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ARGENTINA – A 26-year-old woman in Argentina has been accused of using garden shears to cut off a man’s genitals.

The incident happened on Saturday night in an affluent neighborhood in Cordoba. That’s where Brenda Barattini used garden shears to cut off the genitals of 40-year-old Sergio Fernandez, a singer of the reggae\ska band La Coca Fernandez.

Sergio lived, but Brenda did some serious, life-long damages. According to reports, she didn’t just take a little off the top, she took off everything — the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.

Sergio was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to save his life, but it was unclear if doctor’s where able to reattach anything. As for a motive behind Brenda mutilating Sergio… well that depends on who is telling the story.

Brenda’s lawyer said his client was just defending herself from a sexual attack. He says that Brenda invited Sergio over to her apartment, and that once he was inside he tried to rape her. She was just acting in self-defense, he said.

“Whether or not she acted excessively is for the courts to decide,” said Carlos Nayi.

But according to Sergio’s lawyer, that’s a very large crock o’ shit. He says that Brenda and Sergio had been dating for months, and that the attack happened during a sexual encounter between the two while Sergio was aroused and blindfolded.

“They began with a sexual game in which he was blindfolded,” Eduardo Perez said. “There is evidence that was at the crime scene.”

Argentinian papers have released photos of a bloody bed with garden shears lying nearby, as well as a photo of a bloody Sergio sitting on the floor while holding the area where his dick once resided.

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Whoever is telling the truth remains to be seen, but Brenda is currently in jail on suspicion of a crime of wounding. She is expected to undergo psychiatric evaluation and test if she had been the victim of a sexual assault.


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  • Ah hell

  • Oof

  • Meanwhile the photo shows him sitting up all calm n shit, even though she hacked off his penis…????

  • They’re not gonna grow back are they?

  • If was sexual assault she didn’t go to far, she went just right. If not, then the bitch is nuts… I’m not good at jokes.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    At the look of that wicked smile, I’m not sure she was assaulted. But maybe this pic is an old one.

  • if she got alll of it, he def didn’t see that coming.

  • Talkin

    Right?! All that picture needed was an air bubble that read “sup bro?”.

  • dumwise

    yup. Twice as big

  • Inferus

    Nuts…for nuts? snip snip

  • I hate when that happens..

  • David Richter

    So this guy is in a band? I’m not leaving until he does a cover of King Missile’s ‘Detachable Penis’.

  • Sejanus

    Who keeps garden shears in a bedroom unless you are planning to remove a cock?
    Not buying the rape story.

  • Stating The Obvious

    He is probably in shock.

  • Stating The Obvious

    I laughed at this so while I drive the bus to hell you can keep posting on DD!

  • Pace

    Maybe she wanted to….trim the hedges…and cut a little too low?

  • Heather_Simpson

    Lorena Bobbit, Jr.

  • L. Burke Ivey

    Too bad it’ll be in a high soprano..

  • Phedo Pile

    He was in shock. He would only be able to realize and take in what had happened after waking up in the hospital.

  • Phedo Pile

    What do we do with women who rape men or those teachers that have sex with underage students? Can we pour molten lead into their vagina too?

  • Phedo Pile

    The story the police said she was actually engaged and was cheating on her fiance with the victim. Then she found out the victim was planning on leaving her for another woman. Police found notes she had wrutten detailing the various ways to cut off male genitals. She had it planned, she would lure him into a sex game and tie him up, then she took out the shears and mutilated.

  • Phedo Pile

    I bet you find this quite amusing.


    oh, SNAP!!