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Misty VanHornSALLISAW, OK – Police say Misty Vanhorn tried to sell her two young children for $4000 in order to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

No word on who the boyfriend is or why he is in jail, but VanHorn really wanted to get him out. “She was going door to door, here to all the way across town asking everybody for money to get him out,’ said Tony Mosby, a neighbor.

The 22-year-old figured a quick way to get some cash would be to sell her two kids. She allegedly contacted a woman in Fort Smith, Ark., through Facebook with an offer to sell her two children.

For the low, low price of $1000, the woman could have Vanhorn’s 2-year-old. To sweeten the deal, Vanhort said for $4000, the woman could have both her 2-year-old and Vanhorn’s 10-month-old.

“Just come to Sallisaw, it’s only 30 minutes away and I’ll give you all of her stuff and let y’all have her forever for $1,000,” Vanhorn reportedly wrote to the woman.…

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Natisha HillardGary, IN - Police say 24-year-old Natisha Hillard sold her daughter to 39-year-old Christopher Bour, specifically for the purpose of making child pornography.

In a criminal complaint filed in the case, the FBI states Hillard met Bour through an online dating service and eventually sold the child to him knowing her daughter “would be portrayed in a visual depiction assisting another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct.” The complaint does not reveal how much money Hillard made off the sale.

Unfortunately, the 18-month-old girl did end up being the star of some of Bour’s porn, and had been ever since she was around 6-months-old. She may have been involved in more had an unidentified woman not contacted the FBI.

The woman contacted the FBI to report that Bour had sent her explicit text message that read:  “U wanna watch me play with a baby tomorrow a real one” while another said: “I get a chance once in a while I was just seeing if you would hold the camera.” The woman said she’d been to Bour’s home before, and had seen child porn playing on his laptop.…

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Judy VigerSouth Glens Falls, New York – Judy Viger, 33, is facing charges after allegedly hiring two females to perform lewd dances for five minors under the age of 17 at a bowling alley on Nov. 3, 2012.

Viger apparently wasn’t told that you can’t do anything without someone taking out a cell phone and taking a picture for posterity or evidence. It all depends on what side of the bars are you behind.

The police came into this mess after the pictures were posted online and people showed concern. The pictures reportedly showed the females doing “personal and intimate” dances on the minors. One of the pictures posted online apparently showed a scantily dressed woman clinging upside down to a seated teen as others looked on. Party in his pants.

Viger is charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child as she is accused of organizing, managing and paying for the strippers.

She wanted to be the cool mom and now she’s gonna be the mom doing community service.…

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Aydrea MeadersAlbany, NY – Police say a mother who got on stage and started to strip during her children’s school assembly is facing child endangerment and lewdness charges.

If you guessed that the wonky-eyed wonder to the left is the alleged stripper in question, you win!

That, my friends, is 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders. Miss Meaders did all that was right this past Friday night – she got herself ready and attended her children’s school assembly at the North Albany Academy in Albany, as any responsible parent should. One thing she forgot to do was to start the party AFTER the assembly ended…

“Suddenly she stepped to the front of the group threw off her coat and stripped from the waist up,” said Ron Lesko of the Albany School District.

Yep, Aydrea got up on stage when the assembly started and proceeded to get naked and dance. Perhaps she thought some parents might see what their daughters may end up doing if they don’t make their kids focus on academics. It isn’t known what her intent with the strip and dancing gross out was.…

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Theresa A. Moran CamaraPennsylvania – On Jan 19, police were called to a Giant To-Go in Pennsylvania one reports of a toddler pumping gas into a car.

Witnesses said they observed 46-year-old Theresa Camara instructing her 3-year-old how to pump gas into her car. As the toddler struggled to remove the gas pump, he sprayed himself and Camara with gasoline.

A review of the gas station’s surveillance video confirmed that Camara had allowed her child to pump gas by himself into a Toyota Rav4, according to a probable cause affidavit. The video also showed that the toddler did indeed spray himself with gasoline as he removed the pump.

Camara had already left the scene before police arrived, but police were able to track her down after customers provided them with Camara’s license plate number. When interviewed, Camara admitted she “allowed her son to help her in pumping gas,” and confirmed “that he had sprayed gasoline onto both of them.”

Camara was subsequently charged with one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.…

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Casey OlfordLUFKIN, TX – A woman in Texas got herself into some trouble after she took pictures of her young daughter with a bloody knife to her throat, then sent those pictures to the child’s father.

Officers were contacted by a man who said that he and his mother received a message from his daughter’s mother, 20-year-old Casey Olford, that stated: “It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” Accompanying the message was a picture of a young child on the floor crying with a large, bloody knife under her throat with blood smeared on the child’s face.

When police arrived at Olford’s home, she denied taking or sending any pictures to the child’s father or grandmother. The children in the home seemed fine and Olford allowed police to check out her phone but they were unable to find the text message or picture she’d allegedly sent.

They took her into custody anyway, and while in the back of the police car, Olford admitted to taking the pictures the day before.…

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Matthew Wylie Charged With Felony Child Abuse Again

December 18, 2012 at 11:40 am by  

Martell, NE - Looks like Matthew Wylie still hasn’t learned how to be around babies and not severely injure them. He was on our site back in 2009 after nearly severing a 3-month-old’s tongue, and now he’s back after allegedly breaking a 1-year-old’s skull.

A few years ago, Wylie was accused of almost severing the tongue of his then girlfriend’s 3-month-old. He would admit to pressing down on the infant’s tongue in an attempt to stop him from crying and possibly cutting the boy’s tongue with his fingernail.

Wylie was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. He would later be found guilty of the charges and sentenced to three to six years in prison. The boy’s mother, Tracy Daniel, kinda-sorta defended Wylie and would end up marrying him. The couple would have a daughter in 2010.

In September 2011, after serving less than two years in prison, the state Board of Parole approved his release after his Sunday school teacher told the board that Wylie has shown tremendous growth since being allowed to leave prison to attend Sunday school.…

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Boston, MA – After two weeks on the run, a couple wanted by police for the alleged beating and burning of a 3-year-old boy have been apprehended at a Florida theme park.

Earlier this month, arrest warrants were issued for 23-year-old  Jessica Linscott and 27-year-old Roland Dow, after Linscott’s 3-year-old son was dropped of at Exeter Hospital suffering from head trauma and burns to his arms.

The couple stated that his injuries were self-inflicted, but doctor’s determined the boy had been abused and contacted police. Authorities gave the couple the option of turning themselves in, but they took the opportunity to go on the run.

It took investigators two weeks, but after countless hours searching combined with tips from the community, the couple were finally located at Universal Studios in Orlando. Marshals spent all day Wednesday in the park searching for the couple, finally finding them at the end of the day just as they had finished watching a parade.

Linscott and Dow were booked into the Orange County Jail, and are being held pending their arraignment on fugitive from justice charges in Florida.…

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Houston TX – A judge sentenced Jessica Tata to 80 years in prison after being convicted of felony murder in the death of one of the four children killed in a fire at her home day care.

Not sure how many of you remember this case, but 24-year-old Jessica Tata was charged with murder in February 2011 after she left some toddlers by themselves in her home day care while she made a run to Target.

While out shopping, a pan of cooking oil she had left on the stove caught fire. The blaze quickly spread and soon the house was engulfed in flames. Neighbors would tell jurors that they could hear children screaming inside the home as they attempted to rescue them from the burning home.

Shomari Dickerson, 3; Elias Castillo, 16-months; Kendyll Stradford, 20-months; and 19-month-old Elizabeth Kajoh would all die in the fire. Afterwards, Tata fled to Nigeria but was later apprehended and brought back to the United States a month later.

She went on trial for the murder of Elias Castillo and last week a juror found her guilty.…

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STAFFORD COUNTY, VA – A “mother” in Virginia is behind bars after her baby was found alone inside a motel room in an upside down car seat.

Police responded to a Motel 6 around 11 p.m. Monday after receiving a call from the motel regarding a baby that would not stop crying inside one of the rooms.

“When the deputies opened the door, they found a 7 to 8 month old baby girl, strapped in a child restraint seat, now the seat was upside down on the bed, which obviously caused the baby to scream, was in some discomfort,” Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Bill Kennedy said. “When they turned the baby over, they found bruising and scrapes consistent with the restraints of the child safety seat.”

Aside from a crying baby upside down in a car seat, deputies also found a crack pipe sitting on a nightstand. What they did not find was the baby girl’s mother, 34-year-old Christine Clark. The infant was transported to the hospital where the girl was found to have cocaine in her system.…

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LESLIE COUNTY, KY – Here’s another story out of Kentucky, this one concerning a family tree yielding large quantities of idiot fruit.

Police say a woman and her daughter were arrested after allegedly taking pictures of two toddlers playing with marijuana, including pictures of the children with joints in their mouths.

Police were alerted to the photos after relatives of the children took the images to a company to be developed. The children’s grandmother, 51-year-old Beth Ann Hensley, returned to the store later to have the order cancelled, but it was too late. Instead of taking the photos with her, she left without them.

This made it real easy for police to see what the store employees had called them after processing the photos. In the pics, two young boys, ages 1 and 4, can be seen with joints in their mouths while an adult holds a lighter as if to light it. Other photos show the boys handling marijuana buds while others were just of marijuana.

Leslie County sheriff’s Deputy Adrian Cornett went to the children’s home accompanied by child welfare workers where authorities removed five children, aged between one and seven, and placed them with a relative. …

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Minneapolis, MN – Rebecca Rachelle Hill, 37, was arrested with her daughter on October 12th while reportedly shoplifting from a Macy’s store in Mall of America.

She allegedly attempted to give officers false identification information, but was outed when her fingerprints were run against a police database.

Once authorities were able to make contact with Hill’s daughter’s father, he told them that the girl and her mother had been driving around in a vehicle stolen from a relative and smoking marijuana and heroin for the past few weeks.  The father knew this because he had previously taken his daughter, who had been going through withdrawal, to the hospital where she tested positive for both heroin and marijuana.  The girl had also been depressed and cutting herself on the wrists and thighs.

When faced with this wealth of information, Hill reportedly admitted to purchasing the drugs for her daughter as well as doing them with her, about three times per day, supposedly in an effort to keep the girl from suffering further withdrawal symptoms. …

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Toulon, IL – A teen mother in Illinois has been accused of leaving her infant alongside a rural road where she remained for twelve hours after the mother told police her baby had been abducted.

Last Thursday, an Amber Alert was issued for 3-week-old Mia Graci Thompson. Her mother, 19-year-old Kendra Meaker, told police that she had left Mia and her 11-month old sister in the car while she walked into a Toulon post office to mail a package. She informed them that it wasn’t until she had already driven away that she noticed Mia was missing.

Sheriff Jimmie Dison said he figured Meaker’s story was bullshit from the beginning, but with no evidence to the contrary, he didn’t have any choice but to request an Amber Alert. It wasn’t until twelve hours later that Meaker finally told the truth and admitted that she drove outside Toulon that morning and placed her daughter on the side of a rural road.

After volunteer searchers were dispatched to the area, Mia was found after a pair of searchers heard her cries.…

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HOUSTON, TX – A woman is behind bars after hidden surveillance camera captured her abusing and repeatedly suffocating the baby she had been hired to care for.

The parents of a 4-month-old girl say they hired 48-year-old Tirza Magana before their baby was born and that she had been working for them for five months until May. That’s when they decided to install a nanny cam after noticing their daughter was acting strange and lethargic. After just one day of filming, the parents reviewed the footage and were horrified at what the it had captured.

According to court documents, the video footage shows Magana placing her hands over their child’s nose and mouth while applying pressure, causing the baby to “flail about, struggling to breathe.” She does this four times over a fifteen minute period and can even be seen switching her grip.  She is also seen “holding the baby up by her head as the child’s dangling body made jerking movements.”

The parents immediately fired Magana and called police. Magana was ultimately arrested and charged with endangering a child and is in jail on a $10000 bond.…

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Ocala, FL – A Florida “mother” has been arrested after she ditched her 1-year-old son at a Walmart following a botched shoplifting attempt.

Police say 19-year-old Allison Niemeyer and her sister, 22-year-old Laura Niemeyer, stuffed approximately $60 worth of merchandise inside her son’s diaper bag as they perused the aisles of a Walmart on Friday. As they headed out the door with their loot, a loss prevention officer instructed them to come back inside.

Allison had some brain cells fire up behind that stupid looking face of hers, all three of them instructing her to run like hell and to leave her sister behind with her son. Laura eventually broke free from store employees and followed her sister to a van that had been waiting for them in the parking lot. The van sped off with the sisters, leaving behind the 1-year-old boy and the stolen merchandise.

The next night police would receive a tip that the sisters where driving a silver Dodge Durango and were currently enjoying themselves in a dance club.…

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LOUISVILLE, Ky — A couple in Kentucky have been arrested after a 3-year-old was found playing on some railroad tracks by herself.

Police received a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing the 3-year-old daughter of 26-year-old Victoria Carroll, playing on some railroad tracks with no adults in sight.

Officers were able to find the girl, and already knew where she lived. They had been to the child’s home several times in the past on reports of the toddler wandering the streets alone.

When the officers arrived at the house they found the front door open and Carroll’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Joshua Tate, passed out in the bedroom. He had no knowledge that the child was out of the house.

Carroll had left her daughter in the care of Tate, even though CPS had forbid her from doing so on a previous call, while she visited the neighborhood methadone clinic. Both she and Tate were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

Tate, being the absolute winner he is, banged his head on the asphalt as well as the protective screen inside the patrol car during his arrest.…

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Houston, TX – A drunk pregnant woman in Houston is facing multiple charges after she stumbled into a tattoo parlor looking to get pierced.

Police say that at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, 20-year-old Stephanie Santana, who is 7-months pregnant, pulled up to a tattoo parlor and stumbled inside to see how long it would take to get a piercing.

Santana needed it done in a hurry because she was a responsible, drunk, pregnant woman driving in the early morning hours with her 1-year-old daughter. Leaving her child unattended in the car for too long would just be bad parenting.

The employees, noticing she was drunk, told her that they would not be able to help her and told her to get out of the store. Police were called after an employee discovered the child in the car and mommy passed out in the driver’s seat with the car idling and the door wide open.

When police arrived, they found Santana still sleeping in the idling car with her daughter and woke her up.…

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Syracuse, NY — Aaron Hickman, 20, is facing charges of assault and child endangerment, after reportedly admitting to pouring bleach in his nephews’ milk after an argument with the boys’ parents.

Hickman, an apparent mooch, told police he and his brother had argued about Hickman’s lack of financial contributions to the household in the month and a half he had been staying there.

In his statement to police, Hickman claimed his brother and the mother of the two boys called him names and accused him of being “slow and stupid.”

Hickman apparently decided he had had enough of their bad-mouthin’ and decided to move out. Before he did, though, he went and proved ‘em right….

“There was a bleach bottle in the kitchen,” Hickman told police. “I took the bleach and I poured it into a milk container that was in the refrigerator.”

In addition to fouling the milk, Hickman also admitted to pouring bleach into a bottle of mouthwash in the couple’s bathroom.

After drinking the spiked milk on Thursday, the boys, ages 1 and 3, became violently ill with severe vomiting and diarrhea.…

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Silverdale, Wa – A Washington state daycare service is in hot, soapy water after one of their daycare workers used a cleaning chemical to clean the face of a 5-year-old boy.

The boys mother, Heidi Dietrich, says that her son Silas Gholston was chemically burned after a teacher’s aide at the Silverdale KinderCare facility scrubbed his face with a dry eraser filled with a cleaning chemical. She was reportedly trying to make Silas more presentable for a class portrait by removing the temporary Chuck E. Cheese tattoos Silas was wearing on his cheek.

It worked pretty well as the tattoo was removed from the boy’s face but replaced with some nasty chemical burns. When Dietrich arrived at the daycare and saw her son’s face, she was outraged.

“He had swollen marks all over his face and there were white pieces where it was like a blister,” said Dietrich.

She also stated that it was apparent the teacher knew they had messed up, but that KinderCare tried to downplay the incident. …

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Ossining, NY - A New York state kung fu grandmaster and retired police officer has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for having young female pupils tug on his genitalia during martial arts lessons. Hiiiiya!

Prosecutors said four girls aged 6 to 11 reported that Frank DeMaria, 68, had them ‘grab, squeeze and pull’ on his genitals during lessons. DeMaria, a retired Westchester County police officer, defended his methods in court – insisting that he was teaching the young girls to “get rid of the modesty” and learn to kick and slap their attackers in the groin. He further insisted his methods were not an excuse to be fondled.

“There is no holding of genitals — it’s a slap,” DeMaria testified. “I was doing it to help them save their lives.”

The jury, possibly confused about the concept of life-saving sexual assault, convicted him of sexual abuse, sexual conduct with children and endangering children. He was subsequently sentenced to seven years in prison. DeMaria will also have to register as a sex offender when released.…

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