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June 5, 2009 at 9:47 am by  

We LOVE the horror genre. We eat it up in heaping spoonfuls. We also like sharing the things we may be watching or reading, and would like to point other D’D members towards some media we think they may enjoy – or not enjoy. It also gives us time to take a break from the more horrific real crap we post about daily. So here is the full, continually growing list of things we have reviewed on this site. We have also made things a bit easier by sorting out reviews for you, in the following flavors.

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  • Anonymous

    Morbid ,Have you seen the movie, A History Of Violence? It’s a good movie, although it’s not a horror movie with zombie stripers or flying monkeys.

  • Edward Richtofen

    Stake Land – I’m putting this one up as my favorite
    horror film of the year. It felt a lot like Zombieland (anyone remember
    that zom-com?), but stripped of the cheeky humor and instead replaced
    with a depressingly dark underbelly. It was wonderfully written,
    beautifully shot, and passionately acted. It embodied the perfection of a
    three-act film and though it wasn’t without its flaws it’s a film with
    real replay value. In fact, I’ve seen it three times now, and may watch
    it again before the new year rings in. As with many good monster horror
    flicks nowadays, this one is more about humans surviving each other in a
    post-apocalyptic world and less about the horrors of the monsters that
    plague the remnants of humanity

  • Cheryl

    I am a DreaminDemon JUNKIE!!!!!