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CHINA — Video has been released showing the moment a Chinese factory worker was scalped after her hair got caught in some machinery.

The video shows a husband and wife working side-by-side in a factory when the woman crawls under an industrial machine for reasons unknown.

What I could gathered from some poorly translated comments, the machine is used to polish stainless steel.

Whatever its purpose, it definitely has a powerful rotor underneath it. As the woman is under the machine, possibly reaching for something, her hair gets pulled into machinery.

When her husband helps her up, you can clearly see that she is missing her scalp from the top of her head all the way to the back of her neck. I couldn’t find any further details regarding the incident or the condition of the woman.

Just last month there was a news article going around featuring a Chinese woman who was scalped by a cotton spinning machine. She lost her entire scalp, including her eyebrows and the tops of her friggin’ ears.

That woman was in the news less because of her scalping, but more because she was the second person to ever have her scalp successfully sewn back on.

Despite some complications along the way, it has now been a year and her hair has grown back, she has regained some sensation back, can contract her forehead muscles, move her right eyebrow, and is able to close both eyelids.

So maybe there’s some hope for the woman in this recent incident.

While I was gathering info for this article and learning why you can’t simply re-attach a scalp with a stapler, I started wondering about the fate of the young girl we reported on recently who was scalped on a carnival ride.

Jacqueline Eide Was Bit By Tiger She Tried Petting After Breaking Into Omaha Zoo

For those of you who may not remember, 11-year-old Elizabeth Gilreath was scalped as she rode a carnival ride at a Cinco de Mayo festival last year.

The last update I could find were from April of this year. After two head surgeries, one eye surgery, three skin grafts and 28 blood transfusions, some of her hair is growing back.

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  • That factory looks like a dump. Poor lady.

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    The other woman you wrote about also got her upper nose ripped off as well see all info here + more …

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    Well. Yes, it was graphic.But she came through all that and the surgeries and you can’t even tell. It’s amazing what the human body can take.

  • L. Burke Ivey

    I was concerned the video would be too graphic. And it IS graphic, but it’s also kind of moving.. the way everyone stops and her co-worker, probably her husband, hugs her tightly and carries her away from the machine. It’s obvious they were concerned about her. Glad to hear she’s recovering well, although I wonder if the husband still works at the same station, and what that might do to him psychologically.

  • Josh

    Tough way to learn a lesson about staying clear of moving machinery.

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    Chinese, Japanese, Dangerous Machinery, Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee