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CLARKSVILLE, TN – Police have arrested a 22-year-old man they say raped his 9-month-old daughter before killing her.

On Tuesday morning, police responded to a medical call of CPR in progress at home where they would find an unresponsive 9-month-old girl.

She was taken to the hospital where she would be pronounced dead about an hour later.

According to an arrest warrant, the girl showed signs of being raped and that a cord wrapped around her neck is what caused her death.

When homicide detectives interviewed the child’s father, 22-year-old Christopher Conway, he reportedly confessed to raping and murdering his daughter.

Conway was charged with homicide and aggravated rape of a child and placed into the Montgomery County Jail.

According to Conway’s Facebook page, he’s an Army combat medic and the married father of twin girls.

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  • F’in filth pig nasty!

  • I can’t. This is too much.

  • Good luck in jail. A prisoner who killed his 2 day old was just found dead.

  • I looked at his FB page and almost died when I saw the pictures of his kids. One of those sweeties sure had a short life. RIP baby girl.

  • Just put it down. Put it out of all of our misery.

  • I shouldn’t have looked at his page. Twinless twins are the saddest. The poor baby, her sister, and their mom.

  • Good riddance

  • His pic from august 2015 you can see the side of him that is hidden..go look at it

  • Have fun in jail, scumbag.

  • Like why? Wtf?

  • I feel for Mom and her Sister… The Devil comes in many forms.

  • His wife’s page is eerie.

  • Hope this ends the way the guy who shook his baby ended. Pos.

  • She changed her page real fast. And I noticed she was tagged, but never commented. Reeks of terror

  • I hope his fate is daily ass rapings.

  • Hang him by his balls. POS

  • I feel AWFUL for her. He looks ” nice”. She has to be devastated.

  • I wish that regular old decent parents were allowed to physically hand out the punishments. I’ve got a little time and plenty of ideas and rage.

  • She has it on lock down now. Just a bunch of trees and a stream.

  • I hope they find him dead in prison.

  • I know. It’s so odd.

  • Kill it with fire ????. Simple as that. I will seriously buy the bullet to stop this thing from using any more oxygen that productive members of society could be using instead

  • wtf is wrong with ppl

  • No words. . .

  • Fake as Fuck..look at that.. Never know what people are like behind the scenes…fucking monster.

  • Sickening ???????? rip baby girl

  • Monsters are real

  • I canNOT with his fake ass page! They seem to have a “wonderful” relationship- how fkn scary that people can be so demonic on the inside

  • I always think that when ppl are this sick there MUST have been warning signs in the past that were ignored.

  • Not surprised Clarksville was a shithole when I lived there 25 years ago.

  • These things make me ill !!!

  • Well, I’m sure she changed it so that there’d really be nothing to see there. I feel so horrible for this poor lady.

  • I do too.

  • He’s in the Army, presumably stationed at Ft. Campbell (I’m in Nashville). They’re from Alabama originally. Not TN natives.

  • Agreed

  • Still a shithole

  • D S

    Sometimes – not at all often, but sometimes – when reading a story on this site, I hesitate when it comes to the final ruling on guilt and responsibility. For some reason, this is one of those cases, even with a purported confession. I’m probably absolutely wrong on this, but I just can’t wrap my mind around this being a possibility, even for the most depraved monster.

  • POS

  • I thought he was a 41 year old female. His ugliness on the outside is likely equal to his ugliness on the inside. What a louse.

  • He has twin daughters

  • In addition to the one he raped and murdered or did he rape and murder one of the twins?

  • he won’t last long

  • salepo

    He wouldn’t be the first on the Demon to do this.We had that dad a few months back that sexually assaulted his infant and drowned her in the process.Cant remember other details just those since it made me so heartsick.

  • Kill this sick fuck

  • Anyone have a link?

  • He needs to be ass raped with a telephone pole…

  • Vile,savage,barbaric thug????????????

  • Sejanus

    Truly a Devil living among man.
    May he die in slow agony.

  • He raped and murdered one of his twins. It makes me wonder about the other.

  • Jesus.

  • That’s what I said. They have no scientific proof YET but why would he lie…

  • Death penalty for this asshole!

  • An absolute monster. I hope he rots in jail and goes to Hell.

  • Heather_Simpson

    What an ugly neanderthal lookin piece of shit. I’m well aware of the Clarksville/Hopkinsville/Fort Campbell area and it’s a horrible area. My husband and I were stationed there at one point in our military careers.

    This is a terrible, horrible, senseless tragedy. That poor child!! Why would someone do this to a child?! What kind of sick mind could conjure up even doing this to a child? I have three babies of my own. I would kill ANYONE with my bare hands if they did this to my children.

    This…..this….thing. (I refuse to call it a man) needs to be drug out to the back 40 and a .357 bullet needs to be put right between his eyes. This type of scum does NOT deserve to share the same air as me. He is POND SCUM!! He needs his head cut off and then his body needs to be incinerated. His ashes should be thrown into the same sewer system that people flush their shit down.


  • Kill him fucking now.

  • Omg this is the worst

  • I wonder why he murdered her though. It’s not like she could identify him.

  • Sarah Silcox Martin maybe so she couldn’t scream

  • Where?

  • She’s probably disassociating from reality

  • LynnKayee

    Disregarding a child’s pain and lack of consent should be equivalent to signing your consent to be medically tested, studied and experimented on. Taking a kid before they get to feel some life meaning should be grounds to give your life for their death to have meaning.


    Disregarding a child’s pain and lack of consent — kinda suggests he might have done this with grown women, too.

  • I think it happened in the UK Nina Van Troi

  • Psh that rarely happens. People always say that, he will most likely live out his days in solitary

  • Now, now, all y’all know Bubba and the Silverbacks are sharpening up there PORK SWORDS to fill him up with BABY BATTER!

  • $5 says he blamed it on PTSD

  • Stu Monroe
  • butts6954

    Castration, quarterizing as slowly as possible……

  • May his cell mates in prison have zero mercy.

  • Ralph Snart

    Wow. Are the republicans running him for senate yet?

  • Sharon

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  • It’s in the article

  • mean birch


  • I am going to puke

  • Kill him

  • Sick fuck

  • sugarpie

    He deserves horrific pain before he is put to death.

  • itsknotme

    “… father of twin girls.”
    I’ve been putting off buying stock in a legal pad paper making company, but maybe now, ’cause I think the D.A. has some more questions to ask.

  • jansav

    Ask yourself this as you doubt his guilt…”If he didn’t do it, who did?” Because someone did.

  • LynnKayee

    Now that you mention it, he does definitely has that date rape feel as well. I hope this makes sense, but…it’s like he’s equal parts sick fuck & punk bitch so only those who are just completely defenseless are his thing.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I hope he receives the same swift justice in prison that this useless excuse for a human being did, just the other day.

    Liam Deane admitted killing his two-day-old daughter at home on July 10
    Deane, 22, lost his temper and punched baby Luna because she was crying
    Liam Deane’s body was found in his cell at HMP Leeds on Sunday by prison officers , 2 days after being admitted
    Inmate John Westland, 28, was charged with Deane’s murder earlier today
    Inmate John Westland should be commended for taking out the trash.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5081989/Prisoner-charged-murdering-jailed-baby-killer.html#ixzz4ycSSCkpN

  • Inferus

    I’m seriously beginning to see things from Skynet’s perspective.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I don’t think the death of this infant will have any kind of meaning, but I get what you meant to say. You also need to specify no anesthesia is to be used before any kind of experiments or procedures. Be that medical testing, cosmetic testing or rape testing.

  • Probably because her tore her so bad that she wouldn’t survive anyway. A mercy killing.

  • what’s the link?

  • Sociopaths fool everyone. Do you really think anyone would have ever hired Wayne Gacy as a party clown if he was creepy as fuck in person? These people are chameleons… they’re one person in public and another behind closed doors.

  • Kelly Hammonds I doubt. These kinds of monsters have mercy for no one.

  • Francis

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  • Sara

    When it comes to this sort of atrocity, I find myself pondering the same questions over and over:

    “How does a grown man find an infant sexually appealing?”
    “What the fuck was he thinking? Holy shit, that was his daughter!”
    “Can they amend the constitution so that public castration with no anesthesia for child rapists is no longer considered ‘cruel and unusual’?”
    and then, after seeing the mugshot,
    “How did this mutant crossbreed of goblin-ogre-troll get laid in order to conceive this poor child in the first place?”

    I think that, for me, the most chilling thing is that this isn’t the first time a man has raped a baby to death and it’s not going to be the last. Some people are broken and no one knows until they destroy someone else.

  • Alejandroe84

    I understand what you’re saying, but It’s really fucked up either way. You don’t know what’s going through a mind like his. What we see through social media or behind closed doors, versus what’s going on in their heads are two totally different things. I could tell you the world, but I’m just hiding behind a computer – that’s all you know of me, that’s all you’ll ever know of me.

  • Joseph Romano

    Well, he’s not the father of twins anymore.

  • Joseph Romano

    …and he feels nothing after the .357 between the eyes – do you people ever think about the punishment? The man needs to SUFFER, for a very, very long time.

  • Stormblast

    I was in the Army from 1996-2000 and I remember seeing my share of psychopaths, bullies, and absolutely fucked up people there. Even then, they were not selective of who they recruited. Too many damn thugs in uniforms!

  • D S

    > “…and he feels nothing after the .357 between the eyes”

    Some of us might disagree with you on that – especially in a case like this.

  • D S


  • Heather_Simpson


  • Hortencia

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  • Don’t y’all worry, Bubba and the Silverbacks are gonna have him LICKIN THEIR TAINT!!!

  • DaveL

    We also had another dad a few months back who was accused of raping and killing his daughter – only it turns out he accidentally rolled over onto her while sleeping and all the supposed evidence of other injuries was basically pure invention by medical personnel. So I can definitely see where DS is coming from.

  • Frances

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  • salepo

    Fair enough

  • STORM Bitches!!!!

  • I3ird

    He looks “white” you mean….? Bc he actually looks like trash

  • I3ird

    Creepy Bo beepy

  • I3ird

    …..why let him take the beautiful child, in the first place. She likely saw precursers

  • L. Burke Ivey

    What gets me is.. they were twins. Did he view one of them as disposable, because there was an “extra”? Or was this one his favorite (ew) or “the bad one” (also ew)? Why did he even do this??

    Now a girl will go through life knowing her father raped and murdered her twin in infancy. A woman will go through life knowing she trusted her heart, her home, and her family to a rapist and murderer. And he’s likely to go to jail for quite a while, and maybe see the real world again if he’s lucky.

    He ruined so many lives. Why?

  • Joseph Romano

    Do you know what a .357 bullet does to a head? Trust me, he isn’t feeling much of anything. If you’re gonna kill the dude, at least do it painfully, with a friggin’ ice pick or something. A .357, and he hears a loud “bang” echo in his skull at most, then lights out.