726Here, Now – It’s only been two weeks since we signed on with Patreon, and already we have 96 patrons with a combined monthly pledge of $450. This warms my black heart and shows we are totally capable being totally independent without the need for advertisers.

For those of you unaware, we have decided to use Patreon in an attempt to crowdfund the site. You can read the long explanation over on our Patreon page. But the short story is the site keeps getting more expensive, but the ad revenue does not change. I could use shitty ads that pop-up\under or fly-over, but I hate those and most of you are probably using some kind of ad-blocking software.

So, as a test, we though we would see what would happen if we tried not sucking up to advertisers and relied solely on our fanbase and get back to not caring what we post or how we post it. Patreon may just be the way we achieve that, while still making enough revenue to keep the site up and running.…

Dreamin’ Demon Is Creating Horrible News Update

January 16, 2014 at 11:25 am by  

ddHere, Now – It’s only been a week since we signed on with Patreon, and already we have 83 pledgers with a combined monthly pledge of $350. I think that’s a good sign we are well on our way to becoming totally independent without the need for advertisers, while still being able to keep the lights on.

For those of you who may have missed my spamming, or have ignored the big ass banner at the top of the page, we have decided to use Patreon in an attempt to fund the site. You can read the long explanation over on our Patreon page, but the short story is that we are attempting to become totally crowd-funded.

I have been running the site for 10 years come this April, and in that time I’ve tried varying methods to increase revenue to keep up with rising server costs, while also adding some things fans have been asking for for years – mainly merchandise. We tried playing nice after Google dropped us from their Adsense program a few years back, even toning down or language and comments, but we just haven’t been able to make good ad revenue since, especially when looking at the traffic we get.…

Dreamin’ Demon Is Creating Horrible News

January 8, 2014 at 3:50 pm by  

PatreonHere, Now – As we quickly approach our 10 year anniversary, we’d like to make some changes for 2014. In particular, we’d like to turn off the red light and quit whoring it up for potential advertisers.

After some discussions at the end of last year, I came to the conclusion that I’d like to get back to the raunchier D’D from the days of old. We’ve tried to play nice in an attempt to win over some better paying advertising and found ourselves all dressed up with no one to blow.

After checking out a handful of different fundraising type sites, we have settled on Patreon. I have created a Patreon page, like a lot of other independent content creators, in hopes that I can shrug off the shackles of advertisers’ content restrictions while still bringing in some kind of revenue.

Patreon allows people in my position to ask for monthly pledges from their fans. Currently that pledge is one, whole dollar. This can be paid via credit card or Paypal and can be easily cancelled at any time.…

Dreamin’ Demon’s Top 10 Stories for 2013

December 31, 2013 at 10:32 am by  

ddnewyearHere, Now – Another year of horrible stories has come and gone. Even though we had a semi-rough year with a lack of writers and some intermittent site issues, we were still able to get approximately 1000 articles posted for 2013.

There were some messed up stuff in those articles, but it seems as if our readers are still drawn to the stories that involved murdered or abused children. Out of the top 10 stories on the site for 2013, seven of them involve children. I have provided a link to the original article, while summarizing the details and providing updates, if any.

For anyone interested, this list was compiled by using Google data. So while we may have stories that were more popular with members and have more comments, these are the 10 stories that got the most traffic.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who has helped out the site over this last year – from the writers who’ve come, gone, and stayed to all you sick readers who continue to put up with all the grammatical errors.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 12-13-2013

December 19, 2013 at 3:11 pm by  

PoD BullHere, Now – I know I’m late getting this one posted, but this is last week’s Pulpit of Doom Podcast with myself, Jaded and Athena talking about the top ten stories for that week.

These stories included pit bull shenanigans, starving babies, inbred mutants, penis helicopters, and much, much more. Unfortunately, the guy who ass-raped a woman with his fist was number one for the third week in a row. Luckily, it looks like it has finally fallen down the list and will be gone before tomorrow night’s podcast

I also went on a mini-rant about some of our readers and their hypocritical stance regarding what bad news we should post, and what we shouldn’t. Some do not seem to understand that we simply pick the worst stories we can find. If that means pit bulls mauling people to death or a child being raped and murdered. It’s basic yellow journalism. It’s Schadenfreude. We just don’t have any issues admitting that.

We also stress to our readers that we are not true reflection of society, just a very small percentage of it.…

Pulpit Of Doom Podcast 8-22-2013

August 23, 2013 at 11:12 am by  

Pod822Here, Now – The latest edition of the Pulpit of Doom Podcast is ready for those of you lame asses unable to make the show last night.

A big thanks to everyone who showed up to listen to me and Athena talk about the new forums and the Workshop addition that allows members to create their own stories for possible publication.

Of course we also discussed the top 10 stories circulating the site for the last week. It was an interesting mix of topics, including Munchausen by Proxy, the Erica Parsons case and why I am still not convinced they murdered the girl, trying juveniles as adults and why, despite what you may think and what they are accused of doing, is normally not a good idea.

We also discuss what size a baby has to be before it will disrupt the normal operations of a toilet, the dangers of masturbating in front of your webcam, and why I have no issues charging a drunk driver with a degree of murder but have big issues doing the same for a teen who kills someone while driving like an idiot.…

Dreamin’ Demon Wants You

July 29, 2013 at 4:57 pm by  

crime reporterHere, Now – I’m getting swamped and it’s getting tough for me to consistently post more than two or three stories a day. Jaded won’t be back for a awhile and it seems I have depleted our writer’s pool for one reason or another. So if you have ever expressed a desire to write for the site, here’s your chance.

I know I do this all the time and then fail to get back with people who have expressed interest in writing, and I apologize for that. So I’m going to make this as easy as possible for everyone involved. In fact, there’s just three easy steps.

  1. 1. Register to the site if you haven’t already
  2. 2. Email your plain text story to admin@dreamindemon.com with Story Submission (Username) as the subject

Did I say three easy steps? I meant two.

Keep in mind, just because you sent something does not mean I will publish it. But to increase your chances that I will, take a look at the following guidelines:

  1. Do Provide links to the original articles.

Dreamin’ Demon T-Shirt Design Contest!

June 11, 2013 at 5:06 pm by  


Here, Now – We have been talking about putting out some t-shirts for a long time now, but I never liked using some of the drop ship companies because of their graphic limitations and the cost of the shirts. So we decided to start making our own, starting with a black t-shirt featuring a design created by one of you.

We are looking for a graphic to use on a t-shirt that compliments the D’D style and attitude. What we are looking for currently is any kind of graphic in the grindhouse, exploitative tradition. Graphics normally reserved for the covers of true crime detective magazines, or creepy tales comics.

We will be taking entries until June 30, at which time we will choose three of our favorite entries before using a poll to let you people decide which graphic you like best. The artist of the winning graphic will earn the distinction of having their work on our very first shirt and, less importantly, win $500.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 3-21-2012

March 22, 2013 at 6:56 pm by  

Hail MaryHere, Now – Last night’s podcast was one of a kind. Me and Athena got some wires crossed yesterday and needles to say, she wasn’t aware we were doing a Pulpit of Doom. I had already advertised that we were doing one, so I figured I would pull in one of the few people who sometimes hop on and co-host with me, but as luck would have it, no one was available.

So I threw a Hail Mary and asked our Facebook fans if anyone was interested in co-hosting – in 20 minutes. I didn’t think anyone would actually take me up on the offer, but one brave person did. With the chat room filling up, and only minutes to go, I thought I was going to have to podcast alone (which I loathe). But with five seconds before we went on the air, Lucy, a fan of the site for two years, joined in.

So last night marked the first ever podcast in which my co-host was someone I had never even spoken to before going live, aside from asking, “Is this Lucy?”

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous, as I had no idea if Lucy was a mouth breathing moron or someone just fucking around, but turns out we had a decent podcast that went off without a hitch – my 1000 uhs and ums notwithstanding.…

Killer SongsThere are hundreds of songs inspired by famous killers, a lot of them coming from bands that you’d expect. Bands like Slayer, Marilyn Manson, and White Zombie all have songs regarding serial killers and their nasty business. Hell, some bands like Macabre and Church of Misery have made entire careers singing about them.

Knowing this, I figured I would compile a list of my favorite songs inspired by famous killers, but it just wasn’t very interesting. Slayer has a song about Ed Gein, and Marilyn Manson has one about Jeffrey Dahmer. So what?

I love the songs, but it just seemed par for the course, ya’ know? Especially taking into consideration the individual artists’ respective personalities and music genre.

So I decided to create a list of my favorite songs inspired by famous killers from artists that you wouldn’t necessarily expected to have done so. Not that any artist shouldn’t be able to write about any damn thing they want, but I thought the following five songs may be surprising for some, considering who wrote them and the source material.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 2-21-2013

February 22, 2013 at 1:04 pm by  

ThumbcapHere, Now — Thanks to everyone who turned up last night to chat with other members during our Pulpit of Doom podcast. For those who missed it, or plan on listening to it later, we spent 90 minutes talking about the top 10 stories currently circulating on dreamindemoncom.

This also led to other discussions, including Jaded’s mental issues — like her fear of wearing ragged underwear in changing rooms in case she is being watched through a two-way mirror, and her obsession with plugging every hole she finds in her house, including the electrical outlets.

When Jaded was able to contain her giggling, we also discussed some of the Jodi Arias trial, the different techniques a man can spray semen on unsuspecting Walmart shoppers (including the “thumb cap” maneuver) and the juvenile delinquent that is currently residing in my house.

After we went off the air, we discussed music for no real reason – but I did learn Jaded’s boner for Chino Moreno is still going strong after all these years.…

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