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Man Accused Of Performing Oral Sex On Female Dog

November 14, 2011 at 8:06 am by  

Pueblo, CO - Pueblo police officer Matthew Ballard said that officers were called to a woman’s home on a report that an unidentified man was “performing oral sexual acts on the woman’s dog.”

According to the arrest report, the man then began “pleasuring himself” in front of the female dog. The man was gone by the time police arrived, but they were able to find him in the bathroom of a nearby bar.

Kenneth Milosavich, 55, was reported to be in possession of a small amount of crack cocaine, a pipe in his pocket, and – hopefully – a freshly used toothbrush and some breath mints. According to the arrest report, during the interaction with Milosavich, he tried to blow the cocaine out of an officer’s hand.

Milosavich was arrested on charges of animal cruelty, indecent exposure, possession of crack cocaine, possession of drug paraphenialia, and tampering. Milosavich is being held in Pueblo County jail without bail.…

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Colorado Puppy Slasher Sentenced, Gets Probation

November 10, 2011 at 12:51 pm by  

Denver, CO – Back in June, Jaded posted an article about a man accused of slashing and stabbing his 8-month-old puppy because it supposedly bit him.

In case you missed that story and cannot be bothered to click a link, 19-year-old Matthew Weatherspoon was charged with aggravated animal cruelty after his puppy, an American Bulldog named Diamond, was found wandering around an apartment complex suffering from multiple slash and stab wounds.

When questioned by police, Weatherspoon admitted he repeatedly stabbed the puppy after it became aggressive and bit him. Afterwards he tossed the animal outside because it was bleeding all over his apartment. Police noted Weatherspoon had no visible bite marks.

On Monday, Weatherspoon pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated cruelty to animals. Yesterday he was sentenced to 30 months of supervised mental health probation and 100 hours of community service. If Weatherspoon violates the terms of his probation he could be sent to prison for up to three years.

As for Diamond, she underwent three hours of surgery and is currently being cared for by a foster family.…

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Chihuahua Puppy Drop-Kicked To His Death

November 7, 2011 at 2:00 am by  

Pasadena, TX – Pasadena police were called to an apartment complex around 11pm on November 2 after residents reportedly saw the senseless death of a 9-month old Chihuahua at the hands of – well… foot of – Schawn M. Berry Jr., 18.

According to police reports, two eyewitnesses said that a black male was walking through the apartment complex. The 7-pound Chihuahua reportedly began following him but, according to the witnesses, was not threatening him in any way.

The witnesses reported that the man picked up the dog by the neck and asked the witnesses if it was their dog. When they told him it wasn’t, they said he drop-kicked the dog. Witness accounts describe the dog sailing some distance away, landing, crying out, running a short distance, and then collapsing in a stairwell, and dying.

The subject then reportedly fled the scene, but one of the witnesses recognized him as Berry – who lived at a nearby apartment project. A short time later, police found Berry sitting in front of his apartment and arrested him. …

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio - Ohio police were forced to hunt grizzly bears, lions and tigers after some whack job purposely released over 50 exotic animals he kept on his property before committing suicide.

Terry Thompson, 62, operated the Muskingum County Animal Farm, a 40-acre farm that housed about 50 big-game animals, including Bengal tigers, lions, cheetahs, wolves, giraffes, camels and grizzly bears. Officials have been on the property many times in the past investigating complaints of animals running loose or being abused.

“We’ve handled numerous complaints here, we’ve done numerous inspections here. So this has been a huge problem for us for a number of years,” said Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz.

But the animal farm, and Thompson, will no longer be a problem for anyone ever again after Thompson purposely released the animals and then killed himself on Tuesday. No official reason on why he did this, but he’d just gotten out of prison last month after serving a year on weapons charges and his wife left him. That would explain the suicide.…

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Starving Dog Jumps From Third Story Window

October 5, 2011 at 4:33 pm by  

NEW BEDFORD, Mass., – Before you continue reading I suggest you get the full effect of the article’s contents by playing this in the background. Ok, ready?

The other day, an emaciated one-year-old female dog jumped from a third story window in an effort to save herself from starving to death.

The pit bull mix broke her hip and hind leg upon landing and more than likely would have died had had a cop not witnessed the dog’s three-story plunge. Animal control officials were called and immediately began treating her.

Officials would also find a four-month-old puppy starving to death on the first floor of the flea-infested apartment. The property manager told police the tenant had moved out a couple month’s ago and did not have their contact information.

The female, named Miracle, underwent surgery on Monday and will be placed into the custody of Forever Paws Animal Shelter once she recovers. The puppy, Gracie, was in a lot worse shape but is alive and recovering in the shelter’s ICU.…

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Queens, NY - 30 year-old tough guy Milan Rysa is accused of winging his dog, Brooklyn, through his apartment window Monday night.

You can see just how adorable this dog was by clicking here, which will bring you to a photo album on Rysa’s woefully public facebook page. Rysa, a bodybuilder, dedicated this entire album to his ‘LIL BAD BOY.’

When police arrived with some heavy gear, including a battering ram, Rysa simply told them he had been asleep. They didn’t buy his story and placed him in a pair of douche-sized handcuffs, arresting him for aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment. He was sent to the hospital for a mental evaluation and faces arraignment this morning.

The incident occurred around 9:20 pm Monday, when a someone witnessed Rysa throw something from the window of his apartment while loud dance music pumped. The witness called P.F. Chang’s police when upon seeing that  it was roughly fifty pounds of General Gao’s Chicken Shar-Pei that yelped before hitting the pavement.

The only, remotely bright side to this is that the dog  died instantly instead of suffering the effects of so much gravity.…

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FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. — Police have arrested a woman after she allegedly used two hair ties to suffocate her boyfriend’s dog.

Police say 29-year-old Nicole Ottaiano was at her boyfriend’s home when he noticed that she was putting hair bands around the snout of  one of his dogs. He told her to remove the ties from his Shepherd mix named Jackpot, and then left her alone for about 20 minutes.

When he came back he found Ottaiano “on top of a blanket on the bed and his other dog, Little, an 11-year-old Staffordshire terrier, under the blanket with two hair ties around its snout.”

He was unable to revive Little, and then called the cops.

Nassau County police charged Ottaiano, who reportedly has a history of doing this type of thing, with aggravated cruelty to animals. Her bond was set at $5000.

I spent about three minutes trying to find any further details about her history of hurting animals, but couldn’t find much aside from people claiming to know her saying she’s “seriously deranged” or that the story is exaggerated and she’s never done anything like this before.…

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Bakersfield, CA — Alberto Castaneda, 51, and Maria Banuelos, 59, were arrested late Wednesday night after animal control officers visited their home on Weedpatch Highway (yee haw!). The officers were called with a report of an animal in distress and they did, indeed, find a 1-year-old black lab mix in bad condition.

The county animal control veterinarian believes the dog was severely injured in a car crash. Both sides of his pelvis are fractured and his hip is dislocated. To make matters worse, though, the Kern County Animal Control Veterinarian believes that Jethro and Ellie May tried to treat the dog on their own by cutting off part of the dog’s left hind leg.

The dog’s injuries are severe.

“This person did not have the proper equipment and drugs to treat this animal,” said Dr. Cynthia Martinez. “Just imagine a 70 pound dog getting hit with the force to be able to break both sides of his pelvis that’s very painful and not getting the care, just horrendous to think about the pain.”

According to a news release, Castaneda and Banuelos were immediately arrested on felony charges of suspicion of severing the leg and failing to provide veterinary care.…

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BUNKER HILL, Ind. — Police have charged a man with murder after they say he stabbed a 76-year-old Boy Scout leader in the neck during a hiking trip in Indiana.

Arthur L. Anderson was on a 5-mile hike with another adult and two scouts, ages 11 and 12, when they stopped to identify a tree on the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill.

That’s when police say 22-year-old Shane Golitko walked up behind Anderson and stabbed him the neck before fleeing the scene. Despite the attempts of responding medics and a nearby neighbor to save his life, Anderson died at the scene.

A minute before police received the 911 call regarding Anderson, they got a 911 call from Golitko’s mother. She told police that her son had just beaten her up and was headed towards Nickel Plate Trail.

After stabbing Anderson, Golitko returned home to trash his mother’s house and stab the family’s boxer and a pit bull, killing the boxer. Golitko then drove off and was later arrested after leading police on an 8-mile chase.…

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Stockton, CA — Daniel Baxter, 30, is being held without bail after police say he killed a 2-month-old red nose pit bull puppy because his woman wouldn’t give him any nookie.

Baxter’s girlfriend, Charlotte Greene, told police he came home drunk at about 5:00 Sunday morning and demanded sex. When she denied him, he reportedly took his sexual frustration out on the pup, Feisty.

“He woke her too hard, punched her and threw her against the wall. I told him to stop and then ran to the bathroom and started crying,” says Greene.

Left unable to walk and suffering from broken ribs, bruises, a broken jaw and a severe brain injury, Feisty had to be put down.

Baxter was jailed on charges of animal cruelty. Because he is also facing parole violation charges, he is ineligible for bail.

Greene says she’d like to see her now ex-boyfriend seek help for his drinking and anger issues. I’d like to see him seek out the nearest speeding semi-truck.…

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – Police have arrested man they say raped a cat before throwing it out a seventh-floor window.

Someone called 911 Wednesday morning after witnessing 30-year-old Gerardo Martinez masturbating in front of his apartment window and then throwing a cat to the sidewalk below.

When police arrived they found a bleeding, gray cat barely alive on the sidewalk. With the help of witnesses, police were able to identify Martinez’ apartment.

When he answered the door, he did so shirtless and with his pants down. Police asked him to pull up his pants and then asked him about the cat.

Martinez first denied he had a cat, then changed his story saying his boyfriend had tossed the cat a few hours earlier.

When presented with the fact that they had witnesses saying the he threw the cat out the window a little more recently, Martinez then admitted that while high on meth he raped the cat and then threw it out the window along with a pornographic DVD.

Martinez was arrested and charged with animal torture, bestiality and indecent exposure.…

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Louisville, KY – Prosecutors have filed animal cruelty charges against former Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Taylor and former highway worker Adam Decker.

Why are they former everything, you ask?

Investigators say that a dog, named “Chance”, had been hit by a car but did not die in the accident.

When Taylor and Decker found Chance, they decided to help her by beating her over the head with a garden hoe.

Afterwards, the pair buried Chance in a shallow grave by the side of the road.

The two men probably would have never gotten into any trouble for their DIY euthanasia had Chance decided not to die.

Despite being in a car accident and having her head tilled, Chance was still alive and proceeded to dig her way out of her grave.

She was reportedly discovered alive by a different highway worker a few days later who opted not to continue caving in her skull.

Ohio County Sheriff David Thompson fired Taylor – a five year veteran – after a two-week internal investigation.  …

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LAS CRUCES, N.M. – A man has been arrested after injuring a puppy so severely, that it had to have one of its rear legs amputated.

Police say that on July 23, Cody Carmack got so angry with his roommate that the 20-year-old kicked the woman’s puppy, a wirehair terrier named Thor, and then slammed Thor into a metal bed frame.

The puppy yelped for an hour according to the 21-year-old woman, who by all reports did not call police on the idiot or take the dog to the vet to be checked out.

Lucky for Thor, his owner met a new neighbor while moving into a new apartment who noticed Thor wasn’t using one of his back legs. They offered to take ownership of Thor and have a vet check him out.

The vet found that Thor was suffering from a broken tibia and fibula and had to amputate the leg in order to save Thor’s life. He is expected to recover and will be released back to his new owner later this week.…

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Bay City, MI — Due to prior convictions, Jeremy K. Haire, 29, could get 15 years in prison for allegedly stomping his fiancée’s Yorkshire terrier, Missy, to death.

Saturday night, Haire’s fiancée, Kayla Stepanski, 21, brought Missy into the Bay Regional Medical Center. She told a police officer there that she and Haire had been to a golf outing earlier that day and that Haire ‘had consumed quite a bit of alcohol.’  On returning to their home, Haire reportedly began punching and shoving her, she said.

Stepanski told the officer that when she went to call 911, Haire yanked the phone cord from the wall. In response, she called to Missy, picked her up and began to leave.

At this point, Haire reportedly pushed her knocking her over a baby gate.  This casued Stepanski to drop the 2-pound dog.  Haire then allegedly stomped on the animal and yelled, “Now your dog is dead!” according to court records.  Stepanski said that she picked up her now-dead dog, ran outside and got in her car.…

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MONROE COUNTY, GA – A man has been charged in a case of animal abuse that Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick says is the worst he’s seen in his 29 years as sheriff.

No one is sure how the mixed-breed puppy got the pound, but while there, someone noticed the malnourished dog with a very severe neck injury. To be more specific, the dog had been nearly decapitated.

You can see a pic of the dog’s injury by clicking here, but be warned, it is disturbing and like looking at an M.C Escher drawing, you’re brain will have trouble processing it at first.

The dog was taken to the Caldwell Veterinary Hospital and had emergency surgery performed to repair its severed trachea and other life-threatening injuries. “Most of the musculature up here was severed, the trachea was severed. Fortunately, the major arteries were not severed or the esophagus,” said Dr. Butler Caldwell, who performed the surgery and will oversee her recovery.

When an animal advocacy group found out about the dog’s injuries they contacted the police who, after seeing pictures of the dog’s injuries, were more than happy to find the person responsible.…

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Miami, FL - The porn star known as ‘Ramon’ from Bang Bus fame was arrested Monday.  This after police were called to a parked van where a crying baby was believed to have been heard.  In the 90-degree Miami heat, such a cry could be a death sentence.

No baby was found in the van.  Police did however find: eight crowing roosters, four flapping guinea hens, one waddling duck, four captive pigeons, and four live goats tied in plastic garbage baaaaaags.

If you did that right, you were holding pretty steady with the tune from the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Give it another try.  We’ll wait…  Okay.

After about 45 minutes, James Arroyo Jr, 44, and Raul ‘Ramon’ Armenteros, 46, reportedly sauntered up and claimed the vehicle – and its contents – to be theirs.

Police said one of the goats died later that day.  The cause of death was not reported.

Arroyo and Armenteros were arrested and charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty with intent to injure. The men appeared in court Tuesday morning.  …

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Guatemala City, Guatemala — Divine intervention is being credited for saving the life of Paul Oakey, a 20-year-old Mormon Missionary stationed in Guatemale.  This after he was attacked by evil zoo lions.  Let’s hope that someone is now praying he doesn’t repeat the galactically stupid behavior that got him into that mess.

While making the rounds at a Guatemalan Zoo, Oakey reportedly thought that a photo of him standing on top of the 6-foot tall wall surrounding the lion exhibit would make a pretty cool picture.  So he made what his father, Alan Oakey, described as a “judgement call” and climbed on up.  Awww heck [God forgive me], there was an inner cage.  What was the point of even having the cement wall?

“When Elder Oakey turned his back to the lions, they crept up on him,” Alan Oakey said.  A Mormon on a mission is an “elder” – even to his dad.

One lion reportedly reached through the cage and grabbed the missionary’s right leg, causing him to fall back against the cage.…

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Naples, FL — Kelly Gresham, a rough 43, is back behind bars after allegedly shooting her boyfriend’s pregnant pit bull following a heated argument.

According to police, Gresham was hanging out at the bar with a couple friends Sunday evening when she began fighting with her boyfriend. When the argument escalated, the group exited the bar and headed for Gresham’s place.

The screaming and bickering continued on the drive home, with Gresham delivering several well placed punches to her boyfriend’s face.

Once the group arrived at their destination, witnesses say Gresham asked, “You wanna hear something funny?” before disappearing into the bedroom. Just moments later, several shots rang out and the boyfriend’s pregnant pup was no more.

When police arrived on scene, they found a dead pit bull in the front yard, a .380 caliber magazine, bullets, and one bullet casing as well as a plastic bag containing a wet bathing suit, a bloody towel, a bullet, and fecal matter. No firearm was recovered. Curious….

Gresham was booked on charges of animal cruelty, shooting a firearm indoors, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and battery.…

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Denver, CO — A 19-year-old man was taken into custody Monday after police say he stabbed and slashed his 5-month-old American Bulldog because the pup supposedly bit him.

According to police and animal control officers, the pup, Diamond, was found wandering near Matthew Weatherspoon’s apartment early Monday morning suffering from numerous stab wounds. The critter was transported to a veterinary hospital, where he underwent three hours of surgery. He is expected to survive.

When questioned about the bloodied animal, Weatherspoon told police he became angry after Diamond bit him, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed the pup five times, slashing his adorable puppy face. Weatherspoon then got pissed because the dog was bleeding all over his apartment, so he tossed him outside. Police say Weatherspoon had no visible bite marks. Shame…

Weatherspoon was arrested Monday afternoon and is now being held and investigated for aggravated animal cruelty, a felony.

Denver Animal Shelter officials said they would announce when Diamond has recovered enough to be available for adoption. And if one of our fans out in Denver would be kind enough to ship that little guy to me, I’d be most appreciative.…

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DeFuniak Springs, FL — The Walton County Sheriff’s Department reports that Eugene Hickman, 54, is facing an animal cruelty charge after his grandson saw him attempting to have sex with the family dog.

Hickman’s family contacted law enforcement after the grandson told his father that he had seen Hickman nude in the bedroom on top of the dog, the police report stated.

When asked about the incident, Hickman said he “knew it was wrong” and promised that he “wouldn’t do it again,” the report said. But… the report also says that family members claim this is not the first time someone has witnessed Hickman trying to do this.

Look at the mug shot. Get the visual. Focus… Focus… Okay.

The 3-year-old female bulldog was turned over to animal control by deputies to be examined by a vet.

Hickman was booked into the Walton County jail and is charged with one county of animal cruelty, a third-degree felony.

Thanks for the tip, DV.…

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