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MABANK, TX – Police have arrested a woman who fatally shot her two young daughters as they slept.

On Wednesday, police received a call from the husband of 29-year-old Sarah Nicole Henderson. He told them that his wife was acting paranoid and possibly suicidal.

He would call back to say everything was now fine, but police visited the home anyway. They would leave shortly afterwards finding nothing wrong, but Henderson’s husband would call back a few hours later.

In the 911 call you can listen to below, Jacob Henderson tells the dispatcher that Sarah had shot and killed her two daughters, 7-year-old KayLee, and 5-year-old Kenlie, as they slept in the living room.

“She was asleep when I went to sleep last night, and I woke up, she come in there and she goes, ‘Babe, I just shot the kids.’ And I, I didn’t want to believe it and I went in there and they were, they were dead,” a distraught Jacob Henderson can be heard telling the dispatcher.

In the background, Sarah can be heard asking: “What did I do, Lord? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do, God?” She can also be heard asking her husband to kill her.

Police arrived back at the home to find the girls dead from gunshot wounds and arrested Sarah on a charge of capital murder.

According to Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse, Sarah showed no remorse when she confessed to killing her daughters during her interview with police. He said that Sarah admitted to planning the murders for a couple of weeks and had tried killing her husband, but the gun malfunctioned.

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Sarah’s mother said her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and had been reaching out for help recently.

“I know my daughter was wrong for doing that, but something snapped in her, because she loved her kids,” she said. “I’m just devastated. The whole family is. We’re just zombies, it’s just unbelievable.”

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    WTF is going on down there, Texas?

  • “Sarah’s mother said her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and had been reaching out for help recently.”

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    Yet there was a weapon in the home!!

  • itsknotme

    She’s bi-polar with access to guns. Somebody should have taken a rolled newspaper to her and smacked her nose screaming: “BAD GIRL!! DON’T TOUCH!! GUNS!! BAD GIRL!!”

  • Talkin

    The husband should have obliged her request and killed her.

  • No lip momster

  • Ramonathegreat

    Why were the kids sleeping in the living room?

  • Ann Roh

    Guns and the mentally ill are like mentos and diet coke…a mess waiting to happen.

  • salepo

    How do you sleep through two gunshots inside your house?

  • Why didnt he take the kids to safety if she was acting crazy?

  • Alejandroe84

    I believe the mother was fully responsible of killing her two girls. I am suspicious about the husband though, of not being able to hear at least 2 gun shots – he said he was sleeping – how could you not hear that, if the room is in close proximity. Something is a little off.

    Anyways, she wails “what did I do, what did I do” – its like she snapped back, and understood for a moment of her actions – clearly she has mental issues, but she recognized after the fact, that something she did was “wrong”. Still though, she will need intense medical counselling, for the rest of her life, through the penal system – she’ll never get out.

  • esmerald 2006

    RIP little girls.

  • Scout Kent

    My husband could sleep through a bomb going off inside the house.

  • Scout Kent

    If someone in your house is doing badly enough that you call the police, let’s hide the guns, shall we?

  • The All Seeing Eye

    Yes, the Enquirer is good for that

  • The All Seeing Eye

    its a very big house

  • Sejanus

    Clearly she is able to kill.
    She did not need to beg hubby to do it.
    Bitch should have had the guts to do it hherself

  • AlabamDeb

    Listen…never ever trust a bitch with no lips. Serious. There’s just something evil about them thin lipped heffers.

  • Alejandroe84

    haha just because she has thin lips I’m suppose to make an assumption about her personality, or what type of personality she has – what type of reasoning is that, where’s the correlation – not too bright are you.

  • PurpleAnn


  • jansav

    Sad. I hope she offs herself. I don’t get why they can’t just put her to sleep, like a rabid dog. She obviously has mental issues, so like a rabid dog she couldn’t control herself. Just give her a nice big shot of Fentanyl and turn off the lights.

  • jansav

    The hurricanes brought a bunch of Florida crazy

  • Inferus
  • Heather_Simpson

    Someone needs to shoot this bitch in the goddamn face. Then she has that smug ass look on her stupid, ugly trailer trash looking face. That bitch needs to have her face boiled off with Great Value brand Canola Oil after it has been defecated on. What a disgusting, low life, sleazy twit.