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FALMOUTH, MA – A man had to stab the family pit bull to death after it began mauling his 1-year-old daughter in what police are calling an unprovoked attack.

It happened Sunday morning when the man heard screaming coming from the kitchen, and discovered the family dog, a pit bull terrier, had latched on to his 1-year-old daughter’s face.

When the man could not get the dog to off his daughter, he ran to an adjacent room to grab a gun. After trying to shoot the dog and discovering the gun was unloaded, the man used a knife to stab the dog to death.

The girl was airlifted to the hospital where she underwent numerous emergency surgeries and blood transfusions. She is expected to survive the attack but family members say she still has a long way to go, including future plastic surgery procedures.

Police say the dog did not have a history of violence, and that the attack on the girl seems to have been unprovoked.

The father’s uncle, who lives across the street, said the dog was adopted five years ago and has always gotten along with the girl.

“The dog always got along with her. So, I don’t know what happened there. You got me,” he said.

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  • Why was a 1 year old left alone in the kitchen….or anywhere for that matter. If she was alone with the dog how do they know it was “unprovoked “? She could have been biting or pulling on his ear or tail or poking the dog in the eye. Poor little girl…wish someone was watching you better when around a big dog! ????

  • Never ever trust a fuckin dog.
    They are always “the sweetest ever” until this shit..

  • 1 year olds are very explorative. They like to crawl around and “see the sites” of the house. Sometimes, they like to crawl into the kitchen. Sometimes they like to “play” with their parents, loved ones, or even their pets. Never to they provoke a dog to the point of latching on to its face. Dog was a piece of shit. Owner was probably one of those pit apologists. I’m sure they’ll change their tune now.

  • She wasn’t alone.
    The dad was right there.

  • Anyone who thinks you can 100% watch your toddler without ever losing sight of them is clueless, you can look away for 3 seconds and bam they’re out of sight. Those dogs are deadly and that’s all there is to it.

  • Pit bulls are a breed of

    Im convinced this dog should be totally banned everywhere. The benefits vs. problems caused by them existing clearly isn’t in their favour.

  • O my god thank god

  • The dad wasn’t there, he heard screaming coming from the kitchen which means he was in the other room when the attack first occurred.


    Aaaand .. we’re off and running. Same shit, different year.

  • Never unprovoked. Not saying the baby did it on purpose.

  • Another one of those totally harmless pitbulls.

  • Pace

    Eh, at least the guy didn’t hesitate to cut the attack short by any means necessary (pun intended). That’s more then most people seem to do.

  • Trying to fathom a world where I couldn’t leave a room in my house without dragging a child with and failing.

    I wouldn’t own a pit bull with an infant (I know, nanny dog, blah, blah) but it everything had truly been fine, I can’t blame the dad here.

    There could have been provocation in that babies make funny noises and gestures. But nothing to indicate she poked the dog in the eye and stable dogs don’t respond with deadly rage to provocation.

  • Well this sounds pretty cut and dry, if I wasn’t skeptical.

  • I love and trust all dogs that are raised right. That being said…I would NEVER leave my one year old in a situation where they could be ALONE with a dog…period. I’m not saying my kids weren’t in “the kitchen” alone for a few moments at a time. But it sure as hell wasn’t with an animal with teeth and claws! ????

  • Best kinda of pitbull is a dead pitbull I always say

  • Sometimes just the screeching sound of a baby or toddler has been enough to set an already anxious animal off. The dog could have had food aggression and the baby made the innocent mistake of getting too close to its food bowl.

    Sure the dog could have never bitten anyone in the past but when you miss or overlook the red flags like low growling to warn people over small things, an attack like this was definitely a possibility.

  • Nobody cares what you think. You are one of the slowest ppl I’ve ever met.




  • You aren’t smart enough to even insult properly. You wouldn’t get it.

  • Brittany Ford I wuv u bb

  • Bubs

    I bet all the money that the baby’s parents have pictures on fb of her posed with the dog with captions saying how sweet and gentle it is and how misunderstood and vlianized pits are.

  • Bubs

    I carry a knife solely for protection from (men, and) dogs who would attack my toddler or chihuahua.

  • Well done to that man! Amazing job. Pit bulls are just the absolute worst and should be banned EVERYWHERE.

  • I love when people say whatever random little breed bites more or is more vicious, would you ever need to stab a cocker spaniel to death to stop an attack? Doubt it.

  • dammitall23

    One report I saw said the child is probably blinded from the attack. Good luck with reconciling her to a seeing eye dog. I don’t care much when these dogs eat their owners, but it’s a damn shame their children have to suffer.

  • I don’t give two shits what a one year old did to a pit bull, it was a bad dog and unprovoked. My kids stepped on my Doberman to get on the couch, pulled it’s ears, tried to put clothes on it, played in it’s food dish, shared their food with it, etc…. and never an issue. How people can blame the baby is sick. The fact that so many pit bull owners refuse to accept anything pits do and put the blame everywhere else is really atarting to make it look like a lot of pit owners are not good people. WOW!!!

  • I don’t care what a one year old does to a large dog, the dog can handle it.

  • You value dogs more than an innocent one year old. How terribly sad. You need therapy.

  • I know they are more prone to biting, just saying you probably wouldn’t have to stab it to death to stop an attack.

  • I wouldn’t say never. Crawling near a piece of kibble could set him off if he was food protective. Unless you’d call that provocation and in that case I hope you don’t have animals and small kids around.

  • Ceci Harlan oh honey. Smh

  • You should kill yourself

  • A while back, an older woman fell because of her age. It startled the pit and it attacked and killed her. Is that “provocation” as well??

  • 2005 after hurricane Katrina, I did animal rescue in New Orleans. Only dog I was attacked by, even though we had 200 pitbulls taken out of the city, a fucking cocker spaniel. ANY dog can attack a child, ANY dog can be unpredictable and cause unthinkable harm. They are ALL wild animals, not just some.

  • Agreed ????

  • You angry faced my comment. Is that because you’re angry at yourself?

  • Kristina Hill No it’s because people reading into my comment. I will never apologize for my comment I don’t need to. I didn’t mean anything by it but if people would watch dogs body movements and behavior they would know exactly what I meant with that comment

  • Heaven forbid this father let his child leave his eyesight for a few minutes (in his house!!!) to use the restroom etc. I don’t care who you are, or how perfect a parent you claim to be online, you cannot watch your child 24/7.

  • People can post all their pics of them and go on about how sweet they are etc. I believe y’all!! Doesn’t mean I trust them around my kid, animals or me. And I do think most of them are beautiful dogs, it’s just not a risk I’m willing to take. My chihuahua and pomchi have NEVER bit anyone. But guess what I know that’s still not a guarantee as they get older etc. they won’t so I tell folks, sure you can pet them but watch your kids. Pomchi is mental about kids, loves them, my chi….not so much. But she’s not capable of mauling or killing one either.

  • Maylin Lyon

  • Dogs bite. Pit bulls can kill with a bite. Don’t give me any of that shit about it’s not the dog it’s the owner bullshit.

  • Small child and a “friendly” Pitbull, what could go wrong? I mean, other than natural selection.

  • Smart Bubs! I hope you or your chihuahua are never attacked. I can only add one suggestion, in the heat of the moment don’t let the knife get away from you. I would suggest possibly this model of knife.

  • Christine Mancuso yeah ok who has the time to constantly watch a pet’s every move? That’s bullshit. I get that paying attention to body language is a common sense thing, but choosing a pet, especially around kids, that cannot kill you should be common sense too.

  • With that logic, same goes for humans. . . sit down child. . .

  • jansav

    It is usually children and elderly people who die.

  • Kelly Adams – no, but I wouldn’t go to the bathroom and leave my child unattended with any animal.

  • jansav

    Geezus. Poor little girl.

  • Its not just any dog. Its always a shitbull.

  • Ban a dog breed? You gotta be kidding


  • My dog is a big boy. Never hurt a fly, but I wouldn’t leave him unattended near a small child. Many times when my son was younger and we had pets, I’d lock the dog in his kennel and even shut the cat in my bedroom while taking a shower or whatever…but, mistakes do happen and if the dog never showed any signs of aggression, I can see where the parents thought it would be ok to leave the room for a second. I’m just glad the baby survived! Too many times these attacks happen and the outcome is fatal.

  • What you said was utterly ridiculous. I can’t believe people that think like you are real…… Wow…

  • I don’t like dogs never & never find a fish tank…

  • Toddlers shouldn’t be alone with any animal. Of course to every pet owner, “their dog is the sweetest and will never hurt a fly.” Uhuh. And next you see your dog eating your kids. Shit, I don’t even trust cats around little kids.

  • Clearly the dog handled it. Just not the way we as humans think is acceptable Robert. Dogs shouldn’t have to “handle” any child or person poking or prodding them unwarranted.

  • Sounds like your kids weren’t taught how to respect your dog.

  • No Ricky Izaguirre it’s not
    Hell even cats have gone crazy and attacked their owners before

  • Yeah clearly his kids have no respect cause you can just teach a 1 year old to respect a dog… They have to be reminded constantly to not do things especially when they are smaller. That baby didn’t do anything that should result in that kind of reaction. Shit I have accidentally stepped on my dog when he lays behind me in the kitchen, you know what he does? Moves. Because he is an animal that has been taught to respect humans. I am pack leader. That’s all there is to it.

  • Yeah, if a dachshund (the breed I’ve seen quoted as most likely to bite) attacks one of my children one well placed punt will stop the attack. Pitbull type dogs are game dogs. They ignore the pain and keep going for it.

  • A 6 month old doesn’t understand that grsbbing the dogs ear or using it as a way to get on the couch is wrong. The difference is i don’t keep my dog kenneled like you had to. My dog was around my kids 24/7. And I didn’t have to constantly remind my kids not to beat the dog, when I explained that it hurt the dog they learned. Funny how you talk trash, but then said your kids were horrible with their dog.

  • Percy Dinnie, that is a typical stupid statement from a judgemental person that doesn’t know anything that they are talking about. A word of advice you can stand there and look like an idiot or open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • john smith

    sad story

  • cats don’t maul people to death neither do toy poodles… ????????

  • Rosemary Conti Cats? Get the fuck out of here. Lol ????????????

  • True

    I love dogs and have had big dogs all my life. I’ve never had a dog attack any of our friends or family. If you have children, it just isn’t safe to have pits. Sorry pit lovers. The neighbor’s pic got hold of my 5 year old daughter once, so I’ll never trust them. She’s got a few facial scars that will never go away. Old people can’t possibly fight them off either. I don’t understand why people take chances with their children like that. But then, they take chances with their “dick of the week” over the children, too. Go figure. I hope she heals up okay. And doggie, you rest in pieces, ya mangy bastid.

  • truthguy

    how could this happen with the loving nanny dog…. great way to start off the year

  • no attack is unprovoked … there are ALWAYS signs that humans either overlook or ignore

  • You’re wasting your breath Stacey Peters – this level of stupid just wont ever understand. Breed Specific Legislation is followed by people that are way too stupid to take responsibility. Far easier to blame the breed.

  • I own a pit bull type dog. my husband and I have invested legitimately tens of thousands of hours training this dog, working with him, constantly and consistently, to be obedient, calm, and well-behaved. and honestly? every time our dog is on a leash and some random little dog with a napoleon complex runs up yapping, I roll my eyes. it’s very easy to have a poorly behaved dog of a different breed. no one gives a real shit if a teacup chihuahua or a bug eyed chorkie thing acts out, really. a 7 pound dog? you could punt a dog that size if it was threatening a child’s life somehow. you could be a laissez-faire owner and never run into a problem with your little shih tzu. my dog though? he’s about 65 pounds, well-muscled, a strong and bulky dog. he intimidates strangers, at least until they get to know him. if it were me by myself and I wasn’t married to a “dog person” who was willing to put the majority of the time in to work with this animal, I would most likely never own a pit bull type dog, ever, because the amount of work required to capably handle certain breeds of dogs is more than I would have chosen to embark on by myself. if you want to be a laissez-faire dog owner, I recommend getting a smaller, weaker dog so that the mistake of committing to anything LESS than impeccable training and obedience doesn’t have to be a fatal one.

    anecdotally I have two friends with small children who got into dog related incidents. the first one was a toddler left unattended with a labrador, who attacked the girl unprovoked. dog had no previous history of violence, and kid is fine after some plastic surgery. my friend never left her toddler alone with a dog again. Second friend had a scare with pitbull turning on her toddler. kid went to grab a cracker she dropped on the floor and the dog became food-aggressive when it perceived that the food was being “stolen”. horrible accidents, both, but lessons that only need to be learned once.

    tl;dr not all dog breeds are appropriate for all dog owners, dogs are more often than not a reflection of their owners, also maybe don’t leave toddlers unattended around dogs of any type.

  • Yet again a young child left in a room with a dog. Smh

  • Heidi

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  • I would kill any animal if it were attacking my children. And im an animal lover. Id never leave my babies alone with any animal. Mine are older now but a 1 yr old? I wouldnt trust any animal alone with them. Doesnt matter the breed. Its a sad situation.

  • But I thought they were harmless and misunderstood? ????

  • Ikr…people are so dumb. I wouldn’t have one period but especially not if I had kids!

  • That’s incredible that you were right there in the room to witness what the father could not. Maybe you should speak to the police and give them your eyewitness account

  • any dog breed can attack anyone…ive had soem chihuahuas that were pretty mean…Ive had a pitbull jump in the car with me one time…it wanted the pizza i was delivering lol..pitbulls are just the breed the like to post the most about

  • Any dog can attack. It’s not the breed it’s the dog.

  • Stephanie Coronado So what? The point is that Pitbulls are easily capable of ripping a person to shreds, and they do, regularly.

  • “It’s worth noting that no matter how these data are arranged — mixed breeds versus pure breeds, injuries versus fatalities — pit bulls consistently rank at the top of the list for attacks, and by a wide margin”

  • salepo

    What exactly are you skeptical about?

  • So are any other big dogs.

  • That’s a biased pos article.

  • Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982, according to research compiled by Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7, an animal-news organization that focuses on humane work and animal-cruelty prevention.

  • It’s all a conspiracy against the lovely widdle pit bulls!

  • Kitchen with one year old says it all..Resources guarding..And of course all the nutters want to blame the breed..smh..

  • A few years ago, there was a story about a woman feeding her newborn baby to her dog, and trying to cover it up as an unprovoked attack. Ever since then, I’m skeptical about stories like this.

  • The media confuses look alike breeds as being pits. Theres a whole article on it.

  • Jackie Jenkins

  • Pit bulls kill kids

  • Childproof your large dog with a panting muzzle that allows the dog to drink water without removing it when out of its safe space like a crate, doghouse, kennel.

  • The real problem is that to many pit-owners are fooling people and young couples by pretending that pit-bulls are safe, they were not created to be domisticated

  • Troy Duke, let me guess, you are one of those pit owners that let their dogs run lose and fight and killl eberyrhing in the neighborhood, but it’s never your or the dogs fault. I know responsible dog owners and you people that saybit is impossible for a pit to bite or it’s the baby’s fault, shouldn’t be allowed to own any type of animal.

  • Dr. Michael S. Golinko, who completed the largest dog bite study to date, states pit bulls are a danger to children:

  • Alyssa Downing No dog, large or small should ever be allowed to growl or dominate the human. That is a huge problem with dog owners. They treat their dog like humans. They allow the pet on the couch, the chair, the bed etc. They play tug of war. They allow the dog to eat around the table. A Pack leader eats first and the best part of the animal. Then he walks away to let the pack members finish. The pack leader gets the best of everything He will lead the pack with authority not kindness. People must let the dog know there are consequences to their actions. No excuse for a dog to act aggressive in any circumstance if the Human Alpha or Pack leader takes control. To say this 1 year old could have done something is beyond belief. How many more people have to be injured before Laws are passed. Bet your ass that if a Law makers child or family are bitten, you will see a ban not a law. It takes tragedy to wake people up. No, Alyssa, it’s not always provocation. Just watch that Idiot Cesar on TV. Never saw a trainer get Bit so many times in my life. Wonder how much they pay him to say he advocates for Pit Bulls. Anyway, enough. Fight to save babies and people instead of an animal.

  • Percy Dinnie Partly right. No animal should act out in any aggression if the dog doesn’t have a strong fight drive. Most dogs bite out of stress. A bite such as this is quick and it’s over. The Pit Bull Terrier bites to Kill period. They launch a full blown attack. That is the difference in breeds.

  • Why do pit bull advocates have to put children at high risk to prove in ‘ their minds’ that they are ‘great with kids and nanny dogs’

  • Get rid of anything that even resembles those killers.

  • You’re sick to make a statement like that.

  • I can’t imagine the road ahead for this baby. The inappropriate remarks coming to the defence of the dog are unbelievable ????

  • Because you don’t have to provoke a pitbull, they were literally bred to kill. Bull baiting was how they started out come on this isn’t rocket science

  • It does matter the breed because it matters whether or not the dog bites your toddler and gives it stitches or has it by the throat shaking it in the death Shake. Poodle stitches Pitbull death Shake it matters trust me

  • At least when it is Dead you can stop being afraid. All you have to do is have, a pit bull living down the street from where you live on the same block, and you’re constantly thinking what if what if it gets out in the neighborhood, when a lot of kids are out playing when my kid is out playing. The thought never leaves my mind. It would be like living in neighborhood or a bunch of gang Bangerz with guns lived no difference.

  • That’s at least an intelligent solution, and what everyone should do when they have a large potentially dangerous dog in the house with their children.

  • The only reason I can think of that anyone would be telling people that pitbulls need to be provoked, and that they won’t attack otherwise would be if they have something to financially gain from the situation. Because no one could be lacking in intelligence that badly, you see the stories all the time these animals go after people who are minding their own business come on. Do have a big sand pit in your backyard. Pull your head out man

  • Wow your a sick person. Who blames a 1 year old for being attacked by the family dog of 5 years!

  • Really? Why own a dog you can’t leave a child alone in a room with?

  • Your an idiot Skye.

  • And youre a cunt nicole…your point?

  • I meant it doesnt matter what breed you have . never leave your child alone with them. For the safety of your children and pet.

  • I own 2 and would’nt because dogs can’t be trusted. We are talking babies here not 5yr olds

  • Dumbshits! Have children or own dangerous animals, but not both!!! ????

  • She’s also crosseyed af. ????

  • Dying lolol

  • Reminder that 59% of all dog attacks were by bully breeds last year. But that’s totally an acceptable statistic when considering dog ownership right???

  • I have a friend who does pit rescue…only dog shes every been bit by was a boxer lol …She herself owns 5 pits

  • My daughter runs a very well known dog rescue in Oregon. She has worked with worst of the worst in pit pulls. Rescues them off death row and retrains them . Some take years to train properly. She has trailed them for disabled navy seals and has saved hundreds of them. She even owns 5 of them herself. It really is all in the way you train them. You can not give these types (and other big breeds) of dogs any break in knowing who is boss at all times. However, I would never leave ANY dog alone with a child. It only takes once.

  • I agree Nicole Zimmerman!

  • I really wish you people would stop reporting pit bull attacks only. Report on all breed attacks or none at all.

  • A lab recently attacked my pit bull, unprovoked and my pittie stepped down like a straight bitch. I’m not defending every dog in the breed but I can guarantee you I’ve owned two exceptions. My 90lb blue nose would let the kids do whatever to him, and I think he actually enjoyed it. I understand the fear because they are strong, powerful dogs. But, I do believe a lot of the breeds problem lie in bad, over breeding and being used as a “scare tatic” in communities.

  • Well I’m sorry if you trained your dog properly you would not have to do that

  • False.

  • So sad for the little girl

  • I agree that any dog can bite but pit bulls are notorious for it. It’s the way they’re made; they can’t help it. That doesn’t mean we should keep breeding them and acting like fools. I won’t risk the lives of my children so that someone can own a specific breed of dog. And any dog that bites a child should be a dead dog!!!!

  • I don’t think owning a smaller dog makes me weak. Just like owning a pit won’t make you smart ???? It’s a lot easier to handle a chihuahua if it’s trying to attack people. Do people have no common sense anymore?!?!

  • Poor baby in the photo!! However in my experience I have been bit by a chi weenie as a child that split the entire side of my mouth and honestly this was our family dog. I was teasing him by rapidly putting my face towards him and then back. I don’t believe that he was intentionally trying to hurt me. I have rescued many dogs in my life and the pits I have had are not aware of the fact that they are supposed to be killers apparently because they are the sweetest dog’s that I have ever had. I can’t tickle my son to long or my voodoo girl will be in between us so I stop. She was a bony scabby mangy mess and I was so vigilant when she first came to me but after 4 years the only thing she does not like is other dogs! I have no clue what they did with her before she came to me but I trust her completely. The weirdo has her own feral cat!!

  • Voodoo

  • My sons pit bull attacked their horse and killed it!!!

  • Ramonathegreat

    Yep… They’ve always “never shown any signs of aggression!!” … Until they do.