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SANTA ANA, CA – Police have arrested a man after he was accused of ejaculating into a female co-worker’s water bottles and her jar of honey.

Police were initially called after the victim sat her desk at work and touched her mouse which appeared to have been smeared with semen.

According to reports, 37-year-old Stevens Millancastro — a co-worker the woman has worked with for at least three years — was captured on a surveillance camera going into her office beforehand.

As to why there was a surveillance camera setup to record the victim’s office, it turns out the woman had experienced repeated instances of the water in her water bottles appearing to be contaminated with semen.

After complaining to her supervisor, a surveillance camera was setup to see if the owner of the semen could be identified. After watching the video of Millancastro going into the victim’s office before the sticky mouse incident, they felt they had their man and called police.

Fortunately, the woman never drank from the contaminated water bottles as she had thrown them out each time without ever having drinking from them. Unfortunately, she didn’t know about her jar of honey.

According to prosecutors, Millancastro also been ejaculating in the victim’s honey jar — honey she had eaten every other day for approximately two months.

Millancastro was subsequently arrested and charged with battery and attempted vandalism. Because he also faces a special enhancement of committing the crimes for the purpose of sexual gratification, he’s facing two-and-a-half years in jail along with lifetime sex offender registration.

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As to why Millancastro would trick the woman into eating his spunk, police say that before the incidents started, the woman had filed sexual harassment complaints against Millancastro and that Millancastro was forced to attend sexual harassment training.

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