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PHOENIX, AZ – Hours after posting a Christmas video online with his young son, noted vegan personality Anthony “Milan” Ross fatally shot his estranged wife and both of their children.

Anthony Ross, 45, is a vegan chef, author, and motivational speaker who has appeared in a film alongside Samuel Jackson and Penn Jillette, extolling the virtues of not being a disgusting, meat-eating fatass like myself.

While in his 20s, Milan weighed 518 lbs and was suffering from depression and a host of other ailments. According to Milan, all of his problems disappeared once he adopted a vegan lifestyle.

After losing more than 225 lbs, Milan began speaking about his vegan lifestyle and how it saved his life. Since then he has been on the cover of vegan magazines and conducts motivational speeches that encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that but, unfortunately for his wife and kids, a head of lettuce and some barbells may help you lose weight… but it don’t fix batshit crazy.

See, Milan’s mental health has been deteriorating ever since his June divorce from his wife, 38-year-old Iris Ross. According to Iris’ sister, Milan had a “very, very dark side” and since the split he’d been alternating between anger and trying to get his wife back — even stating he was going to put a hex on Iris.

“The man was off his rocker. One minute he was yelling at her, calling her a ‘whore,’ and the next minute wanting to tell her he loved her and wanted them to be a family unit,” she said. “He would also claim that he was working with a voodoo priest in New Orleans to put a hex on her.”

Heather Green Tried To Comfort Her Two Sons As They Died In Trailer Fire

His attempts may have been working as Iris let Milan stay at her apartment so he could spend Christmas with her and their two children — 11-year-old Nigel Ross and 10-month-old Anora Ross.

On Christmas Eve, Milan posted videos online of him and Nigel happily singing Christmas carols.

Hour after the above video was posted, witnesses saw Milan chasing Iris out of the apartment before shooting her dead in the parking lot. He then went back inside the apartment and they heard two to three more gunshots.

Milan then came back outside and began his wife’s pockets, reportedly looking for her car keys. When the witnesses asked if the woman was ok, Milan allegedly replied “no” while pointing a gun at them and going back inside the apartment.

What followed was a six-hour standoff between Milan and Phoenix police. Officers believed the two children were alive, so they tried talking Milan into not hurting them and to surrender.

“Throughout the negotiations, he made comments that he had killed the children. He made some notifications to some family members that he had killed the children,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard said.

Police eventually shut off power to the apartment and sent in a robot that revealed Anora had been shot to death. With this revelation, officers forced their way inside and were able to take Milan into custody. Nigel would be found dead in another room.

In Milan’s first court appearance, he was ordered held without bond on three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, 19 counts of aggravated assault on an officer and one count of discharging a firearm within city limits.

Nigel, Iris and Anora

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    Batshit crazy motherfucker was probably more mentally stable when he was 518 lbs, and stuffing himself with comfort foods.. So much for the virtures of eating clean.
    Deep-fat fry the crazy bastard, in a basket, like a McDonald’s fry.

  • That’s just crazy. How do you go from singing Christmas songs with your kids to killing them a couple hours later? It just blows my mind!

  • dammitall23

    He won’t last in prison–nobody wants to hear that vegan shit.

  • seee.. stop eating meat and boom.. you’re a fucking wacko.. doesnt shock me one bit.. mmmmm red meat.. its what god intended.

  • Fuck vegans, they’re all meals in training to me. And he better get ready for some meat… you know vegans are bitches in prison.


    He’s going to get force fed plenty of animal protein where he’s going.

  • mean birch

    Mmm. McDonald’s fries

  • mean birch


  • Sejanus

    Plant him in the ground like a carrot head first.

  • letinstar

    Last I heard, dick is not vegan, and they serve lots of it in prison…Seriously, he should’ve done the world and some kale a favor and just blown his own brains out….

  • What does being vegan have to do with it?!
    You don’t see the term Carnivorous man murders so & so.

  • Maybe your god clown.

  • maybe your sister’s lopsided titties, clown.

  • Being a vegan is unnatural and immoral

  • It doesn’t say it caused any of it…….
    It is his profession/livelihood
    And is pretty damn hypocritical to think meat eaters are killers and then to turn around and actually kill people yourself

  • He needs beat to a pulp

  • Piece of shit.

  • Its just what he was known for.

  • too many carrots will do that to a person

  • he didn’t save a bullet for himself.

  • Crazy shit….Vic Carbo

  • The All Seeing Eye
  • The All Seeing Eye

    daily milk shakes

  • Maybe Billy Madatchu is just an idiot with a shitty personality! bahaha

  • Josh

    Too bad he didn’t die from injuries sustained from the standoff. If he was in the car, he probably would have been shot during the traffic stop reaching for his wallet.

  • Men convicted of murder in Arizona are executed at Florence State Prison in Florence, AZ. And unlike here in California, it is done in a very timely manner. ????

  • maybe…. or maybe you just suck and dont really know it.. maybe.

  • So, “Throughout the negotiations, he made comments that he had killed the children” but the cops waited outside for six hours believing they were still alive. Huh? ????

  • The vegan community (at least the crazies I see on YouTube) love to believe that going vegan is a cure- all for treating diseases. While you do have better health eating a plant based diet, and there is *some* truth that a vegan diet can protect you from some diseases, it’s not going to cure the behemoth monstrosities like cancer. I say that because a large percentage don’t believe in medication and they think diet alone will work.
    I’m not saying he was specifically in that group as I don’t know but you see a lot of that crazy.
    (Again not all, cause there’s some decent people)
    I do recall seeing one bitch continuously drink her own urine and one woman died because she decided to cure her cancer with fruit juices and coffee enemas instead of traditional treatment

  • Betty Poo

    So, I guess nobody’s going to point out that this woman let a man in her apartment who threatened to get a voodoo priest to put a hex on her? Father or no father…cray-cray is cray-cray and she should’ve kept the door locked.

  • Well this changes things. I was about to go Vegan but NOT ANYMORE! I don’t want to be exposed to this horrible side effect of veganism.

  • They aren’t catering to that diet where he’s heading. Fucking creep

  • I thought vegans were vegans so they didn’t have to kill shit? Apparently the soilent green is made out of people.

  • Man, I really do not understand people who subscribe to this page and are easily butthurt, lol! It must be those damn vegans, aha!

  • Complains about people hunting food, kills a person over his views and doesn’t even ea tas much as the thigh.

  • Finally decided to switch to meat?

  • A vegan diet actually does help PREVENT cancer. And most vegans choose to be vegan to prevent animal cruelty and death, health is simply an added benefit.

  • JellyBrains

    “According to Milan, all of his problems disappeared once he adopted a vegan lifestyle….”

    Guess not…

  • Once again another quagmire her in my hometown. Well if it weren’t for all the pollutants in the air I wouldn’t look like this, and people wouldn’t be batshit crazy here in AZ. Oh the meth epidemic doesn’t help either.

  • Pace

    The hex was probably to let him in O.o

  • Yes, diet and exercise can make a huge difference but there’s also genetics that come into play. I’m all for saving the world and being healthy but I’m also realistic. I’m not foolish enough to think that going vegan is going to cure bipolar disorder or a serious life threatening disease. I mention this because I see from some people giving faulty advice when they’re not medical experts.
    (Yea sorry I’m probably going off on a tangent here lmao)

  • LA Woman

    He had it planned thats why he had the gun how could he sing with his son knowing he was going to kill him what a dick!

  • Actually, Billy’s medically right. Vegans constantly suffer from B12 and carnosine deficiency because you can only get the kind of vitamin sufficiency you need for your brain to maintain its health from its bioavailability in meats. Severe B12 deficiency’s symptoms mimic those of psychosis and dementia…so even a moderate deficiency is going to fuck up the health of your brain.

  • Maybe because there are almost no Carnivorous humans?

  • I imagine hell would be full of self righteous vegans 😉

  • Dre Mosley

    Most prisons won’t fully accommodate his diet.

    He might find himself eating a bit of cockmeat as well.

  • D S

    Unfortunately, THIS is what might happen, if you stop giving cholesterol to that five pound CHOLESTEROL machine that occupies the inside of your cranium. Don’t believe me? Ask one of your relatives who has been taking statin (anti-cholesterol) drugs like Lipitor or Crestor for a while how their memory is (if you haven’t noticed the degradation yet yourself, and if they, too, haven’t gone batshit insane, along with having lost most of their muscle mass, called rhabdomyolisis).

    The perils of fad diets and modern “medicine”….

  • Inferus

    Meat is murder? Might want to rethink that, Jolly Green Psycho.

  • Inferus

    Don’t poo poo the voodoo.

  • So sad. Just because someone is vegan, does not mean they are perfect. ???? they can still have health issues etc. I been vegan 5 years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. Don’t see what being vegan has to do with this tho.

  • Idk about crazy. Ima go with cunty on this one.

  • JohnQknowitall

    So fucked up… Christmas, sentimental mom, son missing dad, Dad makes final assault on family, but I doubt he feels much better… that video is definitely going to justify the toughest sentence. Did he bring the gun or was the gun there for protection; was it premeditated or did he take it away from her? This is so fucked up.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Apparently he adopted a vegan lifestyle for his personal wellbeing and not for humanitarian reasons relating to the slaughter of living creatures.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Could she have had it in the apartment for protection and he took it away from her? Either way three people are dead and all that is left of that boy is that haunting video and his still wrapped gifts.

  • How tragic 🙁

  • Piece of shit

  • That’s absolutely frightening. All signs pointed to “unstable” and she still let him back into the house?

  • Ramonathegreat

    The fact that he was a motivational speaker says a lot more than being a vegan. I know plenty of vegans who are mentally stable. Motivational speakers seem to have a high probability of being narcissistic, self-aggrandizing maniacs.

  • Ramonathegreat

    Probably so he could live out his desire to feel superior to others.

  • Dr Slaughter

    Salami anyone?

  • Dr Slaughter

    Thats very gross but funny as hell.

  • Bubba and the Silverbacks already plan to put a little iron in his diet.

  • Stormblast

    Watching that video makes me so sad….that Nigel was so adorable and had his whole life ahead of him. He seems like such a sweet kid. It just makes me sick that the person who was supposed to be the fiercest protector of him, that beautiful baby girl, and their mother was the monster they should have been protected from!

  • Johnjohn See, you’re trying to use logic against vegans. That never works lol.

  • Fact: I’ve never met a Vegan who wasn’t a crazy, narcissistic asshole about everything in their life.

  • Windy

    First of all, the cholesterol your body needs is made by your body. While the evidence that dietary cholesterol has a negative impact on atherosclerosis is conflicting and therefore inconclusive at this point, the evidence that it’s not an essential nutrient is resoundingly clear. His plant-based diet is 100% irrelevant to his cholesterol needs. Second of all, his diet also had nothing to do with him being a murderer and a psychopath. The overwhelming majority of murderers and psychopaths are meat-eaters. Your logic doesn’t follow. Third of all, how about we all stop looking for scapegoats when someone does something deplorable? He murdered his family for the same reason anyone does: unchecked rage, a desire to dominate others at any cost, and a callous disregard for human life. What he ate beforehand has nothing to do with murdering his children. In fact, it could be argued that willfully supporting the rampant abuses of the animal food industries is a more likely precursor to willful abuse of human beings. I won’t argue that, because I don’t believe it, but it’s more logical than thinking getting your protein from plants somehow leads to murdering your family.

  • Windy

    Lol I never thought of that angle but as a vegan I appreciate that you see it this way. Haha.

  • Eleanor

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  • D S

    > “the cholesterol your body needs is made by your body.”

    The body only endogenously manufactures about 10% of it’s needed cholesterol. EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY requires cholesterol, as it is a major component of the cell wall, as well as other functions.

    > “…the evidence that it’s not an essential nutrient is resoundingly clear.”

    See above. I am not sure you understand what that term means. An “essential nutrient” is one that is NOT manufactured by the body AT ALL. For instance, the body does not make any kind of mineral – therefore ALL minerals (that have biological function) are essential nutrients. Then, there are “conditionally essential” nutrients; the body can and does manufacture these, but not in adequate amounts under normal circumstances. Examples of these would be amino acids like gultamine, and the nutrient under discussion here, cholesterol.

    > “His plant-based diet is 100% irrelevant to his cholesterol needs.”

    Of course it is relevant. Plants do not contain cholesterol at all. Therefore, whatever amount remains in deficit that the body does not produce must be from exogenous, i.e. dietary, sources.

    > “The overwhelming majority of murderers and psychopaths are meat-eaters. Your logic doesn’t follow”

    The overwhelming majority of PEOPLE are meat eaters, so it stands to reason that the subset of humanity we refer to as “murderers” might also be meat eaters – and you are misrepresenting my argument, perhaps intentionally.

    > “What he ate beforehand has nothing to do with murdering his children.”

    Indeed! If anything, my argument would be that it is what he DIDN’T eat that caused his behavior. You are having problems following along, or you are doing this intentionally. I gather you, too, are vegetarian? 🙂

    Look, the same idiocy that caused modern “medicine” to say, “hey, when we see arteriosclerosis, we see cholesterol present, therefore CHOLESTEROL IS RESPONSIBLE!,” is the same sort of logic that would say, “every time I see a fire, I see firefighters present, therefore FIREFIGHTERS CAUSE FIRES!” It’s the same exact logic: the body uses some of the cholesterol it has to patch the holes caused by lack of other nutrients – it is exactly like the role of firefighters during fires. The cholesterol ISN’T the bad guy, and we need it to form progestrerone, and ALL subsequent hormones, in addition to all the other things it does. This is why 6 eggs will pick your libido right up and help you deal with stress. It’s this same idiotic logic that says that cholesterol is the bad guy that leads to dumb ideas like this man’s dietary schemes, and IT MOST CERTAINLY HAS AN EFFECT ON COGNITIVE FUNCTION. I challenge you again to find a relative who has been on a statin long term, and ask them about memory and muscle wasting issues. You are wrong on this.


    go home, Trudy. you’re drunk.

  • Windy

    That’s a nice, made up statistic, but it’s just not true. I’d love to see your sources. Everything I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot on this topic) says our bodies make the cholesterol we need. And yes I am vegan, that’s why I’ve read all this stuff. I didn’t just jump into something without verifying with the best of available research that it was healthy for me. Given that I have one of the most brain-intensive jobs that exists (interpreter in high-stress, rapid-paced settings), if my brain were suffering from my diet, I would know by now. It’s not, but thanks for your concern.

    You have made the same error as you accuse the cholesterol reasearchers of mamong collectively. Statins work by blocking the enzyme that aids your liver in producing cholesterol. Therefore they reduce your body’s ability to produce the cholesterol it needs. Firstly, why would that be effective if 90% of our cholesterol needs were filled by diet? And second, it is not logical to conclude that because artificially lowering blood cholesterol levels too much has negative health effects, we therefore need to consume cholesterol from food. If you have a peer-reviewed source that claims otherwise I would love to see it.

    Because high cholesterol doesn’t run in my genes, I have no relatives currently taking statins, so I can’t perform your little task. That would be anecdotal evidence in any case, so even if I could do it, it wouldn’t be of much scientific value. iInstead, I challenge YOU to find a peer-reviewed scientific article (not a blog) which conclusively states that only 10% of our cholesterol needs are produced endogenously. I tried and I couldn’t find one.

    Perhaps all that excess cholesterol is clogging your arteries and reducing blood flow to your brain? Clearly y the context of my argument I did not mean by “what he ate” that a specific food caused this, I meant his diet in general. Were you being intentionally obtuse, or are you just not good with language? I take it you’re a meat-eater? 🙂

  • dumwise

    Stupid bastard. Why didn’t he kill himself also??

  • Nathan

    How could he take his son’s life like that? And his son would probably forgive him, something he will never ever deserve.

  • Nathan

    Oh, God. Whenever people talk about a loving God, remember that some people truly deserve Hell, it’s just, and they’ll have it too.

  • dumwise

    True. I think because these Bullshitters have to pump themselves up. They have to actually believe what they say in order to convince others.

  • lilloric

    like i needed more proof being a vegan wasn’t worth it….

  • Stating The Obvious

    My husband has been on Lipitor since his heart attack in 2005 and he has….what was I saying?..oh yeah, he has no problem with his memory, I, on the other hand, have never taken an “anti-cholesterol” and my memory sucks.