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GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – A couple in Georgia have been accused of torturing a 13-year-old girl for years to the point she is permanently disfigured.

Warning for those of you who are disturbed by extreme child abuse stories: skip this one.

After a teacher noticed one of her 13-year-old students may be the victim of child abuse, she contacted Gwinnett police.

The resulting investigation initially resulted in the girl’s biological mother and stepfather being charged with one count of child abuse. That was until investigators began talking to the victim and found she has endured years of torture.

“Once we started talking to her it became very clear that it was a much more significant case,” Assistant District Attorney Tracie Cason said. “The severity of what happened to this child over a number of years is just astounding.”

According to the Gwinnett County D.A.’s office, the girl’s stepfather, 32-year-old Rimmon Lewis, was convicted of abusing the girl in 2014 and placed on probation. But the abuse continued at the hands of both Lewis and her own mother, 33-year-old Angela Strothers.

“She was not allowed to eat with the family. She was not allowed to eat until her stepfather determined that she could eat, and when she was allowed to eat, often she was only given leftovers while the family ate a full, hot meal; Or she was given PB&J or at times she was made to eat cat food,” said Cason.

In one incident, she was forced to drink laundry detergent. She was only allowed to take very hot or very cold baths — sometimes with peroxide or lemon juice added to the water. She was locked in a laundry room for so long she urinated on herself — and was then made to go to school in her urine soaked clothes.

Perv Accused Of Harassing Young Girls Was Wearing Children's Underwear When Arrested

The victim was also made to stand barefoot on cans while writing things like “I will respect my father” 1000 times. This happened almost daily. The victim’s mother is accused of seriously disfiguring the girls back and feet by beating her with a child’s table leg and a belt.

The girl also has scars at the corners of her moth from Lewis pushing his thumbs into her mouth “with such force as to split the corners of her mouth.” He reportedly did this because the girl stuttered around him.

After these details emerged, that initial count of child abuse the couple were facing was upgraded. Lewis is now charged with 15 counts of cruelty to children and four counts of aggravated battery. Strothers is now charged with four counts of cruelty to children.

The couple have also been charged with one count of aggravated stalking for, get this, trying to get in contact with the girl. According to the D.A.’s office, they tried buying the girl clothes and promised the abuse would never happen again.

I’m pretty sure they are only sorry they got busted and were just trying to stay out of jail and not lose custody of their four other children — who are all now in DFCS custody.

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  • I’d like to permanently disfigured this piece of shit.

  • Fuckin’ burn them. Slowly. Torture is best.

  • curiousalways

    Please tell me they throw them in prison with a tattoo across their foreheads detailing the abuse they leveled on that poor sweet baby girl. I’m sure the other inmates might have a special way of dealing with them.

  • roberte

    I hope this piece of trash masquerading as a stepfather gets permanently disfigured in prison. The same goes for the woman who gave birth to the girl but was obviously not her mother. Hopefully he is going to get more than thumbs shoved in his mouth. This is atrocious. Bravo to the teacher.

  • This literally made me cry on my way to work. That poor girl.

  • Wtf? That poor kid. She has a long road ahead of her. I hope these pieces of shit rot.

  • You know a parent’s true feelings towards their kids when they pick a new partner.

  • truthguy
  • truthguy
  • M.E.

    That poor girl. Jesus.

  • Jfc. He had a conviction for abusing her previously?

  • Vampyre

    This should be an attempted murder charge not just abuse.

  • Another text book case of mommy chosing a man over her kid.

  • Wow these people can go straight to hell.

  • Unless your name is Roman Reigns or Bane, don’t fuck with the Big Dog.

  • D S

    > “Please tell me they throw them in prison with a tattoo across their foreheads detailing the abuse they leveled on that poor sweet baby girl”

    This is an interesting idea – AND, we finally have a President who might consider it, at least for Federal inmates (of course, it would have to apply to a certain individual whom he was friends with, and flew around on his personal jet with).

    What an interesting dilemma!

  • curiousalways


  • That poor baby. I pray she finds peace from this and can heal inside and out.

  • Stating The Obvious

    The incubator should have more charges brought against her. She allowed the abuse to happen and even participated. I am so tired of seeing stories where the incubator has less charges when they are suppose to be the one protecting the child.

  • Pace

    This gave me Dave Pelzer flashbacks…

    Poor girl.

  • Stormblast

    If I could, I would gladly pay for her therapy and plastic surgery so she can take back her power from these monsters. That way, they don’t get to scar her for life. Let them rot in prison, then in hell forever! And then she can go out and live a prosperous, happy life and be able to love and trust again. If anyone deserves a second chance at life and the last laugh, it is this young lady. In fact, if people cared about this stuff, there would be a huge fund raised for her so she can have the better life she truly needs and deserves. She deserves a loving family. The monsters who did this to her deserve each and every horror hell has to offer!

  • Me too ????

  • Kill them both

  • Sejanus

    Torture them for the rest of their lives,
    which needs to be behind bars.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Shotgun to the mouth of the stepfather, to the vagina of the mother, and the goddamn trigger should be pulled. I have very, very, very, very low tolerance for people who abuse children in any way. These motherfuckers need to buried alive!!!

  • McDanel_1771

    Oh no, they just lost their paychecks!

  • They don’t deserve the other 4 children. I pray they never see their faces again.

  • They both deserve death. I reserve more of anger towards the walking incubator because it was her responsibility to make sure her child was safe yet instead she not only allowed the torture but also took part in it. Kill them both.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I’ve heard that sugar, baby oil, and boiling water are wonderful ingredients for a face scarring. Heads up inmates! You will redeem and cleanse your souls! Gimme an amen! I only wish I could see it in person.

  • I swear id give my own life to save one person from suffering..if i had the choice

  • Fuck killing them…do to them what they did to the kid. That’s justice.

  • jansav

    “the girl stuttered around him.” Gee I wonder why? Maybe because she was terrified. I want these two people dead, but they wont die. Evil never dies.

  • AlabamDeb

    Do you know why this kind of abuse often goes unnoticed? Because normal people cannot fathom that there is this level of pure evil inside another…I can’t call them human because they are not…human shell. Disgusting, putrid, outright evil masquerading as a human because they are so ugly on the inside if the outside matched we would all probably turn to stone! In this turd’s case it was close. I hate the fact that this innocent little girl had to look at his fugly face. Can you imagine how he must have looked all contorted in anger? That would scar anyone for life. I hope this little angel gets all the love, support, and healing she deserves. And that these two POS never get a second of peace for the rest of their (hopefully short) pathetic lives.

  • Inferus

    It took until she was 13 for someone to figure out abuse of this magnitude was happening? Fucking hell

  • itsknotme

    “What sound does an abusive parent make in prison?”
    “Don’t know. Not listening.”

  • Heather_Simpson

    They need their fuckin eyes pulled out with a spork, sloooooowwwwyyyy. And then we should burn their burn their hand in smoking Great Value brand Canola Oil.

  • Wtf. I’m still reeling over poor Mariah Woods. Now this shit? Give me all these babies…

  • Why you stupid???

  • Beulah

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  • David Richter

    Death is too easy. No, torture them as they tortured their own child. For years and years.

    And then….then they have my permission to die.

  • David Richter

    You had me at spork!

  • These people need to be tortured and slowly killed

  • These creatures deserve to get beat and life in prison

  • Do not quite understand your comment.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    I hope that these parents are actually punished by jailing them. So often in child cases the perpetrators plead down to almost nothing and are given parenting classes, counseling and follow up visits by DFS – which are rare. They almost always get the kids back, or the kids are given to a close relative so that the parents have easy access. This young girl’s psyche is damaged forever after all this time. She deserves a good loving home, and will need plenty of counseling.

  • Really? They promise they won’t abuse her again. Bullet to the dome.

  • People like that need put down slow and painfully!