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ARJAY, KY – A man has been charged after his two pit bulls mauled a couple Christmas Eve morning, killing the woman.

According to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, Johnny Saylor woke up Christmas Eve morning and started to walk outside his house to find his wife, 66-year-old Lorraine Saylor, who normally woke up before him and spread bird seed in the yard.

When he went out to the porch, he was immediately attacked by two pit bulls that belonged to his neighbor, 42-year-old Johnny Lankford. The dogs latched on to Johnny’s arm and tried dragging him to the ground.

Luckily, Johnny’s brother lives next door and heard the commotion. He stepped out and began yelling at the dogs, causing them to release their hold on Johnny. This gave Johnny enough time to run back inside and grab a .22 caliber pistol.

When he returned outside, Johnny shot one of the dogs in the chest after it lunged at him. This caused the injured dog to run from the scene.

When Johnny made his way to the front of the house, he found Lorraine. She was lying motionless on the ground with the second pit bull standing nearby. Fearing for his life, Johnny shot the second pit bull, killing it.

Johnny was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his arm and head, but it was too late for poor Lorraine. She was pronounced dead at the scene after receiving massive injuries to her neck, face, and shoulder.

Lankford, who was already in jail on unrelated domestic assault charges since Dec. 22, was charged with harboring a vicious animal.

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  • I was attacked by a rottweiler several years ago. I was lucky to have survived it. So these stories bring back bad memories for me. It’s a terrifying feeling to have something basically eating you and be so helpless!

  • smh

  • I keep hearing stories like this. two women were killed in my area by them in just a month’s time. this breed needs to be phased out.

  • sugarpie

    Well that is just a horrible Christmas story.

  • mean birch

    That’s allot of Johnny’s.

  • Those silly “nanny dogs”…. Going around mauling people.

  • This breed of humans who train (or DON’T train) dogs into killers. >:(

  • they don’t have to be trained. it’s instinctual. and they have the ability. I have seen mean chihuahuas but they can’t kill people. same with most other pet dogs. pit bulls can. I have nothing against wolves, cougars, bears, etc. They could be made into pets, but they’re still dangerous animals. I get that people love pitbulls. I can see the them as loving pets, but the danger is there with them. I care more about people. The women, small children, and elderly who are often the victims of their deadly attacks when they revert back to their natural animal instincts coupled with their powerful physical deadly abilities.

  • itsknotme

    If only she had had her Official Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938 Air Rifle BB Gun with her.

  • Is the injured dog ok?

  • there shouldn’t be a pet in society that has to be trained not to kill and citizens shouldn’t be put at risk by the potential for those animals to be out there untrained and unsafe and potentially deadly if encountered. you admit the huge risk that they pose in your statement of blame towards their owners.. I can’t keep a deadly wild animal that I haven’t trained, like a bear or tiger. I can’t have one that I have trained in close proximity to other people like a normal pet. Why are deadly pitbulls continued to be allowed as pets after they have killed so many people since they’ve been allowed as pets?

  • Pit bulls doin’ what pit bulls do.

  • dammitall23

    Seems not. I read in another report that poochie showed back up at the scene later and they shot his rotten ass.

  • Ashley Carter…..here’s the news story about Carolyn’s friend that got killed by those dogs ????

  • Murder charges for owners of vicious dogs.

  • I can put my entire hand in my pitty mixes mouth. I have exposed every single one of my soft spots to her during very physical play. People weaponize these dogs. They aren’t weapons by nature.

  • Robyn

    you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

  • You mean following their training right?

  • Sure. Everybody trains their pit bulls to kill the neighbors, or the baby, or their other pets…

  • And that young woman a couple weeks ago–trainin’ her pitties to kill and eat her. Whoa, gnarliest suicide ever.

  • You obviously don’t get sarcasm
    I was implying that they had no training……

  • Pretty cool how she trained her dogs to strip her body completely naked

  • Rosemary Conti –It’s hard to tell sarcasm unless I know you. The pit fans will endorse anything pit bulls do for any reason. They had those dogs that killed that young woman “heroically” “protecting” her from a coyote.

  • Wrong

  • Personally I think she was attacked and killed by a person and her dogs did what all pets would do and used her as a food source

  • No evidence of that.

  • The All Seeing Eye

    Not us not jump to a concussion…. pit bulls are like Alligators- if raised properly they are gentle trust worthy members of the family.

  • measyou

    Who the hell raises dogs to be like that? Shoot their owner, too.

  • That’s unfortunate.

  • The only evidence is she was found completely naked, dead, and her dogs were eating her dead body and guarding it

  • jansav

    Ok everyone lets hear how wonderful and sweet pitbulls are. RIP Lorraine, My thoughts to your husband and family. May they find peace in memories of happier times. I’m glad both dogs are dead and wish their POS owner could go with them.

  • Yes. So it’s not a stretch to conclude that her pit bulls killed and ate her. She wasn’t naked as in “clothes removed and neatly folded”, she was naked as in “shreds and pieces of clothing torn from her body along with the flesh.” It’s not unusual to find pit bull victims lying nude or nearly-so. The dogs aren’t going to ask and patiently wait for the victim to unzip and take everything off before mauling. Nor does it occur that victims do a “strip-tease” for their prudish, easily-offended dogs who then have no other choice but to slaughter them out of a sense of outraged proprieties.

  • Inferus

    It’ll be back in the sequel: New Year’s – It’s a Bitch!!!

  • Oh for fuck sake. First it was the Chows, then Dobermans, then German Shepherds and now Pits. At what fucking point is the HUMAN at fault huh?

  • They were locked in a kennel after being home dogs their whole life. They were only fed when she visited her fathers house. They were not walked unless she visited. So the dogs were in their own feces, not walked and kenneled up 24/7. That is a recipe for disaster and was her own doing due to the neglect.

  • True

    I have never heard of a pack of poodles doing something like this. RIP Mrs. Saylor. I hope the family gets justice enough to fill a barrell. I love dogs, but not these. Having been on the receiving end of one of them, they’re not normal. You never know when one or a pack is going to eat your arms off and then go for the throat. Devil spawn.

  • Christopher Lee can you check the page’s inbox please
    Just sent you a video I received because I can’t figure out how to post it

  • Wow that is crazy

  • You’re all idiots and know nothing about dogs. It is you, humans who created this breed to be like this, then you cry when they attack you who created them. Instead take responsibility and grow a brain. Just like you cry after you have destroyed the environment…”Oh lets go green now!” Instead you cry “It’s not my fault!” “I don’t understand!?” So let me give you the answer.
    It’s a downward spiral… to the end of all times and there’s no chance that we can survive. I mean 70 million people every year are brought onto this earth. What are you doing? Sucking up our resources. There’s too many people. So, what should do we do with you? Just keep you around? Let’s kill you all of you! This seems to be the same answer you have for the problems you create, take the easy way out. So, that’s maybe what I’ll do… in the future. I’ll help you out. I’ll help you out… and I will cleanse… make more room for you. I will exhibit my own brand of population control… for you. That’s it. PERIOD, DOT.

  • Pace

    I’d be afraid the pack of poodles would drag my ass down and hump me to death….

    I’ll never forget seeing a poodle get attacked then mid attack mounted the other dogs face and just went to town. It was…..weird.

  • Pace

    So, edge teen or douche that watches too much anime/hentai?

    Probably both…

  • Stephanie Tam –Treat most breeds that way (don’t!) and they’re happy to see you. Pits go feral even seeing you five days a week, then kill and eat you. I’ll never get why people insist they’re “the most loyal dogs ever”.

  • True

    *tiny violins*

  • Armanda Callen

    You’re unfortunate!

  • truthguy

    but how could the precious nanny dog do this

  • truthguy

    those dogs are unpredictable, because they where never ment to be pets.


    But from the dogs’ pov it was the best Christmas ever – up until they got shot.


    People say that, but they always add, “But he’s protective! No one better go into the room where the baby is!” or they haul back the dog by the choke chain as it lunges for window, “He can’t stand to see anyone walk by the house!” In other words, in the tiny circle of the family they might behave (until things go tragically wrong one day), but their “protectiveness” is a hair trigger that is a constant danger to others no matter what their owners have learned to tolerate as “protective” or “still safe.”


    Humped to death by poodles! LOL.

  • Valerie

    My poodle is only 8 months old and he mounts everything and goes to town if he has half a chance.

  • You’re fucking dumb. Any dog can attack not just pit bulls you fucking hater.

  • Look at my pitbull. He’s going to eat me one day huh? Dumb bitch.

  • Oh hey–here’s a “my pittie’s so goddamn sweet he wouldn’t bite a flea!” pic for ya:

  • Another of the same sweet fuckin’ pit who bit into that baby’s head and crushed its skull last September. So pics of the dog while it’s not killing something don’t really prove anything.

  • Well anyone named Lisa could be a killer so everyone named Lisa must be bad right?

  • Aw, c’mon. At least *try*. You remind me of the Christian who claimed that we “know Christ resurrected because they never found the body”. ????

  • Dogs don’t attack for no reason.

  • I’ve met 2 Lisa’s in my life
    Both were tweaker whores that neglected and abused their children
    That does not mean I’m going to group you together with them because I know not all Lisa’s are the same

  • You know, personally I don’t care if all you pit fans are absolutely bent on turning yourselves into steaming piles of dogshit–that’s fine by me. Just don’t be like the nimrod in the story and allow your 4-legged meatgrinders to wander around and kill the neighbor lady who’s just trying to go about her life. ‘Kay? Thx!

  • Thank you for admitting the owner is at fault lol

  • Well duh–if nobody owned the fucking things, they wouldn’t be running around killing people. You think they just kind of materialize from the 5th dimension or teleport from Planet Maim or something?

  • Josh

    Most people get bit by dogs that don’t bite.

  • If he was in jail who was caring for the dogs?

  • measyou

    Wolves were never meant to be pets until we bred them down and raised them to be the modern dog. Careless and vicious people who aren’t worth the air they breathe are what gives us dangerous dogs.
    Humans created dogs, and it’s humans’ responsibility for how they turn out.

  • Oh well.

  • Patricia

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  • Sinderella

    Love the pitbulls they say, they just have a bad rep they say. Nope, nope and more nope. Fuck them vicious beasts.

  • PurpleAnn

    So true!

  • PurpleAnn

    I wonder if the dogs had been without food for 2 days since their owner was in jail. Jailbird Johnnie’s brother doesn’t seem too responsible.

  • patrickdh10

    So Lorraine helped to create this dog and it’s her fault she was mauled to death? And what planet are you from as you cited ” You humans”? Perhaps a return trip is in order.

  • truthguy

    have fun getting devoured by the nanny dog and heres some history on that thing The blood sport of “bull baiting” began over 1,000 years ago in England (various sources dispute this date). What is undisputed is that by 1500, bull baiting had progressed to Britain’s national pastime. Bulldogs were reportedly first mentioned by name in 1631, referring to their function rather than a distinct dog breed. By 1800, and through further selective breeding, the bulldog developed into a compact muscular dog characterized by tremendous jaw strength.

    Due to public outrage, bull baiting was banned in England in 1835. Bulldog breeders and owners then moved to the sport of “ratting,” where a number of rats were placed into a pit and wagers were made on how many rats the dog could kill in a certain time period. To increase agility, quickness and prey-drive in the bulldog, ratters crossed the breed with terriers. Essentially, it was the sport of ratting that combined the bulldog and terrier into the modern day pit bull terrier.

    On the heels of ratting, dogfighting developed. Pit bulls and dogfighting were exported to America as settlers made their way to the New World. In 1884, the American Kennel Club was formed but rejected pit bulls due to their use in dogfighting. In response, Chauncey Z. Bennett formed the United Kennel Club in 1898 to bring formal recognition to the pit bull breed. At that time, Bennett also drew up rules and regulations for dogfighting to bring “organization” to the blood sport.5

  • Lois

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  • Karen Eileen
  • Deborah Lancaster

    Are you retarded?

  • D S

    ….And yet, there are constant calls to ban GUNS (which require a human operator, and which in this case saved at least one life – too bad it wasn’t used sooner), and almost dead silence on the issue of people being allowed to keep sentient, autonomous killing machines with a notoriously disposition and reputation of killing innocent people at the drop of a hat with absolutely no causative human will or action.

  • D S
  • D S

    Is everything OK, Sloth?

    And don’t worry all that much about some supposed problem with overpopulation.


  • Eleanor

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  • Eleanor

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  • Taster’sChoice

    WRONG. Some breeds will eat you alive regardless if you treated them properly or raised them since they were puppies. Believe what you want but when you’re mistaken for a steak dinner someday, you will have earned your place in history.

  • Taster’sChoice

    WTF dude? Are you out of lithium or something? Yes, let’s kill all the pit bulls. That would be a great idea. And I’m not even kidding.

  • Dora

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  • Stating The Obvious

    Who has a concussion?

  • Stating The Obvious

    I thought the same thing about the dogs. But I did think that the brother that lived next door was the brother to the man that got attacked not Jailbird Johnny.

  • The All Seeing Eye

    Yeh, like the Grinch who sloe Christmas

  • The All Seeing Eye

    You -sir or madam- are the only person to catch that….Go to the head of the class. Its down the hall on the left

  • Texas007

    pit bulls are not bad dogs there are only bad owners, I have had 2 and both were wussys, afraid of the neighbors weenie dogs.

  • Abigail

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  • Eugenia

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  • The All Seeing Eye

    yes, thank goodness- and his treatment and recovery will be on next weeks The Incredible Dr. Pol dont miss it