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Jon HeffnerLAND O LAKES, FL — Police have charged 26-year-old Jon Heffner with murder after he confessed to killing his 63-year-old roommate with a walking cane.

The body of Charles Byrd was taken to the hospital after it was discovered inside a closet of a bedroom he shared with Heffner. At first inspection, it looked as if the man had died from natural causes.

But after the medical examiner found Byrd suffered from head, neck and mouth trauma, then ruled the man’s death a homicide, police decided to ask Heffner a few more questions.

Presented with the evidence that proved Byrd had been murdered, Heffner came clean and told them he and Byrd often argued about the use of the television, but on the day of Byrd’s death he “lost control.”

Heffner told deputies he walked up behind Byrd with a metal walking stick and used it to hit Byrd 5 to 10 times over the head and neck area. After Byrd fell to the ground, Heffner kicked him several times in the torso area.…

ORLANDO, FL – Police say a 3-year-old boy was beaten to death with a plastic rod because made the grievous mistake of drinking milk from a jug.

The incident happened early Friday inside a Pine Hills apartment after 3-year-old Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel drank milk from a jug and ate some yogurt.

This angered 58-year-old Callene Barton, who lived in the apartment, so she began yelling at the boy.

Barton’s daughter, 28-year-old Lakesha Lewis, didn’t feel this was an adequate punishment, so she began beating the boy with a plastic rod used to operate blinds. She reportedly beat the poor kid until it broke.

Awakened by the commotion, the boy’s mother ran out, grabbed her son and ran back to her bedroom. Barton wasn’t having it and came after them. She grabbed the boy by his arm and leg and tossed him down the hallway.

That’s when the boy began having seizures.

Realizing they messed up, Barton and Lewis tried reviving him by splashing water on his face. When the boy’s mother tried to call 911, Barton slapped the phone out of her hand.…

Timothy JohnsonPASCO COUNTY, FL – Sheriff Chris Nocco says 25-year-old Timothy Johnson killed a woman and then had sex with her corpse “for awhile.”

Judith Therianos was reported missing by her family after the 52-year-old traveled to Florida from Maine to care for a sick friend. She was last seen on March 14 with a black eye and in the company of an unidentified man.

On April 7, her corpse was found in a wooded area near 6633 U.S. Highway 19. According to police, her body was posed with her breasts and genitals exposed. A specific cause of death has not been released, aside from reports of Therianos suffering from homicidal violence.

Two days after Therianos’ body was found, police arrested Johnson in connection to Therianos’ murder and accused him of doing much more after the woman was dead.

Investigators say the two did not know each other before meeting outside a liquor store on March 13 where they both went inside and purchased alcohol.

The two then made there way to a wooded area where police believe they began engaging in sexual intercourse.…

Jason RiosNEW PORT RICHEY, FL – Jason Rios, a paranoid schizophrenic, used a crowbar to beat his family, killing his disabled mother and 9-year-old niece.

Ernesto and Angela Rios were trying to keep their four grandchildren together after they’d been removed from their mother for substance abuse and placed in foster homes.

To makes matters even more difficult, Angela was wheelchair bound after losing her legs to diabetes. Also living in the home was their son, Rios, who family say suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

On the morning of Feb 5, Ernesto woke his four grandchildren, Jenica Randazzo, 9; La’nyla Heater, 7; Chancellor Rios, 4; and Dominic Putnam, 13, for to school and hopped in the shower.

Soon after he entered the bathroom, Ernesto heard screaming. He rushed into his granddaughter’s room only to find La’nyla bloodied with severe head injuries and Jason on top of her with a crowbar. Ernesto was able to take the weapon from his son then forced him outside of the house.

The two boys, who were uninjured, fled down the street to the home of a retired police officer who went to assist the family, while his wife stayed with the children and called 911.…

Alex and Gabrielle MansourSylvan Lake, MI – Two children are dead and another is in critical condition after a boater collided with a tube on the water containing three young siblings.

The accident occurred on Sunday as John Mansour was using a jet ski on Sylvan Lake to pull a large tube being ridden by his three children, Alex Mansour, 11, Gabrielle Mansour, 6, and Adriana Mansour, 10.

At around 12:30 p.m., as Mansour was head south, a 56-year-old boater going east swerved to avoid Mansour’s jet ski but failed to see the tube he was pulling and struck the three children head on.

A witness said that after the collision, Mansour was hysterical.”

“I looked up and the tube was floating and the three children were floating in the water with their vests on,’ said Cindee Rosenthal. “The man on the jet ski had his hands on his head yelling, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, someone help me!” And then I heard someone yell “Call 911!” And other boats were heading toward the scene.”

Mansour, the man who hit his children, and other boaters helped pull the kids out of the water and transported them to shore where off-duty doctors and nurses treated them before paramedics arrived.…

Bienvenido CintronPORT RICHEY, FL — A mother in Florida is praising a group of teenagers for possibly saving the lives of two children after a man tried grabbing them while they were visiting a local park.

At around dusk Saturday, 28-year-old Sharaya Smith said she’d taken her young daughter and nephew to play at Lake Lisa Park and eat pizza. As they walked through the park’s parking lot, she noticed a group of teenagers playing loud music, kissing and cursing. “We’re trying to have a pizza party,” Smith remembers telling them. “And my kids don’t need to hear your mouths.”

A short while later, while her daughter and nephew played on a slide, she noticed 34-year-old Bienvenido Cintron nearby. He was disheveled, wearing a tan trench coat, and spouting out verses from the Bible he was carrying. Cintron made his way over to Smith, who had already collected the two children, and began yelling at her, stating he was Obama and was sent to rid the world of drug dealers and prostitutes.…

Man Accused Of Twisting Toddler’s Nipples Off

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New Port Richey, FL — A man in Florida is in jail after police say he twisted a toddler’s nipples so hard that they came off.

According to police, Thomas Matheson, 27, was caring for the boy last Friday evening while the child’s mother worked.

At some point that night, Matheson allegedly gave the kid a massive titty-twister – twisting and pulling so hard, police say, “the skin covering the nipples was removed.”

The child apparently ran around nipple-less for days and it wasn’t until Tuesday that his grandma finally noticed the injury and called authorities.

The kid was taken to Morton Plant North Bay Hospital, where doctors there determined that the removal of the toddler’s nipples was due to trauma. They also say it is unlikely the boy’s nipples will ever grow back.

Matheson later told police he wasn’t even aware the child had been hurt, even though the boy had been running around shirtless the evening of the alleged assault. No word on why mom didn’t notice the kid was missing his nipples.…

Man Squirts Soap In Girlfriend’s Mouth For Cursing

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Hudson, FL – John Vincent Caruso, 26, was arrested on domestic battery charges after squirting liquid soap into his girlfriend’s mouth.

He reportedly had warned her three times about her cursing, worried that it might wake their two sleeping children.  He also told deputies that his parents would dole out the same punishment to him when he’d been a naughty, naughty boy.

Caruso and his on-and-off girlfriend had been arguing that night because she says Caruso was trying to tell her what to do.  Apparently her word choice was not lady-like and Caruso threatened to put soap in her mouth.  After all, what’s a boyfriend’s purpose if not to discipline his significant other when she’s been using filthy language?

A few minutes later, Caruso reportedly came up behind her as she was sitting on the couch and squirted liquid dish soap into her mouth, down her throat, and onto her shirt.  The woman’s lip also apparently suffered a small cut from the tip of the soap dispenser according to this article.

Holiday, FL – Janet Lynnette Dolinger, 50, was arrested for shoplifting on Sept. 19th after being detained by the Sweetbay’s loss prevention outside the store.

Dolinger was reportedly seen stuffing a four-pack of Budweiser beer, Vagisil cream, and a package of Alka Seltzer in her purse, then exiting the establishment without making the requisite stop at the cashier’s counter.

She is currently being held in Land O’ Lakes jail, where no, you may not have cream cheese on your bagel, but you’re more than welcome to have a pat of butter or two.

“And what, do you suppose was the reason she might have shoplifted these items?” you might ask.  Because she didn’t have the money for them, you idiot, I’d say.

“Yes,” you may reply, “I am, indeed, an idiot, but what I meant was ‘why did she steal those particular items?'”

I’m glad you asked.  I think it’s safe to assume that Ms. Dolinger has some sort of vaginal yeast infection, hence the Vagisil.  As for the beer, well, some dudes require a bit of “lubrication” to perform oral sex on a woman. …

Potrero, CA – Richard Fox, 39, achieved a D’D trifecta when, after drinking, he loaded his homemade cannon with powder extracted from fireworks, ignited it sending shrapnel through his mobile home, thus killing his 38-year-old girlfriend.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department homicide detectives are investigating the incident at the Twin Lakes Resort mobile home park near the California-Mexico border where Jeanette Ogara was found dead just after midnight.  There was little mystery as to the cause of her demise.

“They had a large-sized hole in the side of the trailer,” Mike Moller of Cal Fire told news reporters.

Three other adults were inside the trailer when the mobile home was hit by the shrapnel from the exploding cannon. For those of you who can still see on your four horizons the distant edges of the continental land mass that is Fox’s stupidity, I will add that the dead woman’s 4-year-old daughter was also in the trailer at the time. Thankfully, neither the young girl nor the other adults were hurt.…

Wesley Chapel, Fl – On Wednesday afternoon the employees of Little Pioneers Daycare Center were treated by a surprise visit from Ottis Ryan. Ottis was denied entry but somehow managed to weasel his way inside the daycare. A very brave Susan Singeltary retreated inside into the infants room after calling 911. Ottis followed her, so Susan used her body to block the entrance and attempted to stall him with questions until the police arrived. After asking what he had in his bag, Ottis produced set of brass knuckles with blade.  According to police, he than yelled, “Don’t listen to God. He is not real. Listen to Allah” followed by “Don’t feed those crying babies. Let them die. It is time.” He then went to his knees and began to pray. Deputies arrived to find him saying “I am a supreme being and I wanted to cleanse the babies, I am here through God.” Uh huh… Ottis was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and armed trespass. He is being held at Land O’Lakes jail on $5,150 bail.…

Holiday, FL- Leroy Jones became quite upset with his neighbor this last Thursday when he did not get what he paid for.  Apparently, the 69-year old man’s neighbor agreed to have sex with him for a price, but the two got into an argument and the unidentified woman left with his money (three $50 bills) without giving him the honey. Pissed off, Jones went over to her house Thursday night and tried to kick in the door. When that did not work, he used a wooden log to force the door open and then went inside  and trashed the place.  He busted up several items in the home, including a glass coffee table, TV, radio and several figurines. It’s not known where the woman was at this time (possibly at another neighbor’s), but she told police she saw Jones enter her home, heard smashing noises, and then watched him leave. When questioned by police, Jones admitted he was upset that she took his money. He said he went to her home and knocked on her door to confront her, but he never entered the residence.…

Jose Cuervo Is Her Co-Pilot

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DADE CITY, Florida – Police pulled over a vehicle for not for not having a passenger side headlight. The driver was a very drunk Genoveva Amacenda-Velona, 30. Also in the car with her were two children ages 7 and 9. But that wasn’t it. Beside her was a half-empty bottle of Jose Cuervo and sliced limes on the console. Amacenda-Velona spoke no English, but did relay that she had only drank a few beers at a friends house. Her 0.233 blood-alcohol level told a much different story. She was charged with aggravated child neglect, DUI, not having a valid driver’s license and not having a motor vehicle registration and was being at the Land O’Lakes jail without bail. I see some people calling this setup a rolling bar just because she had some sliced limes? Shit, wait ’til they get a glimpse of the Mojito setup Jaded has in her car. Hell, she has fresh mint growing on the dashboard. Wanna know what my “rolling bar” consisted of? A couple bottles of Night Train.…

Miss Nelson, Please Pull Up Your Pants

March 25, 2009 at 4:39 am by  
Kylene Nelson

Kylene Nelson

Land O’ Lakes, FloridaKylene Nelson, 42, really knows how to have a good time. She likes to toss back a few, turn the music up, and get down with her bad self! Who doesn’t like to let it all hang out sometimes? Only problem is, she was gettin’ her groove on in front of a classroom full of 8th grade Language Arts students at Charles S. Rushe Middle School. Nelson’s first period class couldn’t have known how the day was going to turn out when they walked into the classroom one morning last week. It’s a good thing that nearly every child in the US now carries a cell phone with audio and video capability.…

Thomas Ludwig Shut That Little Bitch Up

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Thomas Ludwig

Thomas Ludwig

Port Richey, FL – Gentleman readers, you probably know the situation. You’re at home, trying to relax, and fuck if she doesn’t open her piehole. “WAH WAH WAH,” is the sound coming out of her fucking mouth, and you grit your teeth but she keeps it up, so you make the suggestion that maybe a little quiet is in order, but noooo, it’s more “WAH WAH WAH.” Let’s face it, after a point, it’s pretty damn hard to not just pop the cunt a good one, and in fact, 24-year-old Thomas Ludwig stepped up to the plate and did just that. Unfortunately, the recipient in this instance was one of Ludwig’s 2-month-old daughters, and now little Diella Ludwig is dead.…

The Evans’ Have Priorities

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…and apparently, hygiene isn’t one of them.

Heather Thrift Evans and Robert Wayne Evans

Heather Thrift Evans and Robert Wayne Evans

Holiday, FL–Right now, you may be asking yourself, ‘How did such an attractive and intelligent looking couple end up on the front page of the Dreamin’ Demon? Must be a ‘white-collar’ crime, right?’ Nah…the closest these two get to white-collar is the ring of filth around said collar. These two are gracing your Monday morning because; a. I just couldn’t pass up those mugs! b. They forced their 10-year-old child to live in a home surrounded by drugs, filth, and feces. c. Heather’s not so pearly whites.…

Katrina Doyle Shouldn’t Be Breeding

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Katrina Doyle at

Katrina Doyle’s Myspace

Port Richey, FL–Where, oh where, do I begin with this lovely lady? Let’s go back to Saturday. Katrina Doyle, 34, and her husband, David Pook were having an argument. The argument ended when Katrina stabbed her husband in the back of the head with a ballpoint pen. Ouch. The cops were called, Katrina was handcuffed and taken to jail. Pook followed, after he was released from the hospital that is. Please, read on…it gets better.…

Christina Shehow Makes Her Mother Sick

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Dade City, FL – Christina “KiKi” Shehow, 16, is an ungrateful little bitch of a daughter. Christina got mad when her mother, Lenna Mercer-Goodwin, took her cell phone away for going overlimit on text messages. And when Christina Shehow got mad, she got even – by poisoning her mother’s food with seasoned salt, to which Mercer-Goodwin is violently allergic. …

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