Couple Charged After Video Surfaces Of Woman Performing Sex Acts On Lucky, The Family Pit BullAngela Woodworth Arrested After Four Kids Jump Out Of Her Car And Report Her Drunk DrivingCynthia Anderson Accused Of Drowning Puppy In Airport Toilet Because She Couldn't Bring It On PlaneNicholas Stewart Sold Fake Booze Made From His Urine and FecesKrystle El Khatib Accused Of Trying To Kill Her Children With Poisoned Apple JuiceEmr the Jester Busted With Child Porn Depicting Victims As Young As 3-Months-OldTimothy Tucker Beat Girlfriend With Couple's Two Week Old Puppy Until It DiedMan Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Same Victim As Convicted SonOne-Month-Old Baby Hospitalized After Having Most Of Face Eaten By Pet FerretsDavid Vanzo Took His Dead Mother To Bank To Take Cash From Her Account


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