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PINE RIDGE, SD – A 30-year-old woman in South Dakota will plead guilty to beating her toddler to death after the boy wet the bed.

We’ve first reported on 30-year-old Katrina Shangreaux back in 2016 when she was arrested and charged with the murder of 2-year-old Kylen Shangreaux.

Shangreaux has now admitted to the murder in a written statement. In the document, Shangreaux admits she was drunk and on drugs when she got mad at her son for wetting the bed.

She says on top of the bed wetting her son “gave her a sideways look” and called her “Angie,” the name of the boy’s paternal aunt who had cared for him the year prior before. A month before the boy’s murder, Shangreaux had regained custody of her son after winning a June 2016 custody battle.

IOn response to the boy’s alleged actions, Shangreaux hit the child multiple times with her hands and a belt, threw him to the ground, kicked him in the abdomen and head, and bit him several times – including biting his genitals.

She only stopped beating the boy when “she saw that he appeared different and realized how badly she had injured him.” Shangreaux and her mother gave the boy apple juice but he fell to the ground and soiled himself.


Shangreaux and her mother did not call for help until after they cleaned the blood and feces off her son and cleaned up the scene.

Kylen was pronounced dead at the hospital after being transported by ambulance, but the treating physician believes he’d been dead for four hours. According to the toddler’s autopsy, Kylen had bruises on 70 percent of his body and suffered from “extensive bleeding.”

According to an FBI report, the boy also suffered a torn scrotum and there was hair wrapped around his genitals. The autopsy would conclude that the boy died from blunt trauma and that it was likely the excessive bruising deprived his organs of sufficient blood.

Shangreaux was initially charged with first-degree murder, felony child abuse (aggravated battery of an infant) and felony child abuse and neglect. Now, because of her plea deal, she will be charged with second-degree murder. She is facing life in prison.

As for Shangreaux’s mother, 47-year-old Sonya Dubray, she was charged with being an accessory to first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. She is out on bond while awaiting her trial.

Just a footnote to this story… Kylen’s father is currently in prison for killing his 1-year-old son during a fight with the boy’s mother. Robert Red Shirt kicked his 20-month-old son in the face while the boy’s mother, Emmy Rouillard, used him as a human shield.

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