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GALVESTON, TX – A woman has been accused of fatally shooting her husband and two young sons before killing herself at a Texas resort.

Police say they were called to San Luis Resort early Monday morning after hotel guests reported hearing a series of “pops” from a room on the eighth floor.

When police arrived, they could hear faint moaning coming from inside the room that had been dead-bolted from the inside.

After forcing their way in they found 39-year-old Mauricio Morales and his two sons, 10-year-old Mauricio and 5-year-old David, on a bed suffering from gunshot wounds.

On the floor nearby was 37-year-old Flor de Maria Pineda — Mauricio’s wife and the mother of the two boys — suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Mauricio and David were pronounced dead at the scene, while Flor and 10-year-old Mauricio were pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.

The family lives 50 miles away in Baytown, and had checked into the hotel at around 7:00 pm the night before the shootings occurred. Currently, there has been no reported motive. (I suspect Jesus had something to do with it)

“The motive is unknown at this time, but forensic data collected at the scene indicates that the female is believed to be the shooter at this time, and is believed to have killed her two children and her husband before apparently taking her own life with a 9mm handgun found adjacent to her body,” wrote the Galveston Police Department.

The family’s neighbors described them as “beautiful people” and said Flor was very religious, always polite, friendly, helpful and caring. They said Flor would occasionally hand deliver candy with bible verses.

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The boys both attended classes at Victoria Walker Elementary School where counselors have been made available. The school district released the following statement:

“The tragic circumstances surrounding these students’ deaths are almost too much to bear. A student death can have a ripple effect on a school community and, because of this and out of concern for the students’ classmates and the campus faculty, we will have additional counseling services at the school. We are grieving for the loss of young life and its infinite possibilities and we pray for the family, friends and students most affected by this tragedy.”

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    sad. I will never understand why you would kill your children.

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  • She’s dead. You only accuse the living. There’s no point in accusing a dead person. Are they going to put her on trial? If she’s dead and there’s reason to believe she shot the gun and others are dead as well, the right way to say it would be that she killed others and herself, NOT that she’s accused of doing so. If she’s still alive it’s different.

  • Perhaps it’s because if she’s *not* accused, it implies a suspect is still at large.

  • An accusation doesn’t only pertain to the living. They can’t just flat out say she did it without going through the proper channels and the general public has a right to know who they think wiped out an entire family. Just like using the word “allegedly” when we all know damn well who did it.

  • Allegedly is different than accused. And they say people did murder suicides all the time without saying accused. I’ve never heard accused used before in a murder suicide and it simply isn’t correct.

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    “The family’s neighbors described them as “beautiful people” and said Flor was very religious, always polite, friendly, helpful and caring. They said Flor would occasionally hand deliver candy with bible verses.”

    She must have overlooked that old chestnut about not killing people. Wonder if the kids got candy first.

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