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CHICAGO, IL – A 64-year-old woman has died after being found with her head stuck in a wrought iron fence outside of a PNC Bank.

On Friday shortly before 12pm, Linda Bringman was found face-down with her head lodged between two posts of a short, wrought iron fence located right outside of the bank’s entrance.

Bringman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she would remain until she died from her injuries on Monday. An autopsy revealed Bringman died of anoxic brain injury and positional asphyxia.

Her death was ruled an accident and police do not believe foul play was involved. How in the hell she got her head stuck in the fence like that is still a mystery, though.

A quick look on Google Maps shows the fence is only around 3-feet high and used to surround a flag post. The only thing I can imagine is that she fell and her head went right through two of the posts — then she slowly asphyxiated.

Bringman is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to Chicago to start a new life after losing her husband of nearly 40 years to cancer in 2015.



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  • What a weird way to die. How is it no one saw her I wonder?

  • I agree the only thing I think of is she tripped and got her head stuck

  • dammitall23

    God save me from bizarre or grotesque death. I’d rather they remember me as I was in life than to preface my every remembrance with “How in the hell..?”

  • Maybe she was at the bank for a free toaster to kill herself in the bathtub with, and they ran out.

  • Darwin works in mysterious ways.

  • The poles on the fence were too far apart. A design flaw that cost someone their life!

  • Omggg

  • My husband and I were driving by and saw the lady literally hanging from fence, it was the worst thing we had to experience, we were making a left turn by Pnc bank , paramedics were taking her vitals not even taking her down from fence she was lifeless , it was like something out of a movie????so sad. May she Rest In Peace .

  • Sad

  • we need to ban fences now!!

  • yankees…

  • That poor woman.. a bizarre freak accident .

  • Ran-rex

    oh my gosh. what do you think happened?

  • dumwise

    He is a sneaky son of a bitch. Isn’t he?

  • Inferus

    Exactly? What, they thought she was taking a knee?!?

  • Sejanus

    I remember this episode of Leave It To Beaver

  • Heather_Simpson

    Oh, Linda, I thought you outgrow those college pranks….

  • Ralph Snart

    Lets find the video. WTF abounds with this one. It’s a bank entrance obviously there is ample high end video of every minute of this adventure in idiocy.

  • Anne

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  • Edward Newton

    I bet she was shit- faced drunk!

  • Edward Newton

    I want the vid of her leaving the Bar

  • captaingrumpy

    I told her to use her head more when making decisions. ha ha ha


    That kind of death is caused “embarracide.” People are so embarrassed about how you died that they don’t want to discuss it.


    Do you have any insight on how it happened?


    She probably had a stroke, fell face forward, caught her chin over the horizontal bar in the fence and the two spikes on either side held her fast and kept her from sliding off. The horizontal bar compressed her airway, but I bet she was dead already.

  • Edward Newton