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TERRYTOWN, LA — Police have arrested a woman after she allegedly threw her three-week-old son at his father during an argument

According to the arrest report, the boyfriend of 24-year-old Heidy Rios brought their baby to the hospital where it was determined the newborn was suffering from a fractured skull.

Police questioned the infant’s father after they were called by hospital staff. He told them he had gotten into a heated argument with Rios when she grabbed the boy, threw him at his feet and said, “Take your fucking son.

When investigators talked to Rios, she admitted that she had gotten into an argument with the baby’s father but had no idea how the baby was injured. According to Rios, she never threw her son and wasn’t even holding him at the time of the argument.

Her story changed a bit when police informed her that a neutral witness said Rios definitely was holding her son as she argued with her boyfriend. That’s when Rios remembered she was holding the boy and that she “may have dropped the child” during the dispute.

Rios was arrested and charged with cruelty to a juvenile and was being held without bond Tuesday. No word on the baby’s current condition, aside from doctor’s calling the injury non-life-threatening.

We’ve reported on multiple people who have thrown infant’s during arguments, but the one I will never forget is the guy who killed his three-day-old son after using him as a club to beat the child’s mother.

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