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RUSSIA – A man in Russia killed a woman then fried and ate her brains before drinking a glass of her blood.

This past March, 21-year-old Dmitry Luchin was at the apartment of 45-year-old Olga B, where the two were talking and drinking wine after celebrating International Women’s Day.

After the woman fell asleep, Luchin stated something “clicked” in his mind and he tried suffocating the woman with a pillow.

The woman resisted, so Luchin had a smoke and returned to repeatedly hit her over the head with a wine bottle.

After rendering the woman unconscious, Luchin had another smoke then woke the woman up only to repeatedly hit her in the head with the wine bottle until he killed her. Police say he hit the woman with the bottle approximately 25 times.

Luchin, a reported fan of Jeffery Dahmer, dipped his finger in the woman’s blood and drew a pentagram on her door. He then retrieved a meat cleaver from the kitchen to begin hacking away at the woman’s head.

Once he had her skull opened up and her brain exposed, he cut off a piece of her brain before he fried it up and ate it. He liked it so much he cut off a second piece of the woman’s brain and had a second serving.

Nothing washes down human brains like human blood, I suppose, so Luchin used a glass to collect some blood flowing from the woman’s head and drank it, telling police “I needed blood to drink with my food.”

Not quite finished with the woman’s body, Luchin sexually abused the corpse with a wine bottle while cutting off her nipples, slit open her stomach until her organs fell out, then cut off her ears. One ear was found in a cat’s bowl, the other was found in her mouth.

He left six hours later with the victim’s tablet computer, a can of hair spray and a couple bucks.

I couldn’t find how he was identified and caught, but he was charged with murder and desecration of the dead. The former Russian army member has been found “healthy and sane” and will stand trial early next year. He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

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  • Russians have s habit of doing sick shit like that

  • That’s pretty sick..wth

  • Sorry for the double-post… trying to figure out why the initial post came up without a pic and all that.

  • Inferus
  • Inferus

    Hairspray? No wonder she survived so many whacks to the head.

  • This is your speed Albie Mason


    Morning, fuckers! ? ? And what’d YOU have for breakfast today ?

  • Damn he went full Wrath James White on her ass!

  • CallMeMister

    Well, that beats the pop tarts I had this morning.

  • jansav

    Wow. that is some kind of crazy right there.

  • Christy

    Russia seems superfun.

  • “The former Russian army member has been found “healthy and sane” and will stand trial early next year.”..because nothing says healthy and sane more than eating your mutilated lover’s brain and drinking her blood!

  • Russia….figures!!!

  • Defafan

    Wow that is brutal! I wonder what his background is like… What a freak.

  • Pegs

    Is this an actual picture of the sicko??

  • JellyBrains

    Yes, google him and you will find much worse

  • Alejandroe84

    This Russian kid is just a copy-cat killer – nothing to see here. High IQ they say – he’s mentally ill, and giving him life in prison will do nothing for you, the tax payer. His fascination is just that – a fascination – he’s a loser, degenerate.

  • I’ve never heard a story about Russia that has made me think I would want to go there ???? ever in my life

  • Rae Lin

    THIS is what 40+ years of communism does to the gene pool… You paying attention, AntiFa???

  • Rae Lin

    Agreed. Kill him — don’t “house” him, ffs!!

  • Susan Riley

    American women usually leave the house while the guy smokes after a unsuccessful smothering. I wonder why Olga stayed. Women’s Day was over.

  • The All Seeing Eye

    WINE ???? And all this time, I thought Russians only drank Vodka ….Who knew?

  • Robin Wise

    I personally would’ve eaten her liver with farva beans and a bottle of chianti!

  • Robin Wise

    What I thought of too!

  • Soft Kitty

    That is the most metal homicide.

  • LynnKayee

    Are we just not gonna mention the mountain of shady shit happening before he ate and drank her?! Why was a 45 year old female celebrating International Womens Day with a 21 year old guy? Uh — WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE DOING STILL CHILLING AS HE WENT TO SMOKE AFTER HE TRIED TO SMOTHER HER?! How long had they known each other? How close were they? Was he checking to see if she had any brains at first? Cause I wonder myself with these holes. WHY or HOW to everything about this!

  • PurpleAnn

    So THAT’S how you celebrate International Women’s Day. I’ve been doing it all wrong. I doubt that he is “healthy and sane”, but I’m glad that Russia thinks so. He’ll do harder time in prison than in a mental hospital.


  • sugarpie

    1. Is every woman in Russia named Olga? 2. Something “clicked” in his mind? I’m saying something malfuckingfunctioned.

  • Old Man Metal

    “One ear was found in a cat’s bowl” Fucking cats… no respect for the dead and they’ll eat anything. Kinda like ol’ Dmitry.

    “He left six hours later with the victim’s tablet computer, a can of hair spray and a couple bucks.” Well, as long as you’re there…

  • Ralph Snart

    Say’s something for Russia. At first I was like “holy shite , that’s crazy!!” But then I saw it was in Russia and my only thought was “just another Tuesday in Russia , nothing to see here.

  • Alice Cornell

    i seriously would’ve taken off running after getting smothered w the pillow, and before he came back in from his smoke and hit her in the head. what was she waiting around for? she must’ve been hella fucked up.